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10th September 2019 Term 3 Week 8

Address: 158 Katoomba Street Katoomba

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A Message From Mr Geerligs

Dear Parents Families and Friends

 Looking at the world news about the drought, fires, hurricanes and civil unrest, it really is obvious to me that life is not easy for so many people. 

The struggle with our own personal issues at home, work or with our friendships, can be very difficult as well.


Jesus also went through great troubles in His life here on earth. Ultimately the people he came to save, sentenced him to death. 

But what we have learned from this is that there is always hope.


It is through our belief that God is always with us, that we see past the challenges and see that our belief in loving one another is the key to happiness.


We are called to listen, to welcome and to love.  Our school motto says something similar - we Grow through our LOVE for others and in doing so we LEARN.



Mr Mark Geerligs    Principal


Mass Times

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Parish

Parish Priest Fr Carlos Walker         Assistant Priest Fr Omar Mazzega

 Presbytery Contact  Ph: 02 4782 2804

                                         Fax: 02 4782 6090


Mass Times

Friday: Katoomba 12 noon Mass

Saturday: Katoomba 9.30 am Mass Saturday Vigil: Leura 5pm Mass

Sunday: Wentworth Falls 8am Katoomba 10am Leura 5pm

Rosary: Monday Katoomba 8.30 am, Tuesday Leura 4.45pm,

Wednesday Wentworth Falls 9.30 am, Friday Katoomba 11.30 am.

Saturday Katoomba 9 am.



Stage One Excursion to Taronga Zoo

As a part of Science and Technology units on Living Things, Kindergarten and Stage 1 students will be travelling by bus to Taronga Zoo, Sydney on Tuesday 24th September. 

We will explore the zoo in small groups. 

We have a visit booked into the Education Unit and a trip on the Sky Safari to bring us back up to the bus at the end of the day.

The children need to be at school at 7.45 am. 

As we will NOT BE BACK FOR AFTERNOON BUSES you will need to arrange to have your children picked up from the school between 3:30 - 4pm

Please complete the permission slip and return by Friday 13th September 2019.

Sincerely , Mrs Kellie Clarke, Mrs Sharon Debien,  Mrs Chris van der Walle & Ms Alice Krawczyk

Voice of Youth

Next Monday Stage 3 will be travelling to the Western Divisional Final for the Voice of Youth. 

Our students will be there to support Patrick Hepworth who recently won the cluster final.

Last month at the cluster final, only one student could be chosen of the 12,  and that was our Patrick.

We look forward to next Monday and wish Patrick all the best.


Safety Concerns

Safety concerns have been raised about children on the driveway along side the church. 

We ask that if you are dropping your child off at the gate from the commuter car park, please ensure your child is reminded of safety precautions, as the driveway is used by both staff at the school and visitors to the church.


Mrs Friend’s Preschool Reading Group


Preschooler’s and parents are welcome to join Mrs Friend's Preschool Reading Group in the library every Tuesday morning for a fun story reading session from 8:40-9:00


St canice's gets Mount St Marys Gate

Please see the attached link to read the article recently published in the Blue Mountains Gazette.

CamBROdia 2020

Over 11 exciting days in January 2020,

Mr Wedesweiler and his son Gabriel are travelling to Cambodia for Catholic Mission’s Ride and Stride.

If you would like to help by donating to this worthy cause, you can sponser CamBROdia  using the following link.

All funds raised will directly be used to support life changing projects within Cambodia.


Attendance Matters

My role at St Canice’s involves working in partnership with parents/carers ,students and the school community to help students fulfill their potential. Often the stresses of parenting or just everyday life can impact on a child’s attendance. If there is an issue that is impacting on your child’s attendance, please contact the school as soon as possible so that we can make allowances. Shane Cooper our school counsellor is available on Monday’s should you require further assistance. Working together in helping your child to grow through love and learning.


Miss Elizabeth

Attendance Family Liaison Officer.



If you would like to volunteer at our school, this is what you need to do:

Log in to

Hover over “Our Schools”    and select Parents as Partners     Scroll to Volunteer Training     Select Volunteers or Contractors

Step 1 – Complete either Volunteer or Contractor Form

Step 2 – Complete Training Module

You will receive a confirmation email once the forms have been submitted.

Parents and close relatives of a child who volunteer do not require a WWCC.

A WWCC is required if

  • A volunteer is part of a formal mentoring program.

  • Where volunteering involves intimate personal care of children with a disability.

Volunteers are not parents or close relatives.

Congratulations to Isabella Preston!

We would like to wish a huge congratulations to Isabella Preston who has been selected to represent Western NSW at the under 12's Girls Soccer State Titles.

Isabella will compete in 8 games over 5 days during the school holidays, we look forward to hearing about her experience and wish her every success in this outstanding achievement.

Allergy Awareness

We ask that everyone be thoughtful when bringing snacks and lunches from home.

Foods to avoid are peanut butter, nutella, nut muesli bars and biscuits or cakes that contain nuts or nut traces.


September Birthdays

Congratulations to everyone who celebrates their birthday during September


Elliot McCrossen

Natasha Vasquez-Seers

Emilio Micallef

Mark Papalia

Taylor Oltersdorf

Owen Macnamara

William Frazer-Mills

Vengili Selvarasa

Jonah Hong

Leo Balkin

Mr Geerligs

Mrs van der Walle


The Paper Planes Challenge.

The Challenge

Construct a squad of paper planes and estimate how far each plane will fly.

1. Give each person in your family who is involved in this challenge a piece of A4 paper.

2. Collect the following: a pair of scissors (for some plane designs), a ruler to help with folding (optional), a tape measure to measure flight distance (optional); a stopwatch to measure flight time (optional); and textas to decorate your designs (optional).

3. Start designing and making paper planes. You can use this template  to help you fold the plane. Alternatively you could make a different plane of your choice.

4. Even though you are competing with other family members to see whose plane can fly the farthest, talk with each other about the positives, negatives and interesting points of each design to help make everyone’s plane better.

5. Once everyone is satisfied with their plane, draw a table where each person records an estimation of how far their plane might fly and how long their plane might stay in the air. Think about units of measurement that could best be used for distance – would metres, centimetres or millimetres be best? Think about units of measurement that could best be used to record flight time. Do you think hours, minutes or seconds would be best?

6. Launch your planes.

7. Grab a camera to capture images or video of your planes.

8. Reflect: who in your family made the plane that flew the furthest? Who in your family made the nearest estimations regarding their plane’s flight distance and time in the air?

Keep Going

Take a paper clip (or more than one if you want) and add it to different areas of your plane before flight. What changes does the paper clip cause?

If you are lucky enough to have a piece of A3 paper, try making your plane with A3 paper. Does the A3 version fly further than the A4 version?

Take another sheet of A4 paper and some tape. Try and make an extension for the wings on your plane and see if a plane with longer wings flies further.

Try making your paper plane out of a different material. Consider using thicker paper or newspaper and comparing the flight of the planes.

Maths words – think about how these forces affect your plane.

drag – a force which slows objects due to air resistance.

estimation – an approximate calculation of something.

gravity – the force that pulls objects on earth towards the ground.

lift – the upwards force caused by pushing air downwards.

thrust – a generated force which moves an object forward.

Paper Plane Template is Available from Ms Honeyman or the Office


Student Banking is Every Tuesday


Special Offer

Check the back of your Katoomba Big W receipts for a St Canice’s Special Offer


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