2 August 2019

Welcome Back to Term 3

Our girls have made a great start already…

Congratulations to our Concert band who were awarded a Silver Award for their outstanding display of musicianship and technique with a skilled performance at the Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival last Sunday.  Thanks to Band Director, Mr Joel Richardson, and all the students involved.

Debating Grand Finals - Woolwich a Winning Team!

Last Friday night gave us great cause for excitement and pride.

Congratulations to our Year 8 Debating Team: Natalie Broom, Charlotte O’Brien and Zara Chand and reserve Olivia Sarkissian who won the CSDA Debating semi-finals last Friday night. Their determination to present a cogent argument and their continued ability to improve their skills in refuting the opposition’s case-line has been impressive. Thanks to Mrs Belinda White who coaches the team and coordinates the College debating program. It was also good to see our new College Debating captain, Tess Van der Zalm there in support. Tonight is the grand final at Riverview and, along with their parents and staff, I’m looking forward to supporting them all the way. Natalie, Charlotte, Zara and Olivia we are all very proud of you!

New Facilities to be Completed by the End of the Term

The Bon Repos refurbishment is on track to be completed by the end of the term. Brickwork has begun and internal classrooms are taking shape. See photos below.

Welcome New Staff

This term we welcome Ms Malen Khean, Ms Sophie Wardle and Ms Gabrielle Formosa to the Woolwich staff. Malen and Sophie will be teaching in the Science faculty and Gabrielle in the English and Religious Education faculties. An introduction for the new staff members can be found below.

In addition, while Mr Marcus Powell is on long service leave for the term, Mrs Kathy Reid will take leadership of Marcellin House and Mrs Jane Latella will be taking his classes.

Year 12 HSC Trials

Next week our Year 12 students begin their Trial Examinations in preparation for the HSC. Students have been working diligently to prepare thoroughly for these examinations and it is hoped that their hard work and dedication will be rewarded. The Trial Examinations represent a significant percentage of the overall assessment in each subject. As an excellent ‘rehearsal’ for the HSC examinations, I encourage continual practice of past HSC and Trial papers to support better outcomes. Over the past two weeks students have taken up the opportunity to use the College Library, Jarnosse, after school for study. I would like to acknowledge the commitment of our College staff who supervised students and who always go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that our students are well prepared. Please keep the students in your prayers.

Fourviere Celebrations 203 years!

On Sunday, 21 July, I joined other members of the Marist family to celebrate the 203rd anniversary of the Pledge made at Fourviere, Lyon France. This anniversary recognizes the commitment made by twelve young men who climbed the 800 steps on 23 July in 1816 to begin a new community in the Church to be called Marists. The celebrations began with Mass at Our Holy Name of Mary Parish followed by afternoon tea.

During the October school vacation break, three of our House Coordinators, Ms Burrage, Mrs Kalmus and Mr Lewis, will travel to Lyon France on Marist pilgrimage. They will climb the steps and visit the Chapel where the pledge took place. They will also visit the significant places of birth, work and death of our Marist Patrons. It will be a significant journey that will support their work and understanding of our House Patrons.

Below are the words of the Statement of Commitment made by all present at the Mass to re-ignite the passion of doing Mary’s work in the midst of today’s Church and world.  

Pledge of Fourviere

We, the undersigned, striving to work together for the glory of God and the honour of Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ our Lord, assert and declare our sincere intention and firm will of consecrating ourselves as soon as possible, to the establishment of a most holy congregation of Marists. 

And therefore, in so far as we are able, we irrevocably dedicate ourselves and all we have, by this present act and by our signatures, to the Society of the Blessed Virgin. 

We do this, not in the fervour of youth, not lightly, not from some purely human ambition nor in the hope of temporal gain, but seriously, maturely, after seeking advice and after weighing everything in God’s sight. 

We are doing this with the sole motive of working for God’s greater glory and the honour of Mary, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  We pledge ourselves to this undertaking even to hardships, toil, difficulties and if need be, extreme suffering, since, with the help of Jesus Christ who gives us strength, there is nothing we cannot master. 

We solemnly promise to give ourselves and all that we have, in every way possible, for the salvation of souls, in the most honoured name of the Virgin Mary and under her patronage……

Dr Anne Ireland, Principal

This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #1, #2, #10 & #11

New Staff Introductions

Malen Khean

I am a new Science Teacher here at MSCW.  In the past, I have been involved in the development of Educational Augmented Reality Apps for school-aged students, thus fostering my strong interest in the School's STEM initiative.

