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2018 eNewsletter | Term 4 | Week 6

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Upcoming Events

Date Event

12/11  - 23/11/18 - School Swimming and Water Safety Program 

16/11 - 23/11 - 29/11/18 Ngara Choir Rehearsal

21/11/18 -   First Lego League Tournament 

30/11/18 -   Stage 3 Mini Fete

13/12/18 -   Year 6 Farewell  

17/12/18 -    Year 6 Mingara Pool Party

19/12/18 -  End of term 4 

School Awards

Merit Awards

KA Levi W, Shayleigh M.  KB Selene K, Max B.  KS Sarah F, Michael N.  1B Shakira C, Kortina J.  1D Mason A, Judy T.  1/2P Zavier H, Tyranny R.  2S Sonny T, Aidan I.  3A Lucas J,  Kyra L.   3SL Holly S, Brooklyn D.  3/4S Jaden D, Mary T-L.  4C Amarleya-Roze M, Charlie R.  5C Ashton H, Kianna G, Luke T.  5F Stephanie M, Jarrod L.  6F Kane P, Ayana D.  6G Noah b, Jack M. 6W  Lila J, Amelie H, Kiara R.

Avatar Awards

2L Destynee M, Tyson W. 4C Skye M-R, Archie S.

Principal Awards

KB Caydence M.  2S  Rachel P.  4C Neveah-Rose B. 

Principal`s Report

Children’s University

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending the Children University Passport graduation evening at Newcastle University.

This year we had over 35 children involved in this program which involved children receiving time for activities inside and outside of school. The children all graduated from the program after their hours were clocked up via in school and outside of school activities, and they all enjoyed the disco and food festivities afterwards.

It was wonderful to see all of the children and families make the time to attend the event at Newcastle and also be involved in this program. We have again indicated our wish to be involved and I know Mrs White is keen to have this event on again.

Special mention to Holly Doran who has received an award from the University of Newcastle for the most hours recorded in Australia – Holly recorded over 1000 hours for the program so far, and this has been calculated over the last 3 yrs. This means she has clocked up over 1000 hours of organised activities either in school (debating, music, strings, choir etc.) or outside of school. This was an amazing feat, and she received a special award off the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Children`s University Awards

Gold fellowship Holly D  Silver Doctorate Mackenzie H-B  Silver Degree Thomas D  Bronze Certificates Youmei H, Mikayla H, Seth H, Cassidy l, Emily S, Callum S, Molly S.  Gold Awards Thomas B, Kianna G, Christian K, Hugo O, Diep V.  Silver Awards lillian J, Abbey P, Breanna R, Cash S, Violet Tabone.  Bronze Awards Malocai H-M, Dian H, Olivia H, Riley I, Christopher J. Amber A, Riley N, Gaythari S, Archie S.

Remembrance Day

The school held our Annual Remembrance ceremony last Monday in the COLA. Our leaders all delivered strong and moving speeches including poems, recitals and aspects of the original Armistice back in 1918. It was also important to remember the role played by all Australians in this time, considering the country had a population of 4 million and yet over 300000 people enlisted.

The children also learnt about the many orphaned children from the Western Front who had lost families during the war, and some of these children were brought back to Australia. This is another example of how amazing our soldiers are and the humanity shown during this time.

Bears to School

Last week the school received an amazing gesture from a former student. The Bears to School program has been supported by Soldier On, the RSL of Australia and the National Servicemen’s Association. A bear was donated to our school by a former student and now serviceman Mr Luke Jones. Luke was very kind in writing to our school and highlighted his time here at Wyong back in the year 2000, with a Mr Reece, whom some of our staff recalled working with.

PTE Jones has served in Iraq as a rifleman and was badly injured during his time, and has since participated in the INVICTUS games in Sydney and two other international sporting events in Volleyball, seated Discus and Powerlifting.

The Bear donated to our school is an effigy of LT Thomas Hendy one of the first pilots in the Australian Air Force. Further information can be found at anzacbears.com.au where you can hear stories about the servicemen and women.

This is a wonderful gift and the letter along with the bear will be displayed in the front office.

Fundraiser Mufti Day – Kara’mae Flett

One of our students has qualified for NSW PSSA Athletics in shot put and discus. Kara’mae has made the team to participate at the School Sport Australia Athletics competition.

The school will be supporting the family to make the trip to Melbourne and also as a school we are holding a Mufti-Day for her.

