16 August 2019

CSDA Debating: Sydney Catholic Schools Champions!

Congratulations to our Year 8 Debating Team who won the CSDA Grand Final.

A significant achievement for Natalie Broom, Charlotte O’Brien, Zara Chand and Olivia Sarkissian. The girls deserve our highest praise for the way they structured their prosecution of the affirmative case. Congratulations to Mrs Belinda White, their coach, who added strategic value to the team as well as her coordination of the Debating Session.

Year 12

Higher School Certificate (HSC) Trial Examinations conclude on Monday. I would like to commend our Year 12 students on the manner in which they prepared for these exams and the genuine attempts they have made to achieve their best possible results. Following these examinations, the students will be completing HSC courses and revising further for the HSC. This time will enable students to maximise their potential for their HSC examinations. Research says that in the next 8 weeks, students can add significant value to their HSC outcome.  It is crucial that this time is used effectively to ensure successful progression to the HSC exams. Please continue to keep the students in your prayers during this time.

At the end of the term, the College community will be celebrating with and farewelling our Year 12 students. As a whole College community we will have the opportunity to witness and acknowledge the many achievements of the 2019 Graduating class at the Year 12 Awards Assembly. Due to the small size of our College Hall this significant event will take place at the St Joseph’s College Hall (Hunters Hill) on Monday 23 September. Students in Years 7 to 11 will travel by bus to and from St Joseph’s. We especially welcome Year 12 parents and family.

Father Daughter Prayer Service & Breakfast

I am looking forward to seeing many of our Dads at our Father’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast on Tuesday 27 August, 7am on Cerdon Plaza.

Dr Anne Ireland, Principal

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From the Assistant Principal

Year 12 HSC Trial Exams

This coming Monday brings us to the end of the Year 12 HSC Trial Exams. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Year 12 Students in the way they have entered into this important period of assessment. While there are some who are looking somewhat tired, the girls I have spoken with are in good spirits and ready to continue the hard work remaining. This is an important time for the students to refine their learnings and I encourage each of them to respond to the advice and feedback given by their teachers.


May I remind all students and parents/carers that the College expectations on uniform and personal grooming need to be followed. I thank the many students who do make the effort to ensure they are meeting these expectations.

We have now made available for purchase in the College Uniform Shop navy blue hairbands and scrunchies for the girls. The hairbands are available in packs of 4 at a cost of $2.50 and packs of 8 at cost of $3.50. The scrunchies are available at a cost of $4.50 each.

School Buses

We have now had a couple of weeks with the new morning timetable for the school buses. Unfortunately, we are still having some buses arrive late to school. As has been requested many times, I ask parents/carers to continue lodging concerns with State Transit on 131 500 and/or 

In the last few days, I have been in contact with the Sydney Buses Regional Manager to raise recent concerns. We also continue to be in communication with the Office of The Hon Anthony Roberts MP and they have been supporting us in our efforts to have these issues remedied. I ask for the continued support of our parents/carers in lodging all concerns regarding lateness, overcrowding and any other matters of concern.

Ms Marietta Taliana, Assistant Principal

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From the Religious Education Coordinator

Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady

The Assumption signals the end of Mary's earthly life and marks her return to Heaven to be reunited with Jesus. While the bodies of both Jesus and Mary are now in heaven, there is a difference between the Assumption and the Resurrection. Where Jesus arose from the tomb and ascended into Heaven by his own power, Mary's body was taken up to Heaven by the power of her Son. 

Mary played a special part in my religious upbringing. Throughout my childhood and teens, she was very much a part of our family prayer and cultural identity. A statue of the Madonna had a significant place in Italian masses I attended, during the procession on Good Friday and when we said the rosary as a family. 

Non-Catholics often ask me about this perceived Catholic worship of Mary. They would ask, “Is she a God?” No. “Then why do you worship her?” We don’t, we venerate her. Don’t we? 

I can understand how non-Catholics perceive us as treating the Blessed Virgin as an almost divine being in her own right, as if she had some glory, majesty of her own that places her on the same level as Christ. In the words of Thomas Merton “They regard the Assumption of Mary into Heaven as a kind of apotheosis (elevation to divine status) placed in the Redemption would seem to be equal to that of her Son.”

