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Term 4 - Week 3

Principal's Message

Kindergarten Orientation Days begin next week. Starting next Wednesday (4 December) at 9.15am to 2.45pm the orientation program will run each Wednesday for a further 3 weeks, ending on 25 November. We are expecting a very healthy turn out. Due to Covid precautions, staff will meet you and your child at the front gate closest to the corner of Bourke and Goldsmith streets. The teaching team and I look forward to meeting you and your child.

By all reports, plus the great photos of camp featured on The Goulburn Public School official Facebook page and in today’s newsletter, the senior camp was a great experience for our students. Thank you to all the parents who have contributed towards the cost of the bus travel. I am looking forward to speaking to our seniors and hearing their camp stories. Thank you to our teachers and office staff for making the camp possible. All the staff at GPS were delighted to be able to send off our Year 6 students when the Covid 19 restrictions were eased.

Another big event in the last fortnight was our highly colourful and most amusing Book Week parade. Both the students and staff looked tremendous. The smiles on the faces of parading students was most heart-warming. A big thankyou to the parents and carers who helped put together an outfit which produced a lot of joy for the wearer. The book fair was a successful fundraising activity for our school library. Thank you to all the people who purchased books during Book Fair Week and a big thank you to Mrs Lang for making it a memorable day.

This Friday is World Teachers Day. Could I say how fortunate we are to have such a professional and dedicated staff at Goulburn Public School. Please read further information regarding World Teachers Day following in this newsletter and participate if you wish to.


Hope you are enjoying mowing the lawn at home, the wet spring is certainly keeping the school lawn busy!

Mark Sullivan


Year 5 & 6 Camp!

On the way to camp in the bus, I sat next to Lilly and drew pictures. When we got to camp, we unloaded our luggage and we were  told who we were in a cabin with. I was in a cabin with one of my friends Kerleisha. Next door to me was Kyhresha, Tyla and Brianha. Once we were settled in, we then got into 2 groups. I was in Group 2 and our Group Leader was Leon. After lunch (nachos) we did initiatives which we played games. Then it was afternoon tea which I had a muffin and fruit. Afterwards, it was time for the giant swing. I only went halfway and on the way down I thought it wasn’t too bad and that I could have gone all the way to the top. We then had showers, got our cabins ready and then had dinner. We were all pretty tired so we went to bed. At 6:45am, Mr White told everyone to get up and get ready for breakfast. For breakfast, it was cereal and a hot breakfast (bacon rolls). After breakfast, my group stayed behind to clean up because it was our turn. After we finished cleaning up, we went to do archery. I didn’t get a bullseye but I was close. Then we went for morning tea and had fruit. In the afternoon, we went to the vertical challenge. I didn’t do it, but my friends went all the way to the top. Then it was time for my favourite activity which was canoeing. The reason why canoeing was my favourite was because I love water. I was really fun because Claire, the camp leader, and I were in the same canoe and had to save Kerleisha and Kyhresha lots of times because they kept running into the shore and kept falling out. After that, Claire said that we could skim our bodies on the water by running down the shore to the water. We all looked silly doing it and Claire said it was a joke, but was funny watching us try.After showers and dinner, we had a camp fire and roasted mashmallows and sung silly songs and was told silly stories. The most scariest thing was the high ropes. I went to the top of the ladder and then got down because it was too high and couldn’t do it. But overall, I had lots of fun.

By Alexis (6T)

