Term 3 Newsletter 2020

Cecil Andrews College

Principal's Address

After an unusual start to 2020, Term 3 has seen us return mostly to normality at school and it’s great to see our students embrace learning.  Our staff have enjoyed greeting the students as they enter the school in the morning and our cleaning staff have been working hard to keep the school clean and safe. 


We are currently reviewing our uniforms pieces and we welcome as much community input as possible to help us with these important decisions.  If you haven’t already done so, please do reply to our survey regarding uniform choices which you can find here:



Our Whole School Athletics Carnival was held on 21 August, and it proved to be an enjoyable day.  It was great to see our students getting involved in the events and demonstrating good sportsmanship.  Thank you to the parents and guardians who were able to attend on the day.  Red Faction Freeman were the champions on the day, taking the win!  Thank you to Mr Squires and the Physical Education team for creating such a fantastic event for students, staff and families to enjoy.

Cecil Andrews College, in partnership with the WA Museum, hosted the Famelabs Final on Wednesday 19 August in our Performing Arts Centre.  This event was live streamed to other schools throughout Western Australia.  Our competing Year 9 students were challenged with communicating a STEM topic of their choosing, to their peers in three minutes. Our students showed excellent leadership and skills collaborating together and proved to be wonderful hosts to the students visiting from other schools and I am very proud of them!  This was a very successful event and my thanks go to Ms Underhill, Ms Helen Cockerill and all the students who worked so hard to bring this event together.  Well done to everyone involved!

This week, Mr Dimech and I visited South Metro TAFE for a graduation of the first group of students who had successfully completed the Certificate II in Autonomous Operations. This was an exciting venture of the last 2 years, as 3 students including Tylah Pearce, Jasmine Davies and Zara Lewis have grown along with the course and are officially on their pathway to employment with Rio Tinto. There are some great opportunities available to ALL students, and it is recommended that students explore and consider these throughout their school journey.


Our annual Anniversary Assembly will be held on Thursday 22 October at 9.40am.  This is an extra special anniversary for the College, as we celebrate 40 years of Cecil Andrews College, and I invite any parents and guardians who would like to attend, to come along and join us.

Some important dates for our Year 12’s:

-        The last day of school for 2020 for our Year 12’s will be Friday 23 October.

-        Our traditional breakfast to celebrate our Year 12’s and say farewell will be also be held on Friday 23 October.

-        The Year 12 Presentation Night will be held on Tuesday 27 October at the Champion Lakes Christian Church.  Invitations will be sent to all Year 12 student’s families this week.  Please RSVP by 16 October 2020 with how many guests will be attending.

The last day of Term 3 for students is Thursday 24 September. 

There are Staff Development Days on Friday 25 September and also on Monday 12 October.  Students don’t attend school on these two days. 

School will resume for Term 4 on Tuesday 13 October 2020.


I wish you all an enjoyable school holiday break.  Look after yourselves and your families.

We look forward to welcoming students back, well rested and ready for a great start to Term 4!

Stella Jinman

Complaints Process

Complaints Process

If you need to lodge a complaint at the College, please contact us on 9234 3400.

If the complaint is regarding a subject, your first point of call is your child’s teacher. 

If you need to escalate your complaint, you can then contact the Head of Learning Area, details are below:


Head of Learning Areas

Arts – Nathan Setzinger

English – Kerrie Mansell

Design & Technologies – Nathan Setzinger

HASS – Kerrie Mansell – Kerrie Mansell

Home Econonomics – Nathan Setzinger

Maths – Natasha Coen

Physical Education & Health – Nathan Squires

Science – Karen Langford-Davis

Vocational Education & Training – Steven Dimech

Follow The Dream – Sue Gilbert

For other general queries regarding attendance or behaviour, please contact Student Services, details are below:


