St Agnes Catholic High School

June Newsletter - Term 2, Week 9 2022

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

We are now approaching the end of Term Two which will conclude the First Semester of the school year. Following almost two years of disruption caused by Covid, we have been able to resume normal activities, including community gatherings and extra curricular activities, which are an integral component of developing the school community. 

Our school is named after St Agnes because at the time of its foundation in 1962, the Fransciscan Missionaries of Mary Mother Superior General was named Mother St Agnes. Our role is to immerse our young people in the tradition of St Francis and St Agnes our patron Saint. St Agnes was a young girl who displayed courage and strength during fourth Century (CE) Rome and was put to death because she would not deny her faith in Christ.  She is a saint to whom young people can pray for courage and strength in their efforts to live the Christian life.

60th Annivesary

On Monday 27th June will celebrate St Agnes 60th Anniversary. The highlight of the day is our school Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta. Mr  Madigan and Mr Sadsad have been planning and organising our Mass for many months. In preparation for the Mass, the school choir has been rehearsing over recent months. Thank you to Ms D’Aprile and Mr Mangion for leading the rehearsals.

The day will begin with Homeroom at 8.15am followed by transporting students and staff to St Patrick’s Cathedral. The Anniversary Mass will commence at 10.00 am. At the conclusion of the Mass, students and staff will return to school for Lunch which will be provided by the school. Following lunch, students will be engaged in Inter-House competitions. Students will be dismissed at the normal time. A letter was sent to all parents and caregivers outlining details for the day.  

During our Senior and Junior School Assemblies on 9th June, students were captivated by my pictorial presentation, an overview of the 60 year history of St Agnes. The images reflected the history and the journey of our school over the 60 years. Some of these images and photos are included on our Facebook page. (A selection of the Anniversary assembly slides

The Year 11 Photography class has also been focusing on this special day. A major project the class has been working on this year is to create materials for the 60th Anniversary.  They have created Banners for our School Mass, 'House' key rings and the design for our Mass Booklet. I would like to thank the Year 11 Photography class for the energy and enthusiasm in which they have embraced this project. 

Below are illustrations of the Banners and Badges the Year 11 Photography class the have designed for our 60th Anniversary.

Staff Development Days and Student Led Conferences.

July 1st is a scheduled Staff Development Day and is a pupil free day. On this day staff will focus on language acquisition and all staff will be examining the writing of students to identify where students are at in their writing. Writing samples have been collected from every student. We will analyse the writing and collate the data. As educators, we have a responsibility to ensure that their language acquisition becomes proficient, so that all students can achieve their potential.

On 18th July, there is a scheduled Staff Development Day, on this day we will continue to focus on language acquisition, analysing the phasing data and explore specific pedagogic  strategies to improve the language acquisition of our students.

As a result of the scheduled Stop Work Action on Thursday 30th June, we have decided to postpone the scheduled Stage 4 and 5 Student Led Conferences from Thursday 30th June to Monday 18th July 2022, between 1.00 pm and 4.30pm. The interviews will now take place on the afternoon of the Term 3 Staff Development Day (18 July). This will be a pupil free day, however students are expected to attend the Student Led Conferences.

Vinnies Van

Thank you to all staff and students who have volunteered this term. This is an important initiative and it makes a big difference to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. 

The following staff have volunteered this year; they include Head of Mission (Mr Madigan) and Vinnie’s Van Coordinator (Mr Mangion), Mrs Chapman, Mr Conte, Mrs Karafotias, Mrs Udovicic and Mr Di Ienno.

Student Volunteers include: Olivia Solis, Grace Valades, Maria Schuster, Bianca Vultraneau, Michelle Clarke, Dyani Magele, Julianna Labbad, and Maryam Qra Quoshi.


 Our School Leaders attended the Lifted Breakfast With Bishop Vincent on Thursday sharing their feedback with Bishop Vincent on their Catholic School Journey.

 Julia Freeman commented "It was good to get to know leaders from other schools and their visions for their leadership journey and it was beneficial to see that they had the same ideas to the topics discussed as we did." 


