Term 3, Week 6

From the Principal...

Dear Families,


Students become literate as they develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to interpret and use language confidently for learning and communicating in and out of school and for participating effectively in society. 

Literacy involves students listening to, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating oral, print, visual and digital texts, and using and modifying language for different purposes in a range of contexts.

It has been a lovely way to explore literacy concepts this week and  finish with book week.  The students have all enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters, listening to stories and celebrating the printed words of their favourite authors. 

A significant highlight has been the enthusiasm demonstrated by students for this event and I have also enjoyed the fairytales created by Michael’s class as they have explored the narrative genre and produced a book which we will share with Uraidla Kindy later this term.

If your child has not brought in a book to swap today with their gold coin donation as advertised last newsletter, please do so on Monday as we will continue with this great initiative so that all have the opportunity to find a new story to take home.  It certainly is exciting to see the range of texts students enjoy at home and them willingly offer to share them with their classmates with proceeds going to such a great organisation such as the  Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind Regards


News from Sally's Year 3/4 Room........

In the Year 3/4 class we are currently working on our measurement Main Lesson.  We have been learning the history of measurement up to the metric system we use today.  We have so far covered length and will work on weight and capacity over the coming weeks.

We have continued the work we began on the Grammar and Writing Main Lesson in our practice sessions by exploring letter writing and persuasive writing.  We have posted letters to Class 3 at Willunga Waldorf School and are eagerly awaiting replies.

Our craft projects are going well with many completed crochet cushions, granny squares, cotton wash cloths and pouches being made.  Our fleece has been carded and is almost ready to try spinning and felting.  It is a long process and has certainly made us more appreciative of the work that goes into producing our clothing.

The last Main Lesson for this term will be Buildings and Shelters, where we explore the cooperation and skills needed to build shelters and homes, explore different buildings from around the world and have a go at building things ourselves.

Photos from Sally's Room........

Book Week 2021 at BRPS - Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds......

Pyjama Day - Week 9 Monday 13th September.....

What an awesome way to start the week - wear your pjs to school!!!

Thanks to Lillian from Year 2 for the suggestion.

Alex and Ethan's Kindling...

Dear Parents,

Have you ever tried to light your fire and had no wood, kindling or fire starters? Well, we have got the perfect thing for you. We have worked hard in cutting up a variety of wood for our $20 boss project this winter, and have decided to go out and sell It. if you would like to buy some wood, kindling or fire starters prices are as follows:

 $18 for a hessian bag of kindling

$10 for a small bag of fire starters

$25 for a medium bag of wood

$50 for a big bag of wood 

We are giving 25% of our money to the CFS charity and 25% of our money to school.

 Have you got your wood for winter? Well, if you haven’t, we are located at 37 Charles ST Caloote (P.H. 0451104084) and 2248 Mount Barker Road Hahndorf (P.H. 0432259748). Or as an alternative you can order wood and pickup it up at school, get yours while it lasts!

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Pyjama Day! 

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Community News.....

Uraidla Tennis Club

It’s getting to that time of year where winter sport is winding up and preparations are being made for summer sports like tennis. The Uraidla Tennis Club is a small, friendly club with great facilities and a junior program with coaching +/- competition on a Friday night or Saturday morning depending on age and ability. The junior season runs during 4th term and continues in 1st term next year.

Tennis has many benefits for children:

·         Physical : Helps children to develop coordination, agility, bone strength and muscle growth

·         Mental: Helps children to learn to plan their next move and deal with stress and disappointment or how to be a gracious winner, improving both self-awareness and reasoning skills

·         Social: Helps children to learn the value of teamwork and the importance of encouragement and support of their team members, improving communication skills

To find out more and discuss options for your child, please contact Bec Smith on phone 0405 321363 or via email Registration is contactless this year. Junior registration forms can be downloaded from the UTC website: or contact Bec direct. Nominations for junior teams closes on Sunday 12th of September. Hope to see you on the court!