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Hindmarsh Edition 22: Term 3 Week 2

What you'll find in this weeks Newsletter

  • Message from the Principal
  • Welcome to our Newest Learner
  • Mary MacKillop Liturgy
  • Sacramental Celebrations
  • Parent/Caregiver School Survey
  • Book Week is almost here!
  • Upcoming P&F Meeting
  • Overseas born students
  • Mini Vinnies 
  • Listen to our Podcast
  • Digital Technology at St Joseph's
  • Community Service Award Recipients
  • Parenting Ideas
    Article: What to do when life feels overwhelming
    Article: Supporting a highly sensitive child

Diary Dates

Monday 8th August

❤️ Mary MacKillop Feast Day 
✝️ Liturgy at 9.15 am in the Hall
🎉 In-class activities and shared lunch

Monday 8th - Thursday 11th August💬 Optional Parent-Teacher Interviews
Wednesday 10th August🎭 Wakakirri Performance at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Thursday 11th August🏃‍♂️ SACPSSA Cross Country
Monday 15th August

💙 Assumption of Mary
🧑‍🔬 National Science Week

Friday 26th August🧙 Book Week Parade 
Thursday 29th September🏃‍♀️ Sports Day
These dates are subject to change.

Term Dates

Term 3Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September
Term 4Monday 17th October - Thursday 15th December

From the Principal

Dear community members,

Thank you to all those parents and caregivers who have taken the time to make me feel welcome to the school community. Please continue to introduce yourself often and I look forward to getting to know each of you as we partner together in the education of your child.

I have very much enjoyed meeting the children also, who are proving to be very friendly and welcoming despite their sadness at having to say goodbye to their beloved Principal Maria D’Aloia and welcome a new one into their midst.

Play Space Redevelopment News

I am thrilled to announce that we finally have a signed contract to proceed with the building works that will result in a new, amazing play space. Whilst we have had to make some modifications for budget to meet current costings, I am very confident that the overall aesthetics, quality and adventure will not be compromised. Grounds work is due to start in early November and Stage 1 of the two-stage project should be complete ready for the 2023 school year.  It is intended that Stage 2 will be complete by the end of Term 2.

Welcome to our Newest Learners

It was an exciting week in both our Pre-School and in our Reception classes as new learners joined our community. 

At the Pre-School we welcomed Leo, Samuel, Zac, Akshara, Ayaansh, Stefan, Elliot, Lac, Pranav, Ryder, Jacon, Layla, Alina, Bethel, Lachlan, Oakley, Judd, Azalia, Harry, Leni, Adit, Aubrey, Aiden, Lewis, Pager, Lucas, Charlotte and Sophia.

To our Reception classes we welcomed Xavier F, Jacob H, Jensen, Dominik, Harper, Stephanie, Prisha, Charlie, Benjamin, Deborah, Georgia, Evan, Claire, Jordan, Thomas, Zainab, Jazleen, Xavier V and Krithik.

Mary MacKillop Liturgy

Monday August 8 is the feast day of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Mary, Australia’s first canonised saint, was the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph and she herself founded many of our Catholic schools in South Australian.  St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh was founded in 1928 by the Sisters of St Joseph nineteen years after Mary MacKillop’s death in 1909. 

We will celebrate St Mary’s feast day with a whole school liturgy in our Hall at 9:15am.  All are welcome to attend. Our learners will continue the celebration after the liturgy with a buddy activity focusing on Mary MacKillop's life and faith.

Sacramental Celebrations

Several our learners are preparing for the celebration of the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion through our Parish and supported by their parents. Preparation sessions continue to occur across the coming weeks, with celebrations occurring at the Parish Mass on Sunday August 28 with the Archbishop of Adelaide, Patrick O’Regan. We keep Lucas, Jada, Zoe, Chelsea, Nikolai, Rocco, Jake, Joey, Emily and Chiara in our prayers as they prepare to become fully initiated members of the Catholic community.

Living Learning Leading Parent/Caregiver Survey

Parents and caregivers have been invited to provide feedback on the performance of St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh via the Living Learning Leading Survey.  I ask that you find three to five minutes to complete this as your response will provide valuable information to help us reflect on our school and plan forward to make St Joseph’s School the best it can be.  Students from Year 2-6 and all staff will also have the opportunity to complete a survey designed to enable them to have a voice in our school improvement.

A link and log in code has been provided to all families via email and the Skoolbag app.

Leadership Contact Details

Marianne Farrugia
Assistant to the Principal
Rita Garreffa
Leadership Support
Diana Comitogianni

School News

Book Week is almost here!

In Week 5 we will be celebrating Book Week and the much loved dress up parade will be Friday 26th August. Students are invited to wear something related to this year's theme 'Dreaming With Eyes Open', or a book character, for the parade.

Parents & Friends Committee

We need your help! 

P&F have a number of events coming up including Grandparents day, Fathers day and Sports day. If you can lend a hand we'd love to see you at our next meeting on Monday 8/8/22 at 6pm in the staff room.

Overseas Born Students

If your child was born in a country other than Australia we are required to hold copies of current VISA’s.  If your resident status has changed to ‘citizen’ it is imperative that you provide us with copies of your Australian Passport and Citizen certificate.  

