Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 16, Friday 04 June 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have seen a super week of online learning with children fully engaged across the school. I feel very proud of the children, families and staff at Parkhill for their ongoing commitment to this very unusual situation we continue to find ourselves in. Our engagement rates are greater than those we saw in 2020 which is wonderful to see. 

I am sure you share my concerns about the extension of lockdown, and hope that the additional 7 days is enough to see the virus under control once again so that we can return to onsite learning, and reestablish ourselves once more. 

Across the school we are using Google Classrooms and Seesaw so that children can access learning activities, we have whole class Google Meets and open teacher time, one to one support sessions, small group teaching sessions and access to Learn from Home packages. I do believe children involved with music instrumental tuition are engaging in online lessons too.

Today we hosted our first live online assembly in an attempt to bring us all together, albeit remotely, for our Wear It Yellow Day. I would like to extend my thanks to the Koorie Ambassador student group and to Ms Crowe for organising the activities for the day. It was wonderful to see so many children accessing the assembly. Unfortunately we learned that the capacity for a Google Meet is 100 participants and we had more than that number of families trying to join us. This is just amazing but also annoying! Amazing because it is super to see you all and super that you want to connect with us… annoying because some of you missed out and for that I am very sorry!  We recorded the assembly so you can enjoy it from home, I do ask that you don’t share this link outside the school community: 
Online Assembly 4/6/21

As we head into the second week of lockdown we wait to hear how the metropolitan restrictions will play out and what this will mean for week 9. Our Y5/6 students are naturally feeling very anxious as they were due to go away to Camp Kangaroobie in week 9. This is looking unlikely at this stage. We are working hard to try and secure dates later in the year. 

It has been super to gain your insights into how we can promote Parkhill and engage our community events through our recent ‘Connecting Communities’ survey. Thank you to those who took time to share your ideas with us. I feel like the damage done to the Parkhill ‘community feel’ on the back of CoVID in 2020 and its continued presence around us is not to be underestimated. With ongoing restrictions in place whole school events and parent involvement is compromised and limited which begins to make us feel even more disconnected. I believe this is something felt wider than just the Parkhill community. I would like to thank the positive voices I hear in the community and understanding many of you offer in such challenging times.  

I heard something that really warmed my heart earlier this week and I wanted to share with you. This student driven act made me smile so big, I hope it does the same for you! This is what education is about - empowering children to have the skill and confidence to take action. I do believe Patrick and Annie C delivered several of these letters to their neighbours on the back of the learning they had been doing in class.

I hope you are all able to stay safe. As usual please do let me know if there is anything I can do to help during the next few days. 


  • Onsite applications were due yesterday - please contact me directly if you wish for your child to attend onsite next week:

  • Our collection of soft plastic and plastic bag tags continues - please see further information below!

  • In term 3 we will hold our whole school assemblies on a Monday afternoon. Assembly will start at 3pm as usual. We intend to move afternoon tea break back by 10 minutes to allow us more time in the assembly space. 

Best wishes,

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Wednesday 9 June - Thursday 10 June - GATEWAYS Eureka - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Monday 14 June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 15 June - Friday 18 June - Y5/6 Camp Kangaroobie

Thursday 24 June - Afternoon Soiree - see information below

Friday 25 June - Term 2 ends at 2:30pm

Wear It Yellow Day Fundraiser for Children's Ground

Thank you to everyone at Parkhill Primary for getting involved in Children's Ground's 'Wear It Yellow Day'. Although this was done remotely, the day was a true success with plenty of yellow filling our computer screens. 

Students engaged in further learning about Reconciliation Week, either playing games from the Yulunga Handbook, or recreating a Reconciliation poster.

If you have not done so already, please make a donation to:

This is to raise funds for the First Nations organisation, Children's Ground.

Bella Crowe

Koorie Ambassador

F/Y1 Inquiry - Minibeasts

Our inquiry this term has been into animals and their habitats and our focus this week has been on identifying minibeasts that we find in our garden. Firstly, the students went outside to see how many they could find in the different places of their garden. Then they got their creative juices flowing by creating minibeasts at home. As you can see from these examples, the students have been incredibly innovative, often using bits and pieces that they had already at home. Wonderful job, F/Y1A!

