Captains Flat Public School Newsletter

Term 4 Week 6 - 2022

School News

Bingo Night

This Saturday is family Bingo Night!! The event is due to commence at 5.30pm and conclude around 8.30pm. It is a great night of family fun with some amazing prizes to be won. We hope that you come along and join in the fun.

Student Leadership Program

Our Year 5 students will commence the process to become our new school leaders for 2023 on Monday 21 November. These students will have just over a week to prepare themselves for presenting their speeches to the school. Leadership speeches will be held on Wednesday 7 December in the school hall from 2.30pm. We invite all parents to come along and listen to the leaders of the future.

Presentation Day

Our annual Presentation Day will be held on Wednesday 7 December in Week 9. This is our opportunity to celebrate the many successes of our students, by recognising the achievements of them. We invite our community to come along and share in the event. We will continue our tradition of a morning event commencing at 9.30am. Staff will indicate where this event will take place on the morning of the event. 

Colour Run

Our students will be going to Michelago PS on Friday 2 December. Students will need a white shirt for the event. We recommend shopping around for a white shirt earlier. More details of the excursion will follow shortly. The school will be subsidising  this learning experience.

End of 2022 Year

The school year for students will conclude on Friday 16 December for all students. Our final Friday will also be our Celebration of Success Day. More information on this celebration will follow shortly. 

Bunnings Garden Beds

Our friends from Bunnings will be at school on Thursday 24 November to help the school create some 'Tucker Gardens'. Our plan for these will be to house gardens with items that students can grow and consume. We also plan to include some bush tucker options in these beds. We than Bunnings for their amazing generosity with this program.

Wall of Welcome

We are continuing to build our "Wall of Welcome". If you would like to share the traditional welcome of your cultural background please share your details on our Survey at:

Orientation Dates for Local High Schools

Curriculum and Instruction

How can I help engage my child in real world learning?

Real world learning is an approach that provides learners with the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in authentic ways. It allows the student to meaningfully extend their learning outside of the walls of the classroom. For our children, this may look like engaging with personal stories from our community, interacting with experts in different fields, sharing our learning with family members and friends or even just  asking questions and problem solving in every day scenarios such as getting ready, cooking or shopping. A way that you can support real world learning with your child is by encouraging them to ask questions, inquire and follow their curiosities. When they ask you questions, rather than giving the answers, support them with finding answers independently by prompting research and problem solving skills. 

Wellbeing and Wellness

Having an Attitude to Gratitude

Gratitude can change everything, and it is a life skill that we need to teach our kids (in fact by teaching kids the art of acknowledging what they are grateful for, we are giving them a gift). Expressing gratitude can be verbal, written, celebrated, or private. In the classroom, I love to begin each day with time to record three things that we are grateful for in a gratitude journal (I do it at the same time as the kids to show the importance and impact it can have on everyone).

Keeping a gratitude journal could also be a home activity, encouraging students to acknowledge and celebrate the little things in their life.

Halloween 2022

Attendance at school matters....

Birthdays coming up!!!

8 November - Aldrex
17 November - Lila
20 November - Robert
25 November - Johnathon
27 November - Billie

Have an amazing birthday!!!

School Assembly

Friday 26 November @ 2.40pm

Join us for our next awards assembly, where we will celebrate the successes of our students. Our next assembly will be held on Friday 26 November at 2.40pm in the School Hall Space (Term 4 Week 7)

News from around the area...

News From Around The School

Gold Group

Gold Group have been getting artistic with a range of arts and crafts surrounding special days and events that occur this time of year such as Halloween, Remembrance Day and now Christmas. Students have been poking, sticking, cutting, and painting their creations to life! Keep an eye out for students taking them home over the coming days.

Gold Group Artworks

Green Group Story

The Green Group have always been interested in integrating games into our lessons. They have recently found a love for Wordle and Mathler, which has been invaluable to our literacy and numeracy lessons.

P&C News

Our last meeting is coming up at will be held on Monday 28 November at 3.10pm in Mr Baxter's Classroom.

The P&C will coordinate a Christmas Bingo Family Fun Night that will be held on Saturday November 19. We aim to make this event more family oriented so every member of the school community can participate in this event. We encourage you all to add this date to your calendar and come along on this fun night.

  • Semester 2 Meeting dates:
  • Term 4 Week 8: Monday 28 November at 3.10pm

The P&C will forward membership forms to all student families and encourages all to be involved and come and hear about the amazing things we do at Captains Flat PS.

Notes that need Returning

  • Update student details.
  • QR codes and masks upon entry to the school.
  • Questacon Excursion 

Please remember to...

Staff Changes This Fortnight

No major changes this fortnight

School Events Calendar - 2022

Term 4 - 2022

Week 1

10 October - 16 October

Monday 10 October

School Resumes for Teachers and Students

Week 2

17 October - 23 October

Thursday 20 October

Kinder Orientation Day 1: 9.30-11.00am

Week 3

24 October - 30 October

Ride Safely to Work Week

Monday 24 October

Thursday 27 October

Friday 28 October

Friday 28 October

P&C Meeting @ 3.10pm

Kinder Orientation Day 2: 12.15 - 1.35pm

World Teachers Day 2022

School Assembly - 2.40pm

Week 4

31 October - 6 November

Monday 31 October

Tuesday 1 November

Thursday 3 November

Friday 4 November

Halloween Fun Day 2022

Whole School Photo Day

Kinder Orientation Day 3: 1.55 - 3.00pm

Questacon Excursion

Week 5

7 November - 13 November

Tuesday 8 November

Thursday 10 November

Friday 11 November

Life Education Van Visit

Bunnings Garden Bed Construction Day

Remembrance Day 2022

Week 6

14 November - 20 November

Thursday 17 November

Saturday 19 November

Kinder Orientation Day 4: 1.35 - 3.00pm

Christmas Family Bingo Night: Starts at 5.30pm 

Week 7

21 November - 27 November

Week 8

28 November - 4 December

Monday 28 NovemberP&C Evening Meeting: 6.00pm

Week 9

5 December - 11 December

Wednesday 12 December

Presentation Day 2022: 9.30am Start

Week 10

12 December - 18 December

Wednesday 14 December

Friday 16 December

Year 6 Reward Day

Whole School Reward Day 2022 & Last Day of school for 2022.

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