Thank you to all staff and students who have volunteered to coach Sport teams this term. This is an important initiative and it makes a big difference to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. 

Mrs Holland



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27 June60th Anniversary Mass, St Patricks Cathedral
29 JuneYear 7 - 10 Report Distribution, Stage 4/5 Student Led Conferences 2.30pm - 7pm
30 JuneProtected Industrial Action - No classes/Supervision provided. The stage 4/5 Student Led Conferences have been postponed to 18th July.
1 JuneStaff Development Day (Pupil Free Day) Term 2 Concludes
4 - 15 JulySchool Holidays
11-15 JulyYear 12 Study Week
18 JulyStaff Development Day (Pupil Free Day),Stage 4/5 Student Led Conferences 1pm - 4.30pm
19 JulyStudents commence Term 3
25 JulyYear 11/2023 Subject Selection Interviews commence
1 - 15 AugustTrial HSC
16 AugustYear 12 back @ School, Year 7/10 Vaccinations
18 AugustFeast of Sacred Heart  Mass
19 AugustDebating - State Championships
2 SeptemberYear 7 Maths Incursion, Year 8 Maths Incursion
5-9 SeptemberYear 11 Exams
21 SeptemberYear 12 Graduation Mass and Award Ceremony
22 SeptemberFinal Day of Term 3 for students
23 SeptemberSpirituality Day

From the Assistant Principal -Learning Transformation

We are almost half way through our academic year and our students have been busy in all aspects of their learning. 

Reports: Years 7 - 10

It is that time of year when reports are issued to students in Years 7 - 10. Year 12 received their Semester 1 report earlier in the term and Year 11 will be given their report early Term 4 prior to commencing the HSC.

When teachers issue a grade, they use a common grade scale (see below) in order to ensure that this is a true reflection of a student’s ability. As you know, we have a detailed assessment schedule for every year group and the students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, understanding and application thereof. The class teacher then uses the formal assessment mark, together with their own professional knowledge in order to award a grade. Please be aware that if a student hands in a task late or fails to submit one at all, this action will adversely affect the grade awarded.

Common Grade Scale

Staff Development Days

The staff are having two Professional Learning Days (1st July and 18th July) and these two days will focus on how we cater for the language diversity in our student population. A significant focus of the learning will be on the importance of building competence in the use of English and also the academic language that is required to read and write. Our teachers worked collaboratively to consider specific elements of student writing and to consider best practice when devising teaching and learning strategies. It is expected that language, literacy and numeracy across all subject areas will play a key role in the new NSW curriculum in the coming years. This area of focus remains a priority at St Agnes.

Trial HSC

Our Year 12 students have recently been issued their Trial Timetable (see below) and the teachers have prepared a Study Week during the break from 11th - 15th July. The students must make the most of every option available to them as they prepare for the Trial HSC. In many respects, the exams confirm for the students what they know, but more importantly, highlights the key areas that must be addressed prior to the actual HSC in October.

Study Skills Tip for June

Learn more at

Our school’s subscription details are -

Username: stagnes

Password: 24success

Mr G Kemmis

Assistant Principal - Learning Transformation

From the Assistant Principal - School Culture

From the Head of Mission

Pace e Bene, 

Peace and blessings to the St Agnes community.

This year the Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist and the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart fall on the same day. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a devotional with long and historic providence within Christianity, and in more modern times has been established as a Solemnity for the universal Church.

In the 13th century, the Franciscan St. Bonaventure’s work “With You is the Source of Life” (which is the reading for the Divine Office on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart) began to point to the heart as the fountain from which God’s love poured into our lives.We also celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which reminds us that we are called to the fullness of life through the love of Jesus. It has been revealed just how much God is willing to love us by sending His Son. God’s love is made real and personified in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.In our world filled with violence and hate, God gives us new hope in ourselves. We can learn from His Sacred Heart that together with Him we are capable of love and forgiveness. God does and will always love each of us, and when we begin to believe that, everything changes.

