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Week 8 Term 2 - Friday 14th June 2019

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Tuesday 18th June First Eucharist Parent Child Workshop 7pm

Saturday 22nd June Sacrament First Eucharist 6pm

St Vinnies 2019 Winter Appeal

Winter has hit. How lucky are we to have warm clothes, good food and heating. Many are not so lucky. We can all help by sending donations for our ST VINNIES WINTER APPEAL.

We are looking for non perishable items;

Tin food (soups, spaghetti, sauces, tin tomatoes, Dolmio, Chicken tonight, packet sauces, Milo,  etc)

Packaged food(soups, pasta, biscuits, long life milk, cereals etc)

Treats ( chocolate, 

Toiletries ( toothpaste, soap, powder, nappies, hand cream , body cream, shampoo, toilet paper, conditioner, face washers, hand towels , tampons & pads baby goods etc)

Clothing ( good condition please- scarves, gloves, skivvies, jumpers, tracksuit pants, Track tops etc)

Just think of what you need /want/like all donations GREATLY appreciated.

Sending last day of Term 2 .

Annual Report To The School Community

Each year in May, schools are asked to complete an Annual Report to the School Community for previous year. This is available on the School Website or a paper copy can be requested through the office. It is a a reflection on the past year of the areas Religious Education, Teaching & Learning, Student Wellbeing, School Community and Leadership and Management. It outlines the goals of school and community and is a great way to reflect and celebrate  of all our achievements of the 2018 school year. 

Learning & Teaching

Earn & Learn


Earn and Learn is back again at Woolworths but time is closing fast. We would like families who shop at Woolworths collect Earn & Learn Stickers and use the sheets provided. Please return to school or drop into the box at Brentford Square or Forest Hill. Please invite family members to assist in the collection of stickers. These stickers are then used/traded to purchase extra classroom resources for our children.

First Eucharist

Preparation for our Year 3 First Eucharist candidates

  • Parent Child Workshop- Tuesday 18th June 7pm
  • Reflection Day -Thursday 20th June
  • Sacrament Saturday 22nd June 6pm


Confirmation for our Year 6 candidates is THURSDAY 1st August at 6:30pm.

  • Parent Child Workshop- Tuesday 23rd July 7pm
  • Monsignor Tony Ireland visit - Wednesday 31st July
  • Reflection Day -Thursday 1st August  
  • Sacrament Thursday 1st August 6:30pm

A note has been sent home in regards to information that is required for the Sacrament e.g. Baptism date and information in regards to an important letter from parents to children.

Safety & Mobile Phones

I have had a few safety concerns raised with use of mobile phones by children.

Firstly, it is vital that EVERY CHILD who brings a mobile to school leave it in the office during the day.

Secondly , children SHOULD NOT be texting/messaging, talking whilst walking. This is particularly IMPORTANT whilst using the SCHOOL CROSSING

Road Safety 

Some children are crossing the road at School Crossing  then crossing back to the school side further up the road. Children should NOT be crossing Stevens Rd unnecessarily. It is a very busy with cars and buses, 

Please speak to your child in regards to these safety measures.

New Fence

We are excited to finally be able to go ahead and replace our side fence that was in need of some fairly urgent work. Like our homes schools continually require maintenance and your school fees help us continue to keep the school looking good  and operating well.  The length of fence that is being replaced will provide a safe boundary for our children.

Students of The Week

Year P,1,2    

Ellie, Alaap    

Year 2/3Lara, Alex
Year 4/5Jade, Badie
Year 5/6Lachlan,  Juliet

Cake Raffle

Thursday June 20th

Green Team          

Thursday June 27thGold Team

Term 3 

Volunteers Needed

Child Safety

Camp Australia

Parents & Friends


St Timothy's School Calendar

Term 2 dates

Tuesday 18th JuneParent Child Eucharist Workshop 7pm
Thursday 20th JuneEucharist Reflection Day
Saturday 20th JuneFirst Eucharist Mass 6pm
Thursday 22nd June Safety Drill
Friday 28th JuneFinal Day Term 2
Monday 15th July TERM 3 BEGINS