Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

20th February, 2020

From the Leadership Team.

Family Connections

Thank you to all of the families that were able to join us for Acquaintance Night. We enjoyed chatting with you over a sausage or veggie patty before moving into our more formal presentations. During the classroom sessions teachers were able to share information about the day to day running's of learning spaces as well as intended learning outcomes for 2020. There are some great photos below.

If you were unable to attend a session and meet your child's teacher, you can ask for the hand outs to be provided via a diary, communication book or email.

During Week 8, 16th-20th March,  we will be holding Individual Learning Discussions with families. We will be using the "School Interviews" site once again, to allow families to book a time. Please look out for the login code to book in your time. We like to meet with all families this term to ensure that you have an understanding of your child's successes and challenges so far this year.

Acquaintance Night Photos...

On behalf of our school community our love and condolences are extended to Jane Adamson after the sudden and unexpected passing of her beloved mum Elizabeth (Libby) Adamson.

We look forward to welcoming Jane back after taking some personal leave.

Jane and her family have asked that in lieu of flowers donations are made to Rotary (envelopes available at the Front Office). If you would like to contribute to a community gift for Jane please see Cathy at Front Office

Instrumental Music Program

Late last year we asked families to register their interest in participating in private instrumental music lessons. We were overwhelmed with the positive responses that enabled us to submit an "Instrumental Music – New Program Request". Unfortunately we are advised that "this term Instrumental Music has no scope to allocate lessons to your school". We are disappointed that our learners will not benefit from this program during terms 1 & 2, we will submit another application at the end of term 2 as was suggested by the Instrumental Music Leader. 

Swimming is next week!

Next week as part of our Physical Education Program, our students from Reception - year 5 will be involved in a Department for Education swimming program at The ARC Campbelltown. The program is designed to teach water skills and safety in a fun and safe environment, so that students develop a range of knowledge, skills, understandings and attitudes about water safety, survival in the water, rescue of others, and mobility in, on and around water. These are not swimming instruction lessons such as you would experience in commercial swimming centres, but rather they will provide learning experiences that focus on participation and confidence in the water.

Families have received an invoice for $45 which includes instruction, pool entry, equipment levy and bus transport. This information was sent home last week. This is payable no later than Thursday 20/2/20  (today!)  with preferred method of payment via Qkr!

Families are welcome to meet classes at the Arc to watch the 60 minute lessons. Class times are listed below.

9.00am-10.00am P2 and P10 (leave school 8:40am, leave ARC 10.10am)

10.00am-11.00am P5 and P11 (leave school 9:40am, leave ARC 11.10am)

11.30am-12.30pm J2, J3 and J4 (leave 11.10am, leave ARC 12.40pm)

12.30pm-1.30pm J5, J6 and P4 (leave 12.10pm, leave ARC 1.40pm)

1.30pm-2.30pm P3 and P8 (leave 1.10pm, leave ARC 2.40pm)

Please ensure that all items of clothing, shoes, towels and goggles are clearly labelled with your child's name.

                                                                                                    Regards, Kellie.

Important Information for our Year 7 families.

Open Evenings

SRC News

Governing Council Report


On Tuesday 18th of February 2020 we held our DSR-7 Annual General Meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was to present the Annual Reports and to elect  2020 Governing Council members.

Thanks to Fraser Keegan (Right Bite Representative) for presenting an informative session on nutrition.

Our Governing Council consists of elected members, one parent Association representative, one community representative, one staff representative and the principal.

The role of GC is to work with the Principal to govern the school, make plans for the future and seek feedback from other families and talk about what is happening in the school.

We have sub-committees that meet twice a term and report back to our Governing Council . These committees include finance, canteen, grounds, OSHC, fundraising, sport, education and grants. If you would like to join a sub-committee please contact a Governing Council member, we would value your contribution. 

Chair Person: Michelle Flanigan

Vice Chair: Melanie Duke

Secretary: Gagan Sharma

Treasurer: Hilary Sweeney

Council Members: Sharon Willis, Jodie Freund, Annette Caresimo 

Parent Association Rep: Jodie Dorsey

Staff Rep: Georgina Nikolopoulos

Community Rep: Dana Wortley

On behalf of our school community I would like to thank the retiring Governing Councillors, Troy Freund, Alisha Madden, Matthew Overstreet, Chantelle Pearn, Maggie Roediger,  Trang Shaw and Brad Smith for volunteering their time to help make our school a great place for all of our community  to learn, play and be. 

Year 7 Commemorative Tops

Jack, Willow and Angas proudly showing their Year 7 Commemorative tops.


A Kytons Fundraiser brochure for Easter treats has been distributed to families. Extra hard copies are available from the Front Office. Please complete the forms and return it to the front office no later than Wednesday 25th March, 2020. Payments can also be made via Qkr app.

Orders will be available for pickup on Wednesday 1st April, 2020.

2020 Assemblies

Term 1 Week 3 Student Awards

Congratulations to the flowing students who received a Student Award at week 3 assembly. The Student Award replaces our Assembly Award and was designed in Term 4 2019  by J6.

J2     Eliana

J3     Kyle

J4     Oliver

J5     Indy

J6     Cherie

J7     Chayce

Performing Arts    Chayce

Japanese  Elisha

P2    Ebony

P3    Natalie

P4     Jaiveer

P5     Mia

P6     Angas and Sarah

Science   Zoey W

P8     Setayesh

P10   Drishti

P11   Chloe

P12   Michelle

P14    Floyd

Our next assembly is in week 6. Presented by J5 with P4 sharing some of their learning. 

Crossing Monitors

Thanks to the following students for volunteering to keep our community safe when using the crossing.

Week 5Dion (P14)Aruan (P14)Lachlan (P14)
Week 6Feroz (P14)Sarah (P14)Jasmine (P14)

2019 Year Book

Uniform Shop


The Uniform Shop is open on Mondays from 2:30pm until 4:30pm  and on Friday from 8:30am until 9:30am.  Online orders can be placed via    AfterPay available online only.

Important Dates

Community News