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Term Three Week 6 | Wednesday August 29, 2019

From the Principal

On behalf of the School community I would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to Mr Ryan Gowland and his family on the recent passing of his mother, Mrs Jo Angel. This has been an extremely difficult time for Mr Gowland who has had to travel backwards and forwards to Canberra to be with and support his family at this time.

It is always great to see the hall full of Dads in the lead up to Father’s Day and this year was no exception.  Thank you to all who came and to the P&F, Year 5 and other helpers who coordinated the breakfast and raffles. The gift stall is on today and cards are busily being worked on, so it is just left to me to wish you all the happiest of Father’s Days.

Fatherhood is life-changing. It’s a very personal journey that a man experiences when he takes on the responsibility of parenting his children. It’s also a vital role, and it’s all too easy to neglect the positive impact a father can have on his children’s lives. Every father’s parenting journey will be different, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to its challenges. Father’s Day is a great time for some tried and trusted parenting tips to help you be the best dad you can be.

Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how men shape the lives of their children.

1. Play to your strengths

Fathers often parent in a more active or action-oriented way than mums, so games, play time and physical activity become important parts of a man’s parenting repertoire. Your partner may not always appreciate your more active approach, particularly if you play with children just before bedtime and then leave it to her to calm them down.

How to make it happen: Be yourself, but be smart about it!

2. Lighten up – don’t take yourself too seriously

It’s easy to get caught up in your own importance, taking yourself and your work too seriously. For many men, a bad day at work translates into poor or, at best, distracted experiences when they’re with their families. Consider putting a strategy in place, such as exercise, to help you leave work, and the bad moods it may engender, behind.

How to make it happen: Be present in mind as well as in body when you’re with your children.

3. Find something in common with your child

It would be wonderful to say that you can always connect with your children, but family life is never that straightforward. There’ll always be a child who we struggle to connect with, or a developmental stage during which the child feels alien to you. In these times it helps if you share a common interest (such as a love of sport or music) with them, so that you always have something that will bring you together, even though you may not always see eye to eye.

How to make it happen: Take an active interest in what interests your child.

4. Go easy on your son sometimes

Many dads are tough on their boys and have expectations that go way beyond their son’s interests and abilities. Remember, it takes boys a little longer to mature. Resist the temptation to turn every game and every father-son activity into a lesson and avoid giving advice when your all your son wants is to be understood.

How to make it happen: See the boy as he is now, not the man you want him to grow up to be.

5. Enjoy the outdoors with your daughter

The biological nature of fatherhood causes most men to be very protective of their daughters. But that doesn’t mean you should put your daughter on a pedestal and treat her like a little princess. Expect a lot from her. Play with her and get her outdoors as it will do wonders for her confidence and independence.

How to make it happen: Enjoy spending time outside with your daughters on a regular basis.

6. Be ready for children to knock you off your pedestal

Most children in the preschool and middle-to-late-primary school years look up to their dads. “My dad is bigger and better than your dad!” is a type of mantra that’s familiar to many men. Make the most of this admiration as the Superman Syndrome won’t last. Young children soon turn into adolescents, who generally go to great lengths to prove that you’re just Clarke Kent after all. Expect them to stop laughing at your jokes, roll their eyes at your well-intentioned advice and even give you the cold shoulder in public. Ouch! It can be hurtful to a man who just wants to be the best dad he can be.

How to make it happen: Don’t take yourself too seriously, and give them room to be grumpy sometimes.

7. Give your children a compass and a map

One day your children will become truly independent individuals. Don’t worry! You won’t be irrelevant, you’ll just be taking the backseat in a more practical and managerial sense. There are two things you can do to help your children safely navigate the world when you’re not around. First, help them develop a set of positive values including integrity, honesty and respect that will act as their moral compass when they have difficult decisions to make. 
Second, reveal your personal story over time, as this narrative will become ingrained like a personal map that will guide them when life gets tough. It’s good to know that they won’t be in uncharted territory when they finally strike out on their own.

How to make it happen: Take the time to tell children your story and own it – don’t make them guess it or learn it from someone else.

Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how men shape the lives of their children. It’s a very personal reflection as each man’s experience of fatherhood is as unique as the children they are raising. Take the time to reflect on your own fathering style as well as the contribution that a father (either your own dad or someone else’s dad) has made to your own life.


Quote of the Week

"Who said you should be happy? Do your work."

Colette, 1873-1954

French writer

We are a nut free school.

A reminder that we are a nut free school. Whilst we don't expect you to check all foods for traces of nuts please do not send in packets of nuts or nut bars or anything obviously nutty.

Peter Pan Update and Costume Information:

The countdown is on with just 1 week until our Peter Pan Production on Tuesday 3rd September!

·       Costumes - all boys K-6 need a class dance costume (Year 6 are backstage helpers). This information has been attached to the Chronicle each week.

·       Main characters and Select Dance group - These boys will need 2 costumes; their main character or select dance group costume and their class dance costume. Please see the attachment below for details. You would have also received an email from Mrs Black or Ms Bown with further details.

