Eastmont Newsletter

Issue 6, July 2019

President's Report

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

Over the holidays we had a productive working bee. Mel, Katie, Megan, Sarah, Bonnie and Cathy, plus our very special little helper, did an amazing job in the drizzly rain. The gang of Gang Gang Cockatoos in the gum tree created some extra work for us in the morning, but we cleaned up the branches and leaves they dropped. We also redistributed tanbark, swept the undercover area, neatened the garden, removed some of the agapanthus near the pergola poles and cleaned the windows.  So a big thanks to all the committee members and Eastmont families who attended the working bee.

Over the holidays, we had parts of the pergola repaired and painted.  Late last year, the State Government awarded us a grant so that we can install some outdoor blinds. Now that the pergola works have been finished, we can now get the blinds installed. 

We have had some staffing changes. Sue is our new 3yo teacher with Nithi the educator. We have now also hired a new 4yo teacher – Kate Bartlett. She will be teaching the Possums on Wednesday afternoons and on Fridays and we look forward to working with her. Please make her feel very welcome at Eastmont. 

Looking forward to a productive Term 3!

- Cassie 

(First daffodil of the year) 

Dates for your Diary

4yo Report

The children have all settled back into kinder after the term break and were eager to talk about what they did in the holidays. We welcome Kate Bartlett who will be the teacher for the Possums on Wednesday afternoons and Fridays. 

This week the children have been creating pictures using small blocks to stamp geometric shapes onto paper, inspired by the work of artist Paul Klee. The children are also developing their skills using scissors as they cut out plant and animal pictures before pasting them in their correct categories onto paper. The children are always interested in science and this week we are exploring the surface tension of water by counting how many drops can be placed on different coins.

As one of Eastmont’s sustainability initiatives we have begun a waste free lunch challenge on Tuesday and Wednesdays for the rest of the year. Thank you for supporting your child’s participation in our efforts to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

Thank you also to all the families who came and helped at the working bee before the start of term. It's always nice to come back to a tidy outdoor area and sparkling clean windows.

Friday 16th August and Monday 19th August at 10am Little Woodworkers will be visiting for an incursion. We will need some parents/grandparents to help between 10.30-11.30am. If you able to assist please add your name to the list in the foyer.

Please feel free to add comments and/or suggestions to the program next to the sign-in book or speak to Sonya or Kate.

- Sonya 

3yo Report

It has been great to hear about all of the different activities and experiences that the children had during the term holidays. The children seem happy to be back at kinder and have settled back into the routine.

This week we are decorating umbrella shapes using food dye water colour and small paint brushes. Some children have used all six colours while others have used just one colour to decorate their umbrella. The play dough, as always , has been popular together with the puzzles, free pasting and imaginary play in the home corner.

At mat time we have been singing The echo song, Shoo fly, One two three four five and some of our favourites from earlier in the year, Open shut them and Five little ducks.

Later this term Shutterbugs photography will be taking photos of the children during two of the sessions.  We will also have a dental visit from Carrington health where you will have the opportunity for your child’s teeth to be checked. More information will be available soon.

Last but not least, thank you to all the families who came to the working bee during the holidays and tidied up the outdoor area ready for the start of the term.

- Sue

Our 2019 Teachers

Our 2019 Management Committee

Director: Sonya Skok - eastmont.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au 

President: Cassie - president@eastmont.org.au

Vice President: Melissa - vicepresident@eastmont.org.au

Treasurer:  Kath - treasurer@eastmont.org.au

Secretary: Carole - secreatary@eastmont.org.au

Minutes Secretary: Singrid -minutessecretary@eastmont.org.au

Enrolment Officer (3yo): Xiao (Maggie) - enrolment3yo@eastmont.org.au

Enrolment Officer (4yo): Katie - enrolment4yo@eastmont.org.au

Social/Fundraising Coordinator: Megan - fundraising@eastmont.org.au

Grants/Policy/OHS: Sarah - grantspolicyohs@eastmont.org.au

Projects/Maintenance: Jawad - projects@eastmont.org.au

Communications Officer: Bronwyn - communications@eastmont.org.au

Administrative Officer: Lynette Ellis - admin@eastmont.org.au


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