School Newsletter

Edition 23: Term 1, Week 4

Upcoming Pupil Free Day: 10th March - OSHC Available

What you'll find in this week's Newsletter:

  • From the Principal
  • Canteen
  • OSHC
  • Information Session - The Science of Reading
  • COVID Update
  • SA Catholic Schools Parent Forum Invitation
  • Shrove Tuesday Thank you
  • Religious Education News
  • Leaders Badge Ceremony
  • School News & Reminders
    • Nova's Weather Kid
    • P&F Calendar
    • Baby News
    • Collection Notice

Diary Dates

Term 1

Sunday 26th February⛪️ Staff Commissioning Mass at Sacred Heart Church
Tuesday 28th February💬 Parent Workshop with Linda Clune
📝 NAPLAN Practice Test for Yr 3 & 5
Wednesday 8th March💙 St Joseph's Day
Friday 10th March📣 Pupil Free Day/Staff Reflection Day - OSHC Available
Wednesday 15th March 📝 NAPLAN Week Begins for Years 3 & 5
Tuesday 21st March🧡 Harmony Day
💬 School Board
Saturday 25th March🤩 Come & Play Day, celebrating the completion of our new Playground. Open to the wider community. More info coming soon. 
Friday 7th April🟣 Good Friday - Public Holiday

Sunday 9th April🟣 Easter Sunday
Monday 10th April🟣 Easter Monday - Public Holiday
Tuesday 11th April📣 Pupil Free Day - OSHC Available
Friday 14th April⏰ Last day of Term 1, finish at 3.00 pm

Term Dates

Term 1Monday 30th January - Friday 14th April
Term 2Monday 1st May - Friday 7th July
Term 3Tuesday 25th July - Friday 29th September
Term 4Tuesday 17th October - Wednesday 13th December

From the Principal

Play Space Update

You may have noticed a good deal of activity on our construction site as the finishing touches are being added. I am very excited to say that we have a project completion date set at next Friday 3 March.  This may well mean that the children can access the remaining space from Monday 6 March! Rest assured, the play equipment and spaces will be available for all children to use, however we will need to put some mitigations in place to ensure everyone isn’t trying to access the same equipment at the same time.  As was the case with the previous playground, the play equipment will not be accessible for children to use before and after school as adequate supervision is not available at that time. Please support us with this if you are on school grounds with your children.  I am sure our teachers will ensure children utilise these spaces throughout the day for fitness time, outdoor learning activities or as a quiet reflection space, particularly as the new plants and trees grow and provide cool shady areas.


After 9 years as a member of staff, Helena Kojevnikoff has taken the decision to resign from the position of Canteen Manager, effective at the end of Term 1. We thank Helena for her dedicated service to our community over this time and wish her all the best for future endeavours. 

Our School Board are currently exploring models for how we can continue to provide a quality service in a cost-effective way. As you will be aware, costs have risen significantly over recent years, and volunteers, who help offset the costs, are much harder to come by.  Whilst we are not looking to make financial gain from the canteen, we must ensure that the service can cover its own costs, and this has not been the case in recent years. It is likely that we will go the way of most similar sized primary schools and look to outside providers for our daily lunch orders, also providing a small amount of items for sale over the counter.  Such a model would rely upon volunteers to donate a half hour of their time at either recess of lunch for over the counter sales.   The School Board will consider all options in coming weeks, and we will advise you of any changes to the service nearer the end of Term 1. Please don’t hesitate to contact myself, or one of our School Board members if you would like to discuss further.


St Joseph’s School OSHC continues to provide a quality service for our families and is well accessed by our students, with peak times having enrolments of up to 60 students.

Currently though, our cost incurred are significantly more than income received, and for this reason the Board have voted in favour of an interim rise in fees.  This will be implemented in the first term Vacation Care program in April and will be revised again in coming months as the financial situation of our OSHC is further investigated. Our OSHC fees haa not been increased since February 2019.

Please note, that, as of July this year, the federal government is providing a higher CCS (child care subsidy) percentage to families to support them in childcare fees. This should provide some offset to families in relation to our necessary fee increases.

The fee rises will be as follows:

  • Before school care $12.50 (Currently $10.00)
  • After school care $25.00 (Currently $22.00)
  • In house and incursion $65.00 (Currently $55.00 for an in-house $60.00 for an incursion)
  • Excursion $80.00 (Currently $60.00)
  • Pupil free days $65.00 (Currently $55.00)

Information Session – The Science of Reading

An opportunity for parents/caregivers to come along and hear more about how we teach reading and spelling will be provided on the evening of,

📅 Tuesday 28th February
🕗 from 6:30-7:30pm
📍 in the School Hall

This will be facilitated by Linda Clune of Playberry Laser, who is a specialist dyslexia teacher.  This short information session will be of particular interest to parents of early readers, but is definitely relevant for all parents/caregivers. We hope many of you will take the opportunity to find out more about our whole school approach to teaching these important literacy skills.

👉 Please RSVP via this link if you are attending.


A number of our students and staff have tested positive for COVID recently as case numbers in SA rise again. Please be vigilant in testing children if they display any symptoms and keeping unwell children at home. As a school, we are required to report all cases to CESA and to SA Health, so please inform us if your child tests positive. 

