St Anthony's Primary School Girraween

Term 4 - Week 5 - 2020


This week we celebrate NAIDOC week where as a community and as a nation we acknowledge and celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year in particular we remember that the land we live and work today 'Always Was and Always Will Be' Aboriginal land.

Gregory Whitby, Executive Director (CEDP) says that this is all about justice for Australia’s First Nations people. Where we’re working together for better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people through education.

At St Anthony's we will celebrate in a few ways:

1. Flying the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander flags all week

2. In class activities

3. Participating in an online, live event produced by 'Move it Mob Style' where students across Australia will participate in Aboriginal dancing entitled 'Deadly Moves'. 

4. A cultural experience  incursion will be held next Monday for grades K-6

Organisation of 2021 Classes

Over the next two weeks, teachers and leaders will be working together to create the 2021 class groupings. This is done to achieve the most appropriate academic and social mix of students that maximises learning for all students.

Teachers will create two class groups which endeavour to be evenly balanced with consideration to gender, academic ability, support for learning, behaviour, friendships and class size. It is a task which takes time, effort and information. Your child’s teacher will draw upon as much data as they currently have to create these classes including friendship information directly from your child.

If you feel there is an important aspect in regard to your child that you wish to put forward or that we are not currently aware of in preparing next year’s class, please put your considerations into writing and send confidentially to Ms Ducksbury via the school email or letter to the office by Tuesday 24th November, 2020.

Kindergarten 2021 Orientation

We are currently in the process of welcoming the newest members of our school community to St Anthony's. We are excited and grateful that we have been given the 'green light' to hold two Kindergarten Orientation sessions on Tuesday 24th November and Tuesday 1st December. To ensure that the children engage in the full experience of getting to know their classroom and new teachers, we are pleased to announce that our Kindergarten teachers for 2021 will be Miss Sarah Graham and Mrs Marina Agaiby.

Principal Long Service Leave: 9-20 November

A reminder that Ms Linda Ducksbury is on leave for 2 weeks from 9-20 November (Weeks 5 & 6).

During this time Mr Patrick Cairns will be Acting Principal and Ms Tania Geracitano will be Acting Assistant Principal. 

You are welcome to contact us via the normal methods of communication as needed.

Catholic Faith and Life

Mini Vinnies

School News

Dance Fever Multisport

Save the date - SCG AGM - All Welcome

Inviting all new and current parents, come along to the 2020 Annual General Meeting of our parent body, the SCG (School Community Group).


Time: 7:00-8:00pm

Place: Staffroom

2020 may have put a pause on all our great ideas, so let's make 2021 a year of community fun and fundraising for the benefit of our students and our school. Come along and share your ideas, volunteer for a one off event or join the team. How much or how little is up to you! We'd love to see you there.

ICAS Results

Throughout August and September, students from grades 3-6 at St Anthony's participated in the extra-curricula activity of the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).

All children received their recognition of participation last week. A special mention goes to the children who received a Merit, Credit and Distinction. These children are listed below.

Maths Olympiad 2020

Throughout 2020, 11 students from Year 6 participated in the 2020 Maths Olympiad. Each week the students met as a team to solve challenging maths problems and test their problem solving skills. This year was unique to other years and the students competed in 6 Intra-school maths competitions commencing in March and concluding in September - some even remotely!

Congratulations goes to all of the students for their hard work and perseverance. A special mentions goes to the students who placed in the top 4 at St Anthony's!

Equal 1st -  Ayush Gaur/  Ridaan Patel

3rd - Grace Wondojo

4th - Tenesha Navan

House Colour T-shirts

It has been great to see so many students wearing their house coloured shirts with their sports uniform each Monday this term for our Athletics program. We ask that any t-shirt worn on these days has sleeves (no singlets or jumpers) and is as plain coloured (print/image free) as possible.

As we continue to develop our House colour system and opportunities throughout the school year for wearing the coloured t-shirts with the sports uniform at special events and carnivals, we ask that students wear plain coloured t-shirts or polo shirts. This will ensure consistency and uniformity across the school as these are not free dress mufti days. For the start of the 2021 school year, all students will need a plain coloured t-shirt or polo shirt. These can be purchased from Kmart, Best & Less or Target and range between $3 and $6. 