Sophie Wardle

Originally from Hampshire, England, I have been in Australia for just over a year. Before joining MSCW I taught at the Ursuline in South West London and at a Greek Orthodox school in Bankstown, Sydney. 

Gabrielle Formosa

Before commencing a career in Education I worked as a journalist.  Though this was a great experience, I soon discovered I wanted to share my passion for writing and my faith with future generations.  I have worked at Catholic Schools in Manly and Chatswood and cannot wait to begin my journey at Marist Sisters' College Woolwich.

From the Assistant Principal

Welcome Back to Term 3!

I hope all students and staff had a restful break and took the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

Last week at our Principal’s Assembly I took the opportunity to remind students that the beginning of a new semester allows them to make renewed commitments to their learning. This means that such skills as organisation and study need to be put in place again as well as a mindset to being open to learning and taking advantage of all possibilities of growth in knowledge and understanding, and skill development.

It is also a time for students to consider how they can contribute to strengthening the great school we have. I encourage students, parents and staff to consider what else they can be involved in that will enrich our Marist Community.

As noted by Dr Ireland, over the next two weeks, our Year 12 Students will undertake the HSC Trial Exams. This is a very important time for our Year 12 Students and I remind the Year 12 Students to give of their best in the preparation for these exams; to stay well rested, eat well and focused. While there is still plenty of work to be done after returning from exams, these Trial Exams are a good practise for what lies ahead in their HSC Exams. Upon returning to classes after the Trials Exams, it will be a period of finalising course content and consolidating learning.

I also extend my personal best wishes to each and every student in Year 12 and I ask the College community to keep our Year 12 Students in our thoughts and prayers.

A Prayer for Year 12

Undertaking Exams

Loving God
be with them,
as they prepare for their exams.

Thank you for the many talents and gifts you have
given them and for the opportunity of education. 

Calm their nerves and anxiety, help them
to remember all that they have studied,
to express it clearly and to answer the questions
the very best that they can. 

Holy Spirit, sit with them in their exam
- and always.
In Jesus' name


   variation of a prayer from Catholic Youth Ministry

Ms Marietta Taliana, Assistant Principal
This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools - Charter #1, #2 & #11

From the Religious Education Coordinator

Pauline Jaricot - From Socialite to Humble Servant

This week is Jaricot Week. Congratulations to everyone in Jaricot House for the wonderful week of initiatives.

Pauline Jaricot was born in Lyon, France, only ten years after the end of the French Revolution, her father was an affluent member of society as a leading silk merchant and grew up in a devoutly Catholic family. 

As a teenager, the very popular Pauline served as a lady-in-waiting (a very prestigious role in the era) and soon became engaged and delighted in society life. However, at age 15, she suffered a fall that left her partially paralyzed and in a great deal of pain for the better part of a year. Pauline broke off her engagement while under the care of her mother, whose own health weakened, resulting in her death soon after.

Once fully recovered Pauline re-entered the social scene, but would often feel a puzzling sadness after attending social functions. Then one day, after listening to a Lenten Mass homily on the subject of vanity, as reflected in the clothing and behaviour of her peers, Pauline underwent a deep conversion. The priest answered her inquiry about vanity, explaining it as "the love of attention and those things which hold the heart captive when God is asking a person to rise to higher things". 

Consequently and with great difficulty, Pauline traded her fine wardrobe for a simple, modest dress in magenta, a colour which she disliked (it is for this reason that our Jaricot House’s colour is magenta). She gave away her fancy clothing, sold her jewellery and other valuables, and gave the money to the needy. 

In her own words, "I took such extreme measures because, if I had not broken off all at once, I would not have done it at all. For the first several months, every time I met one of my girlfriends dressed in the latest fashion I suffered bitterly...I suffered terribly during my first few months of conversion".

Pauline Jaricot was like all of us - was an egotists full of vanity and self-determination. As Father Kevin Bates wrote in his weekly bulletin for the Holy Name of Mary Parish on July 28, “the distracting noise in our hearts is well matched by the noise around us. Our world is populated by the sound of crude egos banging into each other, competing for space and attention. In the world of finance, politics, education, health-care, in fact in any field of endeavour, these egos are competing for power, for available funding, or success. Their owners may be highly motivated. They may also be driven by their own insecurity and fear of failure. They create a desperate environment populated by winners and losers who at the end of the day remain unsatisfied as they lock into the next round of battle.” 