Student Services

Year 7 Coordinator – James Henley-Martin

Year 8 Coordinator – Kim Bowey

Year 9 Coordinator – Jessica Murray

Year 10 Coordinator – Sarah Humphries

Year 11 Coordinator –  Stephen Jones

Year 12 Coordinator – Stephen Jones

Attendance Officer – Dana Whiteley

Student Services Manager Middle School (Years 7-9) – Amy Blackley

Dean of Senior School (Years 10-12) – Stephen Jones


If your complaint has not been resolved, please contact a member of our Executive Team, details are below:

Executive Team

Deputy Principal Middle School (Years 7-9) – Donna Paice

Deputy Principal Senior School (Years 10-12) – Nathan Morton

Principal – Stella Jinman

Student Services

Keeping Our School Community Safe

It is a priority at Cecil Andrews College that every member of our community feels safe and empowered to engage in a positive, stable learning environment. To ensure that we keep our school community safe we have aligned the school’s policies and expectations with the Department of Education policies and expectations. As such, abuse, harassment and intimidation of staff and students will not be tolerated. The Department of Education has developed a plan to support staff and students to create a safe learning environment that explained in the Minister’s Statement on School Violence – ‘Let’s Take a Stand Together’. This document can be found on the Department of Education website. The actions in the plan include students to be suspended who attack other students or start fights, Principals to automatically move to exclude students who physically attack school staff and ‘good standing’ requirements to be added to school behaviour policies.

Currently Cecil Andrews College is reviewing the behaviour policies of the school to align it with the Department of Education’s plan. Furthermore, a good standing policy is being created and will be available for review when the draft is finalised. Our current Bullying Policy and Positive Behaviour Support policies can be found on the Skoolbag App, Facebook and School website. Can you please take the time to discuss these policies and the new Department of Education plan with your child to ensure all members of our community have an understanding of behaviour expectations at Cecil Andrews College. Together we can ensure that our school community members feel safe and empowered to engage in a positive, safe learning environment.


The uniform of a Cecil Andrews College student is a symbol of membership of the School community.  It promotes a sense of pride and identification with the School. It assists students to develop a sense of unity and belonging.  Wearing a uniform encourages a sense of pride in appearance. This Uniform and Dress Code applies at all times when students are required to wear their school uniform before, during and after school - no exceptions. NO Denim NO Hoodies NO Leggings 

All students, parents and teachers have a role to play in uniform management.

·         STUDENTS—must be fully aware of the Uniform Code, Uniform Difficulties Procedure and sanctions which apply for a uniform digression.

·         PARENTS—must be fully aware of the Uniform Code, check students at home and respond to School communications.

·         STAFF—all School staff share co-responsibility to manage the Uniform and Dress Code.

 Thank you to all members of the school community who are assisting the school in upholding the dress code. 


Students Absent from school, Arriving Late and Leaving Early

Students who are absent from school for an entire day must bring a note of explanation as soon as they return. This note should clearly state the student’s first name, surname, the date(s) and reason for the absence. Parents are requested to ring on 9234 3401 or send a SMS message 0408 099 112 to the school by 9.00am on the day of their child’s absence.

All students late to school must report to the Student Services Centre with a note from parent/guardian, have their name recorded, receive a late note and go to class.

Students needing to leave early 

 ·         A note from a parent/guardian/caregiver is essential when a child is leaving school early to attend an appointment etc:

·         Report to Student Services prior to school or during recess/lunch time, have their name recorded and receive a Leave Pass

·         If a student is unwell they must report to Student Services where the attendance officer will contact home and arrange for the student to be collected.

·         Students should not contact parents directly on their mobile

SMS Absentee Messaging

 Parents will be notified of daily absentees via SMS. Once a student has been registered absent from school an automated SMS message will be sent to the parent’s mobile, by 10.30am

Holidays during term time

Parents/Guardians who wish to take students out of school for the purpose of a family holiday are required to apply to Mrs Stella Jinman Principal in writing at least one month prior to the intended absence. The school strongly discourages parents from taking planned holidays during term time.

