Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

1st August 2019


Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3, it has been  great to catch up with everyone after holidays to hear what they have been doing.  Our staff and learners have all returned from the break refreshed and ready for what is shaping up to be a very busy term with many events.

We have had a couple of new enrolments across the school, we extend a warm Dernancourt welcome to our new families and trust you will enjoy being a part of our community. We look forward to working with your to help your children become the best learners they can be.  

Learning Achievements

Term 2 ended with  Mid Year Reports being sent home, and this week we have been conducting optional Parent Teacher discussions.These discussions are for families wishing to follow up on concerns raised when sharing reports with their child, or in some cases teacher-initiated follow up.

These reflections (written /oral) on learning demonstrate of the immense growth that has occurred for each learner at Dernancourt School R-7.   Thank you to all who have worked in partnership to enable this success. This has occurred not by chance, but because teachers, SSOs, parents/caregivers and students work incredibly hard to connect and communicate with the intention of improving the learning for all children.

Learning Technology

Over the the past 12 months our Governing Council Technology Committee has been working hard to provide better learning experiences for our learners. When investigating what other schools in our area are doing with their technology we have become increasingly aware of 1:1 laptop programs.  We would like to provide the same opportunities to our learners. The committee believe the right technology will enhance the learning opportunities already being offered at DSR-7. As well as enabling our learners to better prepared for secondary schooling.

The Committee, which includes teaching staff, believes that families purchasing laptops from an identified laptop option to be the best choice for our school. This option has been chosen based on a number of factors one of which is our technician is not at school every day to actively trouble shoot. The laptop selected is the best fit for integration within our current IT infrastructure.  This includes multiple classes accessing internet without impacting on speed functions and efficient use of learning time. This is especially important as we move to the introduction on NAPLAN online next year.

It has been acknowledged by the committee that families may require time to factor in the expense and while our preference is the introduction from year 4-7 in Term 1 2020, we understand this may not be practical for some families. The price we have been considering is  $639 for a Lenovo ThinkPad 11e 5th Gen Yoga Windows - stylus and carry cases are at an additional cost.  We have received some information from the Smith Family, an organisation that can help eligible families with these expenses.  There is a flyer in this newsletter and more information on the parent notice boards.

IT Committee would appreciate any feed back on this proposal via emails to by Friday 31st August. This will enable us to collate the feedback before we  reconvene in week 7.

Japanese Garden and Crow's Nest

As many of our learners have been eagerly watching, asking and most likely reporting at home, the new play area is almost finished. Unfortunately over the holidays there was too much rain to safely install some of the elements.  Because of this the final completion date has been pushed out to the 2nd August.

When the space is complete the fencing will remain in place until an independent safety audit is completed. We remind you that these fences are there until we are able to ensure safety, please do not allow you child to pay in this area, even if you are there to watch after school or over the weekend.

We hope to be sharing photos of the space being used as it is intended over the next newsletters . . . watch the photos space. 

Driver Safety

We are proud of the positive relationships we have with our neighbours and the way we are able to work together to ensure that the area is kept safe. Unfortunately several of our neighbours have raised concerns over their ability to leave their homes at different times due to cars blocking their driveways. We would like to remind all drivers that parking or "waiting" across driveways, continuous yellow lines and intersecting  streets is in breach of traffic rules and regulations. TTG Council issue fines accordingly.  

We ask that you use the drop off zone as it is intended i.e. moving to the top of the collection zone (nearest the driveway to staff car park), collecting your child and driving south along Parsons Road. It is not safe to be doing a U-turn in this area or to collect your child in any other space along the front of the school - THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL OF OUR COMMUNITY.

We have also been made aware of a safety concern regarding the pedestrian crossings on Parsons Road at the front of our school. Please take extra care when crossing, even when you have right to cross, as some motorists have ignored the traffic monitors and proceeded through the crossing.

