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Newsletter Term 3 Week 8

Principal's Message

Dear Delany community,

Mental health is a way of describing social and emotional wellbeing. Your child needs good mental health to develop in a healthy way, build strong relationships, adapt to change and deal with life’s challenges.

Pre-teens and teenagers who have good mental health often:

  • feel happier and more positive about themselves and enjoy life
  • have healthier relationships with family and friends
  • do physical activity and eat a healthy diet
  • get involved in activities
  • have a sense of achievement
  • can relax and get a good night’s sleep
  • feel like they belong to their communities.

Your love and support and a strong relationship with you can have a direct and positive impact on your child’s mental health. It can even reduce the chances of your child experiencing mental health problems.

Here are some ideas to promote your child’s mental health and wellbeing:

  • Show love, affection and care for your child.
  • Show that you’re interested in what’s happening in your child’s life. Praise his/her efforts as well as his/her good points and achievements and value their ideas.
  • Enjoy spending time together one on one with your child, and also as a family.
  • Encourage your child to talk about feelings with you. It’s important for your child to feel they din't have to go through things on their own and that you can work together to find solutions to a problem.
  • Deal with problems as they arise, rather than letting them build up.
  • Talk to trusted family members, friends, other parents or teachers if you have any concerns. If you feel you need more help, speak to your GP or another health professional.

Physical health is a big part of mental health. To help your child stay emotionally and physically healthy, encourage your child to do the following:

  • Keep active. Physical fitness will help your child stay healthy, have more energy, feel confident, manage stress and sleep well.
  • Develop and maintain healthy eating habits.
  • Get lots of regular sleep. Quality sleep will help your child to manage a busy life, stress and responsibilities.

It’s normal for children and teenagers to sometimes have low moods, poor motivation and trouble sleeping. These things aren’t always the signs of a mental health problem. If you notice any of the following signs and the signs go on for more than a few weeks, it’s important to talk with your child. The next step is to get professional help.

  • seeming down, feeling things are hopeless, or lacking motivation
  • having trouble coping with everyday activities
  • showing sudden changes in behaviour, often for no obvious reason
  • having trouble eating or sleeping
  • dropping in school performance, or suddenly refusing to go to school, avoiding friends or social contact
  • saying they have physical pain – for example, headache, stomach ache or backache
  • being aggressive or antisocial – for example, missing school, getting into trouble with the police, fighting or stealing
  • being very anxious about weight or physical appearance, losing weight or failing to gain weight as they grow.


If you’re concerned about your child’s mental health, start by talking to your child. This might feel uncomfortable – you might even be waiting for the problem to go away, but talking to your child about how they're feeling shows them they are not alone and that you care. Also, your child might need your help to get professional support.

Here are some ideas to encourage your child to talk to you about how they're feeling:

  • Say that even adults have problems they can’t sort out on their own. Point out that it’s easier to get help when you have someone else’s support.
  • Tell your child that it’s not unusual for young people to feel worried, stressed or sad. Also tell her/him that opening up about personal thoughts and feelings can be scary.
  • Tell your child that talking about a problem can often help put things into perspective and make feelings clearer. Someone with more or different experience – like an adult – might be able to suggest options your child hasn’t thought of.
  • Suggest some other people your child could talk to if they don't want to talk to you – for example, aunts or uncles, close family friends, a trusted sports coach or religious leader, or your GP.
  • Let your child know that talking with a GP or other health professional is confidential. They can’t tell anyone else, unless they’re worried about your child’s safety or someone else’s safety.
  • Emphasise that your child isn’t alone. You’ll be there whenever she’s/he’s ready to talk.

If you raise your concerns with your child, he/she might refuse any help or say there’s nothing wrong. Many young people won’t seek help themselves. So you might need to say that you’re worried about him/her and you’ll be trying to get professional advice. It’s a good idea to encourage your child to come with you. If he/she won’t, you might need to go on your own.


God Bless

Robert Muscat

Year 12

We congratulate our Year 12 cohort on their upcoming graduation on Tuesday, 24 September after 13 years of schooling.We will keep them in our prayers and wish them all the best and every success during their HSC exams and beyond.

Assistant Principal

If you ever wonder how quickly life moves, here’s proof: we’re just about finished Term 3!

The Delany community

It has been a few weeks of action at the College. Here is a snapshot of what you might have missed:

  • the year 5 students from St Margaret Mary’s Primary visited the College for a Learning day on Friday 16 August. This day was a great success and was once again hosted with enthusiasm by our Year 7 and 9 students.

  • the Delany Debating Shield has been running for six weeks under the care and direction of Mrs Findlay. This is an annual debating competition for the Year 5 students from our local Catholic schools, and every Wednesday afternoon we have hosted these debates. The Grand Final will be held here on Wednesday 18 September.

  • approximately 20 Year 11 students and a number of staff attended a Vinnies Van training session on Friday, 23 August. Once a month a team of Year 12 students and volunteer teachers assist with the distribution of food and, just as importantly, conversation and connection for those in our communities that sleep rough or need extra support.