Anne McGregor

F/Y1 Teacher

Y2/3 Writer's Workshop

This week, the Y2/3s have been working on their Sizzling Starts. They used a picture prompt to write about the scary scene! They have been practicing using adjectives and sounds in their writing to give descriptions.  

Bianca Bevilacqua

Y2/3 Teacher

Y2/3 Home Learning - Arrays

This week in Y2/3, we have been learning about arrays in maths. Today, Friday 4 June, students had to create their own arrays with objects that they have at home. They showed how they worked out each array by using the strategies of either skip counting, repeated addition, or multiplication. It was great to see the students identify the arrays from the objects they chose.

Nicole Arapoglou

Y2/3 Teacher

Y4/5 Inquiry

During remote learning this week, Y4/5 students have been transitioning from one inquiry unit to another. This means we have been completing our ecosystem actions AND tuning in to a completely new unit!

For our action on ecosystems, students identified that decreasing waste and encouraging more biodiversity were ways we could have direct impact. Here are some photos of what some of us did, including tree-planting, introducing bird-feeders to our gardens, introducing home-made possum boxes into our gardens and more!

For tuning in to our next inquiry unit, students were tasked to draw a picture and colour it in. The catch? They weren’t allowed to use their hands and had the consequence of doing pushups and starting again if they coloured in outside the lines! You can see the interesting results - as well as some cheeky ways some students thought outside the box!

This task helped us to think about rules, laws, inclusivity and fairness.

Alex Davies

Y4/5 Teacher

Y6 Writing Samples

WALT - Write from picture inspiration and include Aboriginal words

WILF - A snapshot writing piece that includes at least 4 Aboriginal words

TASK: Use the words you decoded from Wilam as well as the Woiwurrung word list attached to find at least 4 Aboriginal words that you can include in your writing. Write a snapshot using the picture as a prompt.

My yearrnjenong pound on the mossy ground floor, my nga-ango feels hot and clammy, it seems to stick to make neck like a blanket as I run. Up ahead I see light peeking through wurruns. I slowly inch closer and stick my head between 2, a huge fire is ngarrgee in the middle of a massive group of people. I ngarnga people yinga and I see people ngarrgee in the bright moonlight. I knew it was risky to just walk into a random tribe, but I had no other chance of surviving, they were after me. I sneak around to the entrance when suddenly a firm hand grips my shoulder, I slowly turn around to see a tall kolin standing behind me. He has lines of paint streaked across his face and is wearing some kind of tribal looking outfit.

By Gemma 6B


A Baggarrook - woman sleeps on a smooth, dewy Bajerrang - tree feeling the deepest  Wol-anin - shame. What had she just done? She felt some kind of Paen - water running down her dark velvety skin. Her Nga-ango - breath shivering in fear. She was to be punished for breaking the law. She could just picture the Gooork - blood pooling on the dusty ground. Her eyes scrunching up. She felt so Nilim Jak-koorong - evil. The sound of spears scraping together gave her googah - skin goosebumps. The sudden feeling of Koormiel - snakes wrapping around her neck flooded her Toolroom - body. Her head was about to burst. So she started to Yinga - sing. The first song she ever heard. Paen - water trickled down her cheeks. She squeezed herself in a ball and closed her eyes. The thought of what she had done drowned her mind. She needed a way out of this terrible world. Suddenly she opened her eyes.

By Luxe 6B

Wurruns swayed in the mighty winds. 

The Paen glistened in the burning Ngumi.        

Can you hear your Doorong? 

The Manerlongs are buzzing in the morning sun, the Queep queeps are singing.  

Life on a hill isn’t easy, especially with a big family. 

The only person who understood me was Maloong-goongo. 

She had wrinkles, which  I thought were cute. 

She would always say every wrinkle stands for 1 year of her age, in reply I would say that she must be a hundred and two, then.  

Me and my grandma would always love to gaze at the night sky while Mirrms hopped around us like we were their friends, I think we were. 

I had so many great Nagatgerr-moons with grandma. 

But when grandma passed all those memories started to fade. 

My Napani and Babanik saw how much pain I was going through so they got me my second best friend forever.  

Who knew a Earingin could change me forever. 

I decided to call my very, fluffy dog friend, Nia. 

That was grandma's name. 

