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22nd October 2019 Term 4 Week 2

Address: 158 Katoomba Street Katoomba

Phone:     4780 6800



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A Message From Mr Geerligs

Dear Parents Families and Friends

Welcome everyone to the last term for 2019. I pray that it was a good break. This term has many things planned especially the finally for Year 6 and their Graduation.

The first Sunday in October, the Parish bulletin at Lawson had a really great reflection, that I thought was very applicable to everyone.

“Doing our Duty: - Advertisements sometimes suggest that our lives should be always fun filled, exciting and glamorous. For most of the time, however, our lives have a mundane character - doing our daily chores, caring for our loved ones, going to work. By faithfully attending to these tasks, we express our belief that the sacred in present in the ordinary, that our simple acts are precious to God” May we all focus on the simple everyday things and celebrate that we are doing God’s work.

Mother Teresa said, “Do ordinary things with extraordinary love”.

During the holiday break, there was a team of great supporters of the school.  Lead by Karissa Rana, the school provided a promotional marquee at the Leura Festival both Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you to the team who set up on Saturday (in the rain !!!!!), stayed the day and packed away. Thank you to the team who made Sunday a great day for the school.  The aim was to ensure that people knew more about St Canice’s and that it is a great school. The best form of school promotion is word of mouth from our school community - well-done and thank you everyone.

Mr Mark Geerligs    Principal


Mass Times

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Parish

Parish Priest Fr Carlos Walker         Assistant Priest Fr Omar Mazzega

 Presbytery Contact  Ph: 02 4782 2804

                                         Fax: 02 4782 6090


Mass Times

Friday: Katoomba 12 noon Mass

Saturday: Katoomba 9.30 am Mass Saturday Vigil: Leura 5pm Mass

Sunday: Wentworth Falls 8am Katoomba 10am Leura 5pm

Rosary: Monday Katoomba 8.30 am, Tuesday Leura 4.45pm,

Wednesday Wentworth Falls 9.30 am, Friday Katoomba 11.30 am.

Saturday Katoomba 9 am.



Notes that have been distributed

Curriculum Overview - Kindergarten

Curriculum Overview - Stage 1

Curriculum Overview - Stage 2

Stage 2 Living Country, Living Culture Excursion


Kindergarten 2020 Orientation Day

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Thank you to all who collected the earn and learn stickers from woolworths.

Your contribution has provided St Canice's with an abundance of new lego and sports equipment for our school.

Australian Youth Performing Aarts Company Performance

The Australian Youth Performing Arts Company (AYPAC) will be doing their whole school performance on Wednesday 23rd October at 9:15am in the Hall.

Parents that would like to attend are most welcome. The show is both educational and entertaining.

Attendance SMS

When a student is marked absent from school an SMS will be sent to a perent / carer.

We ask that you respond to this notification as it is the entered as a justified absence.

Skoolbag  will no longer be used for absentee notifications.

Rotary Raffle

Rotary is commencing their Annual Christmas Treasure Trove Raffle for 2019. St Canice's are participating in this fundraising event where a percentage of funds from tickets sold will be donated back to our school.

On Wednesday 23rd October, Students will come home with a booklet of raffle tickets to sell. If you prefer not to receive tickets, please notify the office on 4780 6800, or return the booklet to school.

As an auditory requirement, ticket numbers must be recorded for both sold and unsold tickets.

All sold and unsold tickets are due back at school on Wednesday 27th of November.

Vale - The Rana Family

 The Grandfather of Sofia and Zaman Rana  (Aman’s father) passed away yesterday.  The family are now en route to Pakistan for the funeral. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers in their time of mourning. 

Blue Mountains Choral and Instrumental Celebration

Blue Mountains Choral and Instrumental Celebration will be held on Thursday 31st of October at 6pm in the Blue Mountains Grammar School Hall. Students participating will be notified by Ms Frazer.