On behalf of Governing Council, we have liaised with local Police who will commence doing spot checks during peak times before and after school, to ensure motorists are doing the right thing. If you witness any incidents, please try to get information about the vehicle (ie. registration number, make, model, colour) and report to police on 131 444.

The Department of Transport have also been informed of our safety concerns.

Thank you for your co-operation.  

A reminder that the parking spaces near the office are for taxis and service providers so please ensure before and after school you utilise the kiss and drop area as well as parking in local streets. There is a teacher on duty at the kiss and drop area until 3:20pm ensuring that your child is safe so arriving around 3:10-3:15 to pick up your child will alleviate your wait in traffic to get through.


The following students have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge

J4    Adela, Akindu, Akira, Akshika, Andrew, Aria, Bella, Callum, Cameron, Devarsh, Dino, Ella R, Georgia, Ella W, Holly, James, Li, Javish, Max, Noah, Mia, Sunny, Riley, Tyler, Willem, Xinyao

J3   Lynton, Sabby, Harrison, Oscar, Hugh, Aaliyah, max, Hiromasa, Erin, Purcell, Ava, Christopher, Cherie, Dominic, Jakob, Amadeus, Isabella, Finn, Ama, Alice, Oliver, Adam, Thomas, Jackson, Archer, Ethan

J5    Scarlett, James, Sleiman

J6    Radin

P2   Massimo, Amelia, Toby

P3   Cameron, Zoey

P4    Kelsey

P5    Sammy, Phoebe, Jaxen

P8    Matilda

P10    Kaden

P14    Ryan, Jay


Thank you to the parents/caregivers who responded to the phone calls/emails regarding replacing expired medication for their child. An unnamed boxed Asmol puffer was dropped off to the office in an unnamed Coles zip lock bag on Monday 22nd July, 2019. 

If you dropped this puffer off at the office could you please notify the front office staff.


The crossing monitors for Term 3 are:  

WEEK 3   Twisha, Sarah, Kira, Eleanor 

WEEK 4   Aiden, Tyler, Ramsay, Reagan

WEEK 5   Sara, Jay, Lianna, Akshat 

WEEK 6   Tom, Aryan, Conner, Willow 

WEEK 7   Reikaya, Dion P, Larissa, Rebekah 

WEEK 8  Ceridwen, Nitya, Dion.W, Liam 

WEEK 9   Teejay, Eliza, Jasmine, Brooke

WEEK 10  Jack, Daniel, Harper, Beth 




The fundraising committee are excited to be holding the Winter Disco next Friday.  This is a cashless event, all tickets must be pre-purchased via the QKR! App (go to Fundraising) or from the front desk.  Ticket sales close at 3:00pm on Wednesday 7th August.

The cost of admission includes a drink and snacks.  Please send your child with their drink bottle as this will be topped up with water for them during the disco.


Our total of 30 865 Earn and Learn stickers has enabled teachers to order some exciting new STEM resources worth about $1 700. A bamboo construction set will allow students to create large ball or water runs. A large building blocks kit will enable students to build houses, towers, castles and ice walls with foam rocks, lightweight building bricks and see-through plastic blocks. Various K’Nex construction sets will offer students hands-on learning opportunities that encourage scientific inquiry, investigation and experimentation. Students will be challenged as they build, investigate, problem solve, discuss and evaluate scientific and design principles in action.


Afterpay is now available for online orders!

The uniform shop is stocked for winter with jumpers, long sleeve polo shirts and fleecy or microfibre track pants. Order online through the Dernancourt School R-7 website ( or in store.

Not sure about sizing? All our items are available in store to try on during shop hours (Monday 2:45-3:45 pm and Friday 8:30-9:30am). Come in, find your size and pay on the day to take home immediately or order online and have your order packed and ready for collection on the next shop open day. 

The Uniform Shop will be open on the last day of Term 2 from 8:30-9:30am and the first day back for Term 3 from 2:45-3:45pm.

Any enquiries for uniform items can be directed to