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Term 3 Week 10 - 27 September 2019

Dates for the Diary


5 November
Kindy 2020 Orientation
27 September
Last Day of Term for Staff & Students
7 November
Grandfriends' Day

8 November
14 October
Term 4 Begins for Staff & Students
11 November
Remembrance Day Service
21 October
K-6 Assembly
12 November
Kindy 2020 Orientation
25 October
14-15 November
Student Leaders 2020 Interviews
29 October

Kindy 2020 Information Session for Parents & Carers Only

18 November
K-6 Assembly

19 November
Kindy 2020 Orientation
1 November
CPS Teachers' Day
22 November
4 November
K-6 Assembly
22 NovemberStudent Captaincy Speeches

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,Carers & Community,

 What a term it has been and quickly it has flown by.

You may have noticed that the children’s toilet block has received a new roof. This was done by the Department’s Asset Management Unit last weekend. We were most fortunate that the work commenced and was completed over one weekend, causing no disruption to the operation of the school.

 I’d like to confirm that we will be opening one extra Inclusive Class (Autism) next year. This will now total 3 Inclusive Classes in the Special Education Unit. With this additional class comes the appointment of an additional Assistant Principal (Special Education) which will be filled by the commencement of 2020. This additional class will not impact on the existence of COOSH. COOSH provides a highly valued service for our families and will continue to be a program of high priority for the school community.

 “Student Voice” is becoming a very strong concept in our school. Firstly, it was nurtured and promoted this year through the Waste Free Warriors, which continues to be a highly valued school program. Now students are taking on their own initiatives, devising programs and ideas related to healthy lifestyles, fitness, recycling and waste management. Today, a group of Year 5 students asked to see me and presented a PowerPoint about recycling awareness and how they can increase this awareness across our school. This is an idea that they have devised themselves. This is an example of projects that are student-driven, that reflect how passionate our students are about their learning, taking it beyond the classroom.

On a personal note, I have thoroughly enjoyed being back and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work, once again with this amazing community. The children have grown in so many ways, and on a daily basis I am privileged to see their growth, how willing they are to share this growth with me and how focussed they are on their goals. I was most fortunate to sit in a classroom last week and witness the explicit teachings that are happening across the school. I witnessed discussions, teachers reviewing and refining their practices to achieve the best possible outcomes for their students. This is a part of my role that I am most passionate about – spending time with students and teachers.

I’d like to wish you all an enjoyable holiday period with family and loved-ones. See you all at the commencement of Term 4!


Ms A. Vountoulas


Concord Public School

Student Awards


To the following students who have or will be receiving a Principal Award or Principal Pennant.

Principal's AwardsPrincipal's Pennants

Oscar L - 3/4GE

Ariya F - KZ

Yeonhu K - 2T x 2

Melissa X - 1C

Giuliano F - 2M

Gabriele F - 5/6S x 2

Jake M - 1D

Mariano S - KZ

Grace B - KM

Daniel J - 1D

Tau D - KZ

Lily K - 3/4P x 2

Giorgia C - 4/5S

Skye M - KM

Charlotte L - 3/4GE

Eilam O - 3/4GE

Thomas A - 3/4P

William P - 4/5S

Deren O - 1C

Class Item - Italian

Grandfriends' Day

Applying for Year 7 Entry to Selective High School in 2021

Kindergarten Enrolment for 2020

Your child may start school if he or she turns 5 years by July 31 2020.


Please call into the office to collect an enrolment package and make an appointment to see Mrs Lees. You may also ring the office on 9744 8427. Please remind your family, friends and neighbours.

Concord Public School Band

P & C

From the President

G’Day. The end of a long term and now some time to relax with the kids if you can. Spring is here, the weather is warming up, so enjoy the break and look after each other.

Last Friday night we held our Trivia Night which was enjoyed by 50 or so parents. A great night of slightly competitive fun, but more so, lots of laughing and a sense of community. Being on the losing team I saw the questions were biased towards the winning team. Not really the truth though. Just didn’t know who Jennifer Anniston’s second husband was/is. The difference in scores was minimal. Anyway a great night, with great food and great company. If you missed it, don’t miss our next event. Get involved with your fellow parents and carers and enjoy what being at the school has to offer.

Going forward we are planning our year ahead with a planner scheduled to go out early in term 4 to cover the next 12 months.

Plenty to get involved in, to enjoy and make great memories for you and the children. We will be asking for help from you so please raise your hand and help shape, enjoy and create these events which can only benefit your children by having them staged, as well as the financial reward through funding of projects.

It’s not hard or time consuming and for these events to happen we just got to have your help. The above being said, we have a position vacant on our executive committee as Secretary. It’s not arduous. You just turn up to eight meetings over the year, take notes (there is not many) and format them to be sent out to the P&C. You also have a vote on the executive to look at projects and share the direction of the P&C’s interaction with the school community. Please help us and call Malcolm on 0425 231 082.

Look out for our events calendar in early term 4 along with draft projects we wish to look at. For your kids, engage, shape, have fun and deliver.

Malcolm Buchan

P&C President

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