 Camp was the best. We did lots of activities where some were easy and others were harder. On Monday, we first played Elves-Giants-Wizards. It was a fun activity like Rock-Paper-Scissors where giants beat elves, elves beat wizards and giants beat wizards.  The next activity was the giant swing. It was scary where it felt like I was getting thrown into the sky. I even got scared when someone else was doing it.  And that was just the first day. On Tuesday, the first activity we did was archery. I managed to shoot the arrow the furthest, but it went way past the target. I missed the target every time, but I think I got closer each try. After morning tea, was high ropes. I didn’t manage to get to the top because I was afraid of heights, but it was good seeing other people get across. I had to hold the rope at the bottom for other people so they stayed safe. In the afternoon, the third activity we did on Tuesday was the vertical challenge. It started off with a cargo net, then 3 logs and at the top was 2 long metal pipes. Both Tyla and I were going up together and we only managed to get to the top of the cargo net. The rest of the group had to attach themselves to the rope to keep the rope tight so we wouldn’t fall .After afternoon tea, the last activity for the day was canoeing. Alex and I were partnered and he was at the back, I was at the front. After some games we went swimming. We were told to try and skid ourselves across the water, but we could not do it. Brock said to the camp leader that it was impossible and she said she knew that but it was funny watching us try. On the last day we had to build a catapult out of big logs, rope and launch a tennis ball from it. My group finished the catapult first and our group leader said it was good. The final activity was done with everyone together which was an egg drop. My group named our egg Eggward and we had to protect him with stuff we found on the ground in the bush. One of the group leaders dropped him from above her head and he did not break. He was then dropped from the roof and he still did not break. On the third try, the group leader threw him up in the air off the roof and unfortunately he did not survive. Rest in peace Eggward.

 By Brianha (5P)

Keep your eye out for more photos from camp on our school website!

PBL News

Term 4 - Week 2

PBL Focus Week 1 & 2

Our PBL lesson for this week is about ‘Follow staff instructions’. Students have looked at why it is important to respect property, whether it is owned by ourselves, others, school or the public. This includes things such as taking care of our own property, asking before using the property of others and caring for school and public property. We encourage you to ask your child about this lesson and what he or she has learnt from it.


Week 1 Award Winners

Week 2 Award Winners

PBL Focus Week 3 & 4

Our PBL lesson for weeks 3 & 4 is about walking safely. Students will learn how to walk safely in different situations, in and around the school, and why it is important. In this way we can all stay safe. We encourage you to ask your child about this lesson and what he or she learnt from it.

Here are some things you can do to support the ideas of walking safely:

  •          Encourage your child to walk safely on concrete areas, rather than running.
  •         Remind your child to watch out for others when walking in crowded areas, e.g. when in a shopping centre or supermarket.

Catch your child moving safely in these sorts of situations and praise them for their safe and responsible movement.

PBL Encouragement Award Focus

K-2 Cole Picasso Cow Project

During the past few months K-2 Cole have been participating in the Picasso Cow Project, run by Dairy Australia.

This has involved us learning about the importance of dairy foods in our diets as well as the journey of milk, from farm to plate. We have looked at the daily life of a dairy farmer and the many chores they perform to ensure their cows are healthy and are able to produce quality milk. We have cooked a number of recipes incorporating dairy products and held dairy morning teas, with milkshakes, cheese and crackers and cheese and yoghurt dips. We have been trying to include dairy products in our lunch boxes every day.

As part of the program we have also decorated a dairy cow to go into our playground. We have named her Buttercup and she has been a welcome addition to K-2 Cole during this process. We have loved painting her and hope that you think she is as amazing as we do.


Annual Book Parade 2020

The annual book parade was another huge success. It was so wonderful to see so many book characters turn up on the day. A fun time was had by all. A big thank you to all the adults who helped the students get ready for the day.

Class participation winners were:

KH- Brock & Frankie

1/K - Eve & Mikayla

2/1 – Nimara & Ronen

3F - Tia & Chanel

4/3 - Kayden & Fatima

5P - Brock & Jaiden

6T - Aston & Kerleisha

Cole – Hope & Aislin

Deakin – Dallas & Sam

Auburn - Alucard & Tyler


Book Fair 2020

A huge thank you to all those who supported this year’s book fair. We had an outstanding response and have earn't over $500 in commission to spend on books for the library.

Luck door prize winners for book fair were:

KH - Ram & Bonnie Mae

1/K - Jayden and Jackson

2/1 – Patrick and Gabe

3F - Audrey & Morgana

4/3 - Toby and Riley

5P - Jordyn & Brock

6T - Gemma & Lilly

Cole - Zephyr & Hunter G

Deakin - Nathaniel

Auburn - Paige & Tyler 

2020 Book Week Parade

Australia will celebrate and thank the teaching profession on


World Teachers’ Day - Friday 30 October


Teachers, with support from our parents and carers, have ensured education continues across the country this year, despite major challenges. This has reinforced the significant role teachers play in the lives of children and students, their families and communities.

