St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

26 February 2020

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection

I am sacred.

My life is pretty good at present but that doesn’t stop me bashing myself up about the failures around and within me: the messy house, the people I have failed to contact, the garden fast becoming a jungle, being overweight – the list goes on. And that is just the things I am prepared to share about in a column like this, not my real personal failures.

So yesterday at Mass, I was struck by the reading from Paul where he states and states clearly that we are temples of God and therefore sacred. Me, sacred! Yes, I’ve heard it before but yesterday I was surprised by how radical it was. So, I took it on board and through the day affirmed my sacredness. I didn’t have to prove it, as it was something given to me just by being brought into existence. The world changed. The good in my life came to the fore and the negatives could be faced more realistically. I was more compassionate towards others…and was even able to enjoy that I had cleaned the laundry, done my mending and nearly all the ironing the day before. I could rejoice in the small successes.

Lent is an invitation to grow in life and love. So, for this Lent, I am taking up affirming of the Sacredness of my life. Forty days of saying, I am sacred, I am holy and that God is present in me and my life.

Loving God, as I enter into Lent, give me the wisdom of your Spirit to see how your love is at work in me and in all whom I love, making us holy, making us sacred. I ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris osb

From the Principal

Bishop’s Inservice Day - Whilst our students enjoyed a day ‘off’ last Friday, the staff from all of the Catholic schools in the region descended en masse to The Cathedral College for the annual Bishop’s Inservice Day. This is a faith formation day for all staff and keynote speakers included Bishop Michael McCarthy and Diocesan Director, Miss Leesa Jeffcoat. A variety of sessions were held throughout the day and from speaking to staff, I know that all found the day enlightening and inspiring. Thank you to the families who supported our Vacation Care day at our OSHC on this day.


 Ash Wednesday – Thank you to our Year One classes, who lead today’s Ash Wednesday Liturgy. We are now in the season of Lent, a forty-day period of preparation for Easter. It reminds us of the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness before He took up His ministry. During this time, He fasted and prayed. Lent is a time of self- denial and prayer for us as well. During this period, we are called to focus on becoming closer to Jesus by praying a little more, doing good deeds for others, going without something we like and giving generously to others in need. Ash Wednesday is a good time for us to think about what we can do to grow closer to Jesus over the Lenten period. Thank you to the community and parish members who joined us for our liturgy this morning.

Afternoon Pickup Procedures

A request from our office staff please….if you need to change afternoon pickup arrangements for your children, please advise the office staff BEFORE 2.30pm. Our office is incredibly busy before school finishes and often there is only one staff member available to pass on messages, answer phones, handle enquiries etc. Similarly, please be aware that teachers often do not get to check their emails during the school day and therefore messages of this type are often not received until after school.

Remember, if you are making arrangements for your children to go home with another school family or family friend, we must be informed. We take the safety of our children very seriously. Thank you for your understanding.

St Pat’s Race Day - Year 6 student helpers required

Each year the Catholic Primary schools of the Rockhampton region band together to host the St Patrick’s Day Race meeting at Callaghan Park. This year it will be on Saturday 14th March. The Race day provides a wonderful fundraising opportunity for all schools and is a great event for the Central Queensland community.

Each of our primary schools takes responsibility for a certain task. St Joseph’s Wandal traditionally provides some Irish Leprechauns and Colleens to welcome patrons and hand out Lucky Gate Dodgers at the main gate. This year, we will be able to take 3 (Year 6) boys and 3 (year 6) girls. If your child is interested in attending, please email the school office by Wednesday 4th March. If we have lots of interest, we will draw names out of a hat.  The students will be required to meet at the race track at 10.30am and will remain until 12.30 midday. Staff will be in attendance to supervise and assist the students.

Students will need to be dressed in their costumes (provided by the school), and bring plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen. 

*A reminder for all Year 6 parents that the close off date for the ordering and payment of Year 6 Senior Shirts is 3.00pm Monday 2nd March.*


Homework Club

Homework Club  operates every Tuesday afternoon in the Be-Hive,  3.20-4.20pm. Homework Club is available for childen in Years 3-6 and is supervised by senior students from The Cathedral College. Parents (and students) who wish to take advantage of this service will need to book in by contacting the school office by 10am Tuesdays. Students will need to be collected from the Be-Hive promptly at 4:20 p.m.



Enrolments for 2021

 We are now taking enrolments for Prep in 2021. If you have a child hoping to commence Prep in 2021, or know of others who may be interested in attending our school, please complete the online enrolment process via our website. 

Expectations Regarding Behaviour in Toilets

Students are regularly reminded regarding the school’s behaviour expectations when they are using the toilets. Another reminder will occur at school this week.

The focus of the discussion will be:

·         Educating students about germs in toilets.

·         Hygiene practices (washing hands, not taking food into toileting area etc.).

·         Students should use the toilet responsibly (e.g. not waste time and keep noise to a minimum).

·         Discourage play in toilets (e.g. should not be a location for tiggy or hiding games).

·         Not a place for playing ‘tricks’ on others or contact with other people (minimal time in toilet).

·         Strict rule – one person in a cubicle at a time.


In the aim of enhancing student hygiene and safety, it would be appreciated if parents reinforce these behaviours at home with regard to not only the school toilets, but all public toilet areas.

Have a wonderful week,

Kellie Jenkinson.

From the APRE

Prayer Corner

May St Joseph shower special graces upon each and every one of you.

