Reynella Primary School Grapevine

Term 1, Week 5 | 2022

From the Leadership Team

It is hard to believe it is week 5 already; it has been a strange and rather challenging beginning to the year. Despite this, our children have shown their resilience, are taking the changing conditions in their stride and are very focussed on their learning. Staff have commented on how cooperative and kind the students have been towards each other and are clearly living our School Agreements and Mindsets for Learning.


As mentioned in a letter posted through Skoolbag on Tuesday, Governing Council have supported us to change our Pupil Free day from Tuesday March 15 to Monday May 2 (first day of term 2). Professional learning days are ‘gold’ to staff as they support the professional growth of teachers and are strategically designed for maximum effect. Unfortunately COVID has impacted our ability to work face-to-face which is our preference.


Students from years 3 – 6 have the opportunity to apply for a student leadership role within the school. The voice of our student body is heard through our five Student Action Teams; Environmental, Citizenship, Communication, Wellbeing and STEM. Each year, selected students from years 3-6 represent their class as an action team member, contributing to our school community in a variety of ways. Congratulations to the following students:

Student Leadership Team 2022


When we are notified of a positive case, if the infected person has attended school during their identified contagious period, the class will be notified initially via a text and followed by a letter sent in an email. The letter is formatted by SA Health and the Education Department. We aim to have the letters to parents out as soon as possible but this is dependent on how quickly we do our contact tracing.

If your child/ren are at home either isolating or are sick we are not permitted to provide learning for your child. Parents may access the Department for Education’s website:

It is extremely important that you let us know if your child is COVID positive or isolating due to being a close contact. If they are positive we need the following details from you:

  • name, year level and class
  • when they first had symptoms (if they had any)
  • date of their positive test result
  • whether or not they attended OSHC

The world is in a precarious position right now and many children may be feeling quite anxious about COVID.  Children might not fully understand COVID-19, isolation, quarantine or lockdown, but they’ll probably have many and mixed feelings about the experience.

For example, children might feel:

  • confused about why you're at home
  • sad or frustrated that they can’t see their friends, carers, teachers and extended family
  • frustrated or annoyed that they can’t do their usual activities
  • worried that someone they love will get sick
  • upset by the stress or distress that you might be feeling
  • overwhelmed by constant coverage of COVID-19 in the media.

Children will cope better if they have accurate, age-appropriate information about COVID-19 and isolation, quarantine or lockdown. They also need plenty of opportunities to ask questions and talk about feelings.

The steps below can help you talk through this situation with your pre-schooler or school-age child.

1. Make time to talk about COVID-19, isolation, quarantine or lockdown

Find the right time to talk with your child. This might be around the dinner table, at bath time, or at bedtime. When your child is ready to talk, try to give your child your full attention.

If you’re working from home, you might find that your child wants or needs to talk while you’re working. You won’t always be able to stop, and that’s OK. It’s fine to let your child know that you can’t listen right now. For example, ‘I’m talking to my workmates on Zoom – see? Can we talk after you’ve finished your puzzle?’ Just make sure to follow through later.

2. Use a calm and reassuring tone

If you use a calm, reassuring tone when you talk with your child about this situation, it can help your child feel safe and secure.

You might be feeling stressed or upset about the situation – that’s natural. If you can, try to take a few deep breaths before you talk. This can help you feel calmer.

3. Find out what your child knows about isolation, quarantine or lockdown

It’s a good idea to start by asking your child what they know about the situation and whether they have any questions. For example:

  • ‘Millie can’t come out of her house at the moment. That’s because her family is isolating. Do you understand what isolation is?’
  • ‘You won’t be going to school for a while, but some of your friends are still going. Do you understand why?’
  • ‘We can’t go to swimming lessons until our symptoms have gone. Do you know why?’
  • ‘We’re all staying home in lockdown now. What do you think lockdown means?’

