Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

18th June, 2020

From the Leadership Team

Staff Learning

On our Pupil Free Day in Week 7, our teachers were able to collaborate and have deep conversations about learning.

Teachers worked on building up their skills around moderation. Moderation helps teachers to be more consistent with our expectations of students. Our professional learning also included discussion of different assessment strategies and ways to document the links between assessment tasks and the Australian Curriculum.

It was great to have the time to have professional discussions on this important topic. Teachers worked in year level teams to reflect on  their teaching , learning and assessment so far this year, as well as discussing the impact of COVID -19, on our 2020 calendar.  We will keep exploring how we can continue to provide a wide range of experiences in 2020, while acknowledging that many of our scheduled ideas and events cannot take place in the time we have left...we could simply not squeeze it all in!  We believe our students will benefit more if  we select some of the planned events and do them well.  

As a part of the day’s professional learning, our SSOs participated in a session with our Special Educator. This learning focused on some practical strategies that can be used to support students who find the yard and playtimes difficult. We are looking forward to putting our new learning into practice.

Reporting to Families.

Mid Year Reports will be sent home in week 10 of this term.  During this reporting period, the Covid-19 pandemic occurred resulting in many students undertaking home learning programs. The grade (or word equivalent) represents the teacher’s ‘on-balance judgement’ based on evidence of achievement against the relevant Australian Curriculum achievement standard for Semester One. Class teachers will write a general comment about student achievement.

During Term 3 week 2 we are planning to offer optional parent – teacher discussions to provide families and teachers with an opportunity to follow up any further discussion that may arise from the Mid Year Reports. 

COVID-19 Update

While restrictions are easing across the community there are a range of restrictions we have been advised to continue at school. These will continue to be reviewed over the next couple of weeks.

  • Parents are asked to continue to drop and collect their children from the gates, rather than enter the school grounds to help maintain our state's success in flattening the curve and reducing the transmission of Corona virus.
  • We  continue to remind parents to please not enter buildings
  • The canteen services will continue to be restricted to online orders only. There will be no face to face serving or sales at recess or lunchtime
  • Please do not sending any child to school who is not well. We are trying to keep our community safe and well so any child who is unwell at school will be sent home.

From Monday 29th June , parents, volunteers and other service providers may again enter our school grounds. More detailed information about how that will look for our community will be communicated next week.

We will advise our community of any further changes. 

Thank you for your ongoing support with this. 

2021 Receptions

We are already beginning to start our planning for next year, we would like to know about children starting school next year. Children who turn 5 between May 1st 2020 and April 30th 2021 are able to start school at the beginning of 2021. This is the only intake of Reception students for the year. Please  see the flier below or contact the school if you have a child who will be starting school next year and, if you know of others please encourage them to do the same.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge:

J3   Luca, Deakon, Kai, Janiesha, Sophia, Gabriella, Alice, Lucas. S, Ella, Kawdhi, Kishin, Sahar, Zac, Haylee, Kyle, Natik, Oneli, Aarav, Abby, Lucas.V, Kelan.

J5   Lynton, Akira, Noah, Indy, Oscar, Jessica, Tyler, Dino, Akindu, Anabelle, Cameron, Shlok, Mia, Amadeus, Isabella, Finn, Aidan, Nithila, Amalie, Archer, Violet, Xinyao.

J6   Ethan & Sabby

P2   Ebony, Max, Jace, Evan, Jackson, Andy, Hadley, Ava, Oliver, Cameron, Sujan. 

P4   Josh

P5   Finn

P6   Angas

P8   Rutva & Zenia

P10   James.W & Hayden

P11  Branson & Eade

P14   Jasmine, Cooper, Aryan & Dristi

Scholastic Prize Winner

Congratulations to Bailey Bishop from P5. Bailey won a book prize from Scholastic for reading the most number of words in Term 1 at our school as part of the Literacy Pro scheme that is run from Years 3-7.

As a school we read an average of over 30,000 words per student for the term.

Crossing Monitors

WEEK 9  -  Samantha (P8), Rayhan (P11), Isaac (P12)

WEEK 10 - Emma (P5), Paige (P8), Larissa (P14)


Canteen News

The Canteen Winter Menu can be found on the Qkr app, Skoolbag app or on the Dernancourt School R-7 internet page.

Some popular items for the past couple of weeks have been Toasties, Cottage Pie, Pizza and Garlic Bread just to name a few. Snacks can also be purchased to go with the lunch orders.

Reminder: All orders must be placed via the Qkr app before 9:15am. We are unable to accept cash or late orders. Please DO NOT text or phone orders in.

Thank you for your support - Tracy 




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