 Saint Mary MacKillop 1900


In our present liturgy for Ash Wednesday, we use ashes made from the burned palm branches distributed on the Palm Sunday of the previous year.  Thank you to Fr Bryan who blessed the ashes for our Ash Wednesday Liturgy today.  

During our Ash Wednesday liturgy today, Year One reminded us that the season of Lent is a bit like going to the doctor for a check-up.  During Lent we are encouraged to check in with our mind, eyes, ears, mouth and heart to see if we are living as God would want us to. 

Ash Wednesday is a time to give something up, or to take up acts of generosity.  You may like to access the family chart to take up 40 days of generosity during Lent.


Ash Wednesday - "Repent and Believe in the Gospel"

Pancake Bake-Off

A very big thank to the generous families who donated pancakes for our children to enjoy.  Thank you also to the volunteers who came in to assist and ensure that each class received their pancakes. Our Year 6 House Captains, Mr Standen (pancake judge) and Miss Mclennan (MC) ensured we were entertained during our annual pancake bake-off.  Congratulations to Penola House for cooking the tastiest pancake and presenting it well and of course to Mackillop and Tenison for being challenging opponents.  

Shrove Tuesday was a successful event allowing us to raise some much needed funds to support Caritas Australia.

Caritas Australia - Lenten Fundraising Campaign

St Joseph’s Wandal is running an initiative in support of Caritas Australia. Caritas is an international aid and development organisation of the Catholic Church in Australia. They: deliver long-term development programs, help people regardless of ethnicity, religion or political beliefs, work with the poorest of the poor and help people help themselves.  

 Additional ways to donate to this worthy cause through this period of Lent include: 

 Caritas Money Boxes: These can be found in each of the classes, admin office and library.

 Cross Country Training: Purchasing breakfast after Cross Country Training for a gold coin donation

 Free Dress Day: On the last day of Term 1, 3rd  April students will be given the option to wear Free Dress for a gold coin donation. 

 Silver Service: On the last day of Term 1, 3rd  April students will be given the option to participate in activities such as purple nail painting, key ring making and paper crafts for a silver coin donation.   

Making Jesus Real

In this week's Gospel reading Matthew 5:38 - 48 Jesus challenges us to love our not just those that are nice to us but our enemies as well.  We need to generous and kind to people who hurt us.  We must try to be peacemakers. 

Students reflected on the Gospel message after assembly on Monday and made connections to their own lives about the importance of how we G.T.S (Greet, Treat and Speak) to others.

If there is to be peace it will come through being, not having.

Henry Miller (American Novelist)

Prayer Celebration - Year 6 Badge Presentation

Please join us on riday 6 March in the Under Cover area as the Year Six students are presented with their 2020 school leader badges,

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

A reminder that Children’s Liturgy is held most Sundays at St Joseph’s Cathedral at 9.30am during the school term. It is wonderful to see our students attend. All students (particularly those preparing for sacraments) are encouraged to attend. Thank you to our dedicated teachers who assist with this important ministry. 

Have a great week,

Rheanna Starr.

From the APC


Parents are reminded to complete the Flipgrid permission forms on the skoolbag app.  This is a great platform that allows the students to share short videos.

School Performance

Then and Now a visiting performance, will be presented at school on 10 March at 9:00a.m.  Students in Prep - 6 will attend this presentation.  The show will cost $5.50 per student which will has been added to this term's fees.

Then and Now looks at the determination, courage and good humour of Australian women.  Using story-telling techniques, visual aids, audience participation and puppets, students are transported back in time to explore the vast differences between the way things were done then, compared to now.  

Whole School Goals 2020


Have a wonderful week of learning!


2020 School Calendar

Our school calendar may be found on Parent Lounge link.  Your Parent Lounge code is your parent code (found on your school fees statement) and the default password is the same 6 digit number. 

The Cathedral College Year 7 2021

The College will be hosting an Information Evening in Our Lady’s Hall on Monday 2 March 2020 at 5.30pm. All intending Year 7 2021 families should attend as important information will be presented. ENROLMENTS CLOSE WEDNESDAY 1 APRIL 2020 ***Enrolment packs can be collected from the offices of The Cathedral College, St Peter’s, St Paul’s and St Joseph’s (Wandal) Catholic Primary Schools or downloaded from the College website **

Get involved in the School Banking program

St Joseph’s Wandal is excited to offer the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program to all students.

School Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way for young Australians to learn about money and develop good savings habits.  Children who deposit money into their Youthsaver account through School Banking earn Dollarmites tokens, which they can save up and redeem for exciting rewards.

 School Banking is also a great fundraiser for our school. Our school receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student as well as an Annual Contribution which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year.

Getting involved in School Banking is easy!

 All you need to get involved in the School Banking program is a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account. You can open an account for your child in one of two ways: 

 1. Online

Visit and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account.


2. In branch

Visit a Commonwealth Bank branch with identification for yourself and your child, like a driver’s licence and birth certificate.

 If your child has an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account they can start banking straight away. They just need to bring their deposit in every week on School Banking day using their Dollarmites deposit wallet. School banking day is Thursday.

 If you would like to know more about School Banking, please ask for a 2019 School Banking program information pack from the school office or visit

Trivia Night

Elevate is a Catholic Youth group run by the Rockhampton South Parish at The Cathedral College. All funds raised will go towards the future of this Youth group.

 Date: Friday 6 March

Time: Arrive at 6.30 pm for a 7 pm start.

Location: Mercy Centre, The Cathedral College (Please park in the Derby Street Car Park)

Details: Nibblies provided. CASH BAR. Prizes and raffles.

Tickets: (teams of 8)