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Term 2 | Week 10 | 30 June 2020

Principal's Column

Hello, Giinagay, Hai

Here we are in Week 10 and holidays commence at the end of the week.  Term 3 will commence for students on Tuesday 21 July.   Staff development day is on the Monday 20 July.


We have a revised format for Semester 1 reports.  This is due to the online nature of our work during Covid-19 restrictions, with the limited face-to-face time to do explicit instructional lessons. The lessons the students experienced online had to be topics or concepts to give them a chance of completing it independently, without bothering mum or dad too much.

Our reports, like most schools across NSW, will not feature an achievement scale (i.e. A – Outstanding, B – High, C – Sound, D – Basic, E – Limited) and will report on the outcomes and indicators covered in English, Maths and Indonesian with one comment for all other Key Learning Areas. The attendance will be not be evident either this time, due to the difficulty in monitoring student and engagement during the Covid-19 learning from home period.

The reports will be sent home with students tomorrow.


Please note all end of term school assemblies have been suspended until further notice.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Given we were unable to conduct Parent Teacher Interviews in Term 1, we are planning to conduct these early in Term 3. This will provide parents and caregivers with the opportunity to discuss their child’s Semester 1 report and overall progress in their learning. The format and mode for interviews will be determined by advice from the Department of Education and Health at that time. Again, I will continue to keep the community up to date with respect to when and how these interviews will proceed.

COVID-19 Restrictions Easing

As we head towards Term 3 there is an easing of restrictions regarding physical distancing and what these positive changes mean for our school community. These easing of restrictions mean we can begin to re-commence some of the programs within the school that have been delivered by external providers. As of Week 1 of Term 3, Ethics and Scripture will be starting up again. More information will be forthcoming regarding PSSA sport and other activities.

For the foreseeable future the school will continue to implement the enhanced hygiene practices that have been in place for the last few months. We will continue to promote these practices to our students on a daily basis.

I understand it has been very unusual for parents and caregivers not to enter the school. Teachers are missing those opportunities to have parents work in their classrooms and have those informal discussions regarding individual student progress. Please don’t hesitate to call the school and make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher via phone if you feel this would be beneficial.

The first Semester was not what we had hoped for when we began early this year.  However, we have worked together and made it through. A huge thankyou to all our parents, carers, community members, P&C and professional partners.  Your support for our staff and more importantly the students and each other, has been amazing. 

We are not through this health and economic crisis yet.  We are grateful we are at least getting some normality back for the children in our community.

Thanks to our dynamic staff here at our school for their relentless focus on school improvement in all possible conditions and their passion, care and commitment for our students.

Thanks to our Year 6 leaders, who have led with compassion, integrity and grace.

Thanks to all our students who continue to do their best.

Stay safe and well these holidays.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Term 3.

Thanks, yaarri yaraang, terima kasih.

Bu Gillian

Gillian Stuart - Principal

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Our School Values

School News

School Zones - Keep our children safe

I would like to thank everyone for your support with the new drop off and pick-up at our designated gates. 

  • Walkers line up in the normal place. Two rows well spaced out.
  • Bikes leave from the bottom gate below the office.
  • Bus travellers line up outside the canteen area and also leave by the bottom gate below the office.

Please continue to be mindful of the no stopping zones, particularly around the crossings to ensure we keep our students safe.

I remind the community students should depart a vehicle from the door on the kerb side. Teachers have noticed an increase in students departing vehicles from the traffic side. In the interest of our students’ and your children’s safety, particularly with increased traffic flows around the school, we ask that you be mindful of the risks associated with this practice. 

Muru Mittigar Work

The Muru Mittigar Bushfire Mitigation and Vegetation Management team have again been very busy in the school.  The team have done a great job  cleaning up more of our bush area.  

4/5 Minions

The 4/5 minions are rounding out the term with some team building and communication exercises. We have been learning about working together, achieving goals as a team and how to communicate in respectful ways. We are striving to use all of our school values!

So far we have tried blind folded orienteering, big ball soccer, navigated the rainbow snake wall and carried a giant object across the school as a class.

Our goal is to work together and practice our leadership and communication skills. So far we have had some amazing moments and are growing into a top notch team of blue minions!

Also, our photography is still getting better! Check out a snap shot, hot off the press!

Pak Adam

Indonesian Corner

Indonesian Shadow Puppets

Stage 2 students in Pak Chris and Pak Adam's class have finished off their unit of work on Indonesian animals by learning about the traditional folk tales and shadow puppets shows that often feature animals. They have read and watched a couple of stories about Kancil (the mouse deer) who is always tricking other animals, and had a go at making their own Wayang Kulit puppets with holes for the light to shine through and split pins for moving body parts. Their final challenge is to create a simple story inspired by a folk tale, sketch out their idea in a story board, add a few lines of Indonesian dialogue and try performing to the class with their puppets.

Here are a couple of examples of the puppets made by students in 2/3/4.

Parent Information

School Absences

Students are asked to stay at home if unwell.  If your child is unwell at school, they will be sent home. Parents/carers need to either ring, email, use our Skoolbag app or send a note on the student's return to let the school know why their child is not at school.  The school needs to be notified every time a child is absent from school.

If a student is unwell for 3 days the child must obtain a medical certificate which should be forwarded to the school on the student's return.

With the current Covid-19 situation, if a child is unwell they should attend a medical practice early in case a Covid test is required.  Students are unable to come back to school until results have been received.  This can be up to 3 days. 

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