  • Holy Trinity and Delany College held a practice evacuation drill on Tuesday, 27 August. This is an important exercise each year to ensure we know what to do in the event of an emergency. Our students all survived!

  • Staff met for a day of planning for 2020 - yes, already our thoughts are over the new year horizon. During these staff days we take the opportunity to work together to revise, change and develop new teaching and learning experiences for our students.

  • there have been sporting events for the PDSSSC association in Athletics, Boys’ Basketball and Futsal, with Girls’ Basketball following next week.

That’s not all, but enough to give you a taste of the hive of activity that exists at Delany.

The academic community 

We are approaching the most significant event of the school year with the graduation of our 2019 Year 12 cohort. This is a group of students who will leave a tremendous legacy for our College, and big shoes to fill for those Year 11 students who replace them! The Graduation will take place with the entire College community on Tuesday, 24 September. This is a day that will stay in the memories of families and students forever, and we look forward to this celebration. Planning is already well under way.

I take this opportunity to wish each and every student success and happiness throughout their life beyond Delany College. As our Irish blessing says, “May the road rise to meet you”.

Since my last update, almost 200 awards were distributed to acknowledge students who worked tirelessly throughout Semester 1. These are our Semester 1 Effort awards.  The list of awards follows this article.

The Patrician community 

Our eyes (and wallets) are firmly set on the Delany Foundation. There have been a host of events in support of our work. For example, on Friday, 30 August we held a “Mufti and Meal Deal” day which raised almost $1000. As I’ve written before, this amount of money will make an enormous contribution to the communities in India, Africa and PNG.

There are now plans led by the Patrician community to conduct an immersion to India. A key purpose of this experience is to see the Indian Patrician schools in action. Students in Years 9 and 10 have been invited to express their interest, and ten students have responded (as well as two staff members). The plans are in the earliest of stages, but we are expecting to see this immersion run next year. It will be a life changing experience for those who attend.

St Patrick, pray for us.

Mr Anthony Blomfield

Assistant Principal

Academic Achievement Award Recipients

From The Pedagogical Leader

This week at Delany College, students in Years 8 and 9  completed the Progressive Achievement Test to assess their reading comprehension ability. The purpose of this test that was developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research is “to find out where each student is on their individual learning pathway,  so that teachers can better guide each student.” ( ACER Press 2016:1). 

All students in Years 7-10 will sit the PAT test in Term 4 so as to provide valuable feedforward to their teachers and parents when they begin a new academic year in 2020. Besides the PAT-R testing, students in Years 7 and 9 will soon be receiving their NAPLaN results which will identify whether they have the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the critical foundation for their learning, relevant to their schooling years. In this national test students are assessed in reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy.

Additionally, in Year 10 students now complete the National Minimum Standards Test where they need to achieve a Level 3 or 4 in a set of online reading, writing and numeracy tests to meet the Higher School Certificate minimum standard. 

More information on these tests can be found at:

At the start of Term 4, all students in Years 8 and 9 will be given their individual results so as to co-construct goals for improvement. Parents will also be sent home this information. The teachers at Delany, realise that students arrive in Year 7 with very different literacy and numeracy capabilities and leave with very different skills. Our aim is to use the assessment data to inform our teaching practices to raise achievement in collaboration with each student and their family.

Ms. Sharon McManus

Teacher Learning Leader - Pedagogy

School Fees

Term 3 Fees were due and payable by 28 August 2019

A reminder to those Parents/Caregivers who have not paid Term 3 fees and may require an extension of time, or wish to discuss their fees further, please contact Sheryl Temu Ph 8633 8107 to make arrangements and therefore prevent receiving further reminder letters in the mail.

Thank you to those Parents/Caregivers who have paid or who have made arrangements with us to pay off their Term 3 school fees.


Mrs Sheryl Temu

Senior Finance Officer


Year 7 Team Building Excursion

On Thursday, 5 September 2019, Year 7 had the privilege to attend a team building excursion at the Nepean Adventure Centre. It was a very fun day where we got to do many different activities, learn many new things and also have fun with friends. One of my favourite activities was zip lining. I was scared to go on it at first, but once I did, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences. I am definitely glad that I went on the day because it was very fun! I would like to thank Miss Mutabdzija, Mr Waters, Mr Tolentino, Miss Makari, Miss Kando and Mrs Moussa for making it one of the best days of Year 7 so far!

Mia Younan

Year 7 Student

On Thursday 5 September,  Year seven and their mentor teachers were given the amazing opportunity to visit a campsite in Douglas Park for the day. 

We arrived at the site and it looked like so much fun! There was zip lining, a giant swing, rock climbing, bush craft and many other fun activities to do, but we chose zip lining, bushcraft and archery. 

There were 2 groups, 7 mentor 1 and 4 were together and 7 mentor 2 and 3 were together. So we split up and went off to our first activities. Our first activity was zip lining and  I was very excited, like most people, but there were quite a few people that were a bit nervous as it was their first time and it was pretty high up! BUT they eventually conquered their fears and had a great time!

