Tumut High School Term 2

Issued 1 July 2022

Respect, Responsibility, Safety

Relieving Principal's Message

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school community for the ongoing support during what has been quite a difficult term.
The  impacts of COVID-19 continue to interrupt what we consider as normal. Illnesses for students and staff have significantly impacted teaching and learning over the term. Numerous classes have been unable to be covered due to a shortage of staff. Hopefully this statewide issue will be addressed sooner rather than later.
We thank you for your patience with this and applaud those students who have actively engaged in the learning provided through Google Classrooms.
I would like to thank families for following the COVID-19 protocols and keeping students at home when unwell. This has meant that we have only had to return one year group to online learning which is significantly better than many other schools. Please continue to keep students home who are exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms and test for COVID-19.
On a sad note, today marks the last day of Mr. Lotter's time at Tumut High School. He has made a significant contribution to the PDHPE faculty and broader school community and will be missed by both students and staff. I wish him all the best back in his substantive position at Tumut Public School.
I hope all of our community has a safe and enjoyable holiday break.
Regards, Mr Brad Taylor, Relieving Principal

Term 2 Year 12 Course Highlights by Abbey

There have been a number of course highlights for every student in Year 12 this term.

A specific highlight for me has been during the infectious disease unit in Biology, when we hosted an ‘infection party’ to demonstrate the spread of disease and using agar plates with swabs and water to detect bacteria in our environment.

Visual Arts student, Bethany, has shared that she enjoyed the Sculpture Trail excursion students partook in as well as their collaboration with artist Elyssa Sykes.

Music students, Samantha, Lexie, Ethan and Nate have had fun performing at the Tumut Brewery on the 21st of June and Lexie particularly enjoyed participating in multiple study days in Wagga, in which both her and Nate performed at, allowing them to develop their understanding of the HSC music course.

Agriculture students also enjoyed their excursion to the Wagga Sale Yards, CSU and REEC in May.

The Year 12 Construction class have been working on a dog kennel and Jack has especially enjoyed the process of creating this project throughout the term.

We are fortunate at Tumut High to have so many course options and we are always learning in many settings, not just in the classroom but our course related excursions as well.  On behalf of all our students I would like to say thank you to our teachers who organise extra learning opportunities for us with both incursions and excursions.

All of these highlights have made this term special for Year 12 students and we all look forward to what our final term of school has in store for us.

Term 2 Sport Highlights by Gemma

There are multiple sporting opportunities at Tumut High School which provide students with the opportunity to compete at different levels. Such opportunities allow students to represent the school in a responsible, respectful and safe way.

A large number of students in our school have been selected in a variety of sporting teams this term including reaching Riverina and State level representation. Congratulations to all.

I was a member of the Riverina Netball team and enjoyed playing in the school State Championships held in Sydney. Being able to have the opportunity to represent Tumut High and Riverina playing the sport I love at a state level is incredible. Having the opportunity to play at a higher level and against extremely talented players from all over NSW is just such a privilege for me. The whole three days were filled with personal learning and so much fun. The whole experience of travelling up and meeting the new girls on my team and making new friendships I am grateful for.  I am so thankful for public education to allow me to have this opportunity that I will never forgot.

I would like to encourage everyone to take up a sporting opportunity as it is so much fun and you’ll be so thankful that you rose to the challenge.

On behalf of the students I would like to extend our appreciation to all the staff who organise and coach our sporting teams. Your commitment to sport is highly valued by many students.

You can read more about our sporting success in this newsletter below under the heading 'THS Sporting Success'.

Term 2 Year 12 Highlights by Daniel

The term was another busy term for Year 12’s with lots of educational and career-based opportunities offered. Early in the term, we were offered the opportunity to head out to the Tumut Airport where we undertook a safe driving course with Snowy Hydro. It was an extremely helpful day that was focused on instilling safe driving skills in the specific driving environment around Tumut. We also got to practise using the ABS in a safe environment, which was loads of fun doing. 

Throughout the term we have also gone to multiple different career talks and expositions including a Careers Expo in Wagga, Snowy Hydro talk at school, Australian Defence Force S.T.E.M day in Wagga, and many other future career related talks.

These opportunities to obtain career information were actually some of the best times during the term. They were fun bus rides that provided a nice break from the day to day life of school and at the very least, were helpful in giving us a bit more of an idea about what jobs there are for us.