This will be a gold coin donation on Wednesday 21st November (this week) 2018.

This is a wonderful achievement from a very talented young lady and we wish her all the very best for her trip to Melbourne.


The next issue of the school newsletter will be sent out as a digital copy. You will receive a notification from the school app or alternately the newsletter can be accessed through the school website  https://wyong-p.schools.nsw.gov.au/ There will be limited copies printed which can be collected from the  front office.

Todd Miladinovic

Other School News

Spectacular Choir Rehearsal

The Wyong Public School Choir students who will perform in the Schools Spectacular have begun their intensive rounds of rehearsals. The students have journeyed to Sydney to learn their two-hour repertoire that varies from classical choral music to movie themes. Further rehearsals will take place in the coming weeks, culminating in the Schools Spectacular performances on 23rd and 24th November at Qudos Bank Arena. We are very proud of the work ethic of our choir and wish them all the best in their endeavour!

Kinder Excursion

What a glorious day Kinder had on Friday at the Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park. The sun was shining and the animals were all roaming about. A cheeky emu stole a sandwich for his lunch and we got to pat koalas, snakes, kangaroos and lizards, to name a few.

Our friendly rangers for the day took us on an exciting adventure around the park, showing us aboriginal paintings and native Australian animals.

Miss Scotton got plenty of exercise on the winding bushwalk and Mrs Brechney really enjoyed the snakes.

A huge thank you to Mrs Bacon and Miss Bulmer for accompanying us on the day.

Rob the bus driver made our bus trip one to remember as we all know everyone loves a good bus ride.

Leap into Learning

Our newest kinders are enjoying their time in the classrooms and have really settled in well. Thanks to all the parents who we present at our information session this week and enjoyed the tour of our beautiful school.

If you know of any students or families with school aged children for 2019, please send them along to our school office to pick up an enrolment form so they can also be a part of our terrific transition program.

Keep posted to our school website and newsletters over the next couple of weeks as there are lots of exciting things happening at Wyong PS before the end of the year.


Kindergarten have been exploring habitats with the library’s collection and using lego to build specific animals’ environments.

Stage 1 have been investigating how the sky changes and exploring what it can look like. Some classes suggested different changes like: sunset, sunrise, northern lights (along with lots more) and then used the iPads to locate images. Some classes have used Minecraft to create some of these changes.

After reading, The Tomorrow Book by Jackie French, Stage 2 have been exploring sustainability and how our local environment is being sustainable. Some classes used Google Earth to explore the Wyong Shire, searching for water tanks, solar panels, skylights and the position of buildings in relation to the sun.

Stage 3 have been using Minecraft to create their own colony on a planet of their choosing. They have needed to consider creating solutions for things like: sustainable living, habitat, farming, health and wellbeing and energy. All these components are imperative to their colony living and surviving on their planet.

First Lego League - Robotics Teams 

Thank you Jarrod! We were lucky enough to have Holly’s big brother visit last Friday morning and talk to us about astronauts in space. He was able to explain how astronauts maintain their health and fitness in space after recently completing a physics assessment task in year 12. Jarrod was bombarded with questions from the team which has helped them better understand their competition project.

Team Aurora and Team Lost in Space have been very busy putting the finishing touches on their robotics table, creating their poster and presentation for competition day as well as coding their competition robot. A lot of hard work has gone into the competition and Wyong Public School are very proud of their persistence and dedication to working together as a team. This will be our first year attending the competition which is open to 9-16 year olds. We are all really excited to be there for the experience...and maybe the sausage sizzle! 

Checkout our #wpsfirstlegoleague hashtag on Instagram to see our progress so far.

We are still seeking two volunteers to help out at Gosford High on the 21st November from 8:30am - 4:30pm. Please contact Mrs Adams via Class Dojo if you can help out, even if only for a few hours. Like any event it is only as good as the volunteers who offer their time to support such events.  Volunteers must be 14yrs or older, have a sense of fun, like free food and/or would just like to offer their assistance.  It may be a parent, teacher, aunt, uncle, friend, student, anyone. The event is being held on Wednesday 21st November 2018 at Gosford High School.  Volunteers will be required from 8:30am – 4:30am.  

Remembrance Day

On Monday  we had a whole school assembly to commemorate Remembrance Day.

1/2P read a poem, the Key Choir sang beautifully and Mr. M addressed the students and staff. The students were impressively quiet and respectful throughout.

