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Week 11 Term 1 2022

Important Dates to Remember

Last day of Term 1- Friday 8th April 2022   

Start of Term 2- Wednesday 27th April 2022

Academic Excellence Stream Open Day- Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Academic Excellence Stream Entrance Test- Wednesday 4th May 2022

NAPLAN- Tuesday 10th May 2022 - Friday 20th May 2022

Dental Van- Tuesday 7th June 2022 - Friday 10th June 2022

Bring Your Own Device 2021

BYOD is compulsory for year 7 to College 2. A device is a small laptop, tablet or Chromebook – not a phone! Every student from Year 7 to College 2 is required to bring a device to school every day. We don't encourage expensive devices. This link to our website provides info on suggested affordable devices: LBHS BYOD Website

We understand that it can be difficult to afford devices, especially if there are multiple children in the family. Please feel free to contact our CLO Ms Rosa-Maria Hormis to discuss this confidentially. Ms Hormis can offer information and assistance regarding loans, financial assistance and affordable devices.

Contact: Community Liaison Officer Rosa-Maria Hormis- 0434 701 898. 

Newsletter items

SSW Individual Tennis Championships

It was great to see students back playing sport and representing Liverpool Boys at the Sydney South West Individual Tennis Championships held at Fairfield. Twenty-three talented tennis players in the Region attended the event, including Arshia Chekidehkhoon and Vladamir Vojnovic. The boys played with enthusiasm and found the experience rewarding and will be back bigger and better next year.

- Mr Reid

College Fundraising

This term College 2 have been busy fundraising for Year 12 Events! During Community Groups we have been participating in return and earn, selling ice blocks during sport, and we also assisted Liverpool Rotary Club with at the Crossroads Bunnings throughout the term. Liverpool Rotary Club has been wonderful in supporting our boys! Last term they provided us with a generous grant which allowed us to purchase College 2 Jackets! This term they will also be donating money that will go towards our School Gift. A big thank you to Liverpool Rotary for all their hard work and support!

On the 9th April College 2 will be holding our first Bunnings BBQ at Hoxton Park! Please come down and support us if you can! 

- Ms Huynh 

Resilience Arts Program

On the 24th February Ihab Al-Badri participated in the Resilience Arts Program! The Resilience Arts Program (RAP) is an arts and wellbeing initiative proposed by the Hon Sarah Mitchell, Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, and coordinated by The Arts Unit in association with the Michael Cassel Group, Australian promoter of HAMILTON. NSW public school students in Years 10 to 12 in 2022 accompanied by supervising staff had the opportunity to participate in an arts extension experience, culminating in viewing the Australian production of HAMILTON. Ihab elected to participate in a Drama workshop and had a fantastic time working with other students and mentors on the day. 

- Ms Huynh 
Photo Credits: Anna Warr and NSW Department of Education

From the Library

Year 7 Orientation 2022

Year 7 classes of 2022 (7L, 7J ,7C and 7AES) visited the library for orientation this term. Students went on a library tour and learnt about all the services they can access at our library. There were also raffle tickets draws with lucky winners. Students got to borrow books to start reading for enjoyment and received a library bag.

Welcome year 7 to LBHS! Have a wonderful year!

Renaissance Reading Program (AR) @LBHS

This year we are running the AR program for all students in years 7, 8 and couple of classes in years 9, 10 and one Big Picture class. This program is a computer-based program that is used to monitor and manage students’ independent reading practice at their own level and pace. It improves the literacy skills of students and fosters a love of lifelong reading. It is also a great tool for teachers to use because it provides them with reading progress reports to help them track students’ independent reading practice and progress. Students are expected to engage in daily sustained reading at school and at home for at least 20 minutes.

All students participating in this program completed the STAR Test to find out their reading levels and chronological ages. They started borrowing, reading, and quizzing. Happy Reading always!

Year 8 and Outstanding AR Progress

Congratulations to the following Year 8 students whose reading age improved by over a year in the Renaissance Star Reading Test: Tamar, Sam, Olympic, Jay, Ali Reza, Zakariya A. and Stefan. Well done and keep up the reading!​

Year 9 and Outstanding AR Progress

Special Congratulations to the following students in year 9 whose reading age improved by over one year in the Renaissance Star Reading Test: Franz, Mihailo, Andrew, Buhram, Vicky, Ahmed A., Christian and Ante. We are very proud of you and of the amazing progress you have made in your reading. Congratulations on your great achievement!!

2 years + and Amazing AR Progress

Special Congratulations to Shane, Noor, Muhib, Ahyaan and Hani (year 8) and Youssef (year 10) whose reading age improved by over 2 years in the Renaissance Star Reading Test. We are very proud of you! Congratulations on your stunning achievement!!

Library Lovers' Day (LLD)

Library Lovers’ Day was celebrated every year on the 14th of February. LLD is celebrated every year and is an opportunity for people across Australia to show their love and appreciation for libraries.

