Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

Thursday 4th March, 2021

From the Leadership Team

Pupil Free Day

Tomorrow Friday 5th March is a Pupil Free Day. Our teachers will be off site collaborating and learning with the staff from the other five schools in our Partnership. We will begin our day working with Andrea Barker the Curriculum Leader who has been appointed to our Partnership. Andrea will  lead educators through a process to collaboratively  clarify and explore the curriculum resources recently written and published by Department for Education. The later part of the day teachers will work in their year level teams to design their own math curriculum units, using their learning from the morning on the 5 principles of learning design. 

We are excited about continuing our own learning journey, collaborating and learning from and with our Partnership colleagues.

Learning Conversations

We would like to invite you to join us in a learning conversation about your child and what we have discovered about them so far. We are sure that you have some valuable knowledge to share with us about your child  and we want to learn this from you!

Please book a 15 minute time with your child's class teacher during Week 9 using the school interviews link and password provided in our skoolbag email and push notifications sent earlier this week. Our specialist teachers will also be available for discussions.

If you need help please contact the Front Office.

We would like to meet at least one of the important adults in each of our learners lives, and are aiming to learn something and share something about every child.

Please help us by booking in. 

Can you help?

We have lots of great ideas and plans for the re-development and improvement of our grounds. We would like to begin some of this work and are having trouble harnessing our excitement while waiting for a friend to help. There are a few garden beds that will need a visit from a Bobcat before we can get started. Do you have a bobcat (and license) or know someone who does and  would be willing to help us? 

If you think you can help please let us know by contacting the front office.

Governing Council News

On Tuesday 2nd of March, 2021 Governing Council met for the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is a chance to meet and share the Annual report with the community and elect the new Governing Council for 2021.

Thanks to Kellie and Anita who presented an update on the new Bring Your Own Device introduced for our Year 4 to 7 learners this year.

Our Governing Council consists of elected members, one Parent Association representative, one Community representative, one Staff representative and the Principal.

The role of Governing Council is to work with the Principal to govern the school, make plans for the future and seek feedback from other families and talk about what is happening in the school.

The Governing Council work with committees that meet twice a term and report back to our Governing Council. These committees include finance, canteen, grounds, OSHC, fundraising, sport, education and grants. Any school community member - parent, guardian, grandparent is welcome to join any committee and we encourage new members to join each year. If you would like to join a sub-committee please contact the front office and your details will be passed onto the relevant committee member.

Chairperson: Michelle Flanigan

Vice Chairperson: Hilary Sweeny

Secretary: Jodie Freund

Treasurer: Hilary Sweeney

Parent Association Representative: Jodie Dorsey

Re-elected general council members: Sharon Willis, Melanie Duke and Gagan Sharma

Newly elected members: Anna Primer, Monika Olley

We thank retiring member Annette Caresimo for her time on the Governing Council.

R-5 Swimming

In week 5 as part of  our Physical Education Program, students from Reception - Year 5 were involved in a Department for Education subsidized water safety program at The Arc  last week. Students developed their  knowledge, skills, understandings and attitudes about water safety, survival in the water, rescue of others and mobility in, on and around water.


Kit - I was in the Octopus group. My teacher's name was Taryn. At swimming I learnt how to float on my back. My favourite activities were swimming on my own and the lifejackets.

Madeline - I was in the Dolphin group. My teacher's name was Serena. At swimming I learnt how to do a dive under the water. My favourite activities were doing a starfish float and using a kickboard.

Olivia - I was in the Jellyfish group. My teacher's name was Denise. At swimming I learnt to float on my back. My favourite activites were the life vests and going underwater.

J3 and J4


Alice - J2, J5 and J6 went swimming. We went to the Arc swimming centre.  I am in the Octopus group. We learnt to get the sinkers and do torpedos. We learnt how to float on our backs and with a kickboard. We used pool noodles to help us float.

Bryan - I put my head under the water and jumped up and down. We learnt how to put our hands up like a triangle and look down at the water and paddle. I went under the water. I used the noodle like a horse. We jumped like a kangaroo.




Sam - In week 5 P5 and P4 went to the Arc in a big bus called Kanga. I did 1 minute of treading water, star float and floating on our back. One day we had to wear thick clothes which weighed us down. My favourite things were catching sinkies, doing safety swims like chicken, aeroplane, soldier and rescue day. I was in the Jellyfish group with Scarlett, Brooke, Milly, Kallan, Ivy and Aisha. It was really fun but a bit tiring at the end.

Ivy - In swimming lessons at the Arc we learnt how to swim. We got knowledge which is good because it was swimming safety. I learnt chicken, aeroplane, soldier which is a special safety swim and we learnt to safely jump in deep water. We went back to school on the bus.