Father Kevin rightly points us in the direction of Jesus for advice on the matter of dealing with our egos. Jesus teaches us the Lord’s prayer but “Jesus also teaches us about the ways we could pray, by not making a big fuss of ourselves but rather finding a place where we can be alone with God and out of sight of possible admirers and other distractions.” 

Our restlessness as people, is our need to feed our habitual patterns. Prayer that provides us space and time to reflect; prayer that isn’t full of words pleading to God, this is prayer that provides opportunity for transformation. But in the busyness of our lives, prayer can be a challenge. It doesn’t need to be though, if we give ourselves permission to relax, to breathe more slowly and every now and then, take even a moment to seek God’s silent presence among all the noise.

Pauline Jaricot in a silent moment of reflection heard God’s call and changed her life forever. Soon after her conversion, Pauline began to minister to the sick and poor, often at Lyon's 'Hospital for Incurables'. She would go on to spend the remainder of her life in the service of others and living out her life always trying to be the humble disciple of Christ. No doubt she is an example of the necessity for all of us to find time to be still and provide space for God to enter our lives. 

Mr Daniel Ronchetti, Acting Religious Education Coordinator

This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #1, #2 & #11

Inner West Region Youth Engagement Forum with the Executive Director

On Tuesday 30 July, four students of the newly elected 2019/2020 Leadership Team were selected to attend the Youth Engagement Forum at the Inner West Regional Office. There, we were privileged to meet the new Executive Director Mr Tony Farley, as well as connect with other students within the Inner West region. This day was extremely interesting as students were able to express their thoughts about the Catholic School System and what they would like for the future. In addition, students shared what they like about their own school. A common thing that was said was the want for a balance between school and home, and reducing the stress of the HSC and providing opportunities for students to prepare for life after High School. Not only did this session bring students together through our shared faith, it also allowed us the opportunity to be the voice of the future to Mr Farely.

On behalf of the two Year 11 Liturgy Captains and two Year 11 Social Justice Captains that attended, we would like to thank Miss Vu, Youth Ministry Coordinator, and Mr Ronchetti, Acting Religious Education Coordinator, for providing us with this amazing opportunity, as well as Miss White for accompanying us.

Rebecca Dearing, Year 11 Marcellin Liturgy Captain

From the Leader of Learning & Curriculum

Year 12 Trial Examinations

All students in Year 12 will sit their HSC Trial Examinations from Monday 5 August - Monday 19 August.

These important assessments are the culmination of considerable work and effort over the senior years and provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Our thoughts and prayers go with Year 12 as they undertake this challenge.

Year 9, 2020 Subject Selection

This term, students in Year 8 will undertake the process of selecting elective subjects for Year 9 2020. I encourage all students and parents/carers to engage in conversations regarding their interests and aspirations as in preparation for this important process. Presentations will be made available to students and parents/carers following each presentation for future reference. Communication via the College’s Skoolbag app will be sent to all Year 8 families shortly.

Important Dates for Year 8 Students and Families:

Student Information Session 1
Subject Selection handbook is made available
Wednesday 14 August

Year 9 (2020) Subject Selection Information Evening for Students and Parents

- KLA Subject inquiry

- Information Evening

(Presentation slides will be made available after the presentation)

Wednesday 21 August

5.45pm - 6.45pm (Belley)

7.00pm - 8.00pm (Hall)

Online Elective Selection

Wednesday 21 - 30 August

Students notified of 2019 Year 9 ElectivesMid October

Mrs Melinda Alvarez, Leader of Learning and Curriculum

This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools - Charter #2 & #8 

Leader of Wellbeing

What’s Happening in Wellbeing @ MSCW this Term 3?

Welcome back to our staff, students and parents following our mid-year holidays. Hope it was restful and that we are feeling refreshed and ready for an active term ahead. We certainly have kicked off with a number of different organisations and presentations in store for many of our year groups this term in Wellbeing. 

