St Andrews PS Newsletter

14th of March 2020

Principal News

After another busy fortnight at STAPS where we've enjoyed meeting Jen, continuing Bike Ed and all of our amazing programs, we've got many exciting thngs on the horizon for us over the next fortnight. 

A big thank you to our amazing Japanese teacher, Kerry, for organising a special Sushi lunch for us all on Wednesday March 25th. Don't forget to get your orders in.

You may have noticed a few trades working in school over the last fortnight. We've recieved support from the Department of Ed to make a range of security improvements (doors, locks and visibility upgrades). We have most of the work being completed over the holidays and should be all upgraded by Week 2 next term. 

Next week teachers will be attending their second day of the Bastow Leading Literacy Course. Don't forget that school will be closed for this, Thursday March 19th. 

From next Friday I'll be on leave for a week, celebrating my wedding. In my absence there will be an acting principal visiting from a local school. 

As you're all aware, notice of action around the Covid-19 virus is changing and being updated each day. At the moment, we are encouraging children and staff to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness and monitoring everyone's wellbeing. If you are unwell, concerned about having contracted Covid-19 or test positive, please inform the school as soon as possible. At this point, the Department of Education are preparing to support schools in the event of potential school closures but there is no sense of panic at this point. We will notify you all at the first sight of any changes. If you would like to know more you can click here.

Lastly, our Student Voice Captain, Kelly, and our Echidna Council (Student Rep Council) are excited to announce that they are organising a fun celebration for the last day of school - JOE DAY! In celebration of our cleaner, local musician, and great community member, Joe, students are invited to bring along dress ups (for after Bike Ed Lessons) to dress up as their World Favourite Joe - Joe the Cleaner, Joe the Rocker, Joe Jonas, JoJo Bow Jo! There will be a community and school clean up, House Relay Games and potentially (keep those fingers crossed) a special performance. Official invitations coming soon. 

Dates to Remember

All School Fees are now due for payment. For parents who have Music and OSHC Fees that remain unpaid, you need to make time to visit and discuss with Michelle or Hayley.

Upcoming Events

Thurs Mar 19thCurriculum Day No SchoolAll
Fri Mar 20th

Bullying No Way Day

Assembly at 3pm

Wed Mar 25thSushi Obento LunchAll
Thur Mar 26thArts Centre Excursion

Fri Mar 27th

Joe Day 

Last Day of School

2:30 finish

2020  Term Dates

TermStart DateEnd DateLength
Term 129th January  (Wed)27th March9 weeks
Term 214th April (Tues)26th June11 weeks
Term 313th July18th September10 weeks
Term 45th October18th December11 weeks

Curriculum Days 

  • Thursday 19th March
  • Thursday 7th May
  • Friday 24th July
  • Wednesday 25th November

School Council President Report

School Council 2020

We had several school council members retire at the end of their terms.  Thank you to Colin Buckler, Carla Perry, Marguerite Taranto and Felicity Emselle for you contributions.  Our new school council has now been appointed.  Welcome to our new members.

Our 2020 school council:

President                                           Mel Bartlett

Vice President                                   Bob Powers

Treasurer                                           Nicola Maher

Secretary                                            Chan Ruwandeniya

General Members                          

Elise McColl

Rachelle Regan

Tania Sincock

Stephanie Ryan

Tegan Baillie

DET Members                                  

Hayley Bawden

Michelle Commerford



Facilities and Environment           Hayley, Rachelle and Bob

PFA                                                    Tania, Carla, Rachael, April, Jane, Amanda, Marguerite

Out of School Hours Care              Hayley, Mel, Rachelle

Finance                                              Hayley, Michelle, Nicola, Elise


This year we would like to set up a marketing/promotions sub-committee to help grow the public profile of our school and to ultimately build our enrolments.  If any parents would like to contribute please speak to Mel or Tania.

Notice of AGM

All parents are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting which will be held in the school library at 4pm on April 29th.

Classroom News

What's happening in STEM?

Week 6 had us experimenting with crystals and learning what microbeads are. Check out what we did in the blog: 

にほんご Japanese @ STAPS


Year 4/5/6 students have been looking at the だる(Daruma), a famous Japanese doll which symbolises good luck, resilience and persistence. They have created their own Daruma poster with a wish which are on display on the library window. Next they will use the Daruma story to assist with setting goals in Japanese this year.

Year 1/2/3 students have been learning about theじゅうにし( Juunishi), the Japanese Zodiac Animals. They have discovered what zodiac year they are in Japanese, they ask each other what zodiac animal they are in Japanese, they write the Japanese animals in ひらがな(Hiragana), Japanese script, and match the English with the Japanese through a range of activities such online interactives, playdough, peg games.

I look forward to meeting the Foundation students, when they begin attending STAPS on Wednesdays.

Sushi Obento Lunch – Wednesday 25th March

Students will have the opportunity to order a Japanese Obento or Sushi Handrolls from Ogawa Japanese Café in Diamond Creek. Order forms were sent out yesterday.

Origami Daruma

STAPS Privacy Information for parents and carers

During the ordinary course of your child’s attendance at our school, school staff will collect your child’s personal and health information when necessary to educate your child, or to support your child’s social and emotional wellbeing or health in the school context. Such information will also be collected when required to fulfil a legal obligation, including duty of care, anti-discrimination law and occupational health and safety law. If that information is not collected, the school may be unable to provide optimal education or support to your child, or fulfil those legal obligations.


For example, health information may be collected through the school nurse, primary welfare officer or wellbeing staff member. If your child is referred to a specific health service at school, such as a Student Support Services officer, the required consent will be obtained. Our school also collects information provided by parents and carers through the School Entrance Health Questionnaire (SEHQ) and the Early Childhood Intervention Service (ECIS) Transition Form.


Our school may use online tools, such as apps and other software, to effectively collect and manage information about your child for teaching and learning purposes, parent communication and engagement; student administration; and school management purposes. When our school uses these online tools, we take steps to ensure that your child’s information is secure. If you have any concerns about the use of these online tools, please contact us.

School staff will only share your child’s personal or health information with other staff who need to know to enable the school to educate or support your child, or fulfil a legal obligation.


When our students transfer to another Victorian government school, personal and health information about that student will be transferred to that next school. Transferring this information is in the best interests of our students and assists that next school to provide optimal education and support to students.


In some limited circumstances, information may be disclosed outside of the school (and outside of the Department of Education and Training). The school will seek your consent for such disclosures unless the disclosure is allowed or mandated by law.


Our school values the privacy of every person. When collecting and managing personal and health information, all school staff must comply with Victorian privacy law. For more information about privacy including about how to access personal and health information held by the school about you or your child, see our school’s privacy policy:


Throughout this notice, ‘staff’ includes principals, teachers, Student Support Service officers, youth workers, social workers, nurses and any other allied health practitioners and all other staff at our school. This includes employees, agents and service providers (contractors) of the Department, whether paid or unpaid.

Community News

STAPS FAIR - Sunday 26th April 11am - 3pm - St Andrews Hall

The PFA are having a great time organising our school fair. It is looking to be a really fun event. We’ve managed to secure a grant that will pay for a blow up obstacle course, laser tag, photo booth and materials for the Men’s Shed!

 If you haven’t done so already check out the helpers roster and pop your name down if you can help out on the day.

 Also if you have any vouchers or goods that you would like to donate for the Silent Auction or Lucky Ducks they can be left with Michelle at the office.


2020 PFA