Thank you to the big number of students who joined in the “Tell us why your love your library” competition.  Congratulations to Ismail (year 7) and Zakaria (year 12) on winning the 2022 Competition.

I would like to share few students’ responses:

“The library is an amazing place, filled with lots and lots of books” (Harry – Year 7).

“I love this library because it has a great selection of books and the library staff are very nice” (Abdullah – Year 8).

“I love the library because it is a peaceful place” (Haadi – Year 7).

“I love the library because it has a wide variety of genres of books and Chess board games. It is also a peaceful place to learn and study” (Zakaria – Year 12).

“I like the library because it has many books, and the librarian is very nice” (Ismail – Year 7).

“I love the library because I can use my device without hearing lots of noise” (Daniel – Year 8).

“The library is a good place to chill with friends” (Taniela – year 8).

- Ms Chalhoub (Teacher Librarian) & Ms Peachy (Library Assistant)

2022 Library life

From the Careers Room


Civil Construction is a trade. Workers create infrastructure involving anything to do with water, earth, or transport.

They get to drive big machines!

Nour Gouda, College 1, was successful in completing a short course at Macquarie Fields TAFE as a part of the EPP program. Nour was successful in completing the course and work experience will occur in the coming weeks. Congratulations Nour!


The Master Builders Association delivered a short course on carpentry as a part of the EPP program at Airds High School over the past 4 weeks.

Morteza Seyedi- College 1, and Shadi El Akawi and Noah Moussa from Year 10, were enrolled and successfully completed the course. Work experience will occur in the coming weeks. Well done boys!


Apprenticeships Are Us also delivered a short light automotive course as a part of the EPP program.

Sam Alborhb and Radwan Al Waili, both Year 10 students successfully completed the course. Sam has now been asked to participate in work experience with Peter Warren as he seeks a school-based traineeship in Automotive Servicing. Well done to both of you!

Sneak peek into Design and Technology projects

Year 7 2023 AES Open Day

Student Items

School Captain Message

Throughout my high schooling years at Liverpool Boys High School, I've seen, met, and known many of the great past school captains and leaders who have strived and actively/effectively changed and improved the school as strong and capable leaders. Personally, looking back I have learned a lot of skills and faced many experiences which exposed me to experience that took me out of my comfort zone, making me a better leader and a better role model for this fantastic school. As previously mentioned, I will use my influence of being 2022’s School Captain to the best of my ability to lead the school to more future opportunities, events, and much more, which is yet to come.


I’ve always been so keen for the position of School Captain, starting way back during my junior years. I used to think, and still do, of implementing more creative ideas and plans for the school to increase long term success. This might include implementing more school events such as Mother's and Father’s Day sales, sporting events, all the yearly events that occur and so much more - having students interact and engage more frequently and in a more decisive and enjoyable manner - having a good and strong connection with others within or even outside of our community where the name Liverpool Boys High School will become known.  


The starting string of this whole journey is getting along with a team of leaders from College and Big Picture, giving them the correct amount of training, they require to accomplish certain responsibilities throughout the school, as well as appropriate leaders. I want students to be able to; look behind them and see and see these leaders right behind them, supporting all the way. By having this brilliant team, I will give out my efforts to accommodate all possible ideas that students and staff would like to change or include to our school and follow it up to make it happen. In addition to this, every challenge and obstacle that would and will come in-front of us, we will put all our heads together and think of a logical and appropriate solution that would appeal both sides and then continue to move forwards as one. Even though we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one. Making Liverpool Boys High School one big family where everyone is supported by one another.

- Yahya Hasan, School Captain 2022

Sam's Journal

In February I attended a 4 week Pre-Apprenticeship Automotive Course at Miller High School through the EPP. I learnt how to change oils, wheels and how to check tyre grip. 

We worked on a car that was jacked up and had to change the wheels. The teacher showed a demonstration first and asked us to check if the car was sturdy. We then used an air gun to remove the bolts from the car, removed the wheel and pump it with air. We then placed the wheel back on the car and tightened it with the air gun. I also learnt how to change the oils, take an engine out of the car and take it apart. I really enjoyed this part and look forward to tuning engines. 

- Sam Alborbh


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Driving Offences in School Zones

Liverpool is a 30km speed zone

Return and Earn 2021- USE THE YELLOW BINS

We are still collecting containers. Please continue to bring them in and dispose of them in the correct bins- YELLOW BINS.

See below to identify the correct bin and what containers can be disposed in them. 

* Remember to keep lid and labels on and to not crush the containers. 

For more information please see Mrs Tucker. 

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This year Liverpool Boys High School would like to set up a Parent and Citizen Committee (P&C). We are asking for expressions of interest from our parents. 

If you are interested in joining his fantastic committee please contact our CLO Rosa-Maria Hormis on 0437 701 898. 

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