On Friday 30 October, you may like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to our teachers and celebrate the bright future of teaching.

Take a photo of your child/ren in sunglasses, on their own or with family or friends and send it to Goulburn Public School via email: and we will upload it to the school Facebook page as part of our celebration.


Post a photo in your sunglasses on social media, either on your own or with family or friends. Use these tags on Twitter or Facebook: #thankteachers #brightfuture @aitsl

World Teachers’ Day is held internationally in early October. As it fell during the school holidays for many parts of Australia, we celebrate a little later. Make sure you have Friday 30 October in your diary to celebrate and thank teachers!

School Travel - 2021

2021 school travel applications are now open

To assist with any enquiries schools may receive about student travel applications, we have provided some information below. We have also attached an information sheet on School Travel for 2021 if you wish to share this in your school newsletter.


Applications for student travel in 2021 opened on Monday 12 October 2020.


Students who require a School Opal card or travel pass for 2021 can now apply online. A new application should be submitted if a student is applying for a school travel pass for the first time or requesting an additional pass as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation (e.g. joint custody).


Students who have changed school/campus, changed address, repeated a year or received an expiry notification from Transport for NSW for their school travel entitlement should re-apply or update their details.


Where there is a change of distance eligibility based on a student’s grade, the system will automatically update a student’s entitlement if they meet the new criteria. If they do not meet the new eligibility criteria, they will receive an expiry notification via email.


Students who have an entitlement approved under a medical condition which is due to expire will receive a notification advising them to re-apply.


Term Bus Pass holders will receive a notification to re-apply.


Applications need to be submitted before 31 December 2020 to ensure that current student entitlements are updated and their current entitlement/card remains valid. If their application is submitted after 31 December 2020, the system will automatically cancel an entitlement/card and a new one will need to be issued.


Students in the Opal network applying for a SSTS or Term Bus Pass entitlement for the first time will receive their card at their nominated postal address. Cards will be mailed out from January 2021.


Students residing in Rural and Regional (R&R) areas should receive their travel pass at the commencement of the new school year from their nominated operator, this may be distributed via the school or sent direct to their address. Note: some R&R operators do not issue travel passes. Students/Parents should confirm with their nominated operator if they do not receive a pass.

School travel application endorsements

It is not uncommon for applicants completing the online form to make mistakes, particularly entering their name or date of birth instead of the students. This may be due to an auto-fill function on a device or just human error. We ask that school administrators be cautious of this and do not endorse applications with incorrect information.

If you are aware of or see an obvious error, you can amend the first name, date of birth or grade of a student’s travel application by clicking in the relevant row on the portal. Please ensure you have confirmed the information before making any changes. Refer to page 16 of the School Portal User Guide for further instructions. The latest version of the user guide is accessible within the School Portal by clicking the arrow next to your username.

If a student’s details cannot be confirmed or they are not yet enrolled, please do not endorse the application. By selecting ‘no’ the application will be rejected and the applicant will be informed. They will then need to submit a new application.

In the event that school administrators endorse an application in error, it would be appreciated if you could advise our SSTS team as soon as possible so the application can be intercepted before an Opal card or travel pass is issued.

To contact us about an endorsement error, please go to: and select feedback about: ‘school student transport scheme’ and then select ‘application updates’.

If school administrators require access to the School Portal, please request an account at

If you have staff that have left the school recently and had access to the school portal, please let us know at and select ‘school/operator portal’ and then ‘remove existing user access’ so their access can be removed.

New Concession Entitlement Cards

You can now order the new Transport Concession Entitlement Cards (TCEC) through the Transport for NSW School Portal.

The Transport Concession Entitlement Card will replace the following cards:

·       Senior Secondary Student Concession Card (16 years and over) – also used by Mature Secondary Students (18 years and over), Distance Education Students and Home School Students

·       Proof of Age card (when a student under 16 years of age looks older)

·       Boarder Rail Pass.

Refer to the information pack provided by email on 21 September 2020 for guidance and frequently asked questions. If you have any issues please contact us.

Joke Of The Week!

Uniform Price List 2020

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