Batyr Presents to Year 11

On Wednesday during Community Time, batyr presented their program to our Year 11 cohort. Students were engaged in ways to start positive conversations about mental health, strategies to help support their friends and best of all how to maintain mental health through batyr’s 5 tips. In this presentation, students listened to two lived experience speakers who shared stories about their own journey with mental health. 

Channel 7 had  approached batyr about doing a piece on 

 Liptember, which is an initiative that promotes positive mental health for women.

MSCW was invited to participate in filming parts of the batyr presentation. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students and for the broader community to see our Wellbeing sessions in action.

Sleep Connection

Another crucial aspect of functioning at our pivotal best is governed by our sleep patterns. The rationale for the program is that approximately 70% of teens are sleep deprived which is causing significant consequences in many areas of their lives through: learning and academic performance; emotional and mental health, behaviour and decision making and body systems. For students to gain a greater self-awareness about their sleep patterns, our students needed to engage in a sleep diary throughout the course of the week leading up to the presentation. I encourage you to open a conversation with your daughter about what were a few simple observations that she noticed through tracking her sleep patterns.

Did the sleep diary trigger other concerns or confirm the good habits that are in place? 

Parent Forums in Term 3

Parent Forum 1: Technology and Adolescence - Have you Registered?

As a community we want to embrace technology and ensure devices are used to connect and strengthen our families rather than to divide them. Parenting teenagers has always been difficult and as a generation we are the first to confront the impact of personal devices on our families and our relationships.

On Monday evening, 12 August, Dr Danielle Einstein will speak about why, when and how we can make changes to our screen use. She will provide advice on how to implement limits with teenagers at home based on her book:  “The Dip: A practical guide to take control of screen addiction and reconnect your family. For parents of teenagers” 

Please see the Skoolbag alert circulated and use the eForm to register.

Parent Forum 2: Batyr Mental Health Youth Forum

Starting a positive conversation about Mental Health with your Teen! How do we recognise the signs when our child is struggling? How do I connect with her? 

Look out for more information via Skoolbag in the coming weeks to register for the forum, which will be held in Week 9 on Wednesday 18 September 7.00pm - 8.30pm.

Mrs Sia Mastro, Leader of Wellbeing 

This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools - Charter #6 & #8

A Word from the Counsellor

What to do about Exam Stress?

With HSC Trials around the corner I thought this topic might be helpful for both students and parents.

If you have ever looked at a test or exam paper and thought, ‘I’ve studied and know this but I can’t remember anything’, if you have stayed awake in the middle of the night worrying, if you have ever felt sick in your stomach or get a headache whenever you think of an upcoming test, then the following might help.

1.    Everybody gets Stressed

Everyone gets stressed during tests and exams, even the people who say that they don’t. Look around a room where people are doing a test or exam. Everyone there has to learn how to cope with these feelings. That is almost 200 girls in each year!! It is not just you... Unmanaged stress can block your memory, give you a queasy tummy, make you lie awake at night, give you a dry throat or a headache – less than ideal for entering an exam. 

2.    So then Get Stressed...

Stress feels uncomfortable but it is your body’s way of preparing to take on a challenge. Therefore we do need stress. Blood gets pumped to your arms and legs, your heart speeds up, and non-essential services like your digestion slow down – you are ready to take on the world. Understanding that it is your body’s way of revving you up and helping you to perform at your best, will help you to keep the stress feelings in perspective. In other words, stress can be considered functional rather than threatening. Discuss this concept with your girls.

3.    Write Out Worries/Visualise your Achievement

Grab a piece of paper one or two days before the test and write down all your concerns about it. Write out an answer to the question, ‘What would happen if I fail this test?’ Then write out an answer to the next question, ‘If I did fail what would happen then?’ Read your written answers aloud to yourself. Even if doing well on this test or exam is really, really important to you, knowing your fears will calm you. Knowing the answer to the question, ‘If I did fail, what would happen then?’ helps you to make a backup plan. 

I would also add in here on the flip side to practice visualising walking into the exam room, reading the exam paper and being able to answer all the questions easily!!

4.    Chew Something

Eat or chew on something either before or during the test or exam. Check with your teacher that chewing something is allowed in test and exam rooms. If chewing is not allowed, at least chew something just before entering the test. Dried fruit is ideal.

Stress happens when we feel we are in a dangerous situation. It is an automatic process that we can’t completely control. Eating or chewing on something sends a signal to your body that says, ‘Well, if I’m chewing something I can’t be in total danger, so relax a bit.’