 Talk with our Student Services Team about your child’s attendance or any support you may need.

Contact number: 9234 3401

Absentee SMS: 0408 099 112

Skoolbag APP





Nurses corner

The School Nurse is Moving offices!!!!  She will be located in A block alongside our lovely Chaplain and Psychologist

Did you know we have a school nurse?

Students have access for support, advice or referral for many adolescent health issues. This is a free confidential service.


The nurse is also involved in health promotion and wellbeing programs and can also provide parents with information about health, development, immunization or other child or family health-related issues. She has mental health training and can assist with linking students to better access mental health support.


The nurse assists in helping the school manage Health Issues and Emergency Health Care Plans.  If your teen has a newly diagnosed medical condition please make contact so we can help support them on their continuing journey.


Community nurses work in a team with Child Health Nurses (purple book) and Primary school Nurses. They are part of a collaboration of PCH, Community Health and CAMHS, we can help point parents in the right direction if they need advice contacting the other Community Nurses.



Feedback on your School Nurse Service can be left  here on the CAC website.  

Breakfast Club

The students continue to enjoy hot food, warm drink or fruit juice with fresh fruit for breakfast before beginning their class lessons every Monday to Friday 7.30-8.40am. They have the choice of ham and cheese toasties, baked bean or spaghetti jaffles, pancakes, sultana bread toasted, French toast or cereal if they prefer. The students not only come to eat and drink but socialise with their friends and chat to the Chaplain also. The number of students this term varied from 21 to over 50 each day. It is a privilege to serve and encourage the beautiful young people who come to Cecil Andrews College and I really enjoy this part of my role as Chaplain in the school.

As today is the last day of term 3, the students were treated to a selection of muffins. This seemed to go down very well.

It is wonderful to see staff come into the Breakfast Club spending some of their precious time with the students. I believe this is very important as your presence helps students to see their teachers in a different light. The students love having you come to play table tennis with them. They really try to beat you, but some of you are very good players, and there is a great sense of competition. It seems a great time is had by all.

I thank staff for your encouragement and support. Please know that I appreciate you and value each of you. 

If anyone would be interested in donating food items, the following would be really appreciated:


Long life milk, eggs, sliced cheese, ham, fruit juice, self-raising flour, fresh fruit.

I would like to acknowledge Bakers Delight at Haynes shopping centre for supplying bread and buns for the school. We thank you and are very grateful to you for the wonderful part you play in helping to support the students at the school for breakfast, lunch and recess.

Have a happy and restful break everyone.                                                     

Gael Varian





On the 8th of June, students who currently attend South Metro TAFE completing the Autonomous Operations Qualification had a visit from a highly distinguished guest. Minister Kelly completed a walkthrough of Munster Campus for a STEM campaign launch. The students were working with the MBOTS during this opportunity. The current group attending will be the first to complete the qualification, as it is a pilot program which commenced last year. It will continue to be offered in the years to come, and opens up some marvellous opportunities within the resource sector.

Steven Dimech

VET Coorindator/Workplace Learning Coordinator/P-Tech Coordinator


VET/Work Place Learning Year 10 Workplace Learning Program

Coming up in at the end of Term 4, year 10 students will be going out to experience the world of work, for 2 weeks work experience. This event takes place over weeks 8 & 9 ( 30th November to the 11th of December). It is highly recommended that students identify their own work placements, as if they were actually looking for work. The upcoming holidays may be a great opportunity for the year 10 students to seek a placement for the 2 weeks in a career or industry they are interested in. It is highly recommended that students either visit or phone the workplace to identify if there is potential to do work experience there. Once a placement is found, and an employer agrees to taking on a student, please inform either Mr Dimech or Mrs Brimmer in the VET office in H block, and bring details including the name of the business, location and contact information including name and phone number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember we have some amazing industry partners as part of the P-Tech program here are the school, who are willing to take on work experience students. These workplaces include

·        CIVMEC

·        Austal

·        Thales

·        Datacom

We also have local employers who have already agreed to taking on a work experience student. It’s simply a matter of finding out who they are (visit the VET Office for more information) and making the call.