South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools Parents and Carers Forum Invitation

An opportunity exists for parents and carers to attend a forum with the intent of strengthening the partnership between the Commission, Catholic Schools and Parent and Carer communities. With the launch of the Commission’s new strategy on February 9 2022 Towards 2027: Expanding Horizons and Deepening Practices – Strategies for Catholic Education in South Australia, the Commission warmly welcomes Parents and Carers to attend the forum. The forum is an opportunity for the Commission to provide an update on the Strategic Direction of Catholic Education, and importantly, hear feedback from Parents and Carers. Dr Neil McGoran, Director of Catholic Education South Australia, will present an update on the strategy as well as the developments, challenges and opportunities facing Catholic Education. Other speakers will provide updates on a range of topics including Catholic Identity and Infrastructure Developments. The forum will be held on Thursday March 23 from 6pm to 8:30pm  at the Catholic Education Office Conference Centre 116 George Street Thebarton.  An option to join via video conference will also be available to enable Parents and Carers to join online to maximise accessibility and attendance.  If you would like to attend, please let me know and I can register your attendance.

Shrove Tuesday Thank you

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who helped to ensure our students had a pancake or two to celebrate Shrove Tuesday this week. As we have now begun the liturgical season of Lent, we can all take this opportunity to draw closer to God, through prayer, fasting and outreach to others. This is an opportunity for us all to find practical ways to help others – sharing God’s love through our actions.

‘Loving God, may we stand in solidarity today with all our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering. May we be united in your love, and may we work to build your kingdom here on earth.



Go in God’s peace this week,

Marianne Farrugia


Religious Education News

Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday, 21st February was Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday, in the Christian calendar, is the day before Ash Wednesday. ‘Shrove’ comes from the Roman Catholic practice of confessing one’s sins and being absolved of them, or “shriven”. Shrovetide feasts were designed to use up the food that could not be eaten during the Lenten fast. 

It was wonderful to have a number of parent volunteers help cook the pancakes for students to enjoy on Tuesday. Thank you to Amera, Angela, Jessica, Paula and Loretta.

The money raised from pancake sales will be donated to Project Compassion as part of our fundraising for this outreach program. In total we raised $306 which is a great start to our Project Compassion appeal.

Thank you for your support in purchasing pancakes this year.

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

This week we celebrated the beginning of Lent with an Ash Wednesday Liturgy led by our SRC class representatives. Parents/caregivers, grandparents, other family members, staff, and students received ashes on their forehead as a reminder of our humility. This symbol calls for us to turn away from sin and to become closer to the Gospel and God. It is also an opportunity to remind us to show more compassion and kindness to each other and our earth.

The students will continue to learn about the special season of Lent in their Religious Education lessons as we move closer to Holy Week and Easter.

Project Compassion

At the Ash Wednesday liturgy this week we launched our Project Compassion fundraiser for the term. Every Lenten season the St Joseph’s Community, led by the Class SRC Representatives raise funds for Caritas Project Compassion. Caritas support communities around the world, including Australia, to upskill people and to create solidarity and dignity of the human person.

Each family will receive a Project Compassion box to go home, and each learning space will also have one on their prayer table. We ask for your support with this opportunity to help others in need by donating any spare change you may have.

Leaders Badge Ceremony

Wednesday was a busy day this week with our school leaders being presented their badges and receiving a blessing. This was a special moment for these students and the community and we look forward to the leadership they will show in our community. 

House Leaders

School CaptainsChase and Chelsea
Chevalier HouseTilly, Shayla, Brook and Harleen
Joseph HouseKoby, Chaamin, Isabelle and Lucas
MacKillop HouseTishaa, Hiwan, Hardik and Michelina
Tenison Woods HouseNathan, Mistir, Jack and Evie

SRC Reps - Semester 1

Reception CJulen and Mikayla
Reception SSantiago and Eleanor
Year 1/2 BHamish and Sophia
Year 1/2 RMEvie and Jayden
Year 12/ SWMattia and Monique
Year 3/4 AFClara and Hudson
Year 3/4 GAlex and Naty
Year 3/4 ILogan and Sadie
Year 5/6 DBMaria and Marco
Year 5/6 TDPAgnese and Mitchell

Our 2023 House Leaders

Our 2023 Semester 1 SRC Reps

School News & Reminders

Nova's Weather Kid

Georgia in Yr 3 will Nova's Official Weather Kid on Wednesday 1st March. 

She'll be reading their weather reports in the 7.30 am, 8.00 am and 8:30 am news.

Make sure to have a listen!


P&F Calendar

This is designed to give our community the option to engage in meetings and volunteering opportunities where they are able to do so, rather than committing to a year of meetings and events. We hope this will also broaden the pool of volunteers and support we as a committee can draw upon to continue making this community great, not only for our children but for everyone who is a part of it. If you have not yet obtained your CESA volunteer clearance and would like to help, please enquire at the school office.

Congratulations Mrs Bampton

Congratulations to Natalie Bampton who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl – Zoe - on 10th February. Wishing all the best to Natalie and her family on the arrival of their newest family member.

Collection Notice for Parents/Guardians 2023

Student Residential Address and Other Information

The Australian Government Department of Education (the department) would like to notify you that we have requested for your child’s school to provide residential address and other information. 

👇 Read more about it by downloading the file below


We've been asked to advertise the following:

St Joseph's School Hindmarsh

At St Joseph’s Hindmarsh, learning is co-constructed and dynamic.  Learners are encouraged to IMAGINEDISCOVER and CREATE and to make meaningful connections with their world.  

As capable learners they are given opportunities to develop capabilities that build their confidence and skills to engage with the curriculum and ACHIEVE excellence.