St Andrew's Primary Marayong Newsletter

2020 Term 2 Week 9, 25th June 2020

Message from the Principal - Mrs Baird


Kindergarten Enrolment for 2021

We have been overwhelmed with the number of kindergarten enrolments for 2021.  This is an urgent announcement - if you are a member of this community already, that means you have a child who already attends St Andrew’s Primary school,  and you have a child ready to start kindergarten  (they will be turning five this year ) and you still have not lodged an enrolment form, I ask you to please contact the school immediately.  Please speak with Mrs Muscat. 


Student Academic  Reports

Next Wednesday the 1st of July, you will receive your child’s Semester 1 Academic Report.  I have already mentioned that the report that you will receive next week is an amended report due to the disruption  to student learning for a significant amount of time this Semester. You will notice that the A-E reporting scale has been replaced by a student achievement scale of; needs improvement, working at and working beyond stage level.  

Included in this year's report is an opportunity for parents to share their observations regarding your child’s learning strengths and challenges during homeschooling.  Many families were able to work alongside their children and your insights are equally important in the discussion with class teachers during interviews.  This feedback sheet is optional.  

You will also receive your Parent /Teacher interview booking sheet. We ask all parents to please select a time to discuss your child’s progress this semester. 

If you have any difficulty with this or you do not have a device to make the booking with, please contact the office and speak with Mrs Muscat and she will make the booking on your behalf.  

Parent /Teacher Interviews

 COVID19 ANNOUNCEMENT*** NB: Changes to the following information may occur at a moment’s notice.

 Over the many months since the COVID19 restriction began, we have had to change our way of life to adhere to the guidelines authorised by the State Government and the Chief Medical Officer to do our part to suppress the spread of this disease.

Recently, schools were given the green light to invite parents on to the school site for Parent/ Teacher interviews. 

 Unfortunately, this too has been met with many guidelines to ensure the safety of staff and the community members. The following processes will be followed for Parent /Teacher interviews starting on Monday the 27th of July;

 1.   only one (1) parent per family is able to attend interviews

 2.   Before attending interviews parents MUST complete and sign a survey situated in the cola area. This survey outlines the following – if you have been in contact with a COVID19 positive person, if you have had visitors from overseas in the last three weeks and if you are well and display no flu-like symptoms.

 3.   The survey is to be handed to the class teacher at the commencement of your interview. Please be aware that NO interview will begin without the form.  If you are unwell please reschedule your interview

 4.   All visitors are asked to sanitise hands and following your interview chair's will also be cleaned ready for the next interview.

 5.   Please be aware that booking times will be strictly adhered to and we respectfully ask parents to leave the school site following your interview.  Please remember to allow time to complete the necessary form/s prior to all interviews.  

 We thank you for your understanding, patience and support. We are all looking forward to sharing the great learning we have observed about your child in Semester 1.


St Andrew’s Awards

 On the Feast of the Sacred Heart, St Andrew’s Awards were celebrated.  Children were very excited to be recognised for their academic achievements or for their service to school and others.  The only important thing that was missing in our celebrations were our wonderful parent community.  To mark this very special event, the teachers will be emailing our parents a photo of your child receiving their award.  It can’t replace you being here  with us but we did try and capture the moment for you.  We, as a school community, understand and support the restrictions regarding adults on site but we are all looking forward to a time in the very near future when these restrictions are a thing of the past.  


 Winter School Uniform 

Just a reminder that all children need to be in full winter uniform each day excluding sports days where the winter sports uniform is worn. 

Please don't forget to put on ties.


Restrictions lifted for contact team sports in Term 3

Just to let you know that from Term 3, children will be able to play team sports again at recess and lunch time.  The children have waited so patiently for this restriction to be lifted.   


Parent Calendar

Every term we send home a school parent calendar for the upcoming events of next term. This term we will not generate a calendar, as we have not had any indication that events will return to normal.  If restrictions have lifted over the school vacation break, then we will begin to re-book events that we would normally have in Term 3.  


Term 3

First day back for all students will be Monday 20th July, 2020.

Children will return in their winter uniform following the Term 2 student break. 

Just a reminder if your child is unwell following the holiday break, please seek medical advice and keep them at home until they are better. 

Wishing the Community of St Andrew’s a very safe and relaxing student break.  Looking forward to a very exciting Term 3. 

God Bless 

Mrs Baird

Student Of The Week Term 2 Week 7 & 8

Kindergarten Students

  • Emily S
  • Rose TK
  • Omana P
  • Ishaandeep S
  • Olivia D
  • Aryana M
  • Corey C
  • Jake P

Year 1 Students

  • Arya P
  • Sarah G
  • Ja'Bear S
  • Isaac K
  • Manus K
  • Liam O

Year 2 Students

  • Jasmine L
  • Sophia S
  • Irima G
  • Ivy M
  • Jinal K
  • Brianna D

Year 3 Students

  • Sheeya J
  • Frances E
  • Poppy A
  • Leah McS
  • Lauren H
  • Malaar K

Year 4 Students

  • Synthia R
  • Aniela K
  • Nathan D
  • Saumya P
  • Aadi S
  • Curtis C

Year 5 Students

  • Lucas L
  • Zeniyah F
  • Chrys B
  • Zayne B
  • Latani M
  • Isabella M

Year 6 Students

  • Aaron G
  • Tyra S
  • Harry C
  • Nikola F
  • William D
  • Stefani T


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