5.    Focus on Now

Doing well on a test or exam means you need to focus on the question in front of you now. Keep reminding yourself, ‘What do I need to do right now?’

6.    Breathe Out – S L O W L Y

When you feel stressed, one of the fastest ways to calm down is to breathe out slowly. We all have a calm down system that is controlled by our breathing. If you breathe in for 3-5 counts and out for 5 counts, this will lower your heart rate, and blood pressure immediately.

7.    Stand Tall, Walk Proud

Superman or Superwoman stance...whilst your brain is incredibly intelligent it is also incredibly stupid. It believes what you tell it. This means if you stand up and maintain a powerful posture your body sends a signal to your brain that tells it you are feeling in charge of things and it can reduce the stress hormones.

8.    Remember the 5 Ps

There is an old saying: ‘Perfect preparation predicts powerful performance’. The best way to prepare for a test or exam is to:

  • study the whole area you have learned
  • test yourself
  • sort the areas into those that you answered correctly and those you did not
  • re-study the areas you answered incorrectly; re-test yourself
  • re-study until you are getting close to 100 per cent right
  • test yourself on the entire topic.

9.    Look after Yourself

Breakfast – eat ‘brain food’ the morning before a test or exam. Higher protein, lower carbohydrate mix at breakfast. That means less toast and jam and more eggs spinach and avocado.

Drink water – water lowers your levels of cortisol that causes stressful feelings. Avoid energy drinks as they rev you up and may interfere with your levels of concentration.

Sleep well – try to get a good night’s sleep the night before a test or exam. If you are feeling really worried, set an alarm so you can wake up early and do some revision.

Moderate Exercise- To be included in your study routine to keep your brain and body in top shape.

10.    You Will Survive, Keep Breathing.

You have many, many skills that will NOT be assessed by school exams. Tests and exams are important, but they are not the big predictors of life success.

The above is adapted from Andrew Fullers article, which has been one of the most popular on The Parents’ Website accessed via:  How to Manage Exam Stress and Anxiety

Andrew is a clinical psychologist specialising in the wellbeing of young people and their families. 

If you have any concerns about your daughter at school, or wish to discuss the above, please feel free to contact the College Counsellor, Becky Salter via or ph: 0435 659 694.

Ms Becky Salter, College Counsellor

This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #8

News from the Leader of Governance and Communication

Inner West North Schools Future Schooling Consultation

A message from Sydney Catholic Schools:

As part of Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) commitment to the provision of the very best Catholic education for students, we are beginning a process of consultation about future schooling priorities. Each family is invited to contribute to the process of planning for the future needs of our students across the  Inner Western Region.

Community consultation will be held across Term 3 (July to September). This process will be led by an independent consulting firm, KJA. It will include school and parish, together with workshops and focus groups. The survey can be accessed 
here and will be open until Friday 16 August 2019. Workshops and focus groups will be run at various locations after this date and information will be sent through the school and parish to invite you to attend.

Mr Justin Hodges, Leader of Governance and Communication

 This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools - Charter #8

Future Schooling for the Inner West North Survey

Click here to take the survey

Jarnosse News

Year 7 Snuggle Up and Read

All Year 7 girls are doing the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) as a required part of their English program. By the time the Challenge closes on 30 August all the girls should have completed their PRC Student Reading Record with 20 books they’ve read in the last 12 months.

Congratulations to all girls who have already completed this year’s Challenge.

Ask your daughter to log in and show you where she’s up to. She has her Username and Password, and the site ( is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

If she hasn’t read and recorded about 15 or 16 titles by now she’ll need to do some catching up, and there’s no better time for snuggling up and reading than winter evenings.

So please encourage her to pop into Jarnosse and borrow some books asap, and to set aside some reading time each day.


       Mrs Prue Nelson, Teacher Librarian and Mrs Maria Del Moro, English Coordinator   
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Concert Band Wins Silver

On Sunday 28 July, the MSCW Concert Band performed at the Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The band were entered into the Graham Lloyd event and presented three pieces for adjudication. The performance resulted in the band receiving the Silver Award, an excellent result.Congratulations to all students involved! The Concert Band rehearses every Wednesday afternoon from 3.30pm - 4.45pm.

If you are interested in joining, please contact for more information.

