Clapham Primary School

2020 Newsletter

Term 4, Week 5

Reception Orientation Visits

On Thursday we held the first of two Orientation Visits for our 2021 Receptions. There were a lot of excited Kindy children. Many thanks to Ms Neuwirth, Mrs Averis, and our senior students for meeting our new parents and for working with the Kindy children; Miss Sorrell and Mr Lashchuk for working with our current Reception students; Mrs Kopias for sharing our website and School TV resource with parents; and also Donna and Vidish from Devon Clothing; and Rory from Let There Be Coffee!  Next year we have 30 new receptions starting, they will visit again on the  26th of November.



Parent Information Session (for parents of Reception students 2021)

A huge thank you to Justine, Annika and Lynne for their comprehensive presentation to parents of reception students in 2021 on the evening of the 3rd of November.  It was lovely to see familiar and new faces!  We are excited that we have 30 new receptions starting next year!

Title: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Information for Years 4-7 2021

Our Year 4-7 students have the option of bringing their own device to school.  Please see attached our school’s policy for further information.  We are also very excited to announce that we have worked in partnership with JB Hi-Fi to provide an option for parents to easily purchase a device (iPad) that is suitable to use with our school’s network.  Please note purchasing from JB Hi-Fi is optional.  Purchases through JB Hi-Fi are at educational prices!  If you would like to find out more about purchasing a device from JB Hi-Fi you can visit  and if you choose to purchase from JB Hi-Fi please call the Front Office and we will arrange to send you the information brochure which includes our school’s unique code for purchases.


Book Week 2020 - Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

This year during Book Week two library monitors from Room 14 – Molly S, Elizabeth H volunteered to run two competitions:

1.      Find the selected book covers in the Library

2.      Create / design your own curious creature.

Our library monitors were very enthusiastic and did a fantastic job seeing it through to the end. They designed posters to advertise the competitions and displayed them around the school. They also chose the winners, which were announced on Friday, 23rd  October. The winners of the competition then selected a book from the book fair for up to the value of $15 as the prize.

Harrison S - Room 14 was the winner of ‘Find the book Cover’ competition.

Aleena A - Room 10, Ella G - Room 14 and Zara B -Room 3 were the winners of ‘Create / Design a Curious Creature’.

We also celebrated Book Week with a Book Fair from Scholastics, where students and their families had the opportunity to purchase from a large variety of books.  

I would like to thank the parents and staff for their support. From the sales we raised just over $650.00, which was spent on purchasing books for the library.

Helen Krinas

Book Week Parade

Minister for Education Visit

On Tuesday, 3rd of November, the Minister for Education, John Gardner, Carolyn Power MP (and media) visited Clapham Primary.   Mr Tucker and Room 2 were amazing super stars!!! Clapham was chosen as the school to announce South Australia's Phonics Results as our results improved and are good results. It was a fabulous opportunity to demonstrate and share about our focus on quality teaching and learning using evidence-based programs, with collaboration and consistency of practice has provided growth and improvement for every student!!! A story was aired on 10 News and an article was included in The Advertiser on Wednesday. Go Clapham!!             

Minister's Visit

Sports News

SAPSASA Athletics Event – SA Athletics Stadium – Tuesday 13 October 2020

What a day we had at the SA Athletics Stadium. Clapham students continue to raise the bar with their efforts and year on year we are seeing improvement in participation and also with regards to results in the Southern Heights District, which is a zone consisting of 12 local schools. This SAPSASA event pitched “the best against the best” from schools around the Clapham and Southern District. In this SAPSASA event, the winners of each age group are then selected to represent Southern Heights at the State Metropolitan Athletics Carnival!

SAPSASA has advised the following results:

10yr old Shotput girls

Winner: Jamie RG

Goes to next event

10yr old 100m boys

2nd place: Miles KS

Goes to next event for Relay

10yr old Discus boys


Winner: Tayan E

Goes to next event

10yr old High Jump boys

4th place: Tayan E

11yr old 100m boys

2nd place: Jairaj S

Goes to next event for Relay

11yr old Long Jump boys

Winner: Jairaj S

Goes to next event

12yr old Discus girls

4th place: Bethany W

13yr old 800m girls

4th place: Kalani Mc

13yr old High Jump girls

3rd place: Rachel S


The School Sport Office are in the process of planning the State Championships program and conditions. As soon as this information is available, I will send more selection information to students. The proposed date is Tuesday, Nov 17th  at the SA Athletics Stadium.

I want to say a big thank you to our helpers on the day, Belinda and Jane. When parents step up to help with sport it demonstrates the value they place on it, and their help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks to all the parents for getting children to and from the event in an orderly fashion too. Great teamwork. Thanks also to Tracy for being flexible and willing to step up when we needed as an extra helper. I won’t forget Sam either who calmly takes in all sports information and does her best on the frontline to make it all run smoothly from the Front office!