The truth, however, is quite the opposite. According to the teachings of the Church, Mary’s glory is her ‘nothingness’. Her greatness and her majesty is in her humility. Being the “Handmaid of the Lord”, she acted in loving submission to his will. In her pure obedience the humble Handmaid who is full of grace enables her to be absolutely nothing but His instrument. The greatness of Mary is purely and simply the greatness of God in her. Mary is blessed not because of some mythical divine appointment, but in all her human limitations, she is the one who has believed and has responded to the will of God with a simple ‘Yes’. As followers of Jesus, we are all critically involved in the story of Mary. In a way, some 2000 years on, we are the continuing story of Mary. How will we respond to the call of God?

Prayer for the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady

During this Feast of the Assumption,
may we draw closer to Jesus and to his glory 
by allowing ourselves to be humble instruments 
in our daily work, 
in our conversations, 
in our victories and in our struggles. 
Inspired by Mary’s willingness to say yes to the call of God, 
may we all respond to God with love and complete trust in his will for us.


Year 10 Reflection Day

“Empower for Life - I am a Gift, I am worth Love, nothing can change that.”

On Monday 12 August, Year 10 gathered at Holy Name of Mary Hunters Hill for their Year 10 Reflection Day. This year, the day was presented by the Culture Project, which focused on the theme, “Empower for Life - I am a Gift, I am worth Love, nothing can change that.”  The Culture Project is a group of young Catholics (all in their twenties) that bear witness to their faith and provide inspiration for how to be a Catholic in our modern world. They brought with them over ten young female volunteers to share their personal journeys and to lead our small group sessions. Our Liturgy Captains also led small groups and were a wonderful presence on the day. 

Session 1

This session explored identity and the purpose of love, focusing the nature of sacrificial love and it being the true source of love as demonstrated by Jesus. 

Session 2

This session explored our calling to love through some personal witness of love stories both good and bad from members of the Culture Project. The students had an opportunity to ask questions about love and relationships through a Q&A. This session looked at love through the lens of the dignity of each and every human being and members of the Culture Project shared some practical wisdom drawn from science and experience, which empowered students to pursue and prepare for authentic relationships. 

Session 3

Our final session gave students the chance to reflect and respond to what they had heard and experienced and make sense of many issues covered. Girls then shared affirmations and encouragement with members of their small groups before ending the day with some silent reflection. 

The day was thought-provoking and pushed students to think and reflect on the type of person they want to be, the person that God wants them to be and hopefully it helped develop boundaries for their lives that will help them navigate the sexualised, secular culture that we live in today. 

A big thank you to the staff that attended the day and helped guide our students through the program. 

Mr Daniel Ronchetti, Acting Religious Education Coordinator

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From the Leader of Learning & Curriculum

Year 9 2020 Subject Selection

This term students in Year 8 will undertake the process of selecting elective subjects for Year 9 2020. On Tuesday, all Year 8 students attended an information session regarding the process. On Wednesday, during Community time students with the support of their teacher navigated the Subject Selection Handbook gathering information on each of the electives on offer at the College. I encourage all students and parents/carers to engage in conversations regarding their interests and aspirations as in preparation for this important process. Presentations will be made available to students and parents/carers following each presentation for future reference.

Important dates in the subject selection process:

Year 9 (2020) Subject Selection Information Evening
for Students and Parents

  • KLA Subject inquiry
  • Information Evening

(Presentation slides will be made available
after the presentation)

Wednesday 21 August 

5:45pm - 6:45pm (Belley)
7:00pm - 8:00pm (Hall)

Online Elective SelectionThursday 22-30 August
Students notified of 2019 Year 9 ElectivesMid October

Year 11 Final Preliminary Assessment Block & Silent Study After School

Year 11 will undertake their final Preliminary Assessment block in Weeks 8 and 9 of this term, from Wednesday 11 September - Thursday 19 September. During this time students will only attend the College to complete their assessments.

To assist students with their preparation for these assessments supervised quiet study will be provided in Jarnosse between 3:30pm - 5:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Weeks 7 and Monday and Tuesday of Week 8. There is no requirement for students to book in and can just sign in on the day. Students may leave before 5:30pm and will be required to sign out if they leave before 5:30pm.

