TIDINGS - Term 1 Week 5 . 2023

So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom. Ps 90:12

A massive congratulations this week to our students who have started the year so well. Over 350 merits have been awarded in the last two weeks to our students, the most common award for being positive contributors. Well done, team!

Congratulations to the students who participated in the regional touch gala day. It was wonderful to hear how you played with character and integrity, never giving up the whole day. A special mention to the boys and girls U15 teams for wining overall and to those 14 students who have been selected to represent North Coast Christian Schools at the State Touch carnival as players or shadows. 

It was a privilege to share an evening with you last week and connect beyond the classroom. I trust you enjoyed the opportunity to meet our wonderful teachers and hear from the insightful, Ash, RCC’s school psychologist. Many people asked for notes and more insight from Ash, so stay tuned over the coming weeks.

So, it is nice to share with you again ideas and thoughts from those in the RCC community. Last week I received wonderful feedback on the insights from our students who represented at Lions Youth of the Year, this week I thought it pertinent to share the first instalment from Ash’s talk at the Parent Information Evening last week.

As you read and ponder, I pray you are inspired to number your days with your children carefully and enjoy the blessings God has for us.

Good tidings,


Notes from Ash…

Parenting with Resilience: Parts 1&2

As a parent of three teenagers between 13yrs and 16yrs, I know firsthand how hard and long the days are. Most of us want to be good parents, who lovingly guide our kids to a place of health and independence without totally screwing them up.  Yet our modern life is busy, we are faced with physical, environmental, financial and emotional challenges as we navigate this parenting gig.

Over the last year, our wellbeing program at RCC has focused on the theme of developing resilient students.  As a staff body we see this as a critical character trait our students need for the world and the future they will face.  Resiliency is a mindset and a process of adapting well to stress, suffering, failure and disappointments. 

As parents we need to teach our kids how to think, feel and live when things are hard or don’t go our way.  It’s what I like to call being ‘recovery ready’.  Life is a journey with ups and downs.  I believe as the adults in our children’s lives we have a limited time to parent in a way that builds resiliency.  It starts by teaching our kids they have a choice to make when they are faced with hard stuff i.e., they can avoid it, blame others or become shameful, or they can learn from it, make adjustments and try again.  The more opportunities we give our kids to practise the right choice, the stronger their ability becomes to adjust and finally it becomes an innate character trait.

Last Tuesday night, I had the privilege to speak to some parents about seven habits that will help them intentionally parent their kids for resiliency.  Over the coming weeks I would like to share these with those of you who were not able to be with us on the night.  The seven habits are shown in the image below.

In today’s issue of Tidings, I would like to focus on the first two: -

1.     Strong belief in the parent/child relationship.  Despite your personal views, as a social scientist I need to remind you that as your child’s primary caregiver you are and will be the most significant human influence in your child’s life.  It is normal to be concerned about outside influences and many of us spend a lot of time trying to control, avoid or shield our kids from external influences, instead of using our God given ‘superpower’ as a parent to influence our kids. The only time outside influences trump parental influence is when parents are either physically or emotionally absent.   When we as parents check out, culture, social media, peers will happily step in and influence your child’s actions, beliefs and values.  Your superpower is how you role model resilience to your kids. Since the day they were born they have been watching, mimicking and surveying your every move.  They crave your influence in their lives. 

2.     You need to be intentional when you parent.  Many of us parent as if we have endless days to teach our kids how to be well adjusted independent adults. As parents our days might be long, but the years are short.  Even Moses (who had a long life) says in Psalm 90: ‘Teach us to number our days, so we may gain a heart of wisdom.” We need to parent with the end in mind and nothing brings more focus than a deadline.  We are all given the same number of days to teach our kids.  From the day your child is born you have 6 552 days before the outside world will treat them as responsible, independent adults.  That’s 936 weeks!!!  As a mother of a 13-year-old son, I have 260 weeks to help him become ready, prepared and equipped so he can succeed in life.  This brings focus and makes me want to be more intentional about identifying and working towards the qualities I need him to learn.  Why don’t you just take a moment and use your phone’s calculator to work out how many weeks you have left to help your child develop the skills they will need to face this world. Take your child’s current age, subtract it from 18 then multiply it by 52.  That’s how many weeks you have …

When you look at the time remaining, it is not intended to depress your or scare you – instead my prayer is that it will be a visual reminder that will help you stop, reflect and be empowered to parent intentionally.  God has rewarded us with the gift of children and it’s a gift that requires our focus, best effort and cherishing. 