After all of the students had gone on the ziplines, it was the mentor teachers’ turn! It was really funny when Mr Waters dabbed and when the other teachers were screaming their lungs out. 

The next activity we did was bushcraft, where we lit some Doritos on fire and cooked damper on sticks. 

Afterwards, we took a stroll down the mountain side and walked down the steep, rocky landscape and at the bottom we found a teepee created by the people who ran the site. We slowly, but surely, made our way back to the top of the grounds and had burgers for lunch. 

Lastly,  but definitely not least, we did archery.  We thought we knew how to hold the bow, put the arrow in it and how to fire it. I missed all 3 arrows but that’s okay because I tried my best! 

Finally I would like to thank all of the teachers involved that organised, came to or helped on the day. It was extremely fun and everyone that went loved the experience so thank you everyone.

Olivia Harris

Year 7 Student

2019 Geography Collaroy Excursion

In Stage 5 Geography, we are learning about environmental change and management, focusing on coastal environments. To gain a better understanding of sustainable management, the Geography team decided to take both year groups Y9 & Y10 on a field trip to Collaroy Beach to examine the human-induced environmental impacts on the coast, as this was the topic of our upcoming assessment. We were assigned instructors for each group and discussed the danger of rising sea levels and coastal erosion, analysed the weather, took samples from the beach and talked about the natural environmental services keeping the beach sustainable. Our classes were also handed booklets before we floundered through the steep sands to take notes of the information we needed most. Despite having to do work, it was still quite a fun day out at the beach with our friends! I enjoyed it because the air was very fresh compared to the suburbs, it was also a good field trip to go on because all of the information we needed was provided through the field trip and I did not have to be stressed about the assessment. Year 9 and Year 10 students would like to thank their teachers for the wonderful experience and we hope the grades next year have an equally great experience.

Hope Croombes

 Year 9 Student


Boys Basketball Gala Day

On Monday 2 September students in Year 7 and 8 represented Delany College at the PDSSSC Boys Basketball Gala Day held at Penrith Sports Stadium. Since hearing about the opportunity to represent the College in basketball, students eagerly expressed their interest and excitement to participate.

The following students are commended for their efforts on the day; Johnathan Chakoush, Ricky Dang, Emmanuel Dukuly, George El Khoueiry, Emanuel Koroma, Isaiah Montecino, Jayson Nguyen, Sosefo Taufa, Ellie Wehbe and Tony Alberro.

This was the first time that these students had played as a team, with only one of them playing in a local competition outside of school. At the halfway point of the day the boys had secured one win and one loss. They played competitively in every game, despite being significantly outsized. These boys displayed resilience as they hustled after every loose ball and rebound.

Congratulations to the Junior Boys Basketball Team.

Miss Kelsey Ortiz and Mr Warren Johnson

PDSSSC Athletics Championships

On Friday 30 August, Delany College attended the 2019 PDSSSC Athletics Championships at Blacktown International Sport Centre. The students represented the College in shot put, discus, high jump, 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m.

 Congratulations to Christopher Nikua who placed first in discus for his age group. He has been offered the opportunity to compete at the NSWCCC Championships to be held at Homebush on Friday, 20 September 2019. Well done to the following students who participated on the day:

 Daniel Heuving

Abdul Jalloh

Olivia Harris

Yuvraj Singh

Kaylee Heuving

Nathanael Stanley

Filifili Filo

Ashleigh Baledrokadroka

Ibrahim Rogers

 A special thanks to Mr Johnson & Ms Kando for their assistance on the day. Lastly, thank you to the parents who attended and joined in supporting our students’ athletic endeavours. We, as a College, look forward to returning next year. 

 Miss Natalie Roberts

Sustainable Health Leader


Students at Stockland /Merrylands Shopping Centre promoting the good work of Delany College


Congratulations to our Year 11 student Kaylee Heuving who will be involved in this year's CAPTIVATE's performance "Gabriel's Travels" .

Important Dates

Commerce Market DayFriday 13 September
Year 12 Movie NightFriday 13 September
Tasmania Excursion

Friday 13- Sunday 15 September 

Year 11 Examination WeekMonday 16-Friday 20 September
Girl's Basketball Gala DayMonday 16 September 
Year 7 History ExcursionMonday 16 September

Year 12 Graduation DayTuesday 24 September
Year 12 Formal (evening)Wednesday 25 September

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HSC Workshops at Parramatta Library

Parramatta Library will be conducting a full day of HSC Workshops for Years 11 & 12 students on Saturday, 12 October. The workshops are for students studying Chemistry & Maths.


On Tuesday, 22 October we will also be presenting “Get Ahead of the HSC Now!" to show students how to approach Y12 assessment tasks and exam questions.

Also Parramatta & Epping Libraries are providing study space for students

-       Epping Library

-       Parramatta Library


Homework Help is also available throughout our libraries

Upcoming Parish Events