Prayer for the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

God, who in the Heart of your Son, wounded by our sins, bestow on us in mercy the boundless treasures of your love, grant, we pray, that, in paying him the homage of our devotion, we may also offer worthy reparation. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever

I wish all members of the St Agnes community a safe holiday period, and look forward to working with you all next term as we continue our formation journey as one community,

Peace and Blessings

Mr P Madigan

Head of Mission

Around the Classrooms


This term we have seen a positive surge of activity within our music community.

Music students in year 11  have been busy performing their first assessments, which is a commendable achievement for this inaugural class of seniors. They have been able to rehearse with one another, refining their creative ideas, and creating positive relationships with their peers. This has been a fantastic opportunity for these students.

On top of that the choir and band led by Ms D’Aprile have been hard at work practising and rehearsing during recesses and lunchtimes for our upcoming 60th Anniversary Mass. The students have shown great dedication rebuilding the strong music culture we have here at St Agnes since Covid put a pause on it. It is great to see the numbers growing and also students from all grades participating and trying out.

There are some great things planned in the Music Department with some lunchtime concerts and Masked Singer gigs coming later in the year. 

A big thanks to Ms D’Aprile for bringing these groups back and also to Mr Mangion and Mr Di Ienno for their assistance.

Mr Cheung

Leader of Learning - Creative Arts

Year 11 Ancient History Excursion

On the 15th of June, Mr Goco’s Year 11 Ancient History class took a self-guided tour to the Chau Chak Wing Museum, located on the campus of Sydney University to assist themselves in finding sources for their chosen Historical Investigation. As we got off the train at Redfern, we were fortunate enough to have Ms Liu guide us across campus, as she knew the place so well since she had studied at the University of Sydney herself. She knew all the coolest places to show us and took us to the best places to eat during our lunch breaks. Everyone was amazed with how gorgeous the University was and even thought it looked a little bit like Hogwarts. After exploring the campus we finally reached the Museum itself and it was safe to say that it had certainly exceeded a lot of our expectations. Our fascinations were not only limited to the sections of the museum that were specifically relevant to our current assessment task, but also our previous one too. By stumbling across a large statue of the Greek God Hermes, we were able to make connections to last term’s studied topic on the ‘Trojan War’. Out of everything that was on display, one of the fan favourites amongst our class was the historical model of Pompeii made entirely out of Lego. To describe it, impressive is definitely an understatement. Our visit to the Chau Chak Wing Museum has left us all with a valuable learning experience that we will never forget.

Michelle Clarke


STEM Community Partnerships Program

As part of 9.4 Science's participation in the STEM Community Partnerships Program, students were invited to attend the #WithSTEMYouCan Careers Expo at the Quay Centre, Sydney Olympic Park. This was a STEM specific Careers Expo that provided students with access to businesses that offer STEM careers in the local community. Students had the opportunity to ask questions, discuss next education pathway steps and learn more about the varied career paths they could move into. 

Panther Trophy U14's Boys

The Under 14's Boys played St Clare High School in our first game and won 12-8. Then we drew the next game against William Clarke College 10-10.

Unfortunately, we lost the last round game against Gilroy College 24-6.

In the grand final we played Gilroy again and lost 28-4. The boys played very well considering some of them do not play outside of school.

Latu Masima and Solomon Litara were the best players on the day and scored many tries between them. Our Year 11 trainers, George Salloum, Anish Khadka and Aiden Stevenson also assisted with coaching the teams and helping the organisers run the day.

Mr Christian Conte


Vinnie's Van

Vinnie’s Van is a social justice initiative that targets those who are experiencing homelessness and social isolation within our community. St Agnes continues to actively support this program, as our school’s Head of Mission (Mr Madigan) and Vinnie’s Van Coordinator (Mr Mangion) have gathered together a handful of our senior students, who were willing to commit themselves in assisting the most vulnerable members of our local communities in these times of distress and hardship, especially as the weather gets harsher during these long winter nights. On the 16th of June, Mrs Karafotias, Mrs Udovicic, Mr Di lenno, Olivia Solis, Maria Schuster and myself (Michelle Clarke) drove out to ‘St Vincent de Paul Society’ located in Greystanes. With the guidance of Mr Mangion over the phone, we were able to load the van with food, drink, warm clothing and blankets to distribute amongst areas in Mount Druitt and Parramatta. As for 3 out of 6 members in our team, it was our second time out on night patrol for the year, we were glad to run into some old friends from our last Vinnie’s run. Through conversation, we were able to listen to the stories of voices that haven't been heard. It is our hope that we can make a difference and better advocate for those who access these services.