Benefits of participating in Year 10 Work Experience:


Part of work experience requires completion of both a logbook and journal. If both are fully completed, it can be used towards the ADWPL Endorsed Program that gives points towards WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education).


1.     Work place experience that can be put on résumé.

2.      Develop valuable life and employment skills.

3.     Can be used to gain entry points when applying for courses at TAFE.


If you have any questions, please contact


Steven Dimech, VET / WPL Coordinator

08 9234 3445



The following information provides valuable insight as to how to start the process in identifying suitable work places and how to approach them with the use of a script if required


Networking for Work Experience:


1.     Make a list of all the people you know:  All you need is something in common to be able to start a conversation.

2.     Contact them in a systematic way.

3.     Let contacts know you are looking for work:  Have a brief description of what you are looking for and the kind of help you’d like (eg background information, qualifications needed and jobs you are interested in).

4.     Ask them for work experience leads:  Ask for tips, leads and suggestions.  If they don’t know any at the time, ask if they can keep you in mind and if there are other people you can contact.

5.     Contact people you’ve been referred to and ask them the same questions.

6.     Follow up with your contacts:  ring contacts back to see if they have any information for you.

7.     Follow up leads:  don’t forget to follow up leads by meeting people in person, introducing yourself and getting more information or further jobs leads.



Workplace Learning Script for a phone call


Good Morning / Afternoon, my name is (First Name) (Last Name) and I am a student from Cecil Andrews College. I was hoping to speak to someone about potentially doing some Work Experience at (Name of Business).

(If you are speaking to someone who can assist obviously jump down to the section below)


As part of our year 10 Work Studies program, we have a block work placement from the 30th of November to the 11th of December this year and I was hoping that you may be able to take me on as a work experience student during this time?


They may ask questions such as:

·        What times would you be required to be here?

-      You would respond with: I am required to complete at least 55 hours over the 2 weeks, but I am expected to work normal industry hours.


·        Are you covered by the Department of Education’s insurance?

-      You would respond with: Yes, I am.


·        They may also ask why you would like to complete your work placement with them, so be prepared to answer this question.  Make some notes before calling.

 “Childcare example”: I enjoy playing with children and babysit my cousins, I am thinking of choosing a certificate course in childcare.

-      You may have different reasons?

“I would like some experience in your industry because I am looking to get an after school job” or

“I am interested in both automotive and a bakers’ assistant but would like to experience your industry to help decide my path” 


Senior School Information for Years 10-12 Post School Pathways Connect Page

Over the course of the year, extremely valuable information has been put into this connect page, which includes potential apprenticeship opportunities, university and TAFE entry amongst other important information for opportunities within the school, as well as upcoming and potential school leavers.

Please continue to visit this page for important information about opportunities post schooling, or for opportunities within school to greater enhance your potential employment opportunities, or gaining access to further/higher education!


Certificate Complete at the College

TAFE has recently notified the education sector, that completion of a Certificate II at school, will greatly increase the opportunities for accessing a higher qualification at a TAFE institution moving forward. This includes Certificate III, IV and potentially Diploma level qualifications. Previously, grades were looked at more intensively in TAFE applications. 


Athletics Carnival

On the 8th August the school held its annual Athletics Carnival on what was a lovely sunny day. Students had the opportunity to participate in High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus, Shotput, Vortex Throw and Teams Games as well as a number of running events – 100m, 200m, 800m and 1500m. A number of students also had the opportunity to take on the staff in the 4x 100m relays.

Participation in all events was encouraged and I was extremely pleased to see the vast majority of students getting involved with the various events. All participants in the events earned their clan points, points towards their champion boy or girl prospects as well as an entry into the participation raffle to win several prizes.

