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Newsletter 2022 Term 2 Week 8


Dear Families of St Bernadette's

Over the past two weeks we have invited our students, teachers and parents to provide feedback on their experience of our school using an online survey. The surveys are an important part of our whole school evaluation and planning process.

We thank all of the parents who have taken the time to complete this survey but there is still time for any other parents to complete the survey. The last date to be able to complete this survey is Friday 1st July 2022.

The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You are able to access the parent survey (20 different languages available) on your computer or mobile device by using the URL below:

Your opinion is very important to us and we take your feedback very seriously. We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes and complete the survey.

Stay well and take care, 

Love & Light  

Lisa Gerrard

(on behalf of the St Bernadette’s staff & students)


Communication around our school is so important. If communication breaks down, we can run into problems between parents, students and staff. 

The main way we communicate with parents is through Skoolbag. Very soon,  we will be transitioning to the Compass Parent Portal as the main way of letting parents know what is happening around our school.  The Compass Parent Portal will have permission notes, other notes from school, general information and a way to lodge sick and absence notes. We will publish the way you can access the Compass Parent Portal shortly.

Communication between parents and their child's teacher is also another important communication chain. If you have any concerns about your child, you should contact your child's teacher first. You can contact them via the school office and leave a message or email them directly if they prefer this method. Staff are not expected to answer emails after hours so please be patient when awaiting a reply. If you think there is a problem between your child and another student, again, please speak to your child's teacher first. Parents must never approach another child. Teachers often have information as to relationships between children and could offer insight as to what might be happening. If you feel that your child's teacher has not resolved the matter, you should then contact myself, the Assistant Principal, through the school office. If you believe a situation has not been resolved, you should then contact our school Principal, Mrs Lisa Gerrard, again through the school office. 

It is important to follow the right communication channels throughout the school so we create a safe and happy environment for all community members. 

Have a wonderful week, 

Jackie Willard

Assistant Principal


Sunday 19th June 2022

REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

This Feast combines the previous feasts of Corpus Christi and the Precious Blood of Christ. It reminds us that the body and blood of Christ were offered as a sacrifice for us, and every time we re-enact this sacrifice, we renew his sacrifice.  The Body and Blood of Jesus is the interim meal for the Christian community.  We are to feed on it until the Lord returns.  We see again the already-but-not-yet character of Christian eschatology, for the Lord has already returned.  That means that the Eucharist meal is a re-enactment of Christ’s death, an anticipatory celebration of his coming, and a thanksgiving banquet with him present.

The multiplication of the loaves and the fishes prefigures the eschatological banquet of fulfilment.  Its miraculous bounty assures us of the abundance of that future banquet. 

Its miracle of multiplication prefigures the miracle of Jesus as he changed the bread and wine into his own body and blood.  Jesus handed himself over as food and drink on the very night that he was handed over by others.  The banquet that he prepared was a celebration of the new covenant; it was an eschatological banquet of thanksgiving.  This feast invites us to enter through either the past, the present or the future, for each one will lead us to the mystery that we celebrate: the mystery of the sacrifice of Christ; the mystery of the sacred bread and wine of the future; the mystery of the eschatological banquet of the present.


First Eucharist is a special occasion - a further step in becoming one with Christ and united with the People of God. It is fitting that the celebration of first Eucharist will take place at Mass this Sunday, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. The first reception of Eucharist marks a key step in the initiation of these children into the community of the church. As a gathered parish community we will welcome these children. We pray for and congratulate the following children:

Vince A.

      Ryad B.      

Ayden H.

      Layla S.

      Abigail B.      

Scarlett J.

Noah A.

      Ryan D.

Mason N.

      Catherine V.

      Gabriella F.

Mia L.

Nerso B.

      Jayden E.

Stefan S.

      Sonia B.

      Olivia J.

Tahlia N.

Year 3 and Year 4 Religion Work

Years 3 and 4 have been looking into the scripture of Matthew 25 and discussed what needs people have in today’s world. This has led to conversations about being hungry for things such as love, freedom from bad thoughts and having a spiritual hunger to know God more.

These images have been produced by some of the children in Year 4 and are their interpretation of the Scripture.

Parish Mass

We are delighted to once again be attending Mass with the parish, both as a school and in class groups. As parish Masses begin at 9:00am, the classes involved will assemble at 8:45am, in order to be seated in the church before Father enters. Your extra effort to be at school by 8:45am on these days would be greatly appreciated. Please see the roster for when your child will be attending Mass and/or Reconciliation.



Week 8:

Sunday, 19th June :  First Holy Communion.

Week 10:

Friday, 1st July : Athon Activity Day.  The information for this day will be sent home next week.

Friday, 1st July : Last day of term 2.

Term 3:

Week 1:

Monday, 18th July : Staff Development Day ( Students do not attend school).

Tuesday, 19th July: First day of term 3 for students.

Community Of Learners

Year 1 Work Samples

Year 1 have been learning to write informative texts about animals. Have a read of some of their amazing work!

A number of new Covid cases.

This week there have been a number of Covid cases in Stage 1. We ask that you please RAT test your children if they present with cold or flu symptoms. If you need additional tests please contact the school office for more.

Canteen Day

Our Year 6 parents ran the Canteen Day today. On the menu was hot chocolate & hot chips. A comfort food feast indeed.

All funds raised are going towards the Year 6 end of year event.

Enrolment for 2023

We are currently finalising Kindergarten enrolments for 2023.

If you have a child who you wish to enrol please download the enrolment form from our website or pop into our office to pick up one.


Attendance Rate: 71.3%  - To unpack this a little more, this means that 71.3%  of our students have an attendance rate of 90% -100%. 

A reminder that classes commence at 8:55am.

To help your child have a positive start to the school day it is important that they are at school on time.

Being at school a little before 8:55am allows them to have time to calm themselves and be confident in knowing they are prepared and ready to learn. It also gives them time to say hello to their friends and classmates.

Arriving late can cause stress to the child entering a class that is already working and it can cause disruption to the lesson that has started.

If we were 5 minutes late every day x 5 days = 25 minutes lost each week. 25 minutes x 10 weeks of each term = 250 minutes each term.

That adds up to a lot over the course of the year.

So please be mindful of what time your child  is arriving at school. It is important we establish good routines as it sets our children up for success.

If your child is late, they must come to the school office to be signed in by their parent or carer. They are not to be dropped late and left to run through the school gate unaccompanied.

Happy Birthday

Brandon T - 08/06

Ansh - 11/06

Eamon - 13/06

Bonnie - 14/06

Matias - 16/06

Isabelle A - 17/06

Just a reminder that any treats sent in are kept to a minimum and individual.

Clothing Pool

If you wish to purchase any items from our school clothing pool, please email the school office via . If the items are available, they with be sent home with your child. We are no longer able to have uniforms paid for via QKR! app, as unfortunately refunds aren't able to be processed if your required uniforms aren't available.  Therefore all payments need to be processed via EFTPOS only in the school office. 

Our Digital Sign

We would love to advertise events in our community so if you know of an upcoming event please email the details to

Don't forget to collect your Bread Tags!


Community Health Advice

St Bernadettes Primary School

St Bernadette's Primary, Dundas Valley is a community focused, Catholic parish school catering for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school strives to build a Christ-centred community where faith is integrated with daily life. We provide learning and teaching experiences which enable the children to deepen their faith understandings, investigate, solve problems and explore their learning. We recognise the importance of creating a learning environment that provides opportunities to develop 21st century learning. Technology is integrated into the learning at St Bernadette’s in all Key Learning Areas.