Hammondville Public School Newsletter

Issue 7 - Term 1, Week 8 - Monday 16th March 2020

A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Week 8

Welcome to a new week parents, carers and students. I would like to thank you for your support in the current social climate in regards to COVID-19. We are working very hard to put social distancing measures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff.

The advice given has been that any staff or students who are unwell with respiratory illness are to stay home. This may mean that some classes will have casual teachers. I appreciate your understanding in this matter at this time.

As Mark Scott announced, the Department of Education will continue to stay operational for as long as possible and social distancing is a measure we can put into place to minimise the spread of any illnesses.

In accordance with this directive the following measures will be undertaken at Hammondville.

1.       Increases to hand washing and cleaning in classrooms.

2.       Students presenting with flu like symptoms at school will be sent home. If you have to give your child Panadol or Nurofen to get them through the school day, then they need to stay home.

3.       All school assemblies will be cancelled for this term.

4.       Scripture will be cancelled for the rest of this term.

5.       All whole school events will be postponed this term until an alternate date is set. This includes Anzac Day ceremony, Cross Country carnival and Easter Hat parade.

6.        PSSA is postponed until further notice as well as any zone, regional, state carnivals and zone and regional PSSA competitions.

7.       Dance rehearsals and COS group ensemble rehearsals are cancelled until further notice.  

As the situation changes we will keep you updated through the newsletter, Facebook and Skoolbag app. Again, thank you for your understanding and patience. We are following all directives and doing our utmost to keep our school community safe.

Medical Letters

Any students who have a medical condition or who have medication kept at school would have received a medical condition letter. These letters need to be completed and returned as soon as possible so that we can put the relevant process into place and notify staff. This is to ensure that in an emergency situation we have the necessary documentation and the steps to follow in relation to each medical condition. If you have a child with a medical condition and have not yet returned it, please return the letter to the office at your earliest convenience.

Harmony Day

This week, students will be involved in Harmony Day activities, due to the current social climate, activities will take place in individual’s classes where teachers will carry out lessons on inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Attendance information –Key fact

It’s important that we receive the right information on absentee notes as it will be entered into the roll, which is a legal document. The following information should be included:


Child’s name

Explanation for absence (e.g. Justin will be unable to attend school due to the flu is better than Justin will be away today)

When you expect your child to return to school

Contact details if they have recently changed

Your name

Your signature

Legally, schools are required to keep any notes explaining absences in their files. 

Mr Royce – Charity Ride

Our wonderful General Assistant Mr Royce is doing a charity bike ride from Sydney to Surfers to raise money for Youth off the Streets Charity. He would like to raise $2000.00 and so far he's raised $695.75. If you would like to support Mr Royce in his charity ride, please donate at the link below.


Positive Stars Week 7

Each week I ask teachers to send students to visit me for being a positive star. These students are chosen as they have been recognised for producing excellent work, demonstrating outstanding work habits and being exceptional learners. Well done to the following students on being Positive Stars in Week 7.  Isaac, Lilly-Anne, Josiah and Amirah from 1/2 Copper. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see more students this week. 

Have a wonderful week of learning!

Mrs Rebekah Murray

Rel. Principal

School Diary

CANCELLED Tuesday 17th March - Parent Helper Training Session 2

CANCELLED Friday 20th March - 3-6 Assembly 1:50pm

CANCELLED Friday 27th March - K-2 Assembly 9:10am

School Photo Day Postponed until Term 4


P&C Calendar of Events 2020


9th April                  EASTER RAFFLE 


7th May                    MOTHERS DAY STALL
June                          SILVER COIN CHALLENGE
26th June                 SCHOOL DISCO 


3rd Sept                    FATHERS DAY STALL


30th Oct                   HALLOWEEN DISCO
27th Nov                  CAROLS

General Information

School Office Hours of Operation

Our school office hours are 8:30am to 3:15pm.

EFTPOS Payments can be made between 8:45am - 9:00am and 2:30pm - 3:00pm.

Student AbsencesThe Education Act requires that a reason is provided to the school within 5 days of the occurrence of a student absence. 

If your child is absent from school please notify us via Skoolbag or drop a note/medical certificate in our secure letterbox on the outside of the office wall. Do not send absent notifications to the class teacher via Class Dojo.

Late Arrival/ Early DepartureAll students who are late to school must come via the office to receive a late pass, which is then to be handed to their teacher.

If you are picking up your child early from school you must visit the office first to receive an early departure pass, which you then give to your child’s teacher.

Toileting AccidentsIf your child is prone to toileting accidents please ensure that spare underwear and school clothes are kept in their bags.

