St Andrew's Primary Marayong Newsletter

Term 2 Week 3 2020

Message from the Principal - Mrs Baird

This is the first newsletter released to families in many weeks following the COVID-19  restrictions.  

Firstly, I wish to thank our parents and carers for the amazing way you implemented the changes to your household.  'At home learning' was never going to be an easy undertaking, however in saying that, you made the best learning opportunities available to your beautiful children.  As of Week Three, 11th of May, only online and face to face learning will be offered.  

This term we may see more restrictions lifted and a slow return to normalcy.  In saying this, the need to be vigilant and safe is still a priority at St Andrew’s. 

We have had to make changes to protect our children, staff and community.  These changes have already been announced.   I will briefly list the changes below for our families who may have missed it. 

  • Parents are to continue to kiss and drop at the entry gates to the school

  • Parents are only to enter the school grounds to visit the office and at afternoon pick up time 

  • Afternoon pick up time has been extended from 2.45pm to reduce parent gatherings

  • Children are to be picked up from the classrooms by one parent.

  • School Assembly and other community gathering events have been cancelled for this term (so far)

  • Student of the week will be celebrated on Mondays starting next week.  Parents will have an opportunity to take a photo of their child on Monday morning. Please wait in front of the school playground after the bell has rung and the students have entered the classrooms- (outside the  office area) and Mrs Baird will walk the children out for photos.

  • Normal handwashing using sanitiser/soap and water and touch surfaces will be cleaned 

  • Protective protocols will be followed when a child presents unwell. New safety protocols have been created to protect students and staff if a student presents with a fever or flu like symptoms.  Additional protective items have been purchased including, safety goggles, gloves and face masks to protect the office staff.

This term we will need to make decisions regarding excursions scheduled  during Term 2 and 3.  Further information will be sent home to parents regarding this. 

The Strings Program, as of today, is still suspended.  A start date has not been given to the school. 

All school Masses, Reconciliation and Liturgies have been suspended. 

Our Dance program has been deferred until Term 4.

Our Book Week presenter has also been rescheduled until later in the year. 

Kindergarten 2021  - Face to Face Interviews begin

This year we had to change the way we conducted our Kindergarten Interview process. 

As enrolments  were lodged at school, a letter of acceptance was issued to families.  The school decided to send out a letter of acceptance first, before an interview, as the timeline for lifting restrictions was very vague.  

We will be holding face to face interviews with parents and children starting next week.  There will be very strict social distancing  protocols followed. They are listed below.

  • Parents will be asked to sanitise prior to entering the office areas. 

  • One parent and the child will be interviewed by Mrs Baird or Ms McDonald. 

  • Touchable surfaces will be cleaned following each interview. 

Is your child ready for Kindergarten in 2021?

I encourage all parents to please lodge an application ASAP if you feel your child is ready for Kindergarten in 2021.  Please collect an enrolment package from the office. 

Enrolment Places for 2021

We have limited places available across many grades for 2021.  If you have a friend who would like to join our great community please encourage them to collect an enrolment package from the office.  

Kiss and Drop each morning

I wish to sincerely thank our parents and carers for following our kiss and drop process each morning.  This process is to ensure the continued safety of our students and staff.


NAPLAN has been cancelled for 2020.

Parish Mass via the internet

I wish to thank Monsignor Ron, Fr Luis and Fr Flor for continuing to lead us in our faith during these restrictions.  It was so welcoming and spiritually fulfilling to see a familiar face lead us in prayer and the Eucharist each day. 

Mother’s Day Stall

My sincere thanks to the office team, Mrs Sharp, Mrs Dunmore and Ms McDonald for organising the Mother’s Day stall last week.  As always, the children were so excited to buy that  special gift for their mum or grandmother.  A special thanks to the P&F and Mrs Anderson for organising the gifts.  The gift selection was spectacular. 

I hope all mums enjoyed their special day. 

Winter Uniform 

I ask that all children wear their winter uniform to school as of Monday 18th  of May.  A reminder that the tie is a part of the winter uniform and that it is expected that both girls and boys wear it each day. 


Our canteen has reopened.  Please complete lunch orders online.  

Gradual Return to school survey

I wish to thank parents for completing this survey that was sent to households last week.  

This will guide our planning as to when we may see the majority of our students return to school. So far, 90% of students may return to school by week 6.  

We have had many parents contact the office worried about when they should send their child back to school. Parents, my advice to you  is - 

  • Every decision you make is the right decision for your family

  • You know your family circumstance and you need to make the decision that protects them and that you are comfortable with

  • Your child still has access to quality learning via the online platform 

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