St James School Yamba

Newsletter - Term 2 - Week 2 (07/05/2020)

A Thought Regarding Our World...

  • When is a time you have noticed Jesus with you, in any form?

I felt Jesus was with me not long ago when our country was suffering the drought and then we received beautiful rain and nourishment through nature. I also often look at cloud formation and imagine that Jesus is with me at this time, I personally think that when there’s no clouds in the sky, jesus is off helping someone else push through their tough times, then when it’s a cloudy day, jesus is in the clouds supporting us, then when it’s stormy and miserable, he’s with us, guiding the way!

From Raimi

Update, Update, Update...

Next week we welcome back Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 children. In Week 4 we welcome back Stage 2 and Stage 3 as well. 


From Ann...

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many times I have heard the adage "There is only one constant in education and that's change."

Boy, who ever said that, was not kidding!

You will by now know that the school is beginning the processes required to re-open in a staggered manner.

Your support in these most uncertain times has been valued by all staff and we can assure you that your children and returning them to school in the safest and most responsible manner is our first, second and only goal.

The decisions made at a local level for our school community have been informed by the current information that is available for schools regarding COVID19.

We are keen to return to "what we do best" but are confident we have developed a system and a platform which could sustain remote learning into the future, if required.

One of our first tasks, when we have all back on site, will be to review with the children and sample families, what worked and where we might adapt. We feel that this reflection phase is most important as there are implications for how learning looks for students  as they prepare for "life beyond St James" somewhere in the future (If we as a school were to show you our first plan on March 19th you would be amazed at where we now find ourselves).

Can I just reiterate that the time of the return, beyond the Transition Plan, will be a family decision which will need to be discussed with the principal. This of course takes into account the health vulnerabilities some families are dealing with.

As I sit here writing, I can hear Elle Aslin and Mrs Dougherty counting for the fiercest game of Hall School Hide and Seek. These are certainly different times in which we live, but I am most warmed by the family values and connections that our children are making and maintaining  with one another, within family and their siblings.

I have watched my great niece learning to ride her bike without training wheels over the past weeks, via facetime.  It is not that much fun looking at the sky from the bike basket when she drops the phone, but I have been glad to have been invited to share.

I know that there are many stories such as this, and I hope we hold these memories and opportunities to spend time with those we love as precious after this experience.

Yours in hand sanitiser,


Fee Assistance.

Just a reminder that any paper work regarding Fee Assistance is to be forwarded to the school email:

The letter from Catholic Schools Office was provided to ensure that all the details were accurate but the decisions are made at the local level. Please contact Ann with any queries.

School Staff News

Mrs Dougherty is acting Assistant Principal while Mrs Jeffrey is on leave.

Mrs Lewis will remain on leave for a short time after her father's passing and we extend our sympathies to Anne Maree and her family.

We also offer our sympathies to Ray Fairweather (CSO HR) who works on site, after the death of his mother.

ANZAC Day 2020

Light Up the Dawn

It was a new experience for Anzac Day. Thank you to all who were able to share the experience and remembered to take the photo.

Early Stage 1

Kindergarten are back! We were so excited to see each other again over our Zoom meetings. Monday Zooms are story readings, Wednesday is News Day and Fridays we dress up in disguise! A special mention to our Learners of the Day….also, Hayley and Scarlett Long welcomed a little brother, baby Oliver into their family over the holidays! Ralph also welcomed a baby brother called Archer into his family!

Stage 1

Major Works

While the school has been less populated the SRIP toilet upgrade has been underway.

The building works will hopefully be completed by May 11 but as you know at this time anything relying on suppliers and deliveries have been tricky.

The floors, lights, doors and plumbing are all done. The panels are in and hand basins are being done as we speak.   

A series of photos here below...

New Toilets...

Stage 3

A Patch from Scratch...


Fionn Mawn - 2nd May, Levi O'Shea - 4th May, Lennox Counsell - 7th May,  Mrs Dougherty - 7th May, Jagger Jensen-Young - 7th May, Pippi Short - 8th May, Dexta Jones - 15th May, Mrs Imeson - 15th May.