Everyday, yearrnjenong I would walk on the dry land with Nia to the white gum trees. 

We would talk, about the warmth of the Ngumi and the shape of the Bol-lok. 

One day I felt something touch me…..  

It wasn't Nia or the wind, instead it was the Bajerrangs. 

In front of our path were three trees, on the tree trunk there was a familiar face. 

Wrinkles all over the  trunk of the tree, which seemed to be just bark.  

Was a face which I didn't expect.  

It was grandma and her two friends, swaying in the misty breeze. 

By Julia 6A

Koormiel swam in the bol-lok looking for some qeeap. The ngumi pored over the hills making the paen shine red, it lapped at the shore as if it was goorrk. The koormiel flicked his tongue out, a ballert smell of dead queep queep washed into koormiel’s​ sensors. The koormiel swam forwards ready to leap at any moment to protect the qeeap he had found. The paen broke out into ripples, a earingin had come to pick up the dead queep queep too. The  koormiel struck up at the  earingin, but the Earingin was quicker it’s jaws snapped tight around  Koormiel’s neck then in seconds  his neck was broken. The earingin grabbed the dead Koormiel and the dead Queep queep and ran of to his den where he enjoyed his tangerboon. 

By Madison 6A

Parkhill Primary School's New Acknowledgement of Country

To tie in with 2021's Reconciliation Week's theme, 'Reconciliation Takes Action', all students have been involved in making a new Acknowledgement of Country which is personal to Parkhill Primary School. 

During Care Group sessions, each class made their own Acknowledgement that is recited during morning routines. The dedicated Koorie Education Ambassadors, Luxe, Sariaha, Santanah and Ravyn, have used these to inspire our new Parkhill Primary School's Acknowledgement of Country.

The artwork on the back has been made by all 250 students. We learned the significance behind each colour of the Aboriginal flag and used each colour with meaning and purpose. Each jigsaw piece represents coming together to take action.

It has been wonderful to work collaboratively as a school. This artwork will be displayed in the foyer area.

Bella Crowe

Koorie Ambassador

Reserve this space - Afternoon Soiree at Parkhill

We hope to hold our first soiree back onsite with our new music teachers on Thursday 24 June at 2pm, so keep the time penciled into your diary. This will be subject to whatever may happen once we are out of lockdown. We will let you know closer to the time!

Chaplain's Corner - Where Can I Get Help?

Well here we are with lockdown being extended again, as with last year here are a few key numbers/websites for those needing assistance.

If you are in need of financial assistance:

The Salvos: or on 03 9889 2468

Camcare: 03 9831 1900

There is also a lot of information here:

**You can also call the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 and Dial 4. If you need a translator, Dial 0**

We can also assist to get food parcels from charities so please let myself or Elaine know if you need help.

Help with bills 

Talk to your energy provider, they should be able to help you if you need a payment plan or deferral.

Salvos, Camcare and St Vinnies can also assist in this area. There is also some good information on this website:

If you run a business and need help:

Unable to work due to lockdown: Keep an eye out for information on the Temporary COVID Disaster Payment which eligible people will be able to apply for from Monday via Centrelink. There is a summary of eligibility requirements here:

If you or your kids are struggling with mental health, relationships or family violence:

This website by the government has helpful advice and numbers:

This website has a whole list of places that offer support key ones include: Beyond Blue also allows you to chat online if needed. Lifeline: 13 11 14

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800

Headspace: 1800 650 890

MensLine: 1300 78 99 78

Domestic and family violence: or on 1800 737 732

Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277

I strongly encourage you if you are struggling in any of the ways above (or others) to please reach out and talk to someone as it can really help. As always you can email me at I can organise to chat with you or your child if that is helpful.

Take care,

Suzanne Carmody


Policy Update - June 2021

This week we dial back a few years to our Filming and Photographing policy. This policy is set to be reviewed later in the year.

The Filming and Photography policy provides guidelines around photographing people on school grounds. The school collects permission for students to be photographed or filmed through the enrolment process. This can be updated at any time through the office. The permission can be broad or specific to an activity (eg PHTV). 

Photos/videos taken on school premises by the public at school events are for personal use only and should not be published online without the permission of the school and individuals. Furthermore, the school can ask that no photos/videos be taken. In this instance, the school will attempt to take photos/videos on behalf of the community.

