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Issue 18 – 9 November 2018


This fortnight, we have had much on including our Kindy Orientation Day, a visit from Wilson and a well-earned win in the netball court. It is at times like these, when I reflect on all that has happened at our small school, that I am blown away by the contributions of so many people across our community: staff, parents, volunteers and students, working together to give our students the best learning experiences.

This was particularly evident at our Kindy Orientation Day where I was able to introduce our new families to staff, board member, P&C representative, canteen manager, uniform shop coordinator and after-school care partners. Feedback from our new families was hugely positive and recognised how welcome they already felt and confident that their child would be well supported at our school. I encourage you to introduce yourself to any new faces that you see around our school in the coming months.

Upholding our Values

In our mini assembly this week (students only), we recognised the efforts of students across the school who regularly demonstrate our school values in action: Be Respectful, Show Commitment and Be Responsible. I am pleased to celebrate the efforts of the following students:

  • Chase for his commitment to learning. Chase was able to clearly explain his mathematical thinking when I was fortunate to be in watching a maths lesson in Room 6.
  • Sandra for the respect she pays to others everyday. Sandra never fails to use impeccable manners and is polite to all.
  • Coast for showing responsibility at surfing lessons. Coast gave up his own surfing time to help others learn the skills of surfing.


This week the students met Wilson and learned the correct way to approach him for both student and dog safety. We would like to display some posters around the school to help remind everyone of these simple rules. Students are encouraged to design their own poster on A4 paper and submit it at the front office by
23 November. Winning entries will be displayed around school and in the newsletter.

APPROACH: Walk slowly. Only 3 students at a time. Only at a 'good time' (not when meant to be working or lining up etc)

ASK: Check with the supervisor that it's okay to pat him. Wait for a response.

PAT: Hold out an open hand for the dog to sniff and then give him a scratch on his head and around his ears.

GOODBYE: Say goodbye, walk slowly away and let others have a turn


Chloe, Year 3: For having the winning entry in the Christmas card design competition run by Liza Harvey, Local Member for Scarborough.

Coast, Year 3: For winning third place in the Under 12s Trigg Boardriders competition.

If your child has an achievement that they are proud of, whether it be sporting or otherwise, please let us know so that we can recognise them in the newsletter.

School Uniforms

Just a reminder for parents to please ensure that their children are sent to school in their school uniform, including their wide brimmed school hat and green jumper/jacket.  Having the correct hat is especially important at this time of the year as the weather heats up. 

Also, we have noticed an increase in jewellery being worn to school, particularly necklaces. Unless for medical or religious reasons, no jewellery should be worn at school other than studs/small hoop earrings and a watch.

From the Office

Please return all outstanding in-term swimming lesson notes to the front office as soon as possible to make it easier for the front office to process all requests.

Chaplain’s Chat

I wanted to share a video with you this week, from an insightful resource called ‘Circle of Security’. Early on in my parenting, a family member directed me to them. The first line from their blurb read:  ‘At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us.’ That rang pretty true for me and other parents who I’d been chatting to, so I was keen to explore further. The video was an eye opener, and helped me better tune in to my children’s needs. It’s 4 minutes long, but worth the watch!

Circle of Security Animation

A tour of the Circle in about four minutes.

Skoolbag is the Mobile App we use at Scarborough Primary School and it has been redesigned. It has all the features of the previous version, however a few things have been moved around for an improved experience. 

Everyone will need to download the new app but for existing Skoolbag account holders you can use the same email and password to login. Follow the instructions below.

Skoolbag Instructions


P&C News

Mangoes are still available. Order your 10 kg box of healthy and delicious Mangoes direct from Jabiru Mangoes for $40.00. They are grown in the beautiful Ord River region in WA, known for it’s plentiful sunshine and water. Jabiru mangoes are pesticide free and picked and packed by hand for you. $10.00 from each box sold will earn money for our school. Click on the link below for more information and to place an order. Delivery will be to the school between October and December.    

 Mango Order Form

Food Truck' N Fun Night RAFFLE

Food Truck’n Fun Mega Raffle is here!!! With over $3,000.00 in prizes, including a night’s stay at the Crown Metropole in a Loft Room, golf fun at Wembley Golf Course and heaps more. Tickets only $2.00 each. Look out for your book of raffle tickets, coming home with students today and Monday!


It's All Happening


Donate your loved but now lonely toys and books:

·         Donation boxes in the front office.

Help spread the word:

·         Drop off some mailbox pamphlets in your street they’re printed and waiting in the front office.

·         Share our Scarborough P and C Facebook event.

Buy a raffle ticket or sell a raffle ticket:

·         All students will receive a book to take home.

·         More will be available in the front office too.

Donate your time:

·         Volunteers still required before the night or on the night.

·         Message us at

·         Message through facebook ‘scarborough primary p and c’.

·         Sign up at scarborough primary sign up - food truck night

·         Or call 0402 491 490.

You’re pretty fantastic Scarborough Primary. Just saying…

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