Year 7 Paper Folding Activity

'Mrs Walters' 7.4 Maths class recently did a fun activity where the students demonstrated their knowledge of fractions and lines of symmetry in order to create beautiful radial designs using folded coloured paper.

They did such a wonderful job! These beautiful designs are proudly hanging on display in GR14.

Year 8 Visual Arts - Decks for Change

Year 8 are working on a project where they are creating skateboards as a social enterprise - to raise awareness for a particular cause or issue. Some of the topics have included - gender equality, homelessness and mental health support.

The students are hard at work creating these artworks which will be on display soon!

Year 12 Visual Arts - Body of Work

Students will submit a body of work as part of the HSC examination for Visual Arts. In this Body of Work, students should demonstrate their understanding of artmaking as a practice, represent their ideas and interests through their interpretation of subject matter and use of expressive forms. They should consider selecting a single work or a series of works for the body of work that represents a coherent point of view and demonstrates conceptual strength and meaning.

Year 12 Visual Arts students are currently in the process of producing their HSC Body of Works (BOW). The Visual Arts Class of 2022 have gone through many ups and downs in the lead up to this point in their artmaking and as their teacher, I am inspired to see these students work on their creative expressions. We have a range of expressive forms ranging from paintings, ink drawings, digital art/graphic design and for the first time ever an installation. As the deadline looms, the VA class are looking forward to showcasing their works to the St Agnes community later in Term 3…more information to come. 

Keep up the good work Year 12, heads down and put your best foot forward. I can't wait to see your finished works.

Mr Cheung

Leader of Learning - Creative Arts

Year 10 Commerce

Year 10 students were given an opportunity to register for The Reserve Bank of Australia  Explore Economics webinar aimed at students Years 9-12. This allowed them to understand what career opportunities they can gain through the Field of Economics and gave them guidance on subject selections for Years 11-12. 

This is what Year 10 student Paula El-Ghossein had to say: 

“This webinar thoroughly deepened my understanding of the subject, Economics. I learnt that it leans towards a social science and is based on why individuals make decisions which impact the economy.  I enjoyed the variety of experiences and paths which were shared by the economists currently working at the RBA. I would highly recommend this webinar as it allows you to have a more personal and close perception of studying Economics and the future for it.”

YES Program

The Youth Engagement Strategy (YES) program at TAFE NSW is a valuable program that offers students who are interested in particular industries a 9 week intensive course that immerses them in the course content and practical applications. This week we had Graduation Ceremonies for students in Music Production, Fitness, Retail, Robotics and Cybersecurity.

They received a certificate that will be extremely valuable for their portfolios and help them with their transition into these industries for work next year.

Congratulations to the following students: Charbel Eid, Dakota Gleeson, Brooke Shields, Rylee Heinemann, Gob Gob, Xavier Talione, Benedict Talione, Wol Wol, Ngor Mawien, Lual Wiew, Rovick Guerrero and Texas Parker.

Inspirational speaker Adam Newman

Adam Newman presented an inspirational presentation to our Year 10 students this term. His presentation provided practical career advice on identifying your dream job, steps to finding that job, subject selection and tips for preparing for your future starting in Year 10. Students identified that they have time and energy on their side when it comes to striving for their career aspirations and we look forward to watching them use this information to make informed decisions about their future pathways.

Mrs Nashwa Karafotias

Careers Advisor

Debating Update

Friday was elimination round!

Our Year 10 superstars made it to the Third Elimination Round of the CSDA Debating Competition where they versed Trinity Catholic College.