Thank you for your support 

2021 Parramatta Diocesan Team Sport Trials are OPEN!

ALL 2021 Team Sport Trials are OPEN, however, the Summer Sports of BASKETBALL & TENNIS registrations close for these sports only on Monday 23rd November as these trials are planned for November & December 2020. This will be confirmed closer to the date due to COVID-19 restrictions and venue availability.

All other sports trials will be held in Term One & Two in 2021.

Primary students enrolled in Year 5 and 6 in 2021 are invited to participate in the Parramatta Diocesan Team Sport Trials. It is important to note that these trials are generally for those children who display an above-average ability and/or have representative experience in their chosen sport. While teams are open in age it is strongly recommended that only children of a representative standard in Years 5 & 6 in 2021 be invited to attend. 

Parramatta Diocesan trials will be held in the following sports: AFL, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby League (11yrs & Opens), Rugby Union, Softball, Tennis & Touch football. The sports of Diving & Golf will be held at the MacKillop level.

To be eligible for selection for these trials the 2021 CEDP Primary Sport TEAM Registration Form must be completed. Please visit the Parramatta Diocesan Primary Sport website or Facebook for the link and information.


FACEBOOK: Primary Sport Parramatta Diocese

This online form is an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST for 2021 Parramatta Diocesan Primary Sport Team trials. Parents may complete this form to attend a selection trial. One form is to be completed per child, per individual sport. Each sport has its own criteria therefore, it is imperative that the correct form is completed.

Please note that your online registration is an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST ONLY and MUST be approved by the child's school. For the child to attend the nominated trial or event, the school approves students based on playing history and selection criteria. All fields and especially “Representative Experience” if applicable to the sport MUST be completed. Under no circumstances will a child be eligible to trial if the 2021 CEDP Primary Sport TEAM Registration Form has not been completed and approved by the school by the closing date.

More detailed information can be located in the 2021 CEDP Parra Primary Sport Rep Team Trials Info for Parents COVID19 information sheet.

Book Club

We hope you have enjoyed reading some new books or learning about new things through book club this year. This week all students should have received a brochure for Issue 8.  This is the final book club for this year.  Please order online by close of business next  Monday 16th November.

Uniform Price Increase

Due to increased costs from our uniform supplier, we unfortunately have had to increase our prices on certain uniform items. It has been a number of years since any price changes and we have endeavoured to minimise these where possible. Please take note this is effective from 16th November 2020. The Uniform Price list is available on the school website or from the school office.  

St Anthony's Uniform Shop

St Anthony's uniform shop opening hours in Term 4, 2020 are by BOOKED APPOINTMENT ONLY:

TUESDAYS 8:30-9:15am            WEDNESDAYS 2:15-3:00pm

Please note: KINDERGARTEN 2021 Uniform Fittings are scheduled for Tues 8 and Wed 9 December. The uniform shop will not be open for other bookings on these days.

Outside of these times, orders and payments can be placed in person through the front office if the size of the item is known.

See our school website for uniform requirements and price list.

All students come back to school in Term 4 in their summer uniform.

Updated School Policy Guidelines for Parents

St Anthony's is required to comply with a range of government and Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) policies and procedures.  From these, we develop procedures that outline how these apply in our local context.

We are progressively revising our guidelines and procedures so that they are current, clear and concise.  The Policies and Procedures page on our website now has updated guidelines on:

  • Enrolment
  • Selective High School and Opportunity Classes in Public Schools
  • Excursions

A range of CEDP policies are also available for your information.

Community News

OLMC Parramatta

Patrician Brothers Blacktown

Mel's Tasty Bites - Canteen Update

MENUS - check out the St Anthony's menus at

CANTEEN ACCOUNTS - consider opening a canteen account to minimise cash handling, see information on our website

BIRTHDAYS - Canteen options are available for a child to celebrate their birthday with their classmates. 

* Animal Pops Bucket - $1 each ice block

* Cupcakes with frosting - $2 each cupcake (72 hours notice required)