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23rd of December 2019 - Happy Holidays

Dates to Remember

2020 Dates

TermStart DateEnd DateLength
Term 129th January  (Wed)27th March9 weeks
Term 214th April (Tues)26th June11 weeks
Term 313th July18th September10 weeks
Term 45th October18th December11 weeks

2020 Preps will only be required to attend school for until lunch time in the first week of school and will not be required at school on Wednesdays from February 5th to March 18th (Week 8) as assessments will be scheduled for these days. Parents will be notified of their assessment appointments. 

Curriculum Days - to be confirmed

We have applied to take part in a Bastow course as a whole teaching staff next year. If we are successful we will be taking the following dates as curriculum days so that we can attend their workshops. 

  • Thursday 19th March
  • Thursday 7th May
  • Friday 24th July
  • Wednesday 25th November

Principal News

I hope you've all had an enjoyable start to the school holidays and have recovered from last week's heat and the incredible Circus STAPS Production. WOW. I still cannot believe the incredible show that your children put on! Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible, particularly Eliza. Rest up, you deserve it! 

We were excited to welcome Ryan Cossens to the teaching team last week and I know many of you got the chance to meet him last Thursday. He's very excited to be joining our community and will be popping in a lot before his formal commencement in late February.  

As you may be aware, Kristel Thompson has been quite unwell recently. We are all thinking of you and your family at this time and we hope the holidays bring you a full and quick recovery. 

A reminder that on days during the holidays that are Severe, Extreme or Code Red, we would not be at school so please be aware and make decisions based in line with your fire plans on these days.

I want to thank you again for making my first year here at St Andrews a warm, and enjoyable one. Our community is uniquely special and  I cannot wait to see you all in the new year.

Have a happy and safe holiday with your loved ones and enjoy a well earned holiday. 

A reflection from our outgoing School Captain - Sam Buckler

To start off, I want to thank all of you for supporting St Andrews Primary School. 

Now, in my last day as a primary school student I couldn't be more grateful for the teachers who gave me lots of opportunities throughout the last seven years. Our Principal made a Student Representative Council to fix problems in the yard and arrange fun activities. We also got advice from our grades on what works well and what doesn't work well. The SRC didn't like the name of our council so we changed it to EC, Echidna Council.

I enjoyed every part of being a school captain, including how to talk in front of large groups of people. It took a while but I got used to it. But my most favourite memory of St Andrews in general was making friends with students and locals. 

I am a lot more confident going into high school because of Nat and Kristie. I could not have asked for a better education for a grade six moving into grade seven. 

I am sorry I have to leave but I hope you all enjoy your time at St Andrews while it lasts. 

School Council President's 2019 Report

2019 has been a fresh start here at St Andrews Primary School with the arrival of our new Principal, Hayley Bawden.  Hayley has brought with her an enthusiasm for learning as well as an understanding of how small schools work.  She, along with the rest of the staff, have been very focused on developing programs that will ensure a consistent approach throughout the school in order to obtain the best outcomes for our children.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Hayley this year and I think our future is bright with her at the helm (along with Angus of course).

We have also welcomed Kristie (4/5/6), Kerry (Japanese) and Sophie (art).  We seem to have a real knack of attracting great teachers at STAPS – lucky us!  However, sadly, Kristie was only on loan to us and she will be returning to her other school next year.  Thanks for everything Kristie, we’ll miss you.

I am constantly amazed and so appreciative of all of the staff at STAPS.  They really care for our kids and put in so much time and effort to make sure they get to have enriching educational experiences. Thank you to all of the STAPS staff for everything you do.

Also, to be noted is that we have had 10 Preps finish their first year at school.  Well done to all of you and to your families.  I hope you’ve had a great year and I’m sure you’re all ready for a big rest before you start Grade 1.

Once again, the students have had a never-ending list of extra-curricular activities.  Sometimes I think I would like to keep a list of them all but I know it would be way too long to tell you all about it.  Some of the highlights have been interschool sport, Hooptime, cross country, Bookweek, spooky day, footy day, swimming and band night.  Camp is always a highlight for the 4/5/6s.  The 2/3s also especially enjoyed camp and the Day for Daniel while the Prep/1s had an amazing time learning about dinosaurs and enjoying their new playground.   And to top it all off of course, in recent weeks, two amazing events – the Christmas Market and Circus STAPS.  I have to say an extra big and special thank you to Eliza for all of the time and effort she has put in to creating our school production.  It has been a great experience for our kids.

School Council has had another productive year with our sub-committees firing on all cylinders.  Thank you to all of our families for all of your fundraising efforts.  This year, we have come incredibly close to our goal, raising nearly $10,000!  Pretty good going for such a small school.  Thank you so much to our PFA – Carla Perry and Nic Maher, for all of the time they have put in to organizing all of the events and to everyone who volunteered.  I would also like to acknowledge everyone else who contributes to our beautiful little school in other ways.  Everyone does their bit and it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.  We really have a great community at STAPS.  Thank you also to all of our school council members – Felicity, Michelle, Colin, Nicola, Elise, Tania, Marguerite and Rachelle – for all of their input and the effort they put in to helping us achieve our goals.  If anyone is interested in joining school council, there will be positions available next year.  Being a part of school council is a great way to be involved in your child’s education.  Keep an eye on the newsletter for more info.

Next year, we won’t be seeing Carla or Felicity very much as they both take maternity leave.  I’m so excited for you both and wish you and your families much health and happiness.  I’m also looking forward to visits and baby cuddles!

Step up to Circus STAPS

Senior Christmas Night Market

Fighting Extinction Showcase

On Friday the 22nd of November, two students in grades 4-6 from five of the Sugarloaf S.T.E.M. schools went on a Fighting Extinction showcase at the zoo. Check out what they got up to on the S.T.E.M. blog:


On Friday the 22nd of November, ten students in grades 4-6 from five of the Sugarloaf S.T.E.M. schools went to present at a Fighting Extinction Showcase at Melbourne Zoo. To begin we saw a few speeches from various special guests including a 10 year old called Luke who’d raised over $400 for the “Don’t Palm Us Off” campaign and had interviewed the Threatened Species Commissioner. Feeling inspired we then put up some displays at the zoo for an hour to the members of the general public and zoo staff. The work our students had done was sensational and these were some highlights of the projects:

A gumleaf petition direct to the Environment Minister to take action on the Leadbeaters Possum. Information on greener alternatives to standard paper to help the possums as well as hand outs and stickers about their home. A puppet show display on how the experts train Helmeted Honeyeaters to avoid predators. Actions you can take, interesting facts and origami Corroboree Frogs handouts. Plants for sale to raise money for the Zoo’s Seal the Loop campaign. The brilliant devil diorama filled with interesting facts and a habitat display about the Tassie Devils. A mountain display which outlines how sticking to 4WD tracks, keeping your pets fenced in, picking up litter and not building too many ski runs can help our Mountain Pigmy Possums. A gorgeous display on how you can help seals by avoiding single use plastic and using the seal the loop fishing line bins.

We then got to check out the other showcases from the other schools and got some cool threatened species face painting done. The day finished with a brilliant presentation by two eastern barred bandicoots at the seal show who encouraged us to keep up the great work.


Fighting Extinction Showcase

Community News

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