1/2P Narratives

1/2P have been learning about the structure of narratives in literacy and the important features of writing an entertaining story. The text studied was ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Enjoy reading these creative short stories! 

Fairy Land

A unicorn took a stroll in fairy land. She met a dolphin and the dolphin looked beautiful. The dolphin said, ‘’Everyone is nice here. There are so many lollies that you can imagine. There are sour gums, sour spray, gum eyeballs, anything you can imagine! And there are also rides.”

‘’ Thank you for letting me come here,” said the unicorn.

‘’ Come with me,’’ said the dolphin. ‘’ Okay I will come.’’

The dolphin was leading her into a trap and the unicorn fell for the trick. The place was called Fun Times. When she got there, there were no fun rides. The dolphin said, “You found it. You landed in my trap. A cage fell down right over the unicorn. The unicorn couldn’t get out. Then the dolphin was feeling mean so she didn’t let her out. She gave her food but the unicorn was still trying to get out. But she couldn’t get out.

After a couple of days the dolphin was tired because she was hungry. So she let the unicorn go and they lived happily ever after.

By Paige

The Tale of the Whale

A mermaid took a swim through the blue sparkly ocean. A dolphin saw the mermaid and the mermaid looked pretty. “Where are you going to, pretty colourful mermaid?”

‘’I’m going to meet a whale nearby this rock.’’

‘’A whale, what’s a whale?’’

‘’ A whale has a hole and water comes out of it. It also has patterns everywhere.’’

‘’ Silly old mermaid, there’s no such thing as a whale. Where are you going pretty mermaid?”

‘’ I told you twenty-five minutes ago!’’ shouted the mermaid. ‘’ I’m going to meet a whale nearby this rock.’’

‘’ A whale, what’s a whale?’’

“ A whale has blue sparkly eyes and a poisonous wart on its head.’’

‘’ Silly old mermaid, there’s no such thing as a wha… le. What is this terrible sea creature? It has a hole on its head with water coming out of it, a poisonous wart on its head and patterns everywhere. AHHH it’s a whale! Oh it’s stuck in a fisherman’s net.

‘’Mermaid! shouted dolphin. ‘’Help!’’

‘’ What’s wrong dolphin? Oh, I’ll help you whale. URGHH URGHH! yelled mermaid. ‘’I’ve got the net!’’

They all had a group hug and lived happily ever after.

By Scarlett

The Deep Dark Forest

A frog took a stroll through the deep dark forest. A bunyip saw the frog and the frog looked yummy. ‘’Where are you going to, little frog?

“To have tea with another purple frog.’’

‘’ Come and have lunch in my waterhole house.’’ ‘’It’s terribly kind of you but no, remember I told you I am going to have tea with another purple frog… and his favourite food is crumbled up bunyip!’’

‘’Why does he want to eat me?’’ ‘’ Because he has a big mouth so he can eat anything’’, said the frog.

‘’I’m off, said the bunyip. Away he sped to his waterhole house.

But the whole way the bunyip didn’t see a purple frog. Then the bunyip got his tail stuck by a tree. Then the frog helped him by pulling his tail free.

 By Nate

NSWPSSA State Athletics

On the 31st of October and the 1st of November, WPS had three students travel down to Homebush to compete in the New South Wales State Athletics Championship. I would like congratulate Hamis Duggan, Kiarra Riddell and Kara'mae Flett on reaching this level and competing to the best of their ability and showing the upmost respect to their fellow competitors. Results were as follows: Hamish - 20th overall in the 200m. Kiara - 35th in discus and 12th in shot put. 

Kara'mae - 3rd in discus, ​3rd in shot put and 15th in the 100m. Kara'mae is heading to the National Athletics Championship held on the 16th November to the 20th of November. We wish you 

Student Elections

An exciting time lies ahead for some of our Year 5 students who are keen to run for student leader in 2019.


Students in Year 5 who are interested in running for student leader for 2019 will need to hand their nomination form to Mrs Freers by this Thursday. Only students who have achieved 95% or more in class dojo this year are eligible for nomination. In the meantime these students need to prepare a 1 minute speech ready to present on Monday 19th November to Stage 3 students in the hall.


From this voting process, 10 boys and 10 girls will be selected. These students will use the same 1 minute speech to present again on Monday 3rd December to Years 2-6. Parents are invited to attend this session.


During the Primary Presentation Day Assembly our student leaders for 2019 will be announced.


Good luck to our Year 5 students.

Friends of Wyong Public