Throughout the day there were some great individual performances and strong competition between students in each year group and as a result a massive 20 new school records were set this year. A special mention goes to Ms Edge for organising an amazing flash mob during the lunch break.

Year 7-10 students who won their events were invited to attend the Interschool Athletics Carnival on Monday 26th October at WA Athletics Stadium to verse students from other schools.

As always events like this cannot be run without assistance from the staff and students. Your assistance was greatly appreciated. We hope this significant whole school event was enjoyed by all and we look forward to doing it all again in 2021.

As always it was a well fought out battle between the 3 clans for the bragging rights. And the winner for 2020 is… FREEMAN!!!

Clan Points

1st Place – Freeman (3937)

2nd Place – Bradman (3640)

3rd Place – Starre (3266)


Congratulations also go to the following people for their fantastic results.




Year 7 Champion Boy – Jett Sutherland

Year 7 Champion Girl – Tori Kelly

Year 8 Champion Boy – Patrick Julius

Year 8 Champion Girl – Neesa Atkinson

Year 9 Champion Boy – Aiden Warner

Year 9 Champion Girl – Laytoyah Kerehi Gray

Year 10 Champion Boy – Jordan Douglas

Year 10 Champion Girl –  Charli Buckley

Year 11 Champion Boy – Joshua Benedetti

Year 11 Champion Girl – Martika-Rose Yappo

Year 12 Champion Boy – William Yihhon

Year 12 Champion Boy – Chayce Kim

Year 12 Champion Girl – Georgia Butler

Year 7 Runner Up Boy – Lucas Akerman

Year 7 Runner Up Girl – Layla Buckley

Year 8 Runner Up Boy – Noah Brooks

Year 8 Runner Up Girl – Keira Soper

Year 9 Runner Up Boy – Terry Patrick

Year 9 Runner Up Girl – Kate Selmo

Year 10 Runner Up Boy – Darryl Mason

Year 10 Runner Up Girl – Madelin Miller

Year 11 Runner Up Boy – Charlie Miller

Year 11 Runner Up Girl – Lynda Otim

Year 12 Runner Up Boy – Tyler Kelly

Year 12 Runner Up Girl – Meleane Havea



Climate Changes Issues

In their English studies the Year 10 Academic Extension class has focused on issues connected with climate change through their journal entries, writing of feature articles and the creation of infographics.

Students have read articles about the damage being done to the planet; especially; the Great Barrier Reef; by experts such as Sir David Attenborough. They have then written their own opinions about climate change then discussed their concerns in an open forum. Other articles have been about the current pandemic and how the level of environmental pollution has decreased due to its’ onset.

Further research into environmental issues has resulted in the composition of feature articles which focus on a single issue selected by the students. Information from these articles were then used to create infographics which presented the information in both visual and written form.

Due to these activities they have become more aware of the health of the planet and how they might contribute to its’ preservation in the future. These tasks are also part of the United Nations Sustainable Goals initiative which encourages people to become aware of issues which effect the entire world.

Sausages for Nepal

At the recent Athletics Carnival a band of enthusiastic students from the Year 10 Academic Extension class continued Cecil Andrews College’s support for the Education Earthquake Trust in Nepal. Wielding tongs and sauce bottles they supplied hungry competitors with sausages and drinks throughout the day.


The sausage sizzle was conducted as part of the students’ commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Goals project with an emphasis on quality of education and a reduction of inequalities.


At the end of the day the students had exhausted the supply of sausages and had raised the excellent sum of $700, which will be sent to the Trust to assist in the continuation of their work with disadvantaged children outside of the town of Pokara, Nepal.


Since beginning the fund raising, five years ago. Cecil Andrews students have contributed to repairing classrooms after the 2015 earthquake, assisted with the connection of Wi-Fi, brought a cow to produce milk and fuel for the school and this year’s contribution will assist with the cost of purchasing land for a vegetable garden to improve the Nepalese students’ health.


On Wednesday August 19th, six of our Year 10 AE students participated in A Day @ DNA Zoo, a live-streamed event presented by BioBarcode Australia for Science Week.