Year 11 2020 HSC Extension Courses

As Year 11 enter the final term of their Preliminary Courses it is timely for students who are interested in taking up additional units of Extension Courses consider the options that are available to them. All students need to study a minimum of 10 units in Year 12 to be eligible for a HSC. Students may elect to study more than ten units.

All Year 11 students and parents will receive information regarding Extension Courses for 2020 next week to assist them in considering their study pattern options for Year 12, commencing in Term 4 this year. Relevant senior class teachers and Coordinators will provide specific course information and I encourage all students interested in particular courses to avail themselves to the information on offer by speaking with these staff and considering the recommendations they make. Students will be sent a link to apply online for Extension Courses as part of the information circulated next week.

All students applying for an Extension Courses will receive confirmation of this pattern of study before the end of the term. HSC Extension Courses will commence in Term 4.

Mrs Melinda Alvarez, Leader of Learning and Curriculum

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Leader of Wellbeing

Parent Forum

“While there is no denying that our phones are useful, understanding when they carry us away from shared moments and being able to tame the addictive urge to reach for our phone is an essential lesson for every member of a family”. (Dr Danielle Einstein 2019)

Dr Danielle Einstein (Clinical Psychologist) presented to a packed audience in our Theatrette on Monday 12 August surrounding ‘Understanding the impact of devices on our brains, our moods and our families”. She has 22 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist and is recognised for her research in collaboration with both Macquarie University and the University of Sydney, focusing on developing novel interventions to prevent anxiety and depression. 

Here at MSCW, our Year 9 students are currently engaged her The Emotional Intelligence Program (EMI) during their timetabled wellbeing lesson each fortnight. It covers much of the content presented in the parent forum around sitting with uncertainty, understanding dopamine versus serotonin stimulants, how this impacts on one’s self-esteem, resilience and overarching mental health. The parallels with device use indicates that they significantly affect our moods and our brains to the extent of struggling with anxiety, insomnia or depression. Research also shows that the impact of poorer socialisation skills so whilst a students’ online world expands, their offline world and social abilities shrink. We all have a role to play in supporting our young people to balance their time with technology and teaching them to be present and in the moment with things that do not involve devices or social media. 

Mrs Sia Mastro, Leader of Wellbeing 

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Batyr Mental Health Q&A Parent Forum

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Invitation will be circulated by Skoolbag soon.

A Word from the Counsellor

The Mental Health of my Child, is there an App for that?

I have previously discussed the many and useful apps, many for free, to help young people to assess and address their mental health concerns, practice meditation and mindfulness and keep track of their sleep patterns, but a common question often gets asked by parents is “how do I know if something is really wrong with my child? I have concerns but I am not sure.”

One new innovative app and the first of its kind in Australia, is called the Child360 app and has been developed through funding by the Australian Federal Department of Health in conjunction with Emerging Minds (National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health). It has been designed according to Brad Morgan, Director Emerging Minds, to provide parents with a simple to use, trustworthy, proactive tool for taking stock of how kids are tracking emotionally and socially.

Child360 App

The Child360 app allows parents to develop a confidential profile of their child and answer questions about areas such as:

● parent-child relationships

● emotions and behaviour

● routines

● communication, and

● support networks.

After answering the questions, parents select an area to work on and then choose from three levels of action, including:

● Accessing information through articles/ videos / podcasts.

● Speaking to someone via an online or phone service.

● Making an appointment to see a GP or child and maternal health nurse.

Child360 was developed in partnership with parents, health professionals, researchers and parenting experts, and draws on evidence-based practices to guide parents towards credible, quality information that best suits their situation and their children’s needs.

Parents can even download a letter from the app to take to their GP, with prompters to help with discussing areas of concern.

If you are a parent who wants to learn how to identify and help teach your children how to manage their emotions the app is worth having a look at, as helping young people manage their emotions and look after their mental health is essential for healthy adulthood. Sometimes we receive conflicting advice from others regarding our children so having an evidence-based guide can help us see what we’re doing well and what might need work.

The Child360 app can be found at and

Child 360 Resource Summary - Download a PDF copy


Of course if you are not tech savvy and you have any concerns for your daughter or would just like to chat one on one, please feel free to contact me, the College Counsellor, Becky Salter via or ph: 0435 659 694.