4. Explain isolation, quarantine or lockdown in a way your child understands

This is about sticking to the facts, focusing on the positives, reassuring your child that this situation won’t last forever, and explaining what your family can do to help. For example:

  • ‘COVID-19 is a virus that makes people sick, a bit like when you get a nasty cold. It gets in people’s spit, snot and breath. If you have it, it spreads easily when you sneeze, cough or breathe too close to other people.’
  • ‘Isolation means staying away from other people for a while. It helps to keep other people safe.’
  • ‘The good thing about lockdown is the chance for us to spend more time together when we’re not doing our paid work or schoolwork. When we finish our work, we can go for a bike ride or a long walk together.’
  • ‘We don’t know how long the lockdown will last. But it won’t be forever – we promise!’

5. Tune into your child’s feelings about isolation, quarantine or lockdown

Some children might be OK with staying at home all the time. But some might be frightened, worried or upset.

Ask your child how they’re feeling and listen to what your child says. Let your child know that their feelings are OK. You can also ask your child what they need to feel better. It might reassure your child if you share your own feelings and let your child know what you’re doing to cope.

For example:

  • ‘I know you don’t like doing worksheets without your teacher, but it feels good to finish things. What if you finish your numbers sheet, and then we do a silly dance together?’
  • ‘I know you’re disappointed because you can’t go to basketball right now. It’s OK to be disappointed, but we might both feel better if we do some exercise. How about we go into the backyard and practise dribbling together?’
  • ‘I know you’re sad that you can’t visit Granny at the moment, I am too. I feel happy when I see her face, so why don’t we video chat with her?’
  • ‘It can be frustrating having everyone in the house together all the time. It’s natural to feel a bit cross. It’s important to use calm words to say how we feel, rather than shouting.’

And remember – plenty of cuddles can help you all feel better.


Schools are required to practice emergency evacuation procedures regularly. We will be having an INVACUATION on Tuesday March 15 at an unspecified time during the day.  The siren will sound twice, four times. You may like to prewarn your child if you think this will make them anxious. These drills are necessary to ensure everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

Meet Reynella's new PCW

We are very pleased to announce that after much searching we have found a new Pastoral Care Worker: Sarah Mewett who currently works at Pimpala Primary School. Sarah will be working across both schools and will be at Reynella on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are very excited to welcome her to our school community as she starts next Tuesday.

My Name is Sarah Mewett, I will be starting the role of Pastoral Care Worker at Reynella Primary School. I am very excited to meet you all and get to know the amazing school community at Reynella. First, here’s a little about me.

I am an Aboriginal woman, mum to 3 children and have a cat named Zeus. I love watching movies, especially Christmas movies and playing board games with my family, UNO being my favourite card game. I grew up in the country and love hiking in the bush and swimming. The most unusual fact about me is that I had a pet emu when I was 3 years old. I am a pastry chef and love baking sweets for my kids’ birthdays. I am also a qualified social worker with a strong passion for working with children.  

The Pastoral Care Worker role brings a unique element of care and ongoing practical support to all members of the school community, including students, staff, families, and others in the community that are connected with the school. I am excited to get to know you all, be a listening ear, a support to you in the school and a connection to the wider community. 

I am looking forward to meeting everyone part of the Reynella Primary School community. 

Kind regards, 

Sarah Mewett

Sports Day House Captains

Student Learning

Learning with F7 & F8

Learning with F5

F5 have begun the year with a STEM / Art challenge with Agamographs. They show two different contrasting scenes: one when looking at the artwork from one angle and one from another. It has required some planning, some practice, a lot of focus and resilience. Here are some of the ones F5 have completed so far.


School News

Sports Day 2022

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Unfortunately, Reynella’s highly regarded Term 1 Sports Day has also fallen victim to COVID restrictions. This is a day we love to celebrate with all our Reynella community and we want to hold it at a time when all can attend. At this stage it looks highly unlikely that any significant school gatherings will be able to take place without the imposition of severe restrictions. For this reason, we have elected to move our Sports Day to Term 4. This way everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy this great day.

