Term 4 2020 | Week 6

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News from the Principal

Welcome to the 2nd newsletter for term 4.

If you haven't already seen the COLA please take the time to have a look at this amazing structure once we can have parents back on site. This structure will value add to the learning opportunities we offer our students. It has taken some  time to get there but we are excited at what this structure can offer our students. Thank you to all involved in making this happen.

We are once again in uncertain times with COVID-19. Information from the Department as you can imagine is changing constantly. We will continue to be highly vigilant in our response to support our school community and inform you of every update. We value your support in keeping everyone safe.

The latest directive is to have families drop off and pick up students outside the school gates. A large number of staff will support your children in getting to and from class. Parents/Caregivers are requested to remain behind the gates. All 4 gates will be open at the beginning and end of the day to support this process.

Reports are currently being prepared by all teaching staff. This work is highly important and I value their efforts.

Next Monday 30th November sees the school closed to students so staff can undertake invaluable training and development. Staff will be reviewing 2020 and future planning for 2021. Students do not attend school on this day.

Please stay safe during this uncertain time. Look after family and loved ones. I thank you for your cooperation.

If you require anything from the school please do not hesitate to contact one of our leaders.

 Bryan Rotherham

Senior Leader Literacy

Mrs Utting and I were due to present our ORBIS R-3 Literacy projects in Adelaide on Thursday last week, but obviously this didn’t happen.  We have been working on these projects over the year and have learnt a lot about Literacy intervention and activities we can implement on site to improve the outcomes of our students. 

We will be attending the BrightPath training on Monday of Week 9.  This is to enable us to learn about the next steps in this process as we start with Persuasive texts in 2021.  We will be sharing our learning with staff in the near future.

We trust that Rooms 12 and 13 enjoyed their time in Port Vincent last week, (yes, I am a little jealous as this is one of my favourite places).

Awards Day letters have been posted, this event has changed this year to keep in line with Covid directions.  If this event has to be changed we will inform the community as soon as we receive directions from the Department.  Thank you for your understanding.

 Jodie Turpin

Senior Leader Numeracy

We have collected a lot of data over the past few weeks in Mathematics.  Our PAT Math Results have been collated, along with assessments on “Trusting the Count” from the Big Ideas in Number. 

It was great to see solid growth in a large percentage of students and cohorts in our PAT Maths online assessment. Teachers have worked hard in a very unusual year to support students, many who have made good progress. 

At the beginning of Term 4 we started some maths intervention groups,  run by Ms Smith and Mr Yeates.  After only 5 weeks, all of the students involved in those intervention times have become more fluent in trusting the count and are able to add groups of objects more confidently and accurately. 

With increased fluency in trusting the count, students are able to tackle more complex mathematical tasks without having to use all of their working memory to solve simple calculations. 

We look forward to continuing to see growth in all students in Mathematics during the rest of 2020 and beyond.  

Mrs Kleinrahm


Student Wellbeing Leader News

Colour Explosion 2020

Colour Explosion was a huge success this year with 46 students raising just over $2800. We are so proud of these students and their fundraising efforts. We would like to acknowledge Lucas Elleway who raised a whopping $650. Well Done Lucas!

All students who raised money for our school will receive the prizes that they picked before the end of term.

All students and staff had such a good time at the Colour Explosion and we would like to thank all families who came out to watch and abided by the social distancing rules during this event.  

Becc O'Neill

Diary Dates


Monday 30th

Student Free Day

Friday 4thAwards Day
7th and 8thYear 7 Transition
7th and 8thKindy Transition
Wednesday 9thYear 7 Graduation
Friday 11th

Last day of term

2.10pm finish

Please note that there will be no assemblies held until further notice.

Dates and events could be subject to change.

What's Happening in ........

......Room 6?

It has been a very busy time this semester in Room 6.  We have been involved in many ventures and learning sessions.  In term three, our class had the opportunity to be a part of STEAM Dance, which is Science Technology Engineering Arts Math which was run by the Australian Ballet and was broadcast live through Microsoft Teams.  This was an amazing opportunity for all students to learn about dance, to compile a choreographed dance routine and present their dances back to the Australian Ballet.  The confidence, team work, dance skills and inclusion of math concepts into dance was wonderful to see and be a part of. Special thanks to the Australian Ballet, and in particular to Jess and James, for all their hard work and making this all possible.

During NAIDOC week, Room 6 took part in cooking and working together with room 1 to bake indigenous foods of damper and lemon myrtle cookies.  The way that room 6 buddied up and shared in their cooking skills and team work was very impressive to see and allowed all students to learn about cooking in buddy teams.

Around our School

Colour Run

Making damper for NAIDOC Week

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