One of the best trips so far this term for Year 12 was probably the University of Wollongong Discovery day. For this trip we travelled down to Wollongong with other schools from the area and stayed the night on the University Campus before a day of experiencing Uni life. We got to learn more about the subjects, sports and daily life and to get a taste of what we could be doing in the future. The Uni also played the first 'State of Origin' match in one of the Lecture halls creating a fun environment to watch the footy with hundreds of other students.

On behalf of all our students I would like to thank our teachers for providing unlimited education for us all whilst giving us unforgettable memories of our school life at Tumut High. Our teachers are always looking out for us and supporting us to be our best.

Term 2 was full of many highlights for me and the rest of Year 12 - now we have the task of preparing for our trial HSC that will be commencing early next term. 

Term 2 SRC Highlights by Keely

This term Tumut High’s Student Representative Council (SRC) were able to celebrate their leadership roles at the SRC Induction Ceremony. We were grateful to be able to do this for the first time in three years due to COVID and each student was presented with a badge. SRC students were joined afterwards by their parents to enjoy a morning tea, with hospitality students serving beverages. This was a great way to celebrate with friends and family.

A fundraiser we participated in this term was Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, in support of the Cancer Council, raising just over $500. This was a big event, with SRC students baking and selling their baked goods to students and staff. I loved being a part of this event as the whole school got on board and it was a very happy and fun experience!

It is nice to see our Tumut High students reflecting on our PBL values by showing responsibility in supporting such an important cause. On behalf of all our students I would like to thank the teachers and staff at Tumut High for allowing us to have a student voice and who also join in with us on our fundraisers.

SRC "Biggest Morning Tea" for Cancer Council

What's On

Dates for you to remember

- Monday, 18 July: Staff Development Day

- Monday, 18 July: Tumut High School Parent Meeting in Wellbeing Hub at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and find out what is happening for Term 3.

- Tuesday, 19 July: Students return for Term 3

- Friday, 22 July: NAIDOC assembly

- Wednesday, 3 August: Junior CAPA Concert night performance

- Thursday, 11 August: Senior CAPA Concert night performance

Stay up to date with dates to remember on our school website, Skoolbag and Facebook page.

School Notices

THS Podcasters - Axel, Melodie and Allie

Year 10 students are broadening their English lessons with our Student Mentor Maddy and collaborating with staff to produce THS podcasts. The topics are conversations related to Reconciliation Week, with staff and students sharing their stories and understandings of the theme 'Be Brave - Make Change'.

THS podcasts follow this theme, as a student driven podcast, it is an attempt to do exactly that - be BRAVE and make CHANGE.

Please enjoy the first episode featuring Mr Michael Mitchell, Head Teacher CAPA with Year 10 hosts Allie and Mel!

THS Podcast No. 2 - "Be Brave - Make Change"Interview by Year 10 students Mel, Allie and Axel with PE teacher Mr Lotter who shares his story on teaching at both primary and high schools.
THS Podcast No. 3 'Be Brave - Make Change' with Mr Ellyard and Aunty Winnie. Presented by Year 10 students Allie, Mel and Axel they ask about the history of our school house names: Hume, Phillip and Macquarie and talk about the Wiradjuri Education Team at THS.
THS Podcast No.4 presented by Year 10 students Axel, Allie and Mel. In line with 'Reconciliation Week' theme for 2022 they interviewed Year 9 students Bella, Ashley and Jayda who were kind enough to share their personal stories of being brave and making change.
THS Podcast No.5 - Year 10 students Melodie, Allie and Axel have a conversation about diversity and inclusivity at Tumut High sharing their own school experiences and how they are following the 2022 'Reconciliation Week' theme 'Be Brave - Make Change' in their own lives.

PBL = Positive Behaviour for Learning

It was impressive to see the large number of THS Values Awards presented at the Semester 1 Report Assemblies across Year 7 to Year 12. This award is presented to students who display our school values at all times in all courses and all settings at school.

These values of respect, responsibility and safety - can be applied to all settings including when students are not at school over the holidays.

'Word of the Week' at Tumut High School.


Check out our THS Facebook Page for videos from our talented music students from all years - https://www.facebook.com/TumutHighSchool

During this term Year 12 Music students Lexie Oag, Nate Wood and Ethan Leinonen attended the Senior Music Study day in Wagga with teacher Mr Britt. The students extended their understanding of the concepts of music and explored music as an art form through performance, musicology, composition and aural activities in preparation for their HSC exams.

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Sentral Parent Portal provides all of this information and more.

