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Term 2, Week 10

From the Principal

Seven weeks down and we've managed to hang in there without further illness thanks to the diligence of our community, parents, students and staff in keeping our school safe. The community's willingness to comply with arrangements such as keeping unwell children at home, maintaining social distance, studiously following hygiene rules with hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes and improved cleaning (that's a positive), have all contributed.  Teachers are working their way back to normal lessons including reports and follow up phone conversations. Please take the opportunity to respond to the Skoolbag survey regarding reports and the follow up conversations as we seek to rebuild the vital close learning partnership.

As we head into Term 3, the opportunity to hold large gatherings is not yet available to us. Education Week in Week 3, will become a virtual "Learning Together" rather than the traditional assemblies and class visits. Children and teachers are planning to showcase how far our learning has come in a range of programs over the week with links sent to parents to be part of this. Thanks to the P&C for organising our virtual meeting on ZOOM, 107 people attended which was a record.

You will have also heard about new curricula and a back to basics approach coming to schools following a number of reviews into the crowded curriculum. Randwick teachers have placed developing sound Literacy and numeracy skills at the forefront of all their teaching; after all there is no secret that these are the building blocks for lifelong learning. We also believe that learning is within a broad based curriculum and a technologically advanced society as this adds depth and context to the learning. Prof. Geoff Masters on whose review the changes are based, also emphasizes the role schools have to play in building an optimistic, resilient society, unpinned by shared moral and ethical values that can bounce back from adversity.  These will be our goals as we enter the second semester.

I encourage you to get into the outdoors during the holidays preferably in less populated spots. It encourages great problem solving and independence in children and costs little if you pack a picnic. I've enjoyed some great bushwalks with my grandchildren, even managing the National Pass to the bottom of Wentworth Falls on the weekend with my 8 year old grandson. Alexander even carried the back pack on the way up and paused to encourage me along the way.....and not a mention of a device all weekend. A nice getting to know you again before all their various extra activities begin.

Just a reminder about the new arrangements for Term 3 for afternoon pick up as we seek to reclaim a little more teaching time but still keep the school safe. 

Parent/carer pickup/drop off must be maintained to ensure social distancing between adults who must not remain in the playground. Adult interaction is considered to be the highest risk factor.

·         Drop off will remain as it is at the various gates.

·         Afternoon parent/carer entry and exit only via Frances Street from 3pm.

·         There will be no supervised pick up from Cowper St, only independent walkers via OOSH gate.

·         Please do not remain on school grounds and exit immediately on pick up.

·         Pick up points:

    o   Kindergarten- Netball courts (Wet weather- AMS COLA)

    o   Year 1 and 2- Hall COLA

    o   At the written request of a parent, K-2 students may be picked up by an older sibling for Kiss and Go or walk home. Please email or Seesaw your child's class teacher.

·         Kiss & Go

    o   Commences at 3pm for all children and will go through until 3.15pm.

    o   If you have an older or mixed age children group please come from 3:10pm or have them meet you further away.

·         Where there is a safe route, we strongly encourage children to walk part or all the way home to continue to build on the independence they are developing.

Tomorrow our SRC are holding a Mufti Day encouraging children to dress as an essential worker/local super hero so this excludes Superman, Spiderman etc. to recognise these people in our community.

As you may know two of our K-2 children are currently seriously unwell in Sydney Children's Hospital so any donations received on the day will support the Sydney Kids Cancer Foundation in recognition of the support they are giving our Randwick Students. Please help your child dress up simply for the day and bring along a donation.

A Positive Start to the Holidays

Mindful Practice for Kids: Come Back to the Positive –

One way our brain keeps us safe is by staying very focused on whatever seems wrong or dangerous. Sometimes, it’s important to notice that kind of thing: Take care of yourself or find someone you trust to help. Other times, what happens instead is that we can't stop thinking about something we don't like. It can be hard to let go of that kind of thought. Sometimes, it takes practice to focus on the good stuff, too. Try out this eight-minute guided meditation for kids from Dr. Mark Bertin to help notice the positive:

1.       Lie down somewhere comfortable. Let your arms and legs fall to the ground. Close your eyes gently.  

2.      Start to notice how your body changes with each breath you take. Each time you breathe, your belly moves up, and your belly moves down. If it is easier, put a hand on your belly. Or if you want, put a stuffed animal there.  

3.      Each time you breathe, your belly moves. Your hand, or your toy, rises, and then falls. See if you can count ten breaths that way. Breathing in, one, breathing out, one. (Repeat for nine more inhales, and nine more exhales.)  

4.      When you lose count, don’t worry about it. That’s normal, and happens to everyone. Come back to whatever number you last remember.  

5.      Now, shift your attention to your day. Breathing in, focus on your breath as your belly goes up. Breathing out, focus on something that went well today.  

6.      With each breath: breathing in, noticing your belly move, and with each breath out, noticing something that went well today.  

7.      Now, picture something about yourself that makes you proud. Breathing in, focus on your belly moving. Breathing out, picture something that makes you proud about yourself. If nothing comes to mind, that sometimes happens. If that’s how you feel, picture what you’d wish for yourself instead.  