The event introduced ‘Conservation Genomics’ and the efforts to save our precious biodiversity. The students made millions of copies of DNA from 3 iconic Australian mammals using research grade equipment (PCR). They then pipetted the samples into gels and used electrophoresis to visualise the approximate sizes of the genes involved in digestion for these mammals.

We had the privilege of having three ‘Zoo Keepers’ from UWA to assist us, and academics from UWA and the Super Computing Pawsey Centre joined us through Teams to explain their roles in bringing endangered species back from the brink. Students had the opportunity to ask questions about future careers. 

This was a ‘soft launch’ of a new STEM program we hope to participate in next year, which will involve collecting DNA from flora and fauna living on the school campus, analysing it and adding this to a database for future research.


Performing Arts

Springtime Sessions

On Friday, 11th September 2020, students from the Specialist Performing Arts program put on the first showcase of the year, aptly entitled 'Springtime Sessions'.  With over 30 songs from Years 7 to 12, the night was an absolute springtime success.  Although the audience was limited this year, due to restrictions, the ambience was undeniable with all performers bringing out their best.  Using visuals and the theatre's new lighting, the stagecraft was set for students to shine in front of friends, family, and teachers.  Video will be made available for those who missed the Spectacular Springtime Sessions.  Enjoy the photos ?


Cecil Andrews Clontarf Academy Alumni Update

The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society.


We assist by providing a programme that targets attendance and engagement. Our programme is relationship driven. Clontarf staff act as a non-judgemental, non-authoritative third party in our interactions with the boys. In a practical sense, the program involves regular weekly activities as well as periodic engagement and/or incentive excursions.


Term 3 has provided a great opportunity to continue building upon the work done since the start of the year. To be able to keep the boys engaged there needs to be a vibrant academy program that encourages boys to keep attending and doing the right thing in the classroom and around the school. Academy activities are planned within the focus areas of education, leadership, employment, healthy lifestyles, life skills and sport.


Some of the highlights of our Academy program this Term are listed below:

·         Year 10 boys completing their Intro to AFL Umpiring Level 1 Course

·         Perkins Builders visit to the Academy room

·         Adrian Winmar starting a school based traineeship with Perkins Builders

·         Year 7-9 Art Project

·         Clinics at Gwynne Park, Neerigen Brook & Challis PS

·         Year 7/8 Basketball Carnival & Camp

·         Year 7-10 Deadly Attendees Cup

·         Afterschool football & netball games against the Girls Academy

·         Afterschool basketball games against Clontarf and Fremantle College

·         Strong performances by a number of boys at the Athletics Carnival

·         45 boys having their Health Check done by Aboriginal Medical Care 360

·         Senior AFL Carnival at Steel Blue Oval

·         Terrific numbers at our King of the Table pool & table tennis competitions

·         Part-time employment forum attended by local Clontarf Partners in Rio Tinto, Target, Kmart, Officeworks & Woolworths.

·         Clontarf Academy traditional dancers performance at the schools athletics carnival

·         Year 8-10 Binjareb Wirrin Cup & Camp


Our Academy door is always open so please feel free to drop by the Academy room (A5) anytime for a chat, tea, coffee or a game of pool/table tennis with the boys!


Darren Davis


Cecil Andrews Clontarf Academy

E: darren.davis@education.wa.edu.au





Follow the Dream

Follow the Dream Term 3 2020

Follow the Dream students have been busy this term! Their hard work in the first half of the year paid off with some excellent semester 1 results - 21 out of 24 FTD students achieved at least one A grade, with Saraia achieving 7 As, and Keira-Jayne, Shevon and Aiden all achieving 5 As. Impressive work!

Students and their family members got together at the start of term, to set some goals for this semester and to share afternoon tea J

Worley Partnership

The term started off with a visit from Worley executives, who are funding some special projects in Follow the Dream. One of these projects is to create a robotic dance performance and the other is a video story-telling project, for FTD students to share aspects of their culture. The projects will be completed by the end of the year.

