Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 20, Friday 16 July 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

Well, it’s feeling a little like groundhog day… 

We are dab hands at this remote learning game these days and I find myself feeling proud of the speed at which we have been able to transition this early in the term. I am hopeful that with the five days we will see settled numbers and be back onsite again with reduced restrictions from Wednesday next week.  

It is frustrating for sure, and does certainly take its toll, but with positive thinking and active support we will do our very best to make it as easy as possible.  

Again throughout this round of remote learning the children will have access to their teacher through the remote classroom platforms and will have daily class meets, small groups and 1-1 support where needed. Tasks will be posted the evening before, ready for the next morning and attendance on the platforms will be recorded by the end of each day.

From Monday morning our Learn From Home packs will be available on the website too - this is for those of you who prefer the paper packages:

We are offering some on-site supervision - same as previously. This is limited to those of you who qualify through the department’s criteria: 

  • Children where both parents and/or carers are considered authorised workers who cannot work from home, work for an essential provider and where no other supervision arrangements can be made.

  • Where there are two parents/carers, both must be essential workers, working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.

  • For single parents/carers, the essential worker must be working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.

  • Children experiencing vulnerability, including:

    • children in out-of-home care;

    • children deemed vulnerable by a government agency, funded family or family violence service, and assessed as requiring education and care outside the family home;

    • children identified by a school or early childhood service as vulnerable, (including via referral from a government agency, or funded family or family violence service, homeless or youth justice service or mental health or other health service).

If you require on-site supervision at any stage please call me on 0413 440 871. If you require any help or support with access to the online platforms again please contact either your class teacher, myself or Michelle. 

It is super sad that we have had to postpone the Trivia Night again, third time lucky maybe…

We are not planning to cancel or postpone any upcoming events as yet and will make these decisions closer to the time if needed. 


Many of you will already be aware that Liz O'Meara (Y4/5 teacher) left us over the holiday break. We are happy to announce that we have been able to replace Liz very quickly with a teacher who comes highly recommended from Waverley Meadows PS. Brigitte Memmolo will join the Y4/5 team on Monday. She has been chatting with the team today and is all ready and prepared to run the remote learning platform on Monday. If you get the chance, pop into the class meet and say hello! I am sure you will welcome her to the Parkhill community.  

On another note, I was informed earlier in the week that the Department of Education has found a liaison principal to cover my period of leave. David Wells was previously the substantive principal at Canterbury PS for 12 years. He then moved out of that role to become a liaison principal and has since been placed at Manchester PS and Kilsyth PS. He will take post at Parkhill as of 27th August. In the meantime David will be joining us for handover and transition and will work closely with myself and the team to get to know the children and community as best he can. David brings with him a wealth of experience which will be a great asset to Parkhill in the time he is here with us. I am hoping many of you will get to meet David soon. 


Please note some of the times shared in the last newsletter have been changed - please double check your child’s swimming session.

Our Y4/5 cohort will make 2 groups for swimming purposes.  Mr Davies’ class will be split. Further information about your child’s group will follow. 


  • We will be running a second working bee with a focus on the front of the school - watch out for more details coming your way but please do save the date: 29th July 9:00am.

  • In term 3 we will hold our whole school assemblies on a Monday afternoon. Assembly will start at 3pm as usual. We intend to move afternoon tea break back by 10 minutes to allow us more time in the assembly space. The movement of our assembly was in response to feedback we received and is a trial. The children are more attentive and can participate on a different level on a Monday afternoon. To try and help support parent participation we will publish the dates of upcoming assembly items so you can arrange to attend. It is super important to remember that primary schools are busy places and things do change! 

Note week 1 and 2 have been postponed until term 4.

Planned assembly items for term 3:

Please follow the government's restrictions, please be safe and stay home!