Sports Day Clapham Primary – Tuesday 20 October 2020

2020 has been a challenging year, but sometimes the weather does its best to make it all ok and remind many of us how lucky we are to live in Australia – and to have the opportunity to be active. Sports Day 2020 was one such time. To see the students dressed so creatively and giving their best all day was a real boost. The 100m races were an absolute highlight for me and I was so pleased to see all students participating and cheering each other on to the final finish. It really did cap off a big year for the school in which all physical activity, community sport and events throughout SA have been challenged and changed and readjusted at the last minute. But sport, community and participation always prevail, and Sports Day showed that.

Well done to Waite on winning two Sports Days in a row. Well done to our medal winners who join the Clapham Honour Board for Sports Day and PE achievement. They demonstrate all the qualities that we aspire to see in our young students. And for the first time ever we had a tie – Poppy and Genevieve. Who could separate two such positive and inspiring athletes? Not me. They have been a pleasure to teach since I arrived at Clapham. Kasandar also deserves the recognition for always giving his best and always being active with a beaming smile.


Winner Laura Hodges Award 4-7

Winner Tania Gooley Award R-3


Cassie H

Ollie B


Kalani M

Milton P


Genevieve P and Poppy H

Kasandar C


Thank you to Harrie and Garry for helping with set up. Thank you to the staff who came in early to help and the House Captains who also pitched in when I needed some support. Thank you to leadership for organising the COVID changes and also for being there at the 100m inspiring the young ones! It all adds up, and even the teachers joining in with the races are great role models for having a go. A special mention must go out to parents who continually help, with set up, pack up or even being 100m stewards. You are great members of an awesome community. Onwards and upwards to all.

Mr L 

PE Week

PE week involved a lot of fun for so many different students. A big thanks to the House Captains for helping out with Netball, AFL and Basketball and to our visitors to Clapham too. An extra special thanks to Lily CC for her super organisation and for showing great leadership qualities.

The students at Clapham had chances to play many sports and we also had visiting coaches for Basketball and even Lawn Bowls! Indoor soccer was another very popular feature during lunch and recess. A great week was had by all.

PE Week

Wellbeing Platform - SchoolTV

Clapham Primary School is excited to announce that we are now subscribing to SchoolTV. This is a wellbeing platform featuring Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

As we all know it has never been more challenging for parents to raise happy, healthy and resilient children. Like never before, parents need to be informed with clear, fact-based information on the many challenges faced by today’s youth. Topics such as youth anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, cyberbullying and many others need clear explanation and guidance. SchoolTV is a new ongoing resource that is now available to our parents. Each edition will address a major topic with expert interviews, fact sheets, parent quiz, recommended apps, books and much more. SchoolTV aggregates information from many great resources such as BeyondBlue and ReachOut, amongst others. SchoolTV provides a single stream of independent factual information that saves parents time and confusion of searching online across multiple sites for information.

Our school’s launch site is You can also access the SchoolTV archive here:

Kindest regards

Cassie Kopias 


This week students across the school celebrated NAIDOC Week by engaging in many activities based on the theme 'Always Was, Always Will Be'.  Laiya, our  Aboriginal and Community Engagement Officer, hosted a morning tea for our ATSI students and parents. Looks like it was fun!       

Christmas Hampers - St Vincent de Paul

Starting on Monday 16th November Clapham Primary School and the SRC will be working with St Vincent de Paul to collect non-perishable food items for Christmas Hampers. It is going to be a difficult Christmas for many in our community, but we are hoping that with a little support we can provide some joy for those who are doing it tough.

We acknowledge that many of our own families may also be finding it difficult to make ends meet this year and we ask only for their support where they can. Please know that if your family needs some help this year, Vinnies services are available to you too.

If you are able to donate non-perishable food items for St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers, a drop off point will be established in the Front Office on and after Monday, 16th November


Congratulations Sue and Annika!

Sue Brinkworth and Annika Neuwirth have completed their professional development in the intensive Numeracy R-3 program (DfE).  Their learning included:

·   exploring mathematical literacy using diagrams and a range of problem solving strategies to interpret and decipher worded problems

·  identified common misinterpretations and difficulties with mathematics language, such as teen numbers (thirteen versus thirty), coming third in a race versus a third in fractions, and the use of ‘take away’ for subtract, or ‘split’ for divide

·    discussed a range of problem solving strategies, and considered how to design age-appropriate maths problems for students to solve using different heuristics

·    focused on counting skills and place value using a range of strategies and tools, including the 5 counting principles, subitising, moving from rote counting to rational counting, and trusting the count to help students move between growth points

·   considered what is evidence of student learning (do, say, make & write), and the use of numeracy progressions and learning trajectories to improve teaching and learning. Teachers worked enthusiastically in groups to develop a learning progression on an allocated topic, benefitting from the collaboration with their colleagues’, and taking away detailed progressions in several areas.

Both Sue and Annika were supported by University of Melbourne coaches throughout the program.  The coaches assisted them to define an action research project and then they presented their findings to the coaches and other participants (via Teams). It was a pleasure to observe their findings at the presentation.  Thank you to Sue and Annika for continuing to be learners and being willing to work above and beyond and support excellent teaching and learning at Clapham.

Snake Education Session

On Wednesday we held two Snake Education Sessions for our students.  The sessions were immensely enjoyed by all (staff and students)!  We learnt so much!!  Dean assisted us to know first aid response, how to behave safely near snakes, what to do if we see a snake, lots of facts about snakes that could be in our area and much, much, more!!!