Shevon, Chase and Keira-Jayne with the Worley executives and our staff

Visit to Bunbury regional Art Gallery

A group of students, identified for their ability and interest in art, visited the Noongar Art Exhibition at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. They saw Keira-Jayne’s art work exhibited, as well as Teija and Tai’s Nans’ art work – there was plenty of inspiration for the students to enter art work of their own when the exhibition returns next year. The students also participated in an art workshop, run by Elders. More information about Keira-Jaynes work is given in the Girls Academy account in this newsletter.

Media Coverage

Year 10 FTD student, Shevon, was interviewed for an article in the West Australian about Follow the Dream, and Polly Farmer’s connection with the program. Shevon shared some inspiring words about how she plans to make a positive contribution to people’s lives when she leaves school.

Curtin University Visits

Follow the Dream students from Cecil Andrews College, along with students from the program at Armadale SHS, Kelmscott SHS and Byford Secondary College spent two days at Curtin University participating in the “Create the Dream” program run by Curtin AHEAD. They got a feel for what it would be like to study at university and worked out what course would best suit them – there were so many to choose from! As well as exploring the campus, they participated in a STEM activity and got to eat lunch at the Main Cafeteria… just like a real uni student!


Come to School Every Day!

Why….…because school enables children to build on their knowledge and skills each day, each week and each year.

Why……because children can miss out on the basic skills and may experience difficulties later with their learning.

Why……because school helps children build confidence in areas such as communication, teamwork, organization and social skills.

Why……because going to school is a legal requirement and there are fines associated with this.

The law states all children from Pre Primary to Year 12 must attend school (or have an alternative educational or workplace arrangement).

Under the law, you are responsible for making sure your child goes to school on ALL school days.  You must not keep your child away from school for minor reasons.

Don’t be soft on school attendance… because we want all children to be their best.

 What the law says:

Under Western Australian law (School Education Act 1999), parents must send their children to school unless:

·         They are too unwell.

·         They have an infectious disease.

·         The principal is provided with a genuine and acceptable reason.

You must let the school know within three days why your child is not attending.

Under the law, schools must:

·         Monitor attendance of students.

·         Follow up with parents and caregivers on student absences.

What happens when your child misses school without a valid reason?

·         Your school will ask you for an explanation.

·         Your school will meet with you to discuss ongoing issues and plan a response.

·         A School Attendance Panel will be set up to review the steps taken and provide advice.

·         In some cases, you might be fined.

Support and help for families

If your child is reluctant or refuses to go to school, or is missing school without you knowing, there is support and help available.  Contact your school or South Metropolitan Education Regional Office for information/assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What should I do if my child is unwell?

A:  Inform the school and provide a medical certificate if requested.

Q:  What should I do if my child refuses to go to school?

A:  Contact your school as soon as possible and the school will arrange advice/support.

Q:  What should I do if we are going on holiday during school time?

A:  Holidays during school time are detrimental to your child’s learning.  The Principal of your school will not consider this an approved absence.  Arrange your holidays during vacation periods.

Q:  Can I take my child out of school for social occasions?

A:  No.  This is not considered reasonable. You should arrange social occasions such as personal shopping trips and birthday celebrations out of school hours.

Q:  Will my child be marked absent from school if he/she is doing a VET, Registered Training Organization program?

A: No as long as this is part of the school program.  Attendance at these programs is also monitored.

Further Information & Support:

Talk with our Student Services Team about your child’s attendance or any support you may need.

Contact number: 9234 3401

Absentee SMS: 0408 099 112

Skoolbag APP



The Department of Education’s South Metropolitan Education Regional Office in Beaconsfield also has trained staff that will be able to provide relevant information and support.

Contact number: 9336 9563

A reminder that Cecil Andrews College has a zero tolerance policy to bullying, violence, and drugs.