Ms Becky Salter, College Counsellor

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Jarnosse News

Year 7 – the Premier's Reading Challenge is nearly over!

Congratulations to all the students who have already completed this year’s Challenge. Well done everyone! All Year 7 are doing the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) as a required part of their English program and the closing date is coming up very quickly. By 30 August, each Year 7 student should have completed her PRC Student Reading Record with the titles of the 20 books they have read in the last 12 months. Ask your daughter to log in and show you where she is up to.

The students have their Username and Password and the site is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Regardless of the number of books they  have read, it's not too late for them to catch up. Jarnosse is full of beautiful and interesting picture books for older readers that can get them over the line by 30 August. So please encourage your daughter to pop into Jarnosse and borrow some books asap and to set aside some reading time each day.

       Mrs Prue NelsonTeacher Librarian  and Mrs Maria Del Moro, English Coordinator

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Space School Information Evening

Junior Trip - A Student's Report

This trip provided countless memories that I’ll always remember, a taste of American culture, opportunities that I would otherwise never receive and has inspired me to think about pursuing a job in a STEM/space related field. I learnt so many new things and created many bonds with people from other schools that I’ll never forget. This trip was truly a spectacular and unforgettable experience that I’m glad I went on.

Jaime Woo, Year 9 Student

Junior Space Invitation


Senior Trip - A Student's Report

Space school was a once in a life time trip that broadened my understanding of science. We did various fun activities relating to STEM such as constructing and launching rockets, robotics and building models of equipment that is used in real NASA rockets. It was a good experience to meet people from all over the world and learn from many different cultures. This trip deepened my love for science and space and I created memories I’ll never forget.

Elizabeth Smith, Year 10 Student

Senior Space Invitation


TAS News

Orbispace Initiative- Future of Female Leadership Lunch

Congratulations to 3 of our Year 10 Design & Technology students who were selected to attend the Orbispace Initiative- Future of Female Leadership Lunch

Female students from both State and Sydney Catholic Schools were invited to apply and 3 girls from MSCW made it through the application and nomination process. Jessica Challenger, Katherine DeCaria, and Alana Doornbos were lucky enough to attend a full-day workshop focused on ‘The Future of Female Leadership’ for ‘Women in Innovation’ to encourage and support female students from Years 10 - 12. 

The event included:

  • A tour of the Sydney Startup Hub, Australia’s largest startup/business ecosystem.
  • Interactive sessions with a range of corporate sponsors, including Ernst and Young, Accenture, Quest Payment Systems and inQ Innovation where they heard from women CEOs.
  • A mindfulness coaching session with Julie Demsey, previously a Silicon Valley corporate leader and now professional coach.
  • A networking Q&A lunch with 50 of Australia’s leading female innovators from across a number of sectors and industries including science, space, fashion, technology, design, engineering.

The students really enjoyed the opportunity to visit an innovative workplace and speak to a large number of successful women in STEM related fields.

Ms Kathy Reid, TAS Coordinator
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Visual Arts News

National Art School Open Day - The Future is Art

Open Day - Saturday 7 September (10:00am - 4:00pm)

The National Art School is Australia’s leading progressive and holistic fine art school, with a successful studio-based teaching model that has delivered a rich tradition of artistic practice and generations of world-renowned alumni.  

At the Open Day, explore their studios and working spaces, visit NAS Gallery, meet faculty and students, get advice about study options and the application process, attend mini–lectures and get involved in interactive art workshops – including the bronze pour, screenprinting, life drawing and much more.

Mrs Helen Landas, Creative Arts Coordinator

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Sports News

MSCW Athletics Carnival 2019

Moving this year to the Sydney Olympic Park Competition Track meant the College could give MSCW students the opportunity to run, throw and jump in a first class facility. Participation, once again, from all students in all houses was outstanding, and a number of records were broken. 

Results and records will be announced at the Principal's Assembly on Wednesday 21 August. Thank you to all the staff who helped make the carnival enjoyable for all and congratulations to all students on their enthusiasm and their MSCW spirit throughout the day.

Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator


CGSSSA Junior AFL Report

On Wednesday 7 August, a Junior AFL team competed in the annual one-day carnival, held at the Macquarie University Sports Fields.