If your child does borrow clothes from our school please ensure the clothes are washed and promptly returned to the office.

Nut Free RecommendationDue to severe allergies of some students at Hammondville Public School, we do recommend that parents not send their children to school with nut products, eg muesli bars, peanut butter, nutella etc.

P&C Payments

P&C payments can be made in CASH or via the MY SCHOOL CONNECT App. Canteen and uniform orders, as well as all P&C fundraising and events can now be paid via the app. Download the app via Google Play or the Apple Store, or find it online at www.myschoolconnect.com.au

PBL NEWS for Week 8

This week, classroom teachers will explicitly focus on and teach lessons from K-6 to Be safe and stay in- bounds”. It is really important that students know the correct areas where they should be in while on the school grounds, at the correct times, under teacher supervision. Keeping off the garden beds across the school, staying away from the back of classrooms where you can’t be seen or staying in classrooms without supervision are all out of bounds areas. We want all our students to be safe and therefore, stay in-bounds at all times.


At last Friday’s K-2 assembly we had our PBL Hero Tokens draw. The following lucky students all received a special prize; Ben Kerry - 1/2 Titanium, Jarryd Schipp - 1/2 Gold, Elizabeth Brown- 1/2 Silver, Deeya Raut - 1/2 Bronze, Josiah Young - 1/2 Copper, Finlay Keegan - 1/2 Platinum, Tommy Crouch - K Blue, Evelyn Willmott - K Yellow, Noah Luu - K Red, Sophie McCann - K Green.

The PBL Team

2020 Carnivals

NSW State Swimming Carnival - Monday 6 April & Tuesday 7 April 2020 CANCELLED

School Cross Country Carnival - Thursday 9 April 2020 TBA

Liverpool Zone Cross Country Carnival - Tuesday 26 May 2020

SSW Regional Cross Country Carnival - Wednesday 10 June 2020

NSW State Cross Country Carnival - Friday 24 July 2020

School Athletics Carnival - Monday 27 July 2020

Liverpool Zone Athletics Carnival - Thursday 27 August 2020

SSW Regional Athletics Carnival - Wednesday 16 September 2020

NSW State Athletics Carnival - Wednesday 28 October & Thursday 29 October 2020

Sydney South-West Swimming Carnival

Well done to the students who competed in last week's Sydney South-West Swimming Championships. Every student did their best and the school community is extremely proud of you for making it to such a competitive level.


Jayden Schipp - 3rd in 38.30

Miriam Gauld - 4th in 33.56

Kryshtof Pradeaux - 5th in 36.10

Jaxson Horton - 7th in 37.24

Shelby Whiting - 10th in 36.33

Ruby Caddy - 14th in 1:00.52


Miriam Gauld - 2nd in 43.48

Kryshtof Pradeaux - 13th in 53.33

Jaxson Horton - 13th in 55.04

Shelby Whiting - 13th in 50.43

Jayden Schipp - 14th in 59.54


Lachlan Lee - 4th in 43.10

Jayden Schipp - 5th in 47.15

Shelby Whiting - 7th in 44.22

Jaxson Horton - 8th in 46.34

Leearna Harris - 11th in 51.79

Miriam Gauld - 14th in 47.75


Jayden Schipp - 6th in 51.77

Miriam Gauld - 10th in 47.30

Kryshtof Pradeaux - 17th in 53.66

Open 100m

Miriam Gauld - 4th in 1:14.62

Shelby Whiting - 14th in 1:20.99

Individual Medley

Jayden Schipp - 6th in 3:51.05

Miriam Gauld - 9th in 3:22.31

Jaxson Horton - 9th in 3:32.25


Senior Girls Relay (Miriam Gauld, Annabelle James, Holly Salzmann, Shelby Whiting) - 3rd in 2:33.44

Senior Boys Relay (Jaxson Horton, Lachlan Lee, Daymon Schuyt, Kryshtof Pradeaux) - 5th in 2:37.84

Junior Boys Relay (Jett English, Jayden Schipp, Tyler Hanchard, Aidan McDonald) - 25th

Sporting Representatives

Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for Sydney South-West carnivals in the following sports:

Basketball (23 March) - Jack Blake, Jaxson Horton & Isabella Muc

Football - Soccer (24 March) - Isabella Gay, Emily Hartland and Annabelle James

Football - Soccer (31 March) - Justin Brown, Oliver Stajcic & Cooper Wilson

Hockey (1 April) - Miriam Gauld, Jaxson Horton, Alana Julius & Ryan Sookee

Rugby League U/11s (2 April) - Jack Blake, Jaxson Horton and Levi Latu

Rugby League Opens (4 May) - Tahlan Cavill, James Dawes, Kalani Godinet, Heath Majanggil and Kryshtof Pradeaux