Fridays topic was, "that social media advertising sees young people as a captive audience". St Agnes were negative and therefore had to form arguments against this statement - a challenging side, but they did an incredible job nonetheless. 

Unfortunately they did not make it through to the next round.

A big congratulations to both teams for their participation in this year's CSDA competition, and to all our students involved this year.

A huge thank you to Miss Dunne, Miss Dahdah, Miss Fielding, Ms Udovicic, Mr Loughlin, and Mr Neilson for their support this season, and to all the other teachers and students who gave up their time on Friday nights to watch and support our students. We really do have a special community.

Miss Raad


Compass parent app

Compass will become our primary parent communication tool for day-to-day operational matters, upcoming events, notices and notifications so it is essential that all parents download the app.

It is more important than ever that we are able to communicate effectively, especially when it involves the safety of our children. If you haven't already, we ask that parents download the Compass app onto your device for either Apple or Android. 

Compass is a web-based system allowing you to access up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and your child’s progress. Compass includes many different features, including the ability to:

  • Be informed of important updates, events and reminders
  • View your child’s timetable
  • Review your child’s attendance
  • Provide explanations for periods of absence
  • Update your contact details
  • Book Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences.

Compass is accessible on any modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) or by using the Compass iOS or Android apps.

Create a scientific masterpiece and be a part of our Tiny Art Gallery for National Science Week.

Open to ages 10 - 16 years only.

How to participate:

  • Register for your kit online.
  • Pick up your kit and entry form from any Blacktown City Libraries branch between4 - 8 July.
  • Use your artistic talents and paint anything to do with science. It can be environmental, biology, chemistry, astronomy, medicine etc.
  • Bring your finished artwork back to the library before 29 July.
  • Your painting will be displayed at Max Webber Library, Blacktown during National Science Week 13 - 21 August.
  • Canteen News

    Dear Parents/Carers

    CEDP have been encouraging all schools to gradually reach the goal of being totally cashless. To assist in this transition, we now strongly encourage all canteen purchases to be made by EFT where possible as cash change can no longer be given. Over the next few weeks we will also be introducing canteen options via the QKR app and will notify you when that process is complete.Please see attached copies of the current canteen price lists to assist you and your child in transitioning to the cashless method of payment.Thank you

    SACHS Admin.

    2023 Apprentice and Trainee intake

    Council is looking for enthusiastic, motivated individuals to join our us as an apprentice or business administration trainee.

    You could be part of a diverse and inclusive workplace that values team culture, safety, customer service and innovation, while gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

    For our 2023 intake, we are offering:

    • 9 x business administration traineeships in various sections of Council
    • 2 x horticulture apprenticeships
    • 2 x heavy vehicle plant mechanic apprenticeships
    • 2 x plumbing apprenticeships
    • 2 x greenkeeping apprenticeships
    • 1 x painting apprenticeship.

    If you are interested in learning more, or in applying, visit Council’s website.

    You will need to provide a resume and written references. Our selection process will also require the completion of an aptitude test and pre-employment medical examination, including alcohol and other drug testing.

    Applications close Friday 15 July 2022.

    Find out more or apply

    Uni Ready Now Program

    Application for Extended Leave (5 or more days)

    It is a requirement to fill out an Application for Extended Leave form for 5 days or more when going on holidays/travel outside of the school holiday period. This is available from the school website or from the office.
    Family holidays and travel outside of the school holiday period will be considered individually based on your child's attendance, the intention of the extended leave and the impact on your child's participation and progress at school.

    St Agnes Catholic High School offers families assistance with the following areas and much more!

    St Agnes Catholic High School offers families assistance with the following areas and much more!

    - Financial hardship

    - Family breakdown

    - Assisting in completing forms

    - Homelessness/risk of homelessness including, tenancy issues

    - Centrelink

    - Advocacy

    - Housing

    - National Disability Insurance Scheme

    - Linking to services

    - Parenting 

    If you would like further information, please contact 0427 068 429 between school hours. 

    Eligible students can receive free travel to and from home and school on approved metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail during term.  Apply now.

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