This means our selection process for SAPSASA athletics will be different this year. Previously, we used Sports Day to identify our SAPSASA athletics for the correlating age groups. This year I will be running trials during Term 1 for interested students in school time. Information about the tryouts will be coming out soon.

We are also in the final process of sourcing a new style and supplier for Sports Day T shirts that students can purchase. Information about how to purchase them will be sent home in term 3.

Bryce Ingham

Have you seen our website?

Did you know you can access information about STEM, student support and wellbeing on our website at any time?

We are regularly updating information on our website so that you can find out more about what we have on offer at Reynella and what's coming up on the calendar!


Just a reminder - during Terms 1, 3 and 4 hats are required be worn to play in the yard.

Please make sure you check your child's hat is named.

Drink Bottles

Please make sure you send your child/ren with water in a named drink bottle daily.

Finance News

School Card 2022

Are you eligible for School Card this year? Eligibility is based on your 2020 - 2021 taxable income. Income limits are in the table below. If you were eligible for School Card in 2021, you will need to apply again this year. It can sometimes take awhile for approval to come through, so please do it as soon as you can.

You can apply online through this link or by googling School Card 2022

School Card 2022

Materials and Service Charge 2022

The M & S Charge 2022 are due to be paid in full by the last day of Term 1, Thursday 14 April 2022.

If you are unable to pay in full by then, you can contact me to organise an Instalment Plan.

You can also claim the Earlybird Discount, by paying $285 per child in full by 10am Thursday 11 March 2022. (NB families are not eligible if they have outstanding prior years fees).

Kay Starczak

Business Manager

School Card Income Limits 2022

Canteen News

Thankyou for supporting our school canteen we really appreciate it!!

Unfortunately we can not have any volunteers helping in the canteen at the moment however if you are interested in helping, once restrictions are eased, please see the front office for requirements.

* A quick reminder if you need to cancel a lunch order it needs to be done on QKR before 9am or a call to the canteen before 9:30am otherwise it is too late and can not be cancelled.

AFL Showdown Donut Special Recess

Advance Notice: This will be advertised next week.

Delivery Date: Wednesday 30 March 2022

QKR! only orders

Last day to pay: 9am Friday 25 March.

After School Sport

A big thank you to our 2022 Co-ordinators. They put in a huge amount of time and effort into setting up teams so our students can play After School Sport.

Thank you also, to our volunteer Coaches, please offer to help them out as much as possible.

Basketball Co-ordinator - Cherie Meekins 0434 579 079

Teams and Coaches 2022

R/1 Rockets - Chelsea Springfield

R/1 Little Giants - Emma and Tim Rodda

2/3 Raptors - Talesha Noble'

2/3 Rockets - Justin Knight

3/4 Raptors - Trevor Blackwell

3/4 Rockets - Peter Waters

5/6 Rebels - Suzi and Andy Everton

5/6 Raptors - Luke Robinson

5/6 Raging Rhinos - Emma and Tim Rodda

5/6 Rumble - Shaun Hill

All of these teams are full, but if you child would like to play, you can join the waiting list, by competing the relevant Skoolbag eForm. Once a team has enough players and Cherie has found a coach, she will register the team to play. 

Netball Co-ordinator - Sara Rogers 0412 737 630

Sara would like to pass this role on to a new parent this year, if you are interested, please contact Sara for more information.

Wanted - more players and coaches: At this stage we have enough players to register a Year 4/5 team and a Year 6 team, but both of these teams would like another player.

We only have a few players for the Under 9 age group (children born 2013 - 2016), so not enough to register a team at this stage.

The Year 6 team also needs a coach, as will the Under 9 age group if we find enough players to register a team.

If your child would like to play netball, please compete the relevant Skoolbag eForm. If you are able to coach or co-ordinate, please contact Sara.