Every August we are required to complete an Australian Government Census which includes reporting how many students attend our school who hold VISA’s to determine eligibility to attend Government funded schools.

If your VISA has expired, conditions have changed or you status is now that of an Australian citizen please bring your original documents into the Office as a matter of priority so we can update our records.  If our records are not current or we are unable to determine your eligibility to access Government funded schooling you may be charged the overseas full fee paying student rate per year.

School Highlights

Mini Vinnies News

Our Mini Vinnies group organised last term for families to donate food items for the Adelaide Refugee Support Incorporated. This week they were able to meet with Linda, who thanked them for their efforts and how their contributions will be donated to a family of 13 who arrived in Adelaide two weeks ago. Like some other refugee families, they arrived with nothing - no food or money. 

The Mini Vinnies group will continue to do their part in helping the community.

🎙 Listen to our Podcast

Last term, our School Captains Massimo and Arsema, along with Miss Taormina, attended the 'Podcasting Leaders Day' held at the Catholic Education Office. 

Massimo and Arsema worked with students from other schools to create a podcast that included three mystery sounds. They only had one shot to record their podcast, no editing! With the help of special guest Jodie Oddy (from NOVA) and podcasting legend Ira Glass, students enjoyed the challenge and the experience of being able to network with so many experts and with their peers from other schools.

Check out the podcasts Massimo and Arsema created by clicking here

Digital Technology at St Joseph's

This term our learners, along with their teachers will have the opportunity to engage in STEM learning with Maria Apostolou who has many skills to share in this area. Maria has co-planned with teachers to enhance the curriculum through STEM and each learning team will have a different focus.  Stay connected to your class Seesaw to see how our learners are engaging with the technology to enhance their learning.   

Digital Tech: Receptions

Children can learn easy programming skills while setting Bee-Bot’s course, as well as designing their own adventures for Bee-Bot to take part in.

Bee-Bot is a great resource to support the development of computing skills:

  • Introduction to sequencing and control
  • Develops positional and directional language
  • Program sequences and repetitions
  • Understand algorithms
  • Design, write and debug programs
  • Detect and correct errors in programs
  • Supports development of fine motor skills
  • Bot-Bot can be used across the curriculum for engaging learning.

Digital Tech: Year 1/2's

📖 Create a digital eBook with Book Creator

Book Creator is an easy-to-use tool for making multimedia digital books. Create Read Publish

Students will be able to

  • Create: combine text, audio, video, drawings and photos
  • Read: have your book read to you in multiple languages, with word highlighting and page turning
  • Publish: share your book online, download as an ePub file or print it as a PDF.

Digital Tech: Year 3/4's

🏙 Building a digital city with Minecraft Education

You may already be familiar with Minecraft, a popular game where players collaborate and build creatively with blocks in immersive 3D worlds.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a game based learning platform that builds STEM skills, unleashes creativity and engages students in collaboration and problem-solving. Minecraft helps educators meet students where they are and inspires deep, meaningful learning across subjects.  

Digital Tech: Year 5/6's

🌐 Designing a website for their business

Wix Education is a free platform and suite of resources to teach web creation, design, and development in classrooms. 

Year 5/6 Leadership Initiative

Supporting good leadership and a respectful and happy school community

Year 5/6 Leadership Initiative

Each year we encourage and invite our senior students to demonstrate a personal commitment to service and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to their school community to which they belong. 

In doing so, the Year 5/6 students have the opportunity, to be recognised for their efforts and acts of service as they work to lead and direct others in such a way as to bring credit and ‘positive change’ to self and St Joseph’s School.

During Term 1, we reintroduced a leadership initiative program through the ‘School Community Service Award.’

How does it work?
Commencing from Term 1 this year, students who wish to participate in this initiative, will be required to complete 3 ‘community service acts’ within the school community.

They will also be required to complete each ‘service act’ on 3 different occasions throughout the term.  As evidence, class teachers and/or school staff will be required to date and authorise confirmation and completion of their service. 

In addition to completing 3 different ‘acts of service,’ the Year 5/6 students will also be expected to consistently maintain and uphold a high standard of leadership qualities, skills and behaviour.

Term 2 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following students from the senior unit who have led and are continuing to lead the school community with responsibility, maturity and positive role modelling.

They have met the expectations of the senior unit and have also shown leadership and initiative by serving others in a number of community service activities. 

The students should feel very proud of their achievements and we look forward to their continued service and positive role modelling during the course of the school year.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”

Parenting Ideas

Article: What to do when life feels overwhelming

Being a parent is awesome. But it's also exhausting. Here's what to do when it all feels a bit too hard. (A love note from Turia Pitt)

Article: Supporting a highly sensitive child

Does your child seem sensitive to just about everything? Perhaps your child is highly sensitive. Around 30% of kids are highly sensitive. With supportive parenting these kids can flourish.

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St Joseph's School Hindmarsh

At St Joseph’s Hindmarsh, learning is co-constructed and dynamic.  Learners are encouraged to IMAGINE, DISCOVER and CREATE and to make meaningful connections with their world.  

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