Swimming - Ruby Caddy, Jett English, Miriam Gauld, Tyler Hanchard, Jaxson Horton, Annabelle James, Leearna Harris, Lachlan Lee, Aidan McDonald, Kryshtof Pradeaux, Holly Salzmann, Jayden Schipp, Daymon Schuyt & Shelby Whiting


Well done to the students who have qualified for state carnivals:

Swimming (individual) - Miriam Gauld and Jayden Schipp

Swimming (relay) - Miriam Gauld, Annabelle James, Holly Salzmann and Shelby Whiting

PSSA Results - Round 3


Juniors vs Casula: 40-0 win

Seniors vs Casula: 40-0 win


Juniors vs Wattle Grove: 71-148 loss

Seniors vs Wattle Grove: 81-85 loss

League Tag

Juniors vs Dalmeny: 2-2 draw

Juniors vs Nuwarra: 3-4 loss

Seniors vs Dalmeny: 0-1 loss  

Seniors vs Nuwarra: 4-1 win


Juniors vs Wattle Grove: 19-15 win

Player of the Match - Isla

Seniors vs Wattle Grove: 3-12 loss

Player of the Match - Isabella Gay

3-6 Cross Country Carnival

The Years 3-6 cross country carnival is to be held at school on Thursday 9 April. Students who are in Year 2 and are turning 8 are invited to attend. Students are to wear their sports uniform or their house colours. Below are the starting times:

8/9 Years Boys - 9:30 am (2 laps = 1750m)

8/9 Years Girls - 9:45 am (2 laps = 1750m)

10 Years Boys - 10:00 am (2 laps = 1750m)

10 Years Girls - 10:15 am (2 laps = 1750m)

11 Years Boys - 10:30 am (3 laps = 2250m)

11 Years Girls - 10:45 am (3 laps = 2250m)

12 Years Boys - 11:00 am (3 laps = 2250m)

12 Years Girls - 11:15 am (3 laps = 2250m)

Canteen News

Tuesday Tasty Treat: - Yogurt and Fresh Fruit $1.50


Tracey & Sue

Uniform News

The uniform pool will be open Wednesday afternoon from 2:30pm- 3:00pm.


Pants, shorts are $1.00

All logo items such as shirts, zip jackets, sloppy-joes and hats are $2:00

Dresses, Parkas & Bags are $5:00

When visiting the second hand uniform shop it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring small change with you. There is nothing over $5.00. Also any items purchased from the uniform pool must be paid for at the office or at the Canteen.

Thank you,

Louise & Sandy

P&C News


Hammondville PS P&C:  https://www.facebook.com/hammondvillepandc/

or look up “Hammondville PS P&C”

Attention Defence Families

Defence Bank is presenting a complimentary screening of Military Wives at Ritz Cinemas in Sydney (Cinema 2) on Thursday 19 March 2020. The movie will start at 6 pm and tickets are FREE!

Ticket reservations can be made via this link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/screening-of-military-wives-thursday-19-march-at-ritz-cinemas-sydney-tickets-98135978353?aff=affiliate1

View the trailer here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLPBiYXsKPQ

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact: Adana Harding from Defence Bank on  03 8624 4710 or Adana.Harding@defencebank.com.au

DCO Liverpool are planning a PEAP (Partner Employment Assistance Program) information session for early April and would like to invite along spouses who have utilized PEAP to share their real-life experience of the program at this session.

If you have engaged with the PEAP program and would be willing to share your story with a small group of ADF spouses, please email DCO Liverpool at dco.liverpool@defence.gov.au to express your interest. 

Defence School Mentor positions

Holsworthy Public School is seeking to fill their vacant DSM position. If you are interested in applying contact the school directly for an information package

Interested applicants may obtain a copy of the DSM role description and selection criteria from the school office. Applications close Thursday 12 March with interviews on Monday 16 March.

For information relating to this position please contact Tammy Deiri (Relieving Principal) on 98251479. An information package will be available.

South Coogee Public School also has a DSM vacancy. See the current DCO Newsletter for more information or contact the school.

Education Assistance

DCO provides support to ADF member's children who may experience disruption to their education due to posting. Financial assistance is available. For more information email: education.supportprograms@defence.gov.au

or call the Defence Family Helpline 1800 624 608


Partner Employment Assistance Program aims to assist eligible ADF partners with the difficulties in finding employment on posting or when their partner is medically transitioned.

More information can be found on the DCO website or by calling the Helpline.

Defence School Mentor  Janelle Fordjanelle.j.ford@det.nsw.edu.au