Change of details - form

Please notify us of any changes by filling in the attached form and returning it to the Front Office.

Important Dates

18 NovemberSAPSASA Metro Athletics Carnival
26 NovemberAquatics - Years 6 & 7
27 NovemberAssembly - Student Leader Handover 2:40pm
4 DecemberColour FUN Run - Lap-a-thon
9 December

Year 7 Graduation

11 DecemberEnd of school - Early dismissal 2:10pm

External School Review Report 2020

We are delighted to share with you our External School Review Report 2020.  The report highlights the outstanding achievement of our school in meeting the previous three directions.  

These were:

Direction 1: Raise student learning outcomes and school performance through regular and systematic self-review processes that considers various data to inform strategic approaches to learning improvement at the classroom and school levels.

Direction 2: Extend levels of student challenge and engagement in their learning by establishing and implementing agreed and effective pedagogical practices consistently across all classes, and monitored and supported through teacher performance development and review processes.

Direction 3: Further engage Governing Council and parent groups in understanding and supporting the improvement agenda identified for the school through a strategic and aligned partnership that encourages transparency and collaborative endeavour.

We are now beginning to plan and implement strategies through our ongoing improvement cycle to meet the new three directions. 

The new directions are:

Direction 1: Further strengthen self-review processes by effectively evaluating the impact of actions and strategies on student outcomes, to refine and consolidate effective practice consistently across the school.

Direction 2: Ensure pedagogical coherence and seamless transition points for learners by embedding agreed, high-yield practices consistently across the school for literacy and numeracy.

Direction 3: Develop student agency in learning, by regularly sharing assessments with students and strengthening timely and effective feedback to and from students, that enables teachers to improve their practice and students to become self-drivers in their own improvement.

Many thanks must go to the staff, Governing Council, parent community and students for your support of the changes across the school that have enabled us to demonstrate improvement and meet the directions to a high degree. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Governing Council, Justine Langley, Cassie Kopias or I.

Kind Regards

Jodie Kingham 



Colour FUN Run

Our Clapham Colour FUN Run will take place at 1:45pm on Friday 20 November, Week 6 on the soccer oval. Please note change o date is due to late notice of High School transition days by some of our local High Schools.  Students will need to navigate obstacle courses and complete as many laps as possible within the 45 minute time frame. This year we will have ‘colour stations’ to add some fun!

Funds raised will go towards the installation of asphalt activities – rubber markings that will promote physical activity and encourage children to play together. These will be done when our new asphalt is laid.   

Prizes will be given to the top fundraiser, and each student who completes the most laps per class. Information and sponsor forms were sent home last term.

Staffing Update for 2021

Recently we have advertised two permanent teaching positions, these positions were: Japanese (2 days a week) and R-2 Special Options.

We are delighted to announce that Bridget Dyson has been successful in winning the R-2 Special Options position and we welcome Reena Aftab to Clapham Primary in 2021 as the successful applicant for Japanese.  Congratulations Bridget and Reena.

Jasmin Hodson (SSO) will be returning next year 3 days a week in the Front Office.  Sam Topperwien (SSO) has recently been successful in winning a further 12 month position in our Front Office.  Congratulations Sam!

We are also very excited for Tahnee Manuel. Tahnee has won a Coordinators position - Personalised Learning Leader at Underdale High School. Congratulations Tahnee!

Governing Council News


The following is a brief update of each sub-committee:

Facilities: Many upgrades are coming and have been completed. Firstly, the Roof Upgrade has now been completed.  Projects that are progressing:

1. Air-conditioner upgrade: Engineers are starting to plan for the air-conditioner upgrade (21 air-conditioners).  

2.  Disability Access and Pathways: The architect has been approved to proceed with the Design and Documentation stage.

3. Bitumen surfacing upgrade:  Planning is underway to start this works as soon as possible.  (Area on the Northern side of West Wing Building) will be upgraded and some other smaller areas.

After School Sports:  Our Year 2/3 team has started training and playing mini-games in our gym every Monday. They are enjoying the opportunity to learn the rules of the game and develop new skills and confidence. Thanks Jai, Carli and Mel for volunteering as coaches and team manager.

OSHC Advisory Sub-Committee:  Happy Haven has a new logo and colour scheme. They will provide promotional materials such as a new Family Handbook to families shortly.

Events (Fundraising): Next meeting is on Thursday 19th November at 3:30pm - contact school if you wish to join via zoom. Our annual FUN Run will happen on Friday 20th November - this year we will have a splash of COLOUR with powered colour dyes. This will be a student and staff only event. Students can wear old casual clothes - preferably white to make the most of the colour explosion. 

Education and Communication Committee:  Next meeting Monday 30th November at Nine 8 on Bank at 2:30pm. TBC

Finance:  The M&S Levy has been set for 2021 at $410, polling is currently in process.   The school is now planning the interim budget for 2021. 


Australian Sports Camps - School Holiday Camps

For more information please see attached flyer.

Mitcham's Christmas Festival