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Term Four Week 4 | Wednesday November 6, 2019

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Creating healthy digital habits in your child

Surveys have consistently shown that children are being exposed to increasing amounts of screen time each year.

As parents we’re often concerned about the connections children and young people are making and the subsequent impact on their wellbeing.  Also concerning is the time they spend online, scrolling, searching and swiping which could be spent doing outdoor activities. 

Digital devices are here to stay, so it’s imperative to look at how children can remain in control of their screen use, and ensure the time they’re investing online is adding something helpful, positive and meaningful to our lives.

Here are four tips to help develop healthy digital habits. Being mindful of how time is spent on devices, is certainly not just reserved for young people.

1. Encourage creation not just consumption

Is your child more of a consumer or creator when they’re online?

Check to see if they spend time online time in creative mode such as making things, creating own videos, editing photos, writing posts, coding a video game or composing a song. Encourage them to be creative rather than mere consumers of digital content.

2. Discuss who they are following

The digital world encourages leaders and followers. 
It places people and individuals from all walks of life in close contact with your kids. They can follow companies, musical icons, sports stars as well as friends. Encourage your child to follow people and companies that can fuel their passions.

For instance, if they love space, search for NASA and related accounts. If they love photography, help them find great photographers sharing their work online. When they’re following people that teach, inspire and ignite their passions, they’re less likely to spend valuable time with energy zappers.

3. Digitally de-clutter regularly

Many children collect apps on their devices in the same way that former generations collected football cards or swap cards. Encourage them to delete the apps they no longer use or apps that offer no benefits to their lives. Could there be better games to play? Are there better videos for them to watch than the ones that the YouTube algorithm believes they want to see?

4. Demonstrate  good practice

Most children learn much more from what they see and experience, rather than from what they are told. As a parent be intentional with your screen time.  Do you:

  • Follow people that support you, challenge you in helpful ways or inspire and lift you up?
  • Interact in positive ways?
  • Give people your attention rather than scroll whilst others are talking to you?
  • Put your digital devices away in order to fit all the other important things into your day?

Setting your children up with healthy digital habits will help make these practices the norm. If you don’t want your children falling prey to the harmful and unhelpful experiences online, you need to be sure that they are focusing on positive and helpful screen time pursuits.

Martine Oglethorpe - Parenting Ideas


Pledge your support here!

Staff members and fathers at Coogee Prep have commenced  growing their moustaches to raise money and awareness for Men’s Health. 

As an incentive, the class with the highest percentage of fathers participating in growing a moustache, will receive class points at the end of the month. 

1st  – 350 points 

2nd – 200 points 

3rd  – 100 points  

We are all looking forward to seeing staff members and fathers  being involved in such an important cause and to the moustaches that will result!

Thank you for your support

Mr Matthew 'Moustachio'  Sarkies

Year 3 Teacher and Head of SRC

Quote of the Week

"Your goal is to find out who you are."

A Course in Miracles

Important Dates

Mandarin Lessons commence Monday October 21

Co-curricular for Year 4 / 5 / 6 starts at 8.30 sharp each Wednesday

Saturday Sport training Years 2 to 4 Wednesdays

Saturday Sport training Years 5 & 6 Fridays

Year 6 Parent and Staff dinner Friday November 15

Kindergarten 2020 Orientation Morning Friday November 22

Year 6 Bondi Beach Day Friday November 29

Christmas Church Service (all welcome)  Tuesday December 3

Staff & Boys Christmas Party and Santa visit  Wednesday December 4

Last day Term 4 Thursday December 5 half day pick up at 12.30

Speech Day (compulsory) Friday December 6

First Day Term 1 2020 - Wednesday 29 January

Get your teams ready!

House Points

1st      McKeown

2nd     Nimmo

3rd     Storey

Class Points

Kindergarten 1076

Year 1     1317

Year 2     1047

Year 3     1250

Year 4     1167

Year 5     1827

Year 6     1835

Class Captains

Kindergarten      Harvey Rumble

Year 1                  Emilio Papioannou

Year 2                  Harland Garrett

Year 3                  Harry Mozley

Year 4                  Christian Harris

Year 5                  Freddie Sharpe

Year 6                  Ayrton Palmer

Trophy returns

As we prepare for our upcoming Speech Day on Friday 6th December, it is time for all trophies to be returned to Ms Gershon for engraving. Boys who return trophies clean and polished will receive 50 points for their House.

House points so far:

McKeown     400

Nimmo          650

Storey            50

Infants' Stars of the Week

Kindergarten     Leon Dunkley

Year 1                 Zack Serhan

Year 2                 Sam Goold

Bronze and Silver awards


Kosta Konstantouras    Year 2


Ned Read                        Year 4

Sam Read                       Year 3

Zack Serhan                   Year 1

Oliver Cochineas           Year 1

Calvin Lam                      Year 1

Charlie Henry                 Year 2 

Primary Raffle Winners

Year 3         Joshua Scala

Year 4         Gabriel Zaverdinos

Year 5         Lachlan Silva

Year 6         Cobey Owen

Intra School Competitions

These are held each year for the Primary boys in Chess, Tennis and Table Tennis. Years 3 and 4 compete in the Junior competition and years 5 and 6 in the Senior one. Winners of each competition receive a trophy at Speech Day.

The Junior tennis competition was played out between year 3 boys with Sam Wolfe winning over Dylan Crewe.

The Junior table tennis competition will begin next week

A Mass of Maths in Kindergarten!

Kindergarten have enjoyed exploring Mass this week in Maths. The boys have been estimating the weight of everyday objects using their hands and then measuring on the scales. They love using the scales  any chance they get! 

Our Gratitude Tree is growing!

Leadership tips

Maximo Di Blasio gave the  Year 5 boys a talk on Year 6 leadership  expectations this week.

Lawrence, Yvette and Baby Amelie came to visit!

Sporting Update

Sports results Round 9, Saturday November 2, 2019

Hudson James a rising STAR!

Hudson James in Year 4 has been selected to representative Sydney in their basketball team “The Comets” for Under 12 Boys. 

He was chosen out of  80 prospects over a three trial days and will compete in the greater Sydney metropolitan cup early next year.

Little lifesavers in Year 1

Jacob Twitchen, Thomas Capaan and Jacob Saad and Ryan Rumble (not pictured) all competed in the Nippers Randwick Shield Surf Lifesaving Carnival last Sunday.

Saturday Sport

Year 4 - 6 Co-curricular Lawnbowls fun!

Stuck on You labels fundraiser

Bogan Bingo

Term 4 calendar


Term Dates 2020


Back to work with TAFE

Parents, are you needing to upskill to return to work?

Career Pathways and Employability Skills at TAFE Randwick campus is running part-time introductory courses during school hours. 

Vocational areas include: Computing, Nursing, Health & Fitness.

We also run the Work Opportunities for Women program designed for women who need additional support for re-entering the workforce.

For more information please contact: or Customer Service: 94698540

Note that we will be holding an Information and Enrolment Day at Randwick Campus. Details as follows:


Dates: Tuesday, 10 December 2019 and Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Time: 10:00am

Location: Building A Room A2.13



Holiday Fun

Transform your son's holiday with a Tansform-Us camp

A musical summer school with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

The SYO Summer School combines high level music making, creativity, exploration and personal development for young musicians. This week-long program is open to all school-aged students

Summer Sport Camps



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