It was a beautiful winter day filled with magic that started and ended in high spirits and was enjoyable for all. Unfortunately, the cold start in the first game caught the girls off guard with lots of defending needed. They fought back to level the score before half time, but struggled to contain the pressure from St Clare's College. The following games in our pool were all won, but it wasn't enough to graduate into the final.

Regardless of this, there are many positives from the day that should be celebrated. The students grew from strength to strength in their teamwork, friendship and cohesive play, they shared half-time pep-talks and listened to each other, and they played with a fiercely invested interest. A coach couldn't ask for more. St Clare's went on to win their grand final, which left our students longing for a rematch.  We'll be back next year!

Congratulations to the whole team for your efforts on and off the field. We came very close!

Mr Nick Muller, Junior AFL Coach

CGSSSA Senior AFL Report

The weather was your perfect crisp and clear late winter day, and the senior girls were eager to defend their title which they won in last year’s inaugural AFL competition. 

Round one saw MSCW matched against Bethany and our girls began as they left off last year, with a resounding 29 - 1 victory. Brigidine were our next opponents and though spirited during the game, they were no match for Woolwich as we took away a 20 - 0 scoreline in readiness for our next match against Trinity. This was the game we needed to have, as Trinity came out firing and ran to a 12 nil scoreline within 2 minutes which surprised and stunned the Woolwich girls. Not panicking and sticking tuff, they slowly clawed their way back and ended up winning 32 - 19. Monte was our final pool game, a must win to make the grand final, and Woolwich rose to the occasion with a 22 - 0 victory.

The scene was set with St Scholastica our opposition for the second year running. No need for too much motivation as from the first whistle Woolwich turned it on, scoring 20 unanswered points to once again hold the trophy aloft. 

Clearly there was excellent teamwork and skill displayed by the entire squad, but there were a few standout performances - The Benkenstein twins were everywhere when needed; Eden Fraser lead by example and Emma Richards won most restarts as well as securing the middle and kicking goals.

Mr John Fuda, Senior AFL Coach

NSW All Schools Touch Football Championships

NSW CCC Touch Football provides opportunities for students in the Secondary Catholic School system in NSW to play for their schools and to represent their educational areas against other Dioceses in the State, to gain selection in CCC team and play against students from the Private and Public school sector, and ultimately to gain selection in NSW and Australian teams selected from Secondary Schools in the Catholic, Public and Private sectors.

The Junior CCC team this year consisted of 14 students from a number of Catholic Schools across NSW and in the Junior team we had Mia Rodgers from MSCW. She was also made co-captain of the NSW CCC team, which is fantastic achievement!


Day 1Day 2FinalOverall Placings

CCC 2 v CIS 0

CCC 2 v CHS 3

CCC 6 v CIS 2

CCC 1 v CHS 4

CCC 3 v CHS 6

1st - CHS

2nd - CCC

3rd - CIS

Congratulations to Mia Rodgers who was named in NSW All Schools Squad. Mia will now represent NSW to compete in Canberra in September at the School Sports Australia Touch Football Championships.

Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator

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MCCS Football

Week 3


MSCW vs McAuley 3-0 (Win)


MSCW vs McAuley 0-1 (Loss)

Week 4

MSCW Junior vs Trinity 3-1 (Win)

MSCW Senior vs Trinity 9-0 (Win)

MCCS Basketball

Week 3

MSCW Junior v Catherine McAuley 15-15 (Draw)

MSCW Intermediate v Catherine McAuley 42-2 (Loss)

MSCW Senior v BYE

Week 4

MSCW Junior v  BYE

MSCW Intermediate v  BYE

MSCW Senior v  BYE

Canteen News

Flexischools News for Term 3

In order for our service to run more efficiently during recess and lunch we now require students without student cards using Flexischools on their phones to queue in a separate line outside.

Students with their cards and cash will be prioritised, as cards on phones requires more time and slows the process down.

Canteen Roster - Term 3


Weekly Specials - Term 3

Week 5

Wednesday 21 August and Thursday 22 August
BBQ Chicken Wings                                                                                                                        $6.00

Week 6

Wednesday 28 August and Thursday 29 August

Pasta Bake - (Pasta, creamy tomato sauce & cheese)                                                     $6.00



Community News

Free two hour workshop