Hammondville Public School Newsletter

Issue 10 - Term 1, Week 11 - Monday 6th April 2020

A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Week 11

To all our community a big thank you for your ongoing support and understanding at this time. I acknowledge that the changes to our lives in such a sudden way can bring angst, anxiety and uncertainty. As a school community it is important that we all work together to achieve the best outcomes for all.

I have said it many times before and I will say it again, no one can do it all, working from home, teaching from home, managing a changing daily routine is tough and looking after yourself is the number one priority. If you don’t get all the learning tasks completed every day that is ok. When it all gets too much I urge you to take a break, go for a walk, sit in the backyard and have a picnic, watch a movie together, do some baking, complete a puzzle or write letters to those family members you cannot see at the moment. Relationships are the key to getting through this pandemic, being kind to each other, doing what you can and learning to let go of the things you cannot change. We are all in this together, remember the changes we have all experienced have been monumental in a short period of time and this will have an impact on you and your child. Take time to reconnect, the academic stuff can wait.

You may notice that not all staff are at school every day as I have been instructed by the department to provide flexible work options for teachers to work from home. This also helps with social distancing as it reduces the number of adults on site each day. We are currently operating with about 30% of staff on site each day and teachers work on a rotating roster. This is a directive that has been issued by the Department and I need to follow, I appreciate your understanding that if your child does need to come to school because you need to work, that they are likely to have a different teacher each day.

All of the changes that your child has experienced over the last four weeks are likely to have had an impact on how they are feeling about the world. If you need further support the department has a list of helpful resources that you can access at https://education.nsw.gov.au/content/dam/main-education/teaching-and-learning/curriculum/learning-from-home/media/documents/wellbeing/talking-to-children.pdf

Moving Forward

I had information from the Department that this pattern of learning is likely to continue for most if not all of Term 2. To maintain the social distancing measures that the government has outlined we will continue to offer remote learning plans for home use in Term 2. We will not be giving these out prior to the holidays and will provide you with information on how this might look early in Term 2.

Positive Stars Week 10

Each week I see work from positive stars. These students are chosen as they have been recognised for producing excellent work, demonstrating outstanding work habits and being exceptional learners. Well done to the following students on being positive super stars in Week 10. Madeleine, Eddie and Fletcher in K Blue, Alice and Matthew in K Red, Sophie and Cruden in K Yellow, Claire, Jack and Aidan in K Green, Nolan, Micaela and Savannah in 1/2 Gold, Hayley, Everly and Emily in 1/2 Bronze, Ezekiel, Zack and Sienna in 1/2 Copper, Angela, Elise and Brax in 1/2 Titanium, Nathaniel and Ruby in 1/2 Platinum, Ethan and Christian in 1/2 Silver, Chloe, Aydin, Tyler and Gabriel in 3/4 Platinum, Kinley, Riley and Quinta in 3/4 Titanium, Abdul, Aiden and Connor in 3/4 Silver, Jack and Annabelle in 3/4 Gold, Ali, Pavlos and Jesse in 3/4 Bronze, Liam, Lachlan, Mia and Jacob in 5 Blue, Tiana and Shyanne in 5 Yellow, Tahlia, Cooper and Lachlan in 6 Red,  Kane, Robbie and Darcy in 6 Blue, Nathaniel, Jarryd and Zara from Mrs Warwick.

Happy Holidays

For all of our community I would like to say have a wonderful break. You have all earned the downtime, after what can only be said has been a term of unbelievable change. Congratulations on getting through to the end of Term 1. Good luck in the break, stay safe and stay well. 

Have a wonderful week of learning!

Mrs Rebekah Murray

Rel. Principal

School Diary

CANCELLED  - K-2 Assembly 9:10am

CANCELLED - 3-6 Assembly 1:50pm


P&C Calendar of Events 2020

The following fundraisers are planned but may not go ahead due to COVID-19.  


7th May                    MOTHERS DAY STALL
June                          SILVER COIN CHALLENGE
26th June                 SCHOOL DISCO 


3rd Sept                    FATHERS DAY STALL


30th Oct                   HALLOWEEN DISCO
27th Nov                  CAROLS

General Information

School Office Hours of Operation

Our school office hours are 8:30am to 3:15pm.

EFTPOS Payments can be made between 8:45am - 9:00am and 2:30pm - 3:00pm.

Student Absences

The Education Act requires that a reason is provided to the school within 5 days of the occurrence of a student absence. 

If your child is absent from school please notify us via Skoolbag or drop a note/medical certificate in our secure letterbox on the outside of the office wall. Do not send absent notifications to the class teacher via Class Dojo.

Late Arrival/ Early Departure

All students who are late to school must come via the office to receive a late pass, which is then to be handed to their teacher.

If you are picking up your child early from school you must visit the office first to receive an early departure pass, which you then give to your child’s teacher.

Toileting Accidents

If your child is prone to toileting accidents please ensure that spare underwear and school clothes are kept in their bags.

If your child does borrow clothes from our school please ensure the clothes are washed and promptly returned to the office.

Nut Free Recommendation

Due to severe allergies of some students at Hammondville Public School, we do recommend that parents not send their children to school with nut products, eg muesli bars, peanut butter, nutella etc.

P&C Payments

P&C payments can be made in CASH or via the MY SCHOOL CONNECT App. Canteen and uniform orders, as well as all P&C fundraising and events can now be paid via the app. Download the app via Google Play or the Apple Store, or find it online at www.myschoolconnect.com.au

2020 Carnivals

NSW State Swimming Carnival - Monday 6 April & Tuesday 7 April 2020 CANCELLED

School Cross Country Carnival - Thursday 9 April 2020 CANCELLED

Liverpool Zone Cross Country Carnival - Tuesday 26 May 2020 

SSW Regional Cross Country Carnival - Wednesday 10 June 2020

NSW State Cross Country Carnival - Friday 24 July 2020

School Athletics Carnival - Monday 27 July 2020

Liverpool Zone Athletics Carnival - Thursday 27 August 2020

SSW Regional Athletics Carnival - Wednesday 16 September 2020

NSW State Athletics Carnival - Wednesday 28 October & Thursday 29 October 2020

Canteen News- Closed for the remainder of Term 1

Tuesday Tasty Treat: -  


Tracey & Sue

Uniform News- Closed for the remainder of Term 1

The uniform pool will be open Wednesday afternoon from 2:30pm- 3:00pm.


Pants, shorts are $1.00

All logo items such as shirts, zip jackets, sloppy-joes and hats are $2:00

Dresses, Parkas & Bags are $5:00

When visiting the second hand uniform shop it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring small change with you. There is nothing over $5.00. Also any items purchased from the uniform pool must be paid for at the office or at the Canteen.

Thank you,

Louise & Sandy

P&C News


Hammondville PS P&C:  https://www.facebook.com/hammondvillepandc/

or look up “Hammondville PS P&C”

Following on from the Social Media post, that's been going around, about people Commemorating Anzac Day in their Driveways, we have printed 400 of these flyers and created a Spotify List for the public to access; should they wish to participate.

If you would like your street to have this information, you are welcome to collect (while abiding to safe social distancing measures) some of these printed flyers and hand them out. Please just make contact and arrange it with me.

The Spotify play list 'Driveway Anzac Day 2020 by Mellissa Lorraine' is set out in the order of: -The Ode -The Last Post -One Minute of Silence -Reveille -Australian National Anthem If you are a premium member of Spotify, this play list will play seamlessly (include a minute silence) from start to finish, all you have to do is press play (I suggest downloading the content and switching your phone to airplane mode, to avoid interruptions). If you have your own music streaming app, you can do the same with the above content.