8.     Finally, bring someone to mind who makes you happy. Before we end, try one more practice. Breathing in, notice your belly move. And now, breathing out picture someone who makes you happy.  

9.      As you come to the end of this practice, take a few deep breaths, and start to wiggle your arms and legs. Pause and decide what you’d like to do next.  

10.  It’s normal to have thoughts that make us feel scared or bad. We should never ignore anything important, but it’s useful to focus on the rest of our lives too. Take a few minutes every day to notice what has gone well, and see what happens next.

Susan Allen

What's on?

Last day of Term 2

Date and Time

From Friday, July. 3rd to Friday, July. 3rd

First day of Term 3 for students

Date and Time

From Tuesday, July. 21st to Tuesday, July. 21st


Monday 20 July is a pupil free day.

Randwick Public School Student Work

Lily- 1F

The Robotic Fireflies- Angus and Georgia 2F

Inference writing- Louis 3S

The boat is in rough seas and harsh weather. The helicopter is tagging along after the boat which seems to be sinking in to the water. Inside the helicopter the rescue team was waiting to help the people on board. The passengers are all scared and frightened while the crew use buckets to shovel out the fast, rising water.

The weather has had a giant impact on the rescue mission, the team is struggling to land on the oat. Once the team secures the safety harnesses on the passengers, the captain hurries them towards the rescue helicopter.

When all the passengers are safe, the crew and captain are airlifted to another helicopter. The captain takes a final look out the window and to his dismay, watches tearfully as his boat sinks in the dark sea, soon to become rusty and home to hundreds of sea creatures.

A butterfly's life cycle- Nina 4S

In my class we have been learning about explanations. The structure of my explanation includes a general statement, a series of events, a conclusion and a diagram. If you ever see a butterfly, you now know the sequence of its life! Hope you enjoyed the information!​

Butterflies are insects that can fly. They go through two main stages of life, caterpillar and butterfly. Here is more information about a butterfly/caterpillars life cycle.

First the female butterfly lays her eggs on leaves or of stems of plants. The mother butterfly then flies away and leaves the eggs to hatch. The caterpillar stays in their eggs for approximately four days. After those four days they will start to hatch.

After they come out of the egg they are called caterpillars. They stay as caterpillars for 2 - 5 weeks. Did you know different types of caterpillars can get up to a length of 1mm - 14cm? Caterpillars can also be called the name larva.

Next the caterpillars go into a cocoon. A cocoon can also be called a chrysalis. A chrysalis is a special word for a butterfly cocoon. The caterpillars stay in the chrysalis for approximately 5 - 21 days. When the caterpillar is in the cocoon it starts to digest itself. It does that so it can turn into the new creature it’s beginning to become.

After the caterpillar has been in the cocoon for 5 - 21 days it slowly comes out of the chrysalis. This is what you call a butterfly!!! After it comes out of the cocoon it is on average 10cm wide (including the wings). It is a butterfly for around 8 - 12 months but then begins to weaken and die. Did you know that if a caterpillar comes out of the egg in summer it may only live 5 weeks.

By now you should’ve realised that the lifecycle of a butterfly has four stages, egg, larva, chrysalis and last but not least a butterfly! This whole process can take up 1 month to 1 year to complete! Hope you learned some facts and enjoyed it!


Did you know that we have a "Parents in STEM" mailing list? If you work in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and you'd like to be involved in our STEM programs at school we'd love to hear from you. You can provide your details to our STEM coordinator Laurie Power via this short Google Form 

Sentral Parent Portal

Semester 1 reports will be published in a few weeks on your child’s Sentral Parent Portal available here or via our school website homepage . If you have forgotten your password, please use the link under the ‘Sign in’ button.

If you are new to Randwick, you will have received or will receive a letter containing a code for your registration to the Sentral Parent Portal. Please use your allocated access key provided in the letter to register for access.

If you do not have your letter, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office for assistance.

Seesaw during Home Learning

Our Home Learning weekly programs during COVID-19 were  complemented by Google Classroom and Seesaw as a way of supporting students and their families to maintain solid links with our school and class teachers. Seesaw in particular was used to allow students to submit work via the app so that teachers and parents / carers could make comment and ensure learning was demonstrated.

Below are some statistics on our Seesaw use during the Home Learning period (from Term 1, Week 8 to Term 2, Week 4 in 2020).

During the Home Learning period:

  • 15 635 individual work samples were uploaded to Seesaw
  • On Wednesday 6th May 2020,  3 898 comments were made by teachers and parents / carers on work samples that were uploaded to Seesaw
  • The highest number of 'likes' recorded on a particular day was Wednesday 6th May 2020 were a grand total 4 234 'likes' were made
  • On average 1 063 parents / carers connected with Seesaw on a weekly basis

Overall, we have more than 74 000 work samples on our Seesaw platform from the last three years. This rapidly growing digital portfolio is a valuable part of our school commitment to ensuring parents and carers can see their child's learning.​

Please provide your feedback by clicking on the link.

Thank you!

What parents need to know about Home Devices


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