Our little committee will be meeting soon to review and update policies - let us know if you’d like to join! Don’t be shy! Send through an email to Michelle at and we’ll send you a personal invitation.

Wonder Recycling Program

Great news, Parkhill! 

Parkhill has registered for the Wonder Recycling program. As a community we can recycle more plastic and turn our bread bags and tags into new sports equipment for the school.  

Get collecting and deliver your bags and tags to the office collection box. 

Together we can make a difference to the environment and our school. 

Andrea Crane

Learning Support

PFA News - June 04

Executive Committee:

President:  Rossanne Clay                  

Vice  President: Kylie Brown

Treasurer:  Sumi Sundram

Secretary/Communications:  Kylie Touloupis

General Members:  Elle Delmee, Vanessa Cowley, Trish King, Marinda Tanner.

On behalf of the PFA we are looking forward to meeting you at one of our many upcoming events!

TRIVIA NIGHT - Postponed

To all our trivia night ticket holders, due to the new restrictions we postponed the Op Shop Glam Trivia Night event. Currently we are setting the date to Saturday July 17th (first Saturday back in term 3). Thanks for your understanding with this and we hope that this new date will be workable for you. If you have any queries regarding the changes please contact Rossanne on 0480 171 847 or

Parkhill Primary Trivia night - You can purchase a table of 10 or individual tickets 7:00pm arrival for a 7:30pm start Dress code - OP SHOP GLAM

We've received lots of great things from Will Fowles, Chemist Warehouse (next to Officeworks), Feminae, Mr Burton's on High St, Ashburton Meats, Officeworks, Bunnings, Dan Murphy's, Bugs Gymnastics, My Beautiful Abode, and also the donations of people in our community: Adele, Nikki S, Luke S, Kate P, Dan E, Briggite G, Sumi, Kylie B, Astrid, Harri, Sophie K, Joanna A, Vanessa C. THANK YOU!


If you're able to spare one hour to help with setup or pack down of the Trivia event on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning please sign up here. Many hands make light work:


Thank you for your continued support. Did you know 20% of every Entertainment Membership goes directly to Parkhill Primary?

Follow the link and support us today:

RSA licensed? WE NEED YOU!

If anyone in the community has an RSA (responsible service of alcohol certificate) – to help behind the bar at future events we would love to hear from you! Please email to get in touch.



Our Fundraising Partner Ritchies IGA supermarkets have launched their new revamped community benefit program. Every month Parkhill will receive a % from our members’ spend. Please download the Ritchies loyalty app today and start saving!

Don’t forget to mark ‘Parkhill Primary School’ as your favourite Community Recipient. Our school has received a whopping, $7,638.68 from Ritchies since the program inception. See the flyer at bottom of the newsletter for details and QR codes.

Thank you.



Rebel community givebacks is a program designed to allow schools to earn instore credits at rebel to purchase essential sporting equipment and teamwear.

Parkhill is rewarded with 5% back on sales linked to a member or student who is a rebel active member.

So please, remember to mention ‘Parkhill Primary’ on your next visit.

The credits raised have been invaluable in enhancing the school equipment over the years we have been involved.

Young Engineers- After-school STEM Lab- Parkhill PS - Learn, imagine, build and explore with our STEM program. Our world-class programs are designed to enrich the students’ knowledge in STEM through the use of K’nex®, LEGO® bricks, coding and robotics techniques making it possible for the students to understand and solve a problem by practical application of theoretical concepts. This is what makes the Young Engineers a pioneer in education.

revolutioniseSPORT is an online end-to-end online platform for sports management. Manage memberships, finance, events, governance and more.

Beyond Online

Dear parents and students of Y1-6, 

Our Term 2 Beyond Online classes begin in the final week of May . These programs run after-school hours and across four consecutive weeks, each connected by a subject area that explores a different concept weekly. Students can join at any time as each session covers a stand-alone concept.  Please note: This is a parent-nominated program. 

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon programs are available.
  • Years 1-4: 4:30 - 5:30 pm - $30 per session
  • Years 5-6: 4:30 - 6:00 pm - $45 per session

Contact G.A.T.E.WAYS on 02 9940 0303 if you have any questions or need assistance with the enrolment process.

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