Follow the link attached to download the app; https://www.sentral.com.au/parents

If you require any assistance with using Sentral Parent Portal please phone the office on 6947 0600.

Careers at THS

Just a reminder that we have a Tumut High School website dedicated to careers. The website has a plethora of information including the weekly 'Careers Newsletters'.

(Please note the 'Careers Newsletters' will no longer be emailed to families.)

Visit: tumuthighcareers.com

Careers caught on camera

University Early Entry success

Congratulations to Year 11 student Tameika for participating in the Australian Catholic University Uni Step-Up program.

The aim of the program is to experience university life by studying two first-year units while you are still in senior secondary school. Students can study units in either Health Science, Business or Exercise Science.

The benefits of the program are:-

* Receive credit for a university degree: get credit for related undergraduate courses at ACU.

* There is no charge: complete two university units HECS free.

* Get a head start for university: test out a subject area and develop your skills in academic writing and referencing.

* Pathway to further study: participants who successfully complete two Uni Step-Up units may be eligible to receive an unconditional direct entry offer to a mapped ACU course.

Tameika has studied the unit HLSZ120 Indigenous Health and Culture this Semester and now has an unconditional offer/early entry to study at ACU. So wonderful when students take advantage of the amazing opportunities available to them and why it is important to read career newsletters and emails.

Master Classes at THS

Jessica from Year 12 has successfully completed the Year 12 Summer Master Classes over January and April this year with the University of Wollongong.

Jessica completed a six-point university level subject online (STEM001 Sustainable Futures through Maths, Physics and Engineering) and achieved a High Distinction.

This is amazing achievement and is a credit to her commitment, resilience and fortitude to perform so well. Congratulations Jessica.

Tumut High School Resource Centre News

A reminder Tumut High School also has a dedicated website for the Resource Centre.

This website has been developed to increase the visibility of the resources and services that we provide and also as a venue to extend, expand and change what we offer in response to our ever changing information environment. It is currently an information space (About us and Resources), literary space (Reading) and instruction space (Research). It aspires to also be a presentation space (celebrating the participation, performance and publishing of our learning community), curriculum space (Curriculum) and social space (Community).

To access you can click on the blue circle on our website page or follow this link;


Resource Centre photos

Clontarf Foundation Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter attached for all the news from the Tumut High School Clontarf boys.

eSafety Commissioner

Please familiarise yourself with this invaluable website which offers help for all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online.

Includes information on tech trends and challenges, community education, parent webinars and how to reduce the risk of technology facilitated abuse.


Student stories and Student successes

Drama Camp

The Riverina Secondary Drama Camp is a residential camp for public school students from Year 8 to Year 11 with an interest in drama.
The camp provides students with intensive playbuilding sessions and a diverse range of performance skill-development workshops, all delivered by specialised professional tutors.

We had 7 students attend from THS and they all loved the experience.

THS Chess

This term our THS Chess Team played against The Riverina Anglican College going down in 4 games.

The students learned that chess is a game requiring critical thinking, analysis and reflection in order to improve.

The team all agreed that it was fun to be involved and Coach Ms Noordermeer noted they are now very motivated to improve and are challenging each other on an online platform to continue practising.

Special thanks to Ms Noordermeer for organising and coaching the THS Chess team.

Chess competitors

"THS Radio News" presented each Thursday during school terms around 1:40pm on 'Sounds of the Mountains'

Year 7 Semester 1 Report Assembly

Congratulations to all Year 7 students who received their Semester 1 school reports. Well done to students who were also presented with THS Values, High Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence along with Encouragement Awards. Thank you to family members for attending and sharing in this acknowledgement of our student success.

More photos are on our Facebook page;


Year 7 Awards

Year 7 Visual Arts

Year 7 MTVA

Year 8 Semester 1 Report Assembly

Congratulations to all Year 8 students who received their Semester 1 school reports. Well done to students who were also presented with THS Values, High Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence along with Encouragement Awards. Thank you to family members for attending and sharing in this acknowledgement of our student success.

More photos are on our Facebook page;


Year 8 Awards

Year 8 Mandatory Technology Visual Arts

Year 9 Semester 1 Report Assembly

Congratulations to all Year 9 students who received their Semester 1 school reports. Well done to students who were also presented with THS Values, High Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence along with Encouragement Awards. Thank you to family members for attending and sharing in this acknowledgement of our student success.