Attendance Matters

Portrait Photography Workshop

Are you interested in taking portrait photos? 

KOOSH Open Day


KOOSH Afternoon Transport

As of Term 4 Week 2, Transport to KOOSH after school has changed. Student's will now board a private chartered KOOSH bus. The chartered bus will be leaving from the same bus stop.

The expected time schedule is:

3:05pm - St Canice's

3:10pm - Katoomba Public School

3:18pm - Katoomba North Public School

3:35pm - Students arrive at KOOSH

There will be a supervisor from KOOSH on board to travel with student's for the first week to ensure a smooth transition between services.

School Uniform Sale

During Term 4 there will be a sale opportunity to purchase directly from the supplier at school. Further information will be passed on to families when negotiations are complete.

School uniform is compulsory and we ask that all items be purchased through our supplier “The School Locker” to keep colours and styles consistent.

 If your child is not in uniform on a particular day, a written note needs to be sent to the class teacher.  

 We have a “No School Hat No Play” Policy, please ensure your child brings a clearly labelled school hat to school everyday.

 All items of uniform should be clearly and regularly labelled with your child’s name.

Lost property is located in the area outside the conservatorium.

St Canice’s uniform maybe ordered at any time throughout the year by visiting the secure online store at


The School Locker is located at The Grove Homemaker Centre 2-18 Orange Grove Road, Liverpool NSW

Opening hours are 9am—5pm  Monday-Wednesday & Friday

Thursday 9am—7pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am– 4pm

           Phone 02 8796 2100 Email:

My School Lunchbox

My School Lunchbox delivers every Monday & Friday. My School Lunchbox is offsite with orders being placed via Payment is made by credit card or PayPal. Simply browse the menu and select the desired food and drinks. My School Lunch Box exists to ensure kids receive the healthiest, fresh lunches in a convenient way.

Mrs Friend’s Preschool Reading Group


Preschooler’s and parents are welcome to join Mrs Friend's Preschool Reading Group in the library every Tuesday morning for a fun story reading session from 8:40-9:00


CamBROdia 2020

Over 11 exciting days in January 2020,

Mr Wedesweiler and his son Gabriel are travelling to Cambodia for Catholic Mission’s Ride and Stride.

If you would like to help by donating to this worthy cause, you can sponser CamBROdia  using the following link.

All funds raised will directly be used to support life changing projects within Cambodia.


Over 12 exciting days, you’ll ride and stride deep into the Cambodian countryside and explore Cambodia’s unique historical landmarks. Best of all, you will raise vital funds for Catholic Mission to continue supporting projects in Cambodia, and see firsthand some of these life-changing projects.

Australian Childhood Anxiety Treatment Study

Free Home - Based assessment and treatment for 7 - 12 year old with children with fear and anxiety disorders.


If you would like to volunteer at our school, this is what you need to do:

Log in to

Hover over “Our Schools”    and select Parents as Partners     Scroll to Volunteer Training     Select Volunteers or Contractors

Step 1 – Complete either Volunteer or Contractor Form

Step 2 – Complete Training Module

You will receive a confirmation email once the forms have been submitted.

Parents and close relatives of a child who volunteer do not require a WWCC.

A WWCC is required if

  • A volunteer is part of a formal mentoring program.

  • Where volunteering involves intimate personal care of children with a disability.

Volunteers are not parents or close relatives.

Maths Challenge

Multiplication Top-It 

You need: 

• Deck of playing cards (Aces are 1, Kings are 0 – remove Queens and Jacks) 

• 2 players 

How to play: 

The goal is to capture your opponent’s cards. 

Deal out the cards so each player gets half the deck. Each player lays down 2 cards and figures out the product of their cards. 

The player with the largest product gets both cards. 

If both players cards have the same product, each player lays down 2 more cards.

The winner of the second set of cards gets all 8 cards.

You can play for a set amount of time then count the cards or you can play until one player has all of the cards. 

Student Banking is Every Tuesday


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