Brooke - In Week 5 we went swimming at the Arc. All kids went swimming from Reception to Year 5. My group was the Jellyfish group. We had to do compact jumps and freestyle. I really enjoyed breaststroke with the life jacket. We also played with the sinkies under water. Our instructor would throw it and we would swim out and grab it and bring it back. I really enjoyed swimming and wish we could do it every week.

Sihang - In week 5 I went to swimming lessons in the morning on the bus. At the Arc I was in the Polar Bear group. My favourite things were the disco diving for sinkies and helping people with safety ropes. I think I need to improve on my stride jump because I keep on doing belly flops instead. We had 30 minutes each day and everyday we were introduced to swimming safety fun activities.

Milly - In week 5 we went swimming at the Arc with P4. I was in Jellyfish group with Kallan, Ivy, Brooke, Samuel, Aisha, Scarlett and Harrison. Most people had heaps of fun. I personally enjoyed freestyle and doing compact jumps in the deep water. I also enjoyed grabbing the sinkie from underwater. I had heaps of fun learning with friends and swimming.


Assembly Award Winners

Week 6 Awards

J2   Indy ElliottP2  Hugh Flanigan
J3   Olivia OlleyP3  Annabelle Larkin
J4   Harry ThruppP4  Sunny Thomassen
J5   Lewis SweeneyP5   Massimo Palumbo
J6   Bailey FreerP8    Oscar Magoch
J7   Corbin MurchP10  Payton Richardson
Science    Tyson LallyP12   Dain French
 P14  Tiana Forbes

Assembly Award Winners Week 6

Crossing Monitors

Thank you to our crossing monitors - 

WEEK 7  -   Cooper (P14), Rayhan (P14), Jaxen (P14)

WEEK 8 -     Dion (P12), Aadil (P12), Aryan (P12)

We appreciate you keeping our school community safe.


This week the Canteen had another successful Special Day with over 100 students enjoying our Tiramisu and Gelati for recess and a selection of Pastas for lunch. Our special days are a great opportunity to try out new items that do not appear on our every day menu and give the students (and staff) the chance to explore new foods.

Keep an eye out for our next Special Day. Once again we will be offering students a sausage and veggie patty on Sports Day.

School Dental Visit

Dental for Schools is visiting from 9-12th March.  As there was a great response from our community they may not be able to see all the students on this visit.  A return visit has been scheduled for 7-9th June to see any of the students who may miss out on the first visit.

Uniform Shop News

Book Your Appointment Online Now!

To book your appointment go to:  skoolbag app and click on Uniform information icon. You will then be taken to a Bookings for Uniform Shop icon. Click on the link and fill out you details for Dernancourt School Uniform Fittings/Sales.

Due to social distancing requirements we can only have 1 family in the store at a time. All waiting families must wait outside the school buildings, call or text Michelle on 0409 957 815 when you arrive. If you do not have an appointment you will have to wait outside until all appointments have been completed first.

How do I book?
The easiest way to book is to go to book your appointment go to: skoolbag app - click on Uniform Information - click on bookings for Uniform Shop and open the attached link. This will take you to Dernancourt School R-7 Uniform Fittings/Sales and fill in your details.

What if I know exactly what I need?

If you know what you need you can place an online order and collect in store or have it sent to your child's classroom.  Simply note your child's name and classroom in the “Notes to seller” box and the order will be delivered to the classroom.

What if I can’t get to the shop when its open?

You can book your child an appointment time to come to the shop Monday afternoon or Friday morning and have a fitting with Michelle and she will send home a sizing sheet so you can order online anytime.

Sport News


Dernancourt Diamonds

The Diamonds had a great Summer season in Term 4 last year and Term 1 this year. They started in division 4 and were relegated up to division 3. They improved out of sight.

It was a very interrupted season with many games being cancelled due to Covid.

The Diamonds ended up finishing second on the ladder. They are looking forward to the up and coming Winter season.

Dernancourt Gems

The Gems were nearly all first time players in 2020 and their improvement has been sensational over the 2020/2021 Summer season. Their skill development and team work have been impressive and their enthusiasm for netball and having fun has been inspirational. The team is looking forward to playing the Winter 2021 season and would encourage any other boys or girls who might be interested for Winter to please ask their parents to register their interest through the Skoolbag app a.s.a.p.

Important Dates

End of Term 1 and Start of Term 2 Calendar


Playford College

Boys Football

Girls Football

Strikers Netball

Net Set Go - Tea Tree Gully

Footy and Cricket News