St Bishoy- Imagine

November 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Staff, Student and Parents,

2020- well what an unusual year this has been!

As this very unusual school year draws to a close, I would like to take a moment to thank the staff and parent body of St Bishoy for making what has been a very challenging year as smooth as it has been. With disruptions to learning, extra-curricular activities and sports, we have all had to demonstrate a fair deg

ree of flexibility and resilience and haven’t we all learnt a lot about our school, each other and even ourselves. 

As the year draws to a close, now, we find ourselves reflecting on the unprecedented year that is ending and already preparing for 2021 when we hope that we will be back in school– even if things look different for a while.

We want to thank you for your kindness, grace, and cooperation as our staff members worked to provide quality learning experiences for our students and to support their efforts. We have been amazed by the flexibility, tenacity and creativity that our students have shown as they have navigated new and different way of accessing their education. They are resilient and we know that they will come through having learned important lessons about themselves as learners and as young adults.  

We also pray for our Year 12 students as they navigate their way through their end of schooling and their tertiary study beyond.

I am so proud to belong to the St Bishoy College community and it is the spirit of service and love that sustains.

 We wish you a safe and healthy summer as you create memories with your children.

Until next year…

Michael Atteya 

Important Dates

Tues 1st Nov- High School Presentation Day

Wed 2nd Nov- Primary Presentation Day

Wed 2nd Nov- Last day of 2020


SLC Elections

Well done to the Year 5 students who gave speeches for the SLC Elections this month. All the students gave great speeches with insights of leadership for next year's SLC. Results are as follows: Josiah and Theodora are the 2021 School Captains, Clara and Michael the Vice Captains, Patrissia, Juliana, Jessica and Sumaiah the House Captains and our very first Soldier of Christ is Maribelle. Congratulations and may God bless you and guide you along this journey. 

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is all about giving during the festive season. Thank you to all the families who donated lots of essential items and toys for the needy children overseas. Thank you to the staff and students still packing the boxes for the needy. 

High School Door Competition

Jump Rope For Heart

Start Smart-Commonwealth Bank Incursion


Thank you to Isidore from Year 4 who brought in his pet turtle to share with the class. Mr Atteya also joined in the fun!

Kindergarten Orientation

SLC November Article

It is the end of another busy month for the SLC! Here is a quick summary of all that we did.

This month we have participated in the Breakfast Club every morning, serving breakfast to students of the College. A big thank you to our kindhearted volunteers Ana Maria, Yustina, Anna Marie, Joshua, Alan, Immanuel, Gabrielle and Salwa! 

We have also organised a Word of the Week every week, based on the character strengths we have been learning about in Pastoral Care. We hope our emails have helped to further educate students on the importance of applying these character strengths to their day to day life and how closely linked they are to our faith. The words we focused on this month are: Love, Leadership, Bravery, Kindness and Gratitude.

This month we organised “Learn on the Loo Week” to raise awareness about the millions of people around the world who lack access to basic sanitary needs such as toilets. During Week 5, the Compassion Team put up posters around the school to educate students and teachers about this issue as well as to raise feelings of appreciation and gratitude for all that we have. We hope that following this event students will continue to think about the ways in which we can help those in need.

Year 7 Orientation Day was held this month and the SLC were active all day in helping Mrs Boumelhelm welcome the Year 6 students into the High School. On this day the SLC members served food, assisted students when going from class to class, and coached them when playing basketball.

Finally, the term ended with the yearly House Olympics where our House Captains led their houses in competing in a range of games and challenges.  

We have had a wonderful end to the year and are looking forward to seeing all SBC students and staff back next year! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

By Gabrielle, Immanuel and Majdolen

Presentation Day 2020

We held our annual Presentation Day. However, it was unfortunate that we were unable to celebrate with our parents present physically due to COVID regulations. Thank you to the staff and students who made it possible to stream and record the event online. Congratulations to all the students for trying so hard throughout the year during the home schooling period. May God bless you all.

Last Day High School Olympics