Soccer Co-ordinator - Courtney Moule 0423 473 528

Teams and Coaches 2022

Under 7 Maroon - Tim Cowin

Under 7 Blue - Andrew Squire

Under 8 - Terry Ellis

Under 9 - Andrew Harvey

Under 10 - Justin Moule and Ryan McCallum

Wanted - more players and coaches: Our Under 10 team is still in need of a couple more players, if your child would like to play soccer, please compete the relevant Skoolbag eForm.


2022 Fundraising

Proposed Dates

Due to the uncertainty of COVID restrictions, we are unable to lock in all dates, but the following events are what we are hoping to run this year.


Saturday 19 March: Election Polling Booth

We will have a small Market and Food Stalls in the amphi-theatre. If you are a parent of the school and you would like to have a stall, please email Kay.

Wednesday 13 April: Easter Raffle Draw

We hope to send tickets home to all families in Week 6 or 7.

Donations: If you work for or know a business who would like to make a donation to our Easter Raffle, please contact Kay.


Wednesday 4 May: Mothers' Day Stall


Wednesday 31 August: Fathers' Day Stall

Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day stalls will be run the same as the last few years. Qkr only orders or parents can buy vouchers for the kids to spend at the stall.

If you sell products in your own small business that might be suitable for us to purchase for our Mothers' or Fathers' Day Stalls, please email Kay.

Friday 23 September: Run 4 Fun (this is a tentative date at this stage)


Thursday 3 November: Sports Day

Thursday 1 December: EOY Concert

Reynella Market: as most of you will know, we tried several times to have our first Reynella Market last year, but each time we had to cancel it due to COVID restrictions. We are hoping it will go ahead this year in either Term 3 or 4. Stay tuned!


We have an active and dedicated Fundraising Team this year, but for large events we need to find more volunteers to ensure they are successful. f you are interested in helping out Fundraising this year for 1 either as irregular involvement that suits your life, or in a more involved capacity. Please email Kay.

Kay Starczak

Finance and Communication

Don't miss out on Skoolbag Notifications

To ensure you don't miss out on school communication, please ensure you turn Skoolbag notifications on and make sure you are part of your child's year group in addition to class and this will ensure you are kept up to date will all the information.

Follow this link for instructions. 

Qkr on Your Computer

Click on this link to access Qkr on your computer.

Please make sure your child's profile has been correctly set up or their lunch order will go to the wrong classroom and possibly eaten by another student in error.

Important Dates and Information

Notes that have been sent home

18 February - Year 4-6 Festival Choir

21 February - Recorder 

21 February - Junior Choir

21 February - Beat Box with Jobe (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F7 & F8)

22 February - Footsteps Reception - Year 2

25 February - Aquatics - Year 5 & 6

Payments Due by:


Last Day to Pay

Footsteps – Reception to Year 2

8 March 2022

Beat Box with Jobe

24 March 2022

Aquatics – Years 5 & 6

24 March 2022

Important Dates

8 March 2022

AGM Via Zoom

9 March 2022

Footsteps Reception- Year 2

14 March 2022

Public Holiday

16 March 2022

Footsteps Reception- Year 2

23 March 2022

Footsteps Reception- Year 2

24 March 2022

NAPLAN practice

30 March 2022

Footsteps Reception- Year 2

31 March 2022

Year 4, 5 & 6 Beat Box with Jobe

1 April 2022

Year 5 & 6 Aquatics

6 April 2022

Footsteps Reception- Year 2

14 April 2022

Last Day of Term 1 - Early Finish 2.05pm

2 May 2022

1st Day of Term 2 - Pupil Free Day

Please check the google calendar regularly to keep up to date with events happening at Reynella Primary School.

Community Noticeboard

Leadership Team

PrincipalMichele Russell
Deputy PrincipalMatt Simmons
Senior LeaderRichard Kemp
Wellbeing LeaderFiona Brown

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