St Peters Lutheran School Newsletter

Term 1 Issue 3 - 2 April 2020

From the Principal - Bronwyn Wilson

Unexpected Responses

 “The centurion…praised God…The people…. beat their breasts…Those who knew him…stood at a distance, watching these things.” Luke 23:47-49

The leaders thought they were in control of the situation. After all, they had ensured Jesus was nailed to a cross. They mocked him and beat him, and he did nothing. What could he do?

I wonder when the soldiers first noticed the sun had stopped shining. I wonder how the Pharisees reacted when the temple curtain tore apart. Do you think any of them started to feel as if they weren’t in control after all?

Did you notice how much control Jesus has even as he dies? In a loud voice and with one last breath Jesus gives his Spirit over to God the Father.

Compare that control to the unexpected reactions of the people nearby. The Roman centurion, of all people, is the one who praises God and remarks on Jesus’ righteousness. Did he even believe in God? The crowds beat their chests in lament. Why were they so sad? Weren’t they the ones who were just mocking Jesus? And the people who had followed Jesus stood at a distance and watched as if they had no idea what to do. It doesn’t seem that anyone there could even control their own reactions.

(Written by Scott DeVries

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic has also elicited many unexpected responses including stockpiling supermarket goods – especially toilet paper(!), turning to the Arts for comfort and reassurance, using humour to maintain some normality and strangers sacrificially caring and serving one another.  None of us has any control over the situation we are in, and we can only choose to respond in a way that reflects our beliefs and values.

At the death and resurrection of Jesus, God was in control. During the COVID-19 crisis, God is in control. How have you acknowledged God’s control in your own life?

I pray this Easter that you will have time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the enormous sacrifice He made for us all.

Bronwyn Wilson, Principal

From the Chair of the School Board

We live in strange times.  Perhaps somewhat uncertain too as things seem to change day by day.  The degree to which we react also varies so much from person to person, family to family. It is a time that we must have patience. Patience with ourselves and our loved ones, often now much closer and for longer times than we are used to and patience for others who may not share the same opinions or thoughts about where we are. Love is patience and kind (1 Corinthians 13v1) – that simple, often overused text talks about what we need to show towards each other especially when times seem uncertain. 


I am writing on behalf of the St Peters School Board to wish everyone the best over this enforced break and school holiday period.  The Board also wishes to sincerely thank Bronwyn and the staff at St Peters for their continued dedication to the students in our care, whether now served at school or via the on line platforms that are being put in place. Please take time to include all staff in your prayers - there may not be as many children at school, but teachers now have the double responsibility to provide learning material for home access.  The decision to close next week was made in consultation with the Board before it was generally announced by the Premier so teachers can prepare for continued disruptions next term and a greater emphasis on remote learning. Bronwyn and I meet regularly for briefings so the Board can stay up to date with what is happening in the school.  This term we have seen CompliSpace launched and a more concentrated effort in updating policies, which is scheduled to continue.  The marketing plan initiated by the Board last year is now being put into practice with this set to continue to be rolled out during the year. A mission and ministry committee is being established as part of the new constitution and we are currently working through the terms of reference and how best to implement.


As you are aware, a letter went out to parents and members of the St Peters church congregation for expressions of interest to join the Board. I am happy to announce the appointment of Josh Golding and welcome him as a new member of the Board.  As the new constitution allows us to more widely seek the talents we need, Josh as a school parent will offer the Board valuable financial and business knowledge.  Welcome Josh!


Lastly, to the staff, students, parents and wider family members, the Board holds you in their prayers for a happy and blessed Easter and for all the future may hold. As the Board knows, one of my favourite texts is also one of the shortest when Jesus says “Lo, I am with you always…..!” (Matthew 28v20)

Yours in Christ

Tim Geue, Chair St Peters School Board


We congratulate Almos (ELC) and his family on the recent arrival of their gorgeous baby brother and son, Botond. 

Blessings to you all at this special time.