Mr Joel Richardson, Music and VET Entertainment Teacher
This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools - Charter #6 & #8

Sports News

CGSSSA Netball

Junior Report

An enthusiastic group of young ladies arrived pumped for a big day of netball. They had three very tight games going down by just one goal to Bethany, OLSH and Santa Sabina. Despite this, they came away with enough wins to secure a place in the Quarter Finals against Monte. 

At half time it was even but the second half saw Monte come out guns blazing to defeat us.  

Whilst the students were disappointed with the days results, it's important to note they lost three games by simply ONE goal and the Quarter Final saw us hold our own till half time. Often a win/loss attitude doesn't give testament to the struggle and effort that saw one get there. 

 Mrs Trish Cura, PDHPE & Sports Teacher

Intermediate Report

The Intermediate Netball team competed at the CGSSSA Championships. After being the overall champions in 2018, the team went in with high hopes of repeating their success from the previous year.

They started off the day with a loss to a very strong St. Ursula's. However, the team persevered and went on to win the rest of their round games, most of them winning by only 1 or 2 goals. This placed the team 2nd in their pool and meant they would face OLSH in the semi finals. OLSH came to play, and unfortunately we were knocked out in a close and competitive match.

Unfortunately they couldn't match the successes of 2018, however the girls had a great day all in all.

Miss Kelsey Robinson, PDHPE & Sports Teacher

Open Report

Congratulations to the Open Netball team who played consistently throughout the day to reach to the finals, after placing equal first in their pool.

Without too much challenge in Quarter and Semi Finals, we advanced into the Grand Final against Monte. After a slow first half, Woolwich were down by 4 goals. Despite this, the team displayed determination and discipline to only lose by 1 point in the final seconds of the game, which was disappointing but a great achievement. 

Well Done to the Open team for representing the College with pride, and their ongoing commitment and support to Netball at MSCW.

Miss Jenna Cremin, PDHPE & Sports Teacher

NSW All Schools Netball Championships

Congratulations to Ashlen Morelli, Year 10 student on her recent success at the All Schools Netball Championships. She was selected into the team after she trialled against elite netball players throughout the whole of NSW. Ashlen competed in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast on the 21-26 of July. The team was undefeated throughout the first three days until an unfortunate loss against Victoria and then South Australia, the previous winners of last year. This knocked the team down to 3rd place. In order to fight for the bronze medal, NSW went head to head with QLD in the finals. NSW was victorious, resulting in a score of 44-21. Ashlen played as GS and GA throughout the tournament, shooting at a 95% accuracy rate. 

Congratulations again Ashlen on your amazing achievement.

Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator

NSW All Schools Cross Country Championship

On Friday 26 July, the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championship was held at Eastern Creek. Students in NSW from Independent, Public and Catholic Schools competed in the Championships. We had two students from MSCW representing the School and both did exceptionally well against strong competition from all over NSW. Abbie Lewis placed 27th out of 90 competitors in the 17 years age group and Alanna Fisher placed 36th out of 90 competitors in the 18+ years age group.

 An Awesome Achievement!!

Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator

This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools - Charter #6

Abbie Lewis

Alanna Fisher

MCCS Football

Week 1

Junior MSCW v St Patrick’s Marist College 3-1 (Win)

Senior MSCW v St Patrick’s Marist College 0-0 (draw)


MCCS Basketball

Week 1

MSCW Junior v Catherine McCauley 29-14 (Win)

MSCW Intermediate v Catherine McCauley 3-56 (Loss)

MSCW Senior v Catherine McCauley 16-21 (Loss)

Week 2

MSCW Junior v Trinity 30-8 (Win)

MSCW Intermediate v Trinity 20-10 (Loss)

MSCW Senior v Trinity 46-3 (Win)  

Canteen News

Flexischools News for Term 3

In order for our service to run more efficiently during recess and lunch we now require students without student cards using Flexischools on their phones to queue in a separate line outside.

Students with their cards and cash will be prioritised, as cards on phones requires more time and slows the process down.

Canteen Roster - Term 3


Weekly Specials - Term 3

Week 3

Wednesday 7 August and Thursday 8 August

Beef Ravioli with napolitana sauce with parmesan                                                                 $6.00  

Week 4

Wednesday 14 August and Thursday 15 August

Butter Chicken & Rice                                                                                                                           $6.00                                                                                    


Community News

Free two hour workshop