Best wishes,

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Friday 23 July - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Tuesday 27 July - Swimming program begins for Y4-6 students

Thursday 29 July - Working Bee & Story Time Session 1

Friday 30 July - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Wednesday 4 August - Swimming program begins for F-Y3 students

Friday 6 August - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Monday 9 August - ICAS Writing (selected students)

Thursday 12 August - Story Time Session 2

Friday 13 August - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Monday 16 August - ICAS English (selected students)

Monday 23 August - ICAS Science (selected students)

Thursday 19 August - Y4-6 Swimming program ends

Friday 20 August - F-Y3 Swimming program ends

Tuesday 24 August - Friday 27 August - Y5/6 Camp Candlebark

Thursday 26 August - Story Time Session 3

Monday 30 August - ICAS Maths (selected students)

Wednesday 1 September - Thursday 2 September - GATEWAYS Eureka

Wednesday 8 September - Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 14 September - F/Y1 Mini Concert (information to come)

Friday 17 September - Term 3 ends at 2:30pm

Divisional Cross Country

In scenes that evoke images of boot camp or a Tough Mudder run, 10 Parkhill students headed to Jells Park on Wednesday to compete in the Divisional Cross Country. 

Our students, Gemma E, Sakura M, Nathan T, and Lachlan S from Y6, Anna S, Ayesha K, Benji E, Noah S, Orlando T from Y5, and Lucas V from Y4, ran in wet and muddy conditions and, after one or two slips, placed well.

In the end two of our students, Orlando and Lucas, progressed to the next stage. We are incredibly proud of all our runners, and wish Lucas and Orlando a speedy next run.


Chris Logan

Y5/6 Sports Coordinator

NAIDOC Week: Our Care Group Activities

Within the past few weeks, Traditional Owners have been formalised in new boundaries covering Central Melbourne. This means that Parkhill Primary School is now officially on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung country.

With this in mind, students engaged in a story time from the Wurundjeri culture. The story "The Durrung of the Yan Yan" (The Heart of the Young Man) was written by well-respected Elder Aunty Doreen Garvey-Wandin. Students listened to First Nations music while the story was read to them, as everyone also learned about words from the Woi Wurrung language. This was translated into beautiful art pieces as children sketched their interpretation of the story onto paper. 

It was a treasured learning experience that helped both students and teachers learn more about this interesting history and culture. 

Bella Crowe

Koorie Education Ambassador

Swimming Program

Please find attached the permission form for our Swimming Program. This program is for all students.

Kinder to Foundation 2022 Transition News

The Y5 students are very excited to be participating in our Transition Program this term. Each week they will be walking down to Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten to meet the 2022 Foundation students and of course their potential buddies! They will read, play, sing, dance and help the kinder kids and generally have lots of fun! As many of them also went to Ashwood Memorial they are super excited to be part of the program and to meet up again with Robyn and Meg, the educators at the centre.

Anne McGregor

F/Y1 Team Leader

Games Club

Back to school and back to our popular Games Club. The children have been enjoying creating puppet shows, being little engineers with the gears, and stacking our giant dominoes. Games club is open to all children across the school as a different option instead of the outdoor play areas. We welcome any donations of any toys or games that are no longer used at your homes.  

Kerry D'Arcy

Integration Aide

Policy Update - July 2021

This week’s policy of note is the Medication policy. You can find it on our website with all other policies:

The Medication policy details how staff will approach and administer medication to students, including medications for anaphylaxis, asthma and other specific needs.

To administer medication to students in a school setting, staff must first have a completed Medication Authority Form from families. This can also be picked up from the office.

The policy also details storage of medications. Importantly, school staff will not administer the first dose of a new medication, and does not administer analgesics (without a Medication Authority) as these can mask other symptoms.

Don’t forget you can join us at any time - we welcome new members and what better time to start than now! Well, in September, when our next scheduled meeting is. Send me a note through and I’ll add you to the list!


Two tawny owls have been spotted in the Foundation playground trees. Keep an eye out for them next time you are in the area!

PFA News - July 16

Executive Committee: 

President: Rossanne Clay  

Vice President: Kylie Brown 

Treasurer: Sumi Sundram 

Secretary/Communications:  Kylie Touloupis 

General Members:   Elle Delmee, Vanessa Cowley, Trish King, Marinda Tanner 

NEXT PFA MEETING – Tuesday 10th August, please join us – all welcome! 


Lots to look forward to, mark it on the calendar. You don’t want to miss a thing! Information about the Trivia Night and Cupcake Stall will come later on - stay tuned!

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