St Bishoy- Imagine

June 2019

Principal's Message

Important Dates

Tuesday 2nd July- Yr 9 -Yr10 Western Sydney University Excursion

Primary Awards

Young Leader's Program

Thank you to the students who have been running the Young Leader's activities as part of the Young Leader's Program. Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the competitions/activities being run. 

Chill and Grill

Thank you to everyone who helped on the Chill and Grill Night. The night was great and everyone had a great time.

Year 9 Science Excursion

Year 9 students went on an excursion to the University of Western Sydney at Kingswood. 


Year 10 Science exploration: using temperature to affect reaction rate. 

Monastery Trip

High School students went on a trip to the Monastery!

The students had a fabulous day with their friends and staff.

Combined Colleges Competition

Dear students, 

The Sydney Diocese in affiliation with the three Coptic Colleges has launched a writing competition. Details: Question: "How can the Coptic Church best cater for the upcoming 5th* Generation Copts living in Australia? "Response must show a sound understanding of the dogmatic and church teachings, making references to scriptural and biblical teachings. 

Structure: Extended Response Structure Word Limit: Stage 3 (year 5/6): 400 words (50 words intro) 300 word (paragraph) 50 word (conclusion).  Stage 4 (year 7 & 8): 500 words (50 words intro) 400 word (paragraph) 50 word (conclusion). Stage 5 (year 9 & 10): 600 words 50 words intro) 500 word ( can be broken into 2 paragraphs) 50 word (conclusion). Stage 6 (year 11 & 12): 800 words (50 words intro) 400 word (paragraph) 400 word (paragraph 2) 50 word (conclusion). Submission must use size 12 font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced.

Due Date: Monday 29th of July (week 2, term 3)  Prizes: All students who submit an entry will receive a certificate signed by the Bishop and the Three College Principals. Additionally the overall winners from each stage across the three colleges will win a monetary gift card (ranging from $100 - $50). 

Please submit entry to Mrs Bestawros by the due date. Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney and Affiliated Regions.

Year 9 Elective History Excursion

Year 9 Elective History class were privileged to visit Chifley Senior College to hear Dr Estelle Lazer give a talk about The Cast Project she is undertaking in Pompeii and Herculaneum. We were among some of the first in the world to see her research and processes surrounding the analysis of plaster casts of human remains, which were originally completed in the 19th Century. Year 9 students were exceptionally well-behaved, and represented the College extremely well, particularly as they were the youngest students present.

Ms. A. Mayes. 

Subject Selection Night

It was great to see 7-10 students and their families attend the Subject Selection Night to select their electives and HSC courses. 

Year 7 TAS

Year 7 TAS developed Self Watering Pot Planters as part of the Food and Agriculture Unit. 

Year 10 English Excursion

Year 10 English students went on an excursion. They went to the Riverside Theatre to see Macbeth!

First Aid

Grades 10-12 have completed their First Aid Training.

Kindergarten Project

After going to Featherdale Wildlife Park, Kindergarten designed their own animal enclosure for an Australian animal. Kindergarten students made 3D models using recycled materials. Their Yr 6 buddies helped them create their models. 

Year 5 Mathematics

Year 5 created a cubic metre as part of their Mathematics lesson.

Anti Graffiti Program

Year 5 and 6 students attended an Anti-Graffiti Program provided by the Blacktown City Council. The students had a great time at the incursion.

Year 8 TAS

Year 8 TAS students stayed back after school to work on their toy trains. 

Music Incursion

Students enjoyed learning and playing various rhythms on Brazilian instruments!

Teachers vs Students

To end the term, teachers played a basketball game against the high school students. Thank you to Mr El Bahou for organising the event. The primary students also came to the event and watched the dramatic game take place. Teachers won the game with a close game score of 11-10.

Japanese Classes

Mr Atteya taught his Japanese class how to make sushi, yum!

Semester One Award Ceremony

Primary and High School students attended the Semester One Award Ceremony to acknowledge those who have achieved high results in each subject. 


Congratulations to Geo and Anna Marie! They had entered into the Interrelate anti-bullying poster competition and made it as finalists. 

Fire Brigade

K-6 students had Mt Druitt Fire Brigade visit to teach them about fire safety and what to do in an emergency. Students had a great time learning, using the fire hose and sitting in the fire truck too. Thank you to Miss M Hanna for organising the incursion. 

Engineering Challenge

Mrs Ishag and I supervised students from years 9 and 10 to represent St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox College in a science and engineering challenge on the 2nd of July 2019. The activities that they participated in included stringways, return to mars, shelter skelter shelter, grasping at straws, future power, confounding communications, flat-pack, and bridge. 

We are truly proud of all of our students that participated in the activities with a positive attitude and were exemplary in representing the college. The final result was that the college finished in third place. We look forward to attending again next year. Kind regards,

S. Narouz