Issue 10 Thursday 28 July 2022

We learn on the lands of the Ngadjuri Nation


Some Important Dates for Term 3

Working BeeSaturday 6 August
Governing Council Meeting Tuesday 9 August
Yr2/3 & Yr3/4 ExcursionWednesday 10 August
Book Week / SSO WeekMonday 22 -  Friday 26 August
Book Week ParadeTuesday 23 August
School Closure (Show Day)Monday 5 September
Pupil Free DayTuesday 6 September
Governing Council MeetingTuesday 13 September
Swimming Lessons (R-5)Monday 26  -  Friday 30 September
Last Day of Term / Early Dismissal Time of 2:10pmFriday 30 September

From the Principal

Welcome to Term 3!

Welcome to (cold) Term 3! The weather last weekend was delightful and gave a little taste of what is to come – let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long!

This time last year, we had a late start to Term 3, due to a COVID lockdown. It feels like such a long time ago now! I’m very grateful that we don’t have to worry about working around a lockdown this year. However, with us now being able to ‘live with COVID’, we can have a tendency to become a little complacent. Basic protective measures have also kept us safe from both COVID and other communicable diseases over the last two years.

Across the school, we are experiencing quite a few nasty contagious bugs, including influenza, gastro and chicken pox. In addition, health experts are warning us of another wave of COVID. Therefore, it is really important to keep children home if they are unwell. At school we will be refocussing on students wearing masks while inside and washing their hands before eating. These basic measures will help prevent students and staff from getting sick, and will help stop the spread to families at home.

If someone in your household does test positive for COVID they need to isolate, but your child is still able to attend school. This is as long as they have NO SYMPTOMS and have a NEGATIVE test result themselves. All close contacts should wear a mask outside the house and should be undertaking 5 RAT tests over 7 days, to keep a check on possible infections. If you, or someone in your household, tests positive for COVID, please let us know, so that we can monitor your child for symptoms.

This term looks like it will be a busy one, with the Book Week parade and swimming lessons being major events to look forward to. The Governing Council sub-committee, Grounds and Environment, has organised a Working Bee on Saturday 6th August: all families are welcome to come along and help out for a couple of hours. 

Gail Holland


Class Report

Reception Class

In Term 2 the Reception class has been very busy. In our literacy sessions, the children have been learning how to write a recount and using all their phonics knowledge to have a go at writing on their own. The kids have also been working hard at their reading. They have particularly enjoyed working with their buddies from the 5/6 class each week in Buddy Reading times.In maths they have continued to work on numbers and have been learning different strategies for adding numbers together and learning how to measure things using different units of measurement. This term they will continue their work with numbers and adding, as well as looking at how to gather and display data.One of the things the kids have enjoyed the most is our weekly Investigations sessions with the 1/2 class. In these times, the kids participate in a range of activities designed to help develop their social, emotional and problem-solving abilities - as well as being a bit of fun.They worked hard to prepare for the assembly they presented at the end of the term - especially learning their dance and performing it with the rest of the school.

School Routines and Procedures - Update for start of Term 3

Illness & Injuries at School:

Colds, the flu and bugs are around every winter for us to watch out for and are passed on if unwell children attend school.

Students who have recovered from Covid can still be at risk of getting these viruses etc that are circulating in the community.

If your child is sent to the Front Office/First Aid room due to illness or for an injury that is considered more serious eg a hard knock to the head, they will be sent home. 

Parents will always be contacted first and you will need to collect your child promptly and keep them at home until they are fully recovered. 

If you are unable to collect your child, please organise your emergency contact and let the school know who this will be.

Make sure you have provided the Front Office with an updated list of your emergency contacts in case we are unable to contact you.

Student Health - Reminder for Excurisons & Swimming Lessons in Term 3

Parents/Caregivers please make sure you have provided the school with an updated healthcare plan and current medication if your child needs support at school for a medical condition and in readiness for the excursion and swimming lessons this term.

Asthma Care, Allergic Reaction plans and Medication Agreement forms are available on the Skoolbag App for parents to access and take to your doctor or you can ask at the Front Office.   

Please note that standard first aid only will be administered if medication and plans are out of date.

Nettie's Natter

July 28 2022

Hi everyone,

Welcome to term three! What a glorious day! I am truly appreciating this beautiful sunshine that we have today and as I have tomorrow off, I’m hoping that we have more of the same so that I can get stuck into the weeds. I’m sure that if we could harvest the stinging nettles and the marshmallow weeds, we’d all be rich. My daughter in law wants to collect some of the nettles to make tea – ummmm, not for me but good luck to her. Evidently stinging nettle tea is very good for you. I did try it once and believe me, once was definitely enough. But hey, at least I tried it.

So many times, we refuse to try something saying we won’t like it but how do we really know? Especially when it comes to food. I never thought I’d eat frog legs or snails. ‘Yuk!’ I thought. Disgusting, but when we were in France, it was offered, I tried it, fearing the worst and I enjoyed them. It doesn’t mean I’ll always eat them but I am now educated in their taste and texture.

However,  when Ella and hubby did the bungee jumping in New Zealand, I was not going to participate in that. It looked way too scary. I chose to paraglide instead. I felt I needed to step outside my comfort zone and have a go! I was terrified. Jumping off a mountainside sitting on a stranger's lap and gliding over Queenstown was horrific. But I did, I can cross it off the bucket list and I promise, I am never going to do anything like that again. Again, I tried it, I had a go.

We spend a lot of time encouraging our kids, friends etc to ‘have a go’ and I truly believe that’s great but we need to remember to ‘have a go’ too.

In the reception class, we have a mantra above the white board. It says, “Today is a good day to try!” It’s a great reminder, I think, that we are capable of trying new things every day.  ‘The best time to start something new was yesterday, the second best time is right now

... unless it's procrastination, that can wait until tomorrow.’

So, until our next natter. Have a go at something new!



Scholastic Online Book Orders

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School Working Bee

Greenock Primary School Calendar Term 3, 2022