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Term 4 Week 4 - 8 November 2019

Dates for the Diary

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,Carers & Community,

Well, what a fabulous day we all experienced during our annual Grandfriends’ Day. I thank the many grandparents and friends who travelled long distances just to be with us for this special occasion. After the formalities of speeches and entertainment by our various Performing Arts groups ended, our students enjoyed the opportunity to share a picnic lunch with our special guests. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was fun-filled. Thank you to all who came along. There is no doubt that the children will take away many special memories from this day that will last forever.

Over the coming weeks, selected classrooms across the school will get a touch-up of paint and maintenance. The Department of Education’s Assets Management Unit informed us this week that the work will begin towards the end of the term and will continue into the school holidays. Classes may need to operate from different rooms across the school whilst the work is being done. However, lessons will still operate as normal. 

As this is my last newsletter contribution for this term, I’d like to wish our Year 6 students all the very best of luck as they transition into high school. Make the most of your final weeks this term and cherish every moment that you have together with your classmates and teachers. I’ve been incredibly lucky to watch each and every one of you grow and blossom in so many ways since kindergarten. We, as your teachers, are incredibly proud of who you have become and what you have achieved. Remember, success looks different for everyone. Make success your own by doing well in the areas that you love and are passionate about. I look forward to hearing all about your learning journey as you progress through high school.  

I wish you all a smooth finish to the end of the term and as we approach the holiday season. I hope the coming holiday period brings you lots of special times with your friends and loved ones.

Thank you again to Mrs Brewer who will be relieving in my position over the next 6 weeks.

 Ms A. Vountoulas 


Concord PS

Student Awards


To the following students who have or will be receiving a Principal Award or Principal Pennant.

Principal's AwardsPrincipal's Pennants

Elliott G - 1C

Harry K - KM

Isaac J - KM

Isla T - 1D x 2

Isis T - 3/4P

Lillian T - 1C x 2

Jagger C - 2T

Eunhu K - 3/4GE

Beth A - KZ x 2

Gurleen N - 5/6D

Amelia F - 5/6S

Scott M - 5/6S

Saumya P - 1C

Aoibheann P - KZ

Evelyn T - 2M

Ethan D - 2T

Hunter S - KM

Brooke A - 5/6S x 2

Annalia G - 3/4GE

Pranusha A - 3/4GE

Sienna S - 2M

Mia S - KM

Johnny S - KZ

Connor C - 2M

Michael B - 2T

Eloise F - 1D

Oscar L - 3/4GE

Levi L - 3/4GE

Harley B - 5/6D

Hunter S - KM

Levi B - 1D

Pranusha A - 3/4GE

Isaac J - KM

Hunter S - Km

Aoibheann P - KZ

Giuliano F - 2M

Isis T - 3/4P

Eunhu K - 3/4GE

Dounia I - 1C

Evelyn T- 2M

Mia S - KM

Jacqueline L - 1D

Eunhu K - 3/4GE

Class Item - K-3K

It has been a productive and enjoyable start to Term 4 for the students in K-3K

Grandfriends' Day

Planning for 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We need your assistance in our planning for next year. The school's staffing entitlements and funding are dependent upon the student population at the start of 2020.

If you are moving or going on a extended family holiday and your child/children will not be starting at the commencement of the new school year (on Wednesday 29 January 2020), please notify the school office as soon as possible, preferably in writing or via the school's email address -

Kindergarten Enrolment for 2020

Your child may start school if he or she turns 5 years by July 31 2020.


Please call into the office to collect an enrolment package and make an appointment to see Mrs Lees. You may also ring the office on 9744 8427. Please remind your family, friends and neighbours.

Concord Public School Band

Don Wood Extra Curricular Group Photos

Photos are now available online for purchase. The code is 160717. They will be available for free postage until 4 December 2019. Please go to

Applying for Year 7 Entry to Selective Hign School in 2021 - Closes 11 November 2019

P & C

From the President

Difficult to believe we are half way through term 4 and already the department stores are doing Christmas. As we coast, in fact sprint to the year’s end your P and C executive team has fleshed out and presented our vision for the next 12 months. This has been made available to all of the community via the SkoolBag app. If you have not been able to comment or give support then we would ask you to engage with us through the year and become part of a collaboration of effort to achieve outcomes and to enjoy our events.

The school’s educational and support staff have themselves expressed to the executives their gratitude and ongoing support of our initiatives. Several meetings have been had with Ms Vountoulas and other staff who have expressed their excitement at having a vision and sequences of events planned for the year with dates already decided upon. This allows for advanced planning by the entire school community and an opportunity for engagement not seen previously. It is this cooperation between P and C and the educational body that we intend to foster as we work for achieving outcomes for our children guided by our school.

This is positive and exciting.

Chat again soon.

Malcolm Buchan

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Changes to SkoolBag

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