·       Our Peter Pan Production will be at Scots on Tuesday 3rd September at 6:30. 

It's a free performance and all are welcome.


Peter Pan costume requirements for ALL boys


Important Dates

SQUAD Athletics Training  Wednesday August 28 @ 3.00pm 3/9 @ 7.45am

Mandarin Lessons (optional) Monday afternoons from 3-4pm

School Concert Peter Pan  Tuesday September 3rd : No tickets needed. Free event

Jersey Day Thursday September 5 (wear your fave sports jersey and mufti)

QUAD Athletics (SQUAD only) Friday September 6

Kindergarten Assembly Monday September 9

Year 5 & 6 Country Tour Tuesday September 10 - Friday September 13

School Photos Tuesday September 17 - order online now using the code LN1 VAT 1HB

P&F Annual Fundraiser Saturday September 21: Tickets on sale now

Last day Term 3 Friday September 27

First Day Term 4 Tuesday October 15

Speech Morning  Friday  December 6


Jersey Day Thursday, September 5

On Thursday 5th September, boys and teachers will be wearing their favourite sporting jersey to school to show our support for the DONATE LIFE network, promoting awareness and beginning the conversation about Tissue and Organ Donation.

Jersey Day has been inspired by the story of Nathan Gremmo, who was tragically lost in an accident in May 2015. Nathan’s family chose to give the gift of life to others to honour the legacy of Nathan’s generous personality.

This campaign is all about raising awareness – there is no requirement to raise funds. I’m looking forward to seeing all boys and teachers in their favourite sporting jersey. 

Infants' STEM learning together

 Infants' worked in small collaborative groups to design and construct a fidget spinner using bottle caps, cardboard, sticky tape and match sticks. After putting their heads together, it was a success! There were some very creative designs. Well done Infants! 

RAWART Years 1 & 3

Book Week Parade Winners

All winners received a $15 book voucher from Read On Books in Eastgardens generously donated by the P&F.


Casper Wilkinson & Sebastian Siu

Year 1 

Joshua Prazan & Ethan Storie

Year 2

Mitchell Harris & Hugo Doble

Year 3 

Ethan Zorbas & Justin Lo Nero

Year 4

Ned Read & Archer Wong

Year 5

Ben Capaan & Ben Quinlan

Year 6
Arran Storie & Harry Crewe

Book Week Parade

House Points

1st    Nimmo

2nd   McKeown

3rd    Storey

Class Captains

Kindergarten      Casper Wilkinson

Year 1                  Jakob Saad

Year 2                  Riley Thurman

Year 3                  George Tsaccounis

Year 4                  Harry Middleton

Year 5                  Billy Lagos

Year 6                  Maximo Di Blasio

Class Points

 Kindergarten 1279

Year 1        1395

Year 2        1210

Year 3        1072

Year 4        1199

Year 5        1181

Year 6         604

Birthday Books

 Rowan Munro in Year 3 Age 9

 - What not to do if you turn Invisible

 - The Dog who Saved the World

Maximo Di Blasio Year 6 Age 12

 - Frankie FIsh

 - The Fork Witch Worm

Bronze Awards

Kindergarten        Harry Lloyd and Jamie Stergoulis

Year 1                    Kingsley Tui

Year 2                    Kosta Konstantouras

Jamie is a Book Week Winner at Randwick Library

Last week, many of our students entered in the Book Week drawing competition run by Randwick Library. Students from all schools were encouraged to participate by drawing a picture of themselves as a super hero. Jamie Stergoulis  in Kindergarten was the lucky winner from all Kindergartens that had entered the competition, with a picture of himself saving the world with kind words. Big congratulations to Jamie!

Sausages a Sizzling Success!

Over $700 was raised for the Country Tour fundraising from last weeks Sausage Sizzle. A big thanks to all who helped and donated their time as well as super doopers, gas and donuts and especially Phuong and Ahn Lam from Bakers Delight who gave us 144 free buns!

Funds are being raised to send the Year 5 & 6 boys off on tour with a customised, travel bag, tour hoodie and cap.

Hooray for  sausage day!

Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)

A total of 40 boys have now finished their reading challenge and there are 14 boys yet to finish. Time is running out as the PRC finishes in 2 days time - Friday 30th August!

Congratulations to the following boys who have recently finished.

Joshua Marshall in Year 1

Billy Lagos in Year 5

Hayden Fielding in Year 6 

Email Ms Gershon on

School Photos are ordered online

These were sent home today only as a reminder about our upcoming photo day on Tuesday 17th September. Please do not send in the envelopes for orders. All photo orders are to be done online. Sibling photos and sport and extra-curricular photos can be pre-ordered this year which means you will only need to logon once to the website. 

Enter the code LN1 VAT 1HB when you log onto

Raffle tickets being sent home!

Buy your fundraiser tickets here

Country Tour Fundraiser

Lego Holiday Camp: Early Bird Offer

Holiday Fun with LEGO by Bricks for Kids

2020 Term Dates


Look for us on the back of local buses!


All non school photos are sourced from a brilliant online photo library