St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

29 March 2023

Bernadette Brennan Principal & Janette McLennan APC

Festival of Excellence

Rheanna Starr - Assistant to Principal Religious Education (APRE)

Easter is a great reminder that Christ died and rose once and for all and for each one of us. His death and resurrection can Transform our lives as we endeavour to live lives that know the freedom of goodness –  lives that have love for our neighbour, lives that respect all creation, lives that restore hope and mercy.



Lord, help us to accept the grace of Christ’s resurrection.

Let us be renewed by God’s mercy.

Let us know the love of Jesus.

Let us enable the power of his love to transform our lives.

Let us become agents of his mercy, channels through which God

can protect all creation and make justice and peace flourish.



May you have a holy and happy Easter and I look forward to seeing you again Monday 17 April to commence Term 2.

God bless,

Rheanna Starr APRE

Holy Week Prayer Celebrations

Holy Week commences with Palm Sunday on the 2 April. We remember and re-enact the events which occur for and to Jesus in the approach to celebrating the most important feast for the Christian faith – the rising to a new life of Jesus at Easter.  Each class will remember and present a prayer reflection of Jesus during Holy Week. This will be presented in the order of events that occurred historically. Parents are invited to attend the presentation of their child/children’s class/classes.


Prep and Year 3               Palm Sunday                                                 8.35 am Friday 24 March

Year 1 and Year 4            Last Supper                                                   2:30 pm Wednesday 29 March

Year 2                                    Jesus Prays in the Garden                     8:35 am Thursday 30 March

Year 5                                     Crucifixion                                                     8.35 am Friday 31 March

Year 6                                     Resurrection                                                2:00 pm Monday 17 April  



Prayer Assembly Term 2

Year LevelPrayer FocusDate
Year 6 Resurrection AssemblyMonday 17 April
Year 4 WhiteANZAC Day AssemblyMonday 24 April
Year 1 WhiteSt Joseph the Worker Tuesday 2 May
Prep WhiteMother's DayFriday 12 May
Year 3 GoldPrayer ReflectionFriday  19 May
Prep GoldPentecost SundayFriday 26 May
Year 4 GoldNational Reconciliation WeekFriday 2 June
Staff AssemblyPrayer Reflection Friday 9 June
Year 5 GoldPrayer ReflectionFriday 16 June
Year 1 Gold Prayer ReflectionFriday 23 June


The Colour Explosion Run is Tomorrow

TOMORROW is the day! The Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun is finally here, and it's going to be a blast! 😱💥

This day is FREE DRESS. A reminder to wear a white shirt IF you want to get colourful. If you do not want your child to get coloured, notify Mrs Rutherford – The colour powder is made of high-quality corn starch and permitted food colours. 🎆

Sunglasses 😎, headbands, and all other materials will be supplied tomorrow.

Also, don’t forget to get those last-minute donations in 💰. Ready to run and get splattered in colour? See you tomorrow!

 Parents are more than welcome to attend and join the fun, please sign in at the office.

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Rockhampton District Trials


School Fees

 Reminder when making a payment, could you please identify the deposit with your parent code, or parent name to assist with reconciling fees.

Term 2 Young Engineers