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RCC Prayer Group

Too Busy Not To Pray:

Martin Luther was one busy fellow. He wrote many catechisms, thesis, started a reformation, wrote hymns, and translated Scriptures. Amidst all this, he proclaimed "I have so much to do today that I'm going to need to spend three hours in prayer in order to be able to get it all done".  

Parents and friends of RCC are invited to gather for prayer each Monday at 2pm.  This will be an opportunity to intercede for our children, teachers, staff, and wider school community together as followers of Jesus.  All welcome!

"Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."  Hebrews 4:16


Thursday 9 March 2023 2.30pm

Members of the RCC Community are invited to gather together in our community garden each fortnight for coffee (or tea!) and a chat – we provide the coffee, you provide the chat. All Welcome!!

Primary STEM Academy Project Launch

A special shout out to our Stage 2 teachers Emma and Cal who are participanting in the year-long Primary STEM Academy Program facilitated by the University of Sydney's leading academic specialists in the field from the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, and Faculties of Science and Engineering.

We are really excited about the learning opportunities this project provides for staff and students and we will be on the look out for Cal and Emma’s launch into STEM activities this year!


North Coast CSSA Touch Football Gala Day

RCC enjoyed a successful day at the North Coast CSSA Touch Football Gala Day in Ballina. All teams played well, with the 15 yrs & under boys and girls teams coming away with their relevant shields, with both teams finishing the day undefeated. Leon was named MVP for 15yrs & under boys with a display of outstanding sportsmanship, skill and talent. Sam, Eva, Evie, Leon, Aaron, Matt, Olivia, Shaylee, Abby and Lily were selected to compete at the State CSSA Touch Football Championships in Sydney with Noah, Jaxon and Henry named as shadows. Congratulations to all our students!

CSSA North Coast Zone Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to our students who competed at the Zone Carnival last Friday. They were all amazing and achieved some excellent results. Felicity was Age Champion for 15-16yrs Girls and broke six Zone swimming records on the day. Olivia broke three records and Henry one. Congratulations to the following students who have been invited to attend State Swimming Carnivals: Oliver, Jesse, Hosanna, Zoe, Henry, Abby, Aaron, Kyle, Olivia and Felicity. Thanks to all the parents who travelled and supported our team on the day and especially to those who helped with timekeeping.

Michelle Thompson

Sports Co-ordinator

Year 7 Science

Year 10 students participated in Peer Support Training in preparation for leading Year 7 through a series of small group lessons on resilience. A fun day was had by all!

University Showcase

Stage 6 students attended the University Showcase in Ballina last week. It was a great chance for our students to learn about the opportunities available in tertiary education.



Racecourse Café provides a lunch canteen Monday to Friday.

Bring your orders into the School Office before school or by 10.30am.

Please write the name and order on a bag or envelope and enclose the exact money. 

Note: No Change will be given as orders go straight to the Racecourse Café. 


Dinner is Served

Dinner is Served would like to help support our school community. As parents ourselves we know how busy it is with work, after-school activities, and everything else and our take-home meals are perfect for easing the load during the week (or having a night off at the weekend!). We’ve created a discount code for the Richmond Christian College community which is RCC15. This will give anyone who uses it a 15% discount and free delivery on their first order placed online

We are also having a special Mexican event next Friday.

Shilpi Karner

Director & Event Manager

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Questacon’s travelling exhibition

Richmond Tweed Regional Library is proud to announce the arrival of Questacon’s travelling exhibition, ByteWise. The revolving showcase of interactive exhibitions from the National Science and Technology Centre offers hands-on challenges drawn from mathematics and computer science.

 Activities will be available throughout February, March, and April at: 

  • Ballina Library  (On exhibition in February and March only)
  • Lennox Head Library  (On exhibition in April only)
  • Tweed Heads Library
  • Goonellabah Library
  • Lismore Pop-Up Library

New challenges available at each location each month, schools are invited to bring students to the library and experience this fantastic exhibition.

The exhibition is targeted towards students aged between 10-15 years but, all ages are guaranteed to enjoy the exhibit. Byte Wise offers a range of experiences to challenge and intrigue visitors, from logic puzzles and code breaking, to geometry.

Come along to your local library each month and enjoy completing the challenges; there are also some great prizes to be won!

Contact your participating library to find out what’s on exhibition each month or find further information on the Library website at

Regional Library Manager, Lucy Kinsley, said “It is fantastic to be able to bring a little bit of the National Science and Technology Centre to our community. It’s a great opportunity to engage with high quality computer science and mathematics related experiences at your local library. Everyone is invited to come along and challenge yourself or challenge your friends”.

Ballina Library
8 River St, Ballina
6686 2831

Lennox Head Library
Cnr Park Lane and Mackney Lane,
Lennox Head
6687 6398