More photos are on our Facebook page;


Year 9 Awards

Year 9

Year 10 Semester 1 Report Assembly

Congratulations to all Year 10 students who received their Semester 1 school reports. Well done to students who were also presented with THS Values, High Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence along with Encouragement Awards. Thank you to family members for attending and sharing in this acknowledgement of our student success.

More photos are on our Facebook page;


Year 10 Awards

Year 11 Semester 1 Report Assembly

Congratulations to all Year 11 students who received their Semester 1 report at the assembly today.

Further congratulations to students on receiving THS Encouragement Awards and the THS Values, High Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence Awards.

Thank you to our parents and families of Year 11 who supported our students in acknowledging their success. Thanks also to students Clare, Nieve, Alisha and Noah for announcing at the assembly and to Bridget who gave the Acknowledgement of Country.

More photos are on our THS Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/TumutHighSchool

Year 11 Awards

Year 11

Year 12

Year 12 Semester 1 Report Assembly

Congratulations to all Year 12 students who received their Semester 1 school reports. Well done to students who were also presented with THS Values, High Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence along with Encouragement Awards. Thank you to family members for attending and sharing in this acknowledgement of our student success.

More photos are on our Facebook page;


Year 12 Awards

THS Community Involvement

  • Well done to our students Joshua, Katie, Samantha and Kiandra who assisted with the running of the Adelong Public School Athletics Carnival. THS is proud of you all for your community involvement.

  • Great to see staff and students out and about within the community. Music teacher Mr Britt joined Year 12 students Nate, Sam and Ethan to perform on 'Make Music Day' at a local venue. Reports were they were awesome as always.
  • Year 11 boys Archie, Sonny and Nico officiated for primary school soccer with the game played between Franklin and Tumut Public Schools.

Community Happy Snaps

Staff Happy Snaps

Textile Techniques with Ms Steman

THS Sporting Success

THS '75th Annual Athletics Carnival'

What a great day in the sun for our students and staff at our '75th' Annual Athletics Carnival held on May 6th. Thank you to all our staff for organising and running the day. Thank you to the ladies for operating the canteen. Thank you to all the teachers who took fun fotos to capture the good times. Thank you especially to our students for actively participating.

Visit our website to view these happy snaps of a great day;



HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Indi from Year 11 on her selection in the Australian Athletics Team to compete at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Indi at just 16, will become the youngest member of the Australian athletics squad. THS is so very proud of your achievement Indi and we will all be cheering for you at THS.

You can read more on this exciting news here; 


CROSS COUNTRY - Athletes to compete at All Schools Cross Country Championships in Term 3





Girls Rugby 7's

Big Congratulations to our THS Girls Rugby 7's teams who competed in Round 1 of the knockout this term. Results are Year 11/12 girls came 2nd along with Year 7/8 girls for both teams to qualify for finals in Canberra to be played in Term 3. We had 4 Year 9/10 girls join another team for the day coming 4th overall.

Coaches Mrs Weston and Miss Norton commented on the results being an incredible achievement by all players. Congratulations girls.

Boys Rugby 7's

Well done to our boys representing THS at the Rugby 7's in Wagga. Year 7/8 boys came 5th. Year 9 boys were very impressive coming 3rd with only 4 THS players!

Congratulations to the Year 11/12 boys who lost the Grand Final by only 1 try and qualified for the next round to be played in Canberra.

Thanks to our super coaches Mrs Weston and Mr Lotter who commented on how hard all the boys worked in every game.



Congratulations to Year 11 student Eddie who has been selected in the NSW Team to compete at the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships to be held in Brisbane during Term 3.

Eddie will be swimming 50m free, 50m back, 50m fly and part of both the NSW 4x50m free and medley relay teams.

Eddie's selection follows on from his strong performance at the NSW All Schools Championships held in early June. 

Eddie was also the recipient of the NSWCHS Regional Achievers Award for Riverina which was presented at the NSWCHS State Championships.

Well done Eddie. THS is very proud of your achievement reaching such a high representative level.



We love hearing about the successes of our students.

Please feel free to share any good news stories you have with us via email;


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Community Announcements

July School Holiday Activities with Snowy Valleys Council

COMPACT - Post School Skills

Thriving Teens Workshop

Community Trivia Night

Community Career Opportunity

Hospitality Industry training

AVCAT Scholarships


Tumut High School

We would like to pay our respects and acknowledge Wiradjuri and Wolgalu people, the traditional custodians of the land and also pay respect to Elders both past, present and future.

Respect, Responsibility, Safety