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Diary Dates

25/11/19  Last day for School Banking for 2019

27/11/19  3rd Transition Visit for 2020 Reception Students - 8:40 am - 12:00 pm

26/11/19 7 West Incursion - Indigenous Presenter Micky Barlow running a workshop for 7 West students.  

27 - 29/11/19  Year 6/7 Aquatics

3/12/19  Canteen Christmas Special Lunch

4/12/19  End of Year Concert

4/12/19  Year 7-8 Transition Visit for Mitcham Girls High

5 & 6/12/19  Year 7-8 Transition Visit for Hallett Cove R-12 School

9/12/19  4W, 4E, 5W & 5E Skate and Swim End of Year Excursion Noarlunga Leisure Centre

10/12/19  Volunteers Thank you Breakfast

12/12/19  6E, 6AN & 6AS Radicool Reptile incursion

12/12/19  Year 7 Graduation

13/12/19 Years 5,6,7 Last day excursion to the Marion Aquatic Centre

13/12/19  Last Day of Term - 2:05 pm Early Dismissal


Dear Parents/Caregivers,


A huge congratulations to Hallett Cove East Primary School which, for the third year in a row, has been selected as one of the 50 highest achieving schools in this year’s Premier’s Be Active Challenge, due to the very high number of students who completed the 10 week challenge. Aaron Charlton and members of our girls state soccer championship team, attended a special function where we received a special award from the Education Minister, as well as $1000 to put towards the school’s PE program and equipment. Well done to everyone who completed the challenge, but in particular those students who completed the full 10 weeks – great effort!


This year we had 361 students complete the challenge of reading 12 age appropriate books over the first 8 months of the year. As we know the value of developing reading skills can never be underestimated. The 361 students achieved the following:

·         72 1st year certificates

·         63 bronze medals

·         76 silver medals

·         50 gold medals

·         37 Champion medals

·         22 Legend medals

·         33 Hall of Fame medals

·         6 Readers for Life certificates (8 years in challenge)

·         2 Reader for Life certificates (9 years in challenge)

Well done to all 361 students and we look forward to even more students taking on the challenge next year.


By now, volunteers who have supported class, sports and school programs during the year should have received an invitation to a special Thank You Breakfast. We are hoping those of you who are invited, may be able to join us as you drop children off for school. The Breakfast is just our small way of saying a big thank you for all the support you provide our school. We look forward to seeing as many of our volunteers who are able to join us as possible. (If you haven't returned your RSVP please do so as soon as possible.)


Don’t forget that our End of Year Concert is on Wednesday 4th December at 6pm, being held in the large COLA. There was detailed information in the last newsletter and a separate Skoolbag note will go out with reminder information again, closer to Concert.


Andrea Hayden has had to take leave for the remainder of the year. Gizella Webb has won the Acting Deputy Principal position in her absence. Zachary Schenkel is the teacher in 6AS for the rest of the term.


We were very sad to hear the tragic news of the death of Kieran Modra. Many of you know Kieran as his girls came to our school and he and his wife Kerry were very involved with volunteering. Flowers have been sent to Kerry and her family on behalf of the school community.

Anne Rathjen


House 7 East Learning, Playing ...

Premier’s be active Challenge

This year our School has been selected as one of the Top 50 highest achieving schools in South Australia in the 2019 Premier’s be active Challenge, this year more than 31500 students completed the challenge.

To celebrate this special effort we were invited to attend the Premier’s be active Challenge reception, where a presentation was made to student representatives. The event was held on Thursday 21 November at Priceline Stadium (Netball SA) at Mile End. The students enjoyed come and try activities, our students participated in the SACA  - South Australian Cricket Association, AFC - Adelaide Football Club, Little Athletics and NRL - National Rugby League activities and concluded the day with the formal reception.

Our Yr 6/7 girls’ soccer team represented our school and the co-captains received the award on behalf of the school from the Premier and Minister.


Aaron Charlton

Year 7 Japanese Dinner Celebration

The Waste Warriors - The Challenge is on!

Our Year 7 Waste Warriors have shared an educational video with all classes here at HCEPS to inspire them to keep our oceans and environment free of rubbish.  They have shared information about this South Australia's recommended waste resource whichbin.com.au to help households decide which bin to put different types of waste in as well as community locations to take special types of household waste.  Students have been encouraged to try using this resource at home with their families when managing their waste. 

Now the challenge here at school for Term 4 is to have lots of Nude Food days!  Each classroom has a chart where students can record their name when they have a Nude Food Day here at school.  There is plenty of room in each week's section for students who have many Nude Food Days in a week!  On the video, classes were shown some ideas for reducing packaging in lunchboxes.  Students discussed these and may be able to share ideas with you at home over the holidays.  The stakes are high (not just for our environment!)...the class with the most entries by second assembly Term 4 will get a shout-out at assembly and set the bar for other classes to beat for the remainder of the year.  Good luck!

REMINDER - CHRISTMAS LUNCH - Canteen Special Lunch Day place your child/children's order via QKR APP

Please find attached details of the Christmas Special Lunch - Orders must be submitted via the Qkr App alternatively orders can be returned to the Administration office NO LATER THAN 9.15am on the 29th November, 2019, thank you. 

CANTEEN - New Summer Menu

The summer canteen menu is now available and the QKR App menu has been updated - please click here to view the full menu

Please remember we are always looking for volunteers, if you have the appropriate clearances please contact the Administration Office and we will pass your details onto Helen to contact you.

Christmas Special Lunch is December 3rd, more details will be out soon.


Did you know lunch orders can be placed up to 2 weeks in advance.  If you utilize the pre-order process via the Qkr App please be aware that you can also cancel the order prior to 9.15am if your child is going to be absent for the day.  All you need to do is simply login to your app, cancel the order and a credit will be placed on your Qkr App ready for the next time you order. We hope utilizing the pre-order system will alleviate some of the morning rush pressure and mininise the current issue regarding so many students presenting at the office with NO LUNCH, we understand everyone has busy lives and we do our best to accommodate our community by providing a quick and easy  ordering system via the Qkr App. Unfortunately it seems in the morning school rush more and more parents are forgetting to submit their children's lunch orders.  

We respectfully ask all families to please be diligent in regard to checking you have entered the correct order date and please make sure you finalize your order by entering submit.  It would be a great help to the office staff and our canteen manager if all parties can be diligent with the ordering system.  

We appreciate you support with this matter, thank you.

A note from Joey


Technology is a wonderful thing. It can be useful for education, entertainment, connecting and socialising. However, it can also be misused and cause harm.

 Just this week I took part in some training from the eSafety Commissioner. It reinforced that we need to be talking to children about how to keep themselves safe online. The more we prepare children and keep communication lines open, the more likely they are to talk to us about problems or if they experience something that makes them uncomfortable.

The eSafety website has recently been relaunched including a wonderful section for parents esafety.gov.au/parents. If you have never visited it, or it has been a while I encourage you to take some time to explore it. There is so much helpful information and handy tips just for parents:

  • Online Safety Guide – A downloadable guide which offers practical skills and advice about how to tackle the big issues.
  • Are they old enough? – When is your child ready for online access, their own smartphone, or social media?
  • The hard-to-have conversations – How to talk to your child and give them advice
  • eSafety guide – Learn about the latest games, apps and social media, including how to protect your information and report inappropriate content.
  • Taming the technology – How to use the parental controls and other tools to maximise online safety/  




at HCEPS on Wednesdays and Fridays


Please help us collect Lids 4 Kids

8W is learning about the importance of sustainability and recycling, and are participating in the Lids4Kids drive.

Did you know that lids from milk, water and soft drink bottles and bread tags can be shredded and made into filament for a 3D printer? This filament can then be made into prosthetics for children needing a hand or an arm.

We would appreciate it if the whole school community could help us to collect the lids to help these children.

Please can you drop off the clean lids to 8W or the front office.

Thanking you all in advance for your support.

Karina Galloway and the students of 8W

Secondhand Uniform Shop

We have a very dedicated volunteer group of parents who coordinate our secondhand uniform shop.  If you have any uniforms in good condition that are now surplus to your needs our volunteers would appreciate donations.  Donations can be left at the administration office.  Thank you.

Opening hours :-

Wednesday morning 8.30-9.00

Wednesday afternoon 3.00-3.30

Sheidow Park Cricket Club - Players Required - Seniors / Juniors

The Sheidow Park Cricket Club needs players to play in the coming 2019/2020 season.  We have 5 senior teams who play Saturday afternoons and both an Under 14 and Under 16 junior squads who play Sunday mornings.  

If you or your child are interested in playing or for more information please contact : Craig Edwards (club secretary) on 0432850703 or John Ford (Junior Coordinator) on 0429034207


Develop your coordination and motor skills with a professional basketball coach!

Free trial in school in this term.

Practices are on Wednesdays 15:30-16:15 on the next days: 06/11, 13/11, 20/11 and 27/11

Take the opportunity and call Frank for further details!  Ph: 0402 360 102

The Vines Uniting Church welcomes you to join them at The Strawberry Fair

When: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29th 2019, 5:30 pm until Dark

Where: Vines Uniting Church (corner of Rolton Ave and Reynell Road, Woodcroft)

Kids Karate - at Trott Park Neighbourhood Centre - classes monday and Wednesday 6.30pm for more details phone 8381 4504 or 0402 133 387 

VACSWIM SA 2019/2020 FOR MORE DETAIL click here 

Red Cross wants everyone in our school community to be prepared for any emergency, large or small. It has been an early start to the summer disaster season, but there are simple ways your family can be prepared.   

Three simple tools to help your family get prepared:

  • Create an emergency plan
  • Download the 'Get Prepared' app
  • Prepare your emergency survival kit
  • You can’t always prevent an emergency, but by being prepared families can reduce their stress and cope better afterwards.

    While other agencies fight the fires and clean up the streets, Red Cross looks after the people. We care about families and want everyone to stay safe.

    Brighton Jetty Classic for more information click here

    Hallett Cove East Primary School


    Hallett Cove East Primary School:

    • Learning for tomorrow’s world
    • Working together
    • Valuing each other and our future

    Our Mission is to ensure that our students are able to successfully interact and achieve within andbeyond their own community, now and in the future.

    This may be evidenced by:

    A Strong Sense of Identity
    • Students will be resilient and reflective, confident in their own opinions and provide leadership.
    Creative Thinking
    • Students will be creative and critical thinkers who draw upon a range of strategies to deal with new situations or information.
    Success in Interactions
    • Students will value diversity and successfully interact with others within and beyond their community in a collaborative manner.
    Preparedness for the Future
    • Students will demonstrate initiative, enterprise and adaptability and will be able to successfully manage change within their own lives and as part of a global community.
    Skill in Communication
    • Students will be able to successfully communicate in a range of settings within and beyond their own community.
    Success in Learning
    • Students will develop and apply knowledge, competencies and skills, which enable them to be successful now and in the future.
    Self-Directed Learners
    • Students will be able to initiate and implement their own learning plans. Based on constructivist theory, students will be supported in self-assessment procedures in order to reflect on and guide future learning.

    The school Values identified by the school community are reflected in the everyday language atschool by staff, parents, students and community members. The Values are

    • Excellence
    • Fairness
    • Respect
    • Responsibility

    Our ongoing commitment to our Values is reflected in our Student and Staff Wellbeing programs including the Year 7 Student Leaders